Jets can now bench Sanchez without benching him

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Josh Alper was posting the comments from G.M. Mike Tannenbaum just as I was articulating a similar viewpoint during Thursday’s PFT Live.

With Mark Sanchez still the “starter” and Tim Tebow now the “backup” in New York and the Jets planning to use Tebow in what they should call the T-Bone package from time to time, nothing stops the Jets from using it more often than intermittently.

And when they use it, they won’t be benching Sanchez.  They’ll simply be using their alternative offense.

“If our offense is sputtering and we have, say, three three-and-outs and we roll this out there and it’s successful, who knows?” Tannebaum told ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike in the Morning.

I’ve got a slightly more radical suggestion, based on an approach used by the Carnegie Mellon football team in Pittsburgh under coach Chuck Klausing in the early 1980s.  Klausing had two separate offenses.  And one would stay on the field as long as it scored a touchdown or a field goal.  With a punt or a turnover, the other offense would be inserted into the game.  Then, the other offense would remain as long as it produced a field goal or touchdown.

So why not do the same with Sanchez and Tebow?  If you score, you stay on the field.  If you don’t, the other guy enters — and he stays as long as he keeps scoring points.

Yes, it’s ridiculous and impractical and implausible and unlikely to ever happen.  But after the developments of the past two weeks in the NFL, nothing will ever surprise me again.

For more, here’s a little something from PFT Live.

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59 responses to “Jets can now bench Sanchez without benching him

  1. This is going to be Sofa King fun to watch.

    “If you have two QBs…You nave no QBs.”

  2. I have never understood why NFL QBs are not used like major league pitchers. Sanchez would be a designated “starter.” Tebow is a “reliever.” When the starter doesn’t seem to have his stuff, the manager (coach) goes to bullpen. It does NOT make the reliever a starter next week. There is no confusion about duties and responsibilities. Tebow may be called in to “save” a game. No reflection on Sanchez.

  3. I wonder why Tebow chose New York over the Jags? It’s not like there is going to be tons of endorsement oppurtunities for him there. Just kidding. He remembers the Tebow chants in Denver, and knows it wont be long till Sanchez has to hear them too.

  4. That approach of the winner staying in makes way too much sense. I can see Tebow dealing with it because his ego seems very strong, and I do believe he believes in team.

    Sanchez, no way. His confidence level is too fragile and like Cam Newton he’s far too much of a ME guy rather than a team guy.

  5. Way to go Mikey T. First you go and sign Sanchez to an extension that guarantees him $20 million over the next two years, and then you go and undermine him like this? There are already questions about Sanchez’ leadership and self-confidence, and now you go and say that if things are going slow you’ll put Tebow out there and leave him out there? Sanchez is going to be distracted and constantly in fear that his next mistake will get him pulled, and when you’re that focused on the possibility of making a mistake you’re more likely to make one. This move also undermines Sanchez’ leadership. It’s hard to have the same juice in the locker room when your teammates know you don’t have the same clout with the coaches. Look, I’m no Sanchez fan, but you either believe in your QB or not. If you do, you stick with him and let him work his way out of a tough spot. If not, you don’t guarantee him $20 million over two years so that you’re stuck with him. You leave things alone, and if he doesn’t get the job done release him when the season is over.

  6. Thi has disaster written all over it tebow will ruin a franchise poor jets fans this isgoingto be ugly wildcat and two type of offences never going to work but hey lets try it out im NY wow this is bad

  7. Great idea about the two offenses but yeah, nobody’s going to do that. Too many divas running around on offense.

  8. That would be awesome to see tbh. That’d be a lot of pressure for each QB possibly making both players better and not lackidaisical. When things matter people tend to do better. Just saying.

  9. Having people been saying for years that when you have 2 starting QBs then you really have none?

    I can’t imagine a team installing two completely different offensive schemes. That playbook would be even more gigantic.

  10. A big negative I see with your offense is that NFL defenses would know exactly what to expect. They would know if they stop one, they will get the next one, so they can go ahead and plan personnel groupings, etc. Sorta like the Wildcat. It worked for a while until D Coordinators had a minute to think about it and then suddenly it didn’t work any more. And let’s be honest……Tebow is, at least right now, not much more than Wildcat +. He can throw better than most Wildcat people can.

