Lions bring LaMichael James in for a visit

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The Lions expect to have Jahvid Best and Mikel Leshoure back from injuries in 2012, but they would like to have a bit of insurance against further absences from the two tailbacks.

Oregon running back LaMichael James could be part of that plan. James visited with the Lions on Wednesday as one of the 30 pre-draft visits from prospects the Lions are allowed before draft day. James ran for 5,082 yards and scored 57 touchdowns in Chip Kelly’s high-octane offense over his three years with the Ducks. He realizes he wouldn’t be playing such a featured role in Detroit.

“I feel like if I came here I would be just another weapon in the arsenal,” James said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free-Press. “They have a lot of great players, a lot of great running backs and I would just get in where I fit in.”

There’s been some talk of re-signing Kevin Smith in Detroit, although nothing has happened on that front as yet. James projects as a second day pick come April and the Lions might prefer his upside to what they’ve already seen from Smith.

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  1. I think Cincy has an eye on James also. Marvin was @ Oregon’s Pro Day scouting him personally. Cincy’s looking for a home run hitter and James fits the bill. Could be part of a 3 headed committee with the Law Firm & Bernard Scott.

  2. I would not mind having him in Lions Blue. With that said I hope LeShore can come back and be who the Lions thought he would be when the drafted him, and I wouldn’t be to upset if Best could play another five years or so without a concussion (Don’t see that happening though) K Smith is good when healthy, the problem is he is never healthy so we are wide open at running back. We could be in great shape or in a mess. We wont know til game eight or so

  3. James is such a threat. I actually think he could be something like Barry Sanders.

    But he would have to replace Best. I mean, Best is like that far guy from Blue Mountain State: always one concussion away.

  4. BArry Sanders?…Please! James will be more like Mel Farr. He is to small to take the hits at the next level. The Lions need more DF play makers. They have enough OF.

  5. Best played the entire 2010 season with a nagging turf toe. I’m not sure anybody in their right mind wanted him to play through the concussions he had last season. Silly comment to say Best can’t play through injuries.

  6. Even though James is good, are the Kittens stacking RBs like WRs a few years ago. Kevin Smith had a very impressive comeback last year, played well, and should get resigned. Best and LaShoure will return, mostly LaShoure bringing some power.

  7. Sounds like he would prefer to go somewhere and be top dog, not come here and get into a rotation. Probably not wise to draft someone who you know will be unhappy. But if he’s BPA on their board when their turn comes, they may very well take him anyways.

  8. Ironic Mr.pharvin, isn’t he the one always out because of migraines, I think you’re just mad that its the vikings with a top 5 pick and the lions are now picking in the twenties, something you ll have to get used to

  9. geo91 says: Mar 22, 2012 10:06 AM

    Add defensive playmakers you fools!!!


    They haven’t drafted him…it was a pre-draft visit…..

  10. Is anyone thinking the Lions’ OFFENSE needs improvement???

    Good grief! The Lions secondary single-handedly gave Matt Flynn the mega-buck contract he just signed.

    I really don’t get the lack of confidence in Kevin Smith. He started 4 games last year and averaged 4.9 ypc, caught 22 passes, and scored 7 TD’s…and the kid’s only 25. He WANTS to play for the Lions – read they can pay him less.

    Leshoure doesn’t even have a pre-season carry, and is coming off an achillies injury.

    Sign Smith, and got some secondary help in the draft and Free-agency!

  11. Holy god the Lions offense doesn’t need to get any better. 4th in the league is fine. Just draft a damn corner.

  12. geo91 says:Mar 22, 2012 10:06 AM

    Add defensive playmakers you fools!!!

    How do you know they won’t? I expect them to. Mayhew is a master at throwing up smokescreens and disguishing who he really wants to draft.

  13. You don’t reach on players just to fit a need. Mayhew has already shown he looks for BPA. Lions will only look at James in the late 2nd-3rd anyhow.

  14. James and best are similar players but James will fight thru injuries

    you are an idiot… as if what best is going through is a run of the mill injury

  15. it cant hurt for them to draft a dt in round 2 or 3… somebdy to cover the 2 games SUh is sure to be suspended this year..and every year.

  16. Looking for bests replacement. I hope they don’t get him tho, that is a total luxury pick in the first two rounds, they have other needs to address.

  17. nflfollower says:
    Mar 22, 2012 2:11 PM
    Looking for bests replacement. I hope they don’t get him tho, that is a total luxury pick in the first two rounds, they have other needs to address.

    not how mayhew drafts.

    BPA baby!

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