Josh Johnson joins the 49ers

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Quarterback Josh Johnson played for 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh at the University of San Diego.  Johnson will now get another chance to play for Harbaugh.

The 49ers have announced that Johnson has signed a two-year deal.

“Josh is a promising young player that has experience in our offensive system,” 49ers G.M. Trent Baalke said in comments appearing on the team’s website.  “He is a skilled athlete with good arm talent.  Josh has shown promise in limited action, both as a back-up and starter at the NFL level.  We are pleased to add him to our team.”

Johnson joins the 49ers after four seasons with the Buccaneers.  He entered the league in 2008 as a fifth-round draft choice.

The move means that the 49ers likely will carry three quarterbacks into the 2012 regular season.  The 49ers recently re-signed starter Alex Smith, and Colin Kaepernick arrived via the second round of the 2011 draft.

50 responses to “Josh Johnson joins the 49ers

  1. Every picture of a current buccaneer since free agency has started has been from their creamcicle uniforms.

    Look it up.

  2. Johnson has a few years under his belt. He was elite under Harbaugh in college. 2nd go under Harbaugh in the pros, we’ll see what happens.

    Don’t be surprised if Alex feels some heat in camp. Harbaugh will ask Alex to fit his offense more this year, not fit his offense to Alex.

  3. great signing 9ERS take a chance on a QB with alot of upside & familiar with harbaugh’s system, if it doesn’t work no risk involved, but someting to me says he will be on the roster week #1

  4. I wonder if they are doing this to try to light a fire on CK’s @$$? “don’t get too confy holding that clip board buddy”

  5. very underrated pickup, I was hoping to nab him in Washington for a year. Well played 49ers…

  6. Considering Johnson is pretty much a more experienced Kaepernick….. I would put CK as the odd man out. Johnson is roughly the same athlete and has been in a pro set offense since High School. Also Tolzien showed much more potential and polish last pre-season. He set all kinds of records at Wisconsin and didn’t have his stats inflated like Kaepernick did from playing in the WAC. Lets face it QB’s from the WAC are almost always terrible and Harbaugh had to make a hasty decision due to lockout and QB’s flyin off the board. I can see Kaepernick as draft day trade bait

  7. Under Harbaugh’s direction, Josh Johnson set USD career passing records with 113 TDs, 724 completions, 9,699 passing yards. Tampa Bay Bucs chose Johnson in the fifth round 2008

  8. watched him play a number of times at USD and he should definitely be the starter in SF. Great, and foreseeable, pick-up.

  9. niners where the worst team in the red zone what does that tell ya when your kicker breaks a record very sad all I got to say Alex Smith SUCKS he cost us the NFC game not Kyle Willams.

  10. Smith is starting the season. The only way Johnson plays is if Smith gets injured, or if the 49ers season is lost before week 8. But if everyone wants to make “QB controversy” waves based on nothing to feel like they are contributing something of interest, I’m sure we would all love to hear it.

  11. Niners didn’t dress their 3rd QB for any game last year. Who will not dress this year? CK or JJ? Sad to see Scott Tolzien go as he showed real promise. Could there be a trade on Draft day? Is CK7 better than Matt Moore or Blaine Gabbert?

  12. They should find a way to keep Scott Tolzien on the 53 men roster. He has shown a lot more than Kaepernick so far.

  13. All the nay sayers….errr NO, Detroit fans still bitter about the handshake- take note: The unraveling of the 9ers isn’t going as planned. Love that Ginn’s back. Moss, Manningham, Crabtree and Ginn ain’t a bad 4 WR set.

  14. Now this is something Alex Smith should be pissed about. I still remember that game he played against the Colts when he was a back up for the Jags. This guy will challenge Alex Smith from day 1.

  15. Before you thumb down my comment…

    I think they should have really pushed to sign Peyton. Even IF he got injured, imagine everything he could teach Smith, Kap, and Johnson. They’d have 3 starting-caliber QBs in a matter of a couple years.