  11. chadmurdigan says:
    Mar 22, 2012 2:51 PM

    Sanchez, no way. His confidence level is too fragile and like Cam Newton he’s far too much of a ME guy rather than a team guy.

    Get serious. Mark is NOT a me guy. I’ve never heard him EVER come off like a me guy. He may enjoy some of the celebrity that comes with being a QB in NY, but he has never been a me guy.

  12. sanchez is going to crack under the pressure, tebow will be the jets qb by the end of the season

  13. They should use him as a RB, FB, H-back, TE and on special teams. If he is a team player he would be fine with that. Hell, it beats holding a clipboard all game. You can still have your cute little T-Bone package, too.

  14. When I was in high school, I attended one of Chuck Klausing’s Wing-T football camps. He was a very old man at that point and wore knee length panty hose for some reason. He was a very odd man. He talked about being in the service and the Pacific more than he talked about football. A very odd man.

  15. Mark is about to go HAM this year. All this Tebow stuff is a distraction. Glad Tim’s on the squad but that cat ain’t better than Mark, Mark will take care of bidness

  16. That’s it, baby Sanchez some more.

    I’m sure the offensive linemen would be thrilled about having to learn two different playbooks, and switching between them each series.

  17. How about this: the Jets have completely botched the situation to the point that NEITHER Tebow or Sanchez will be Jets in a few years. One must realize that. I’m not sure what Tannenbaum or Rex are doing anymore but it certainly is backwards in every shape and form. This organization is a disorganized mess. Imagine if the Giants would have brought in a Tebow to split reps and game snaps with Eli Manning after an up and down year 3…. stability starts at the top. Tannenbaum (the man who hired ERIC MANGINI!) and Rex Ryan have no clue.

  18. There is gonna be more ugly balls at Metlife stadium then at a male only senior citizen home!!

  19. Funniest tweet I saw yesterday was “Jets now have Sanchez and Tebow. All they need now is a starting Quarterback”.

  20. Using two QB’s in ur offense is a terrible idea. Just ask the Texas Longhorns. Didn’t work for them and it won’t work for NY. Either Sanchez or Tebow will have to sit down and stay there, or it’s going to e mass confusion, well it pretty much is now actually.

  21. Rotating qb’s? Did I miss the Steve Spurrier hiring? Tebow and the Jets are both jokes. I hope Santonio Holmes can block because it doesn’t sound like he’ll be catching many passes.

  22. Sanchez’s contract extension had NOTHING to do with NYJ’s confidence in his ability to QB the team and EVERYTHING to do with creating more cap space for ’12.

  23. Smart move J E T S.
    This will work. Jets fans are not enamored with Tebow. He will have to prove himself first.
    People forget the cheers that went up when Sanchez was drafted and the 2 AFC championship games that were lost by the D.
    NOT by Sanchez.
    So he had a minor set back last year(not entirely his fault) and the Jets were a .500 team. He’s still a young QB that I think has lived up to any REASONABLE , INTELLIGENT and KNOWLEDGEABLE football fan. Did anybody really expect that he would win Superbowls, lead the league in passing, win rookie of the year, etc. right out of the gate? (Well Sexy Rexy did)
    Rookie QB’s still need 4 to 5 years to really show what they are capable of. Sanchez had shown he has the talent to be a great QB (outstanding playoff numbers), he just needs to be more consistent.
    I,’ve watched at least 5 to 10 NFL games every week since the sunday ticket came out(15 years?) and every Jets game. Only an idiot would think Sanchez sucks and doesn’t have a chance to be a great QB. Might not happen, but it definitely could.
    BTW check out Rex’s winning percentage for his first 3 years. He is a very good coach.
    Suck it!

  24. They’ve been running the wildcat since ’09, this is not new developments, and this is just an excuse to poop on Sanchez.

    QB #1
    782 completions, 1414 attempts, 9,209 yards, 67 TD, 51 INT, 76 QBR

    QB #2
    892 completions, 1608 attempts, 10,342 yards, 71 TD, 57 INT, 75 QBR

    The only differences between these 2 quarterbacks are rings and offensive philosophy. Anybody want to guess who they are?