  16. OH YES!!!

    Here we GO! JJ is gonna PUSH Alex, and if Alex doesn’t respond… and if JJ gets on the field… it’s ALL OVER! In college, he was wayyy more dynamic than Andrew Luck… Just sayin’


  17. Why do ppl think Josh Johnson is any good? His stats are as poor as they can be, 54% completion rate, 5 TDs to 10 INTs, the kid cannot read a defense to save his life or his team.

    It must be b/c he’s black, and therefore automatically gets the benefit of the doubt that he is better than any white QB.

    Hey Seattle, how’s T-Jax working out for ya? So good that you had to sign Matt Flynn eh?

    If JJ were white then ya’ll would say he sucks and move on.

  18. Buc fan here. I have always supported JJ. He is ridiculously fast on his feet, has a fast delivery, and is not a jerk. Don’t count his losses in 2009 against him- there were two other QBs ahead of him and the Bucs were at the start of a rebuilding process. If he can improve his poise in the pocket, SF could have something very nice. Harbaugh is the one to do it.

  19. I think Scott Tolzien will end up on Practice Squad, Alex Smith, Colin Kaepernick and Josh Johnson on active roster and I smell a QB competition for 1st string spot brewing at training camp

  20. Good for him, I hope he gets a shot. I have been a fan of his since he left college. He went 42TDs and 1INT in his senior season of college (that int was knocked up into the air by a TE). That is hard to do in any level of football, so, having not seen the coaches tape I thought he deserved a shot. I haven’t seen his games, but hopefully he can do enough in this year’s preseason to solidify the #2 spot and just wait for Alex Smith to be…well, Alex Smith.

  21. I don’t know why they regard Peyton Manning as some kind of Yoda. He wasn’t able to teach Curtis Painter anything in 3 years. He doesn’t have the ability to do the Vulcan Mind Meld. Great QBs are great QBs, but it does not give them qualifications to be considered great teachers. Favre said he wouldn’t help Rodgers at all. Why? Because there is only one who can hold the job at a time, and any help given may prove detrimental to your own career.

  22. It’s funny to see all of these comments anointing this guy as the next great thing. Really? He only signed because he has a past relationship with Harbaugh. Please, this guy couldn’t even be the #2 in Tampa.

  23. To Raiderapologist, et al,

    The only thing you’ll have going for you this year is hating on the 49ers because you know in your heart that your teams sucks big time and that you’re finishing last in your conference.

    Enjoy watching a good team across the Bay and maybe they will throw you a few more cast-offs like Shantee Spencer.

    Pick 6 quarterback, broken down running back, no real talent, and NO DRAFT PICKS. Dumb, dumb, and dumber.

  24. Josh Johnson sure has lots of fangirls despite not doing a single thing in the NFL.

    College coaches who think they can make their scrub college QBs do good in their system in the pros usually falls flat on their face. Witness Jimmy Johnson/Steve Walsh and Steve Spurrier/Danny Weurfell.

  25. 43 TD’s, 1 interception

    as a senior at USD, under coach Jim Harbaugh…

    If Alex Smith can improve his ratio to the point where it was last year, how’s this guy gonna do?

    To the people looking up stats:
    Stats only tell part of the story. Sometimes they can be very reliable, but stats don’t tell you, for example, if Raheem Morris is in love with Josh Freeman and doesn’t give JJ a chance… which is exactly what happened in TB…

    Raheem Morris is not 1/1,000th of the coach Jim Harbaiugh is, whether you like him or not.

    JJ thrived under Harbaugh.

    What is to make us think anything else is about to happen in San Francisco?

  26. So it seems all the pieces are there in the 49ers puzzle…hopefully they’ll focus on the O-line to protect these guys now.

    Losing Adam Snyder was huge and going to take a very skilled and special player, or two, to replace.

  27. @faithful209er says: Mar 23, 2012 4:10 PM

    43 TD’s, 1 interception

    as a senior at USD, under coach Jim Harbaugh…

    love the jj signing,but harbaugh wasn’t the coach his sr. year

  28. So… now when they sub Josh in for Alex, no one will think he’s gonna run like when he was in Tampa right???

    waste of space in tampa, he’s all yours SF!

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