  25. People are so down on this, and think it’s going to be such a disaster… I’m actually believing that it might just work out and the Jets will be tough.

  26. Tebow knows that Markie’s the “leader”, right?

    I mean, it’s in his new contract, isn’t it?

  27. I’ve got a slightly more radical suggestion, based on an approach used by the Carnegie Mellon football team in Pittsburgh under coach Chuck Klausing in the early 1980s.


    Thanks for specifying Pittsburgh there. For a minute, I thought you were talking about the Carnegie Mellon football team from Seattle.

  28. Every organization does well with two leaders. Thats why we have two Presidents, my company has two CEO’s, and why the Catholic Church is lead by two Popes.

  29. Not sure what all the fuss is about……Sanchez will play quarters 1-3, Tebow comes in the 4th with a little intervention to save the day.

  30. I have never understood why NFL QBs are not used like major league pitchers……..Answer….

    Because you have to have the offensive players learn & be able to execute two separate offensive schemes, while staying on the same page !This is a nightmare for all but the most intelligent of players & puts the team in a prime position to execute poorly @ receive many penalties and few first downs!They would really have to dumb down the offense & most OC’s & Head Coaches don’t want to do this.I think it would be fun to watch but few teams will ever adopt such a plan.

  31. “With a punt or a turnover, the other offense would be inserted into the game. Then, the other offense would remain as long as it produced a field goal or touchdown.”

    But these are the Jets, likely both will score as much as a high school freshman with dental headware and a case of acne to put a pizza to shame. So who stays out?

  32. I’m surprised Tebow hasn’t yet announced that he is converting to Islam. There can’t be a christ if all his praying and do-gooding gets him sent to that joke of a franchise.

  33. Two separate offenses huh?

    Denver tried a similar approach in 1992 under Dan Reeves when Elway was hurt.

    He rotated Shawn Moore and Tommy Maddox throughout a few games.

    Offense never gained traction, and just when they did…BAM!’ There went the momentum.

    So sorry for all you Jets fans.

  34. Sanchez, just like Kyle Orton, will crumble and fold under the immense pressure of Tebowmania. It’s a matter of course. Rex Ryan has to know this. If I was betting money on it. I’d say Tebow is the starter by week 9.

  35. If Landry couldnt pull off a stunt this ridiculous then you can bet your ass that rex sure as hell wont be capable…

  36. Ok Jake- Your “joke of a franchise” is the only NFL team in more than 15 years to make it to the championship game in consecutive years. You’re right, we’d rather be Seattle fans. Loser!

  37. I’m anti-Rex Ryan, Matt Sanchize, and most of all Santonio Holmes.

    Having said that, I like this trade for the Jets. Tebow is a great change of pace, and very effective … and he could be a hell of a weapon for them. I wouldn’t be surprised if they put him out there on the field with Matt Sanchez as a running back or H-back.

    I think Tebow is worth a second rounder if he switches positions. Maybe the Jets can start him down that path.

  38. dallas did it with staubach and morton and eventually staubach outplayed morton. but the y alternated series using the SAME offense.

  39. This is all going to end in tears you know.

    If Tebowmania swept Orton aside, when Tebowfanaticism erupts in NYC, Sanchez is going drown in the tsunami.

    This is going to go to an unexperienced level. Girls will weep when they see him. Babies will be offered for kisses. Politicians will want picutres. Poparazzi will follow him around. There will be pics of him daily in all those NY papers (with the exception maybe of the NY Times). When he goes into a restaurant people will scream. There will be no other stories.

    There will not be enough Tebow to go around.

    This is going to be insane.

  40. Time to start thinking outside of the box. The NFL is very conservative when it comes to developing new types of offenses of defenses. They’d rather see if it works in college first.

  41. nyjalleffingday says:
    Mar 22, 2012 4:14 PM

    ok who?

    (btw that first sentence. could that really have come from you? and what does that even mean?)

  42. @nyjalleffingday

    Seriously, how many times you gonna roll this lil “mystery nugget” out on NFL boards?

    I Love football stat “Trogs” (Troglodytes).

    The guys running this sight get a good laugh out of how creative you think you are. Seriously.

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