Report: Jets promised Drew Stanton they wouldn’t add another QB


When free agent quarterback Drew Stanton signed with the Jets, he was penciled in as No. 2 on the depth chart. That lasted less than a week.

When the Jets traded for Tim Tebow, General Manager Mike Tannenbaum proclaimed Tebow the No. 2 quarterback. And according to Jason La Canfora of NFL Network, that directly contradicts what Tannenbaum promised Stanton — and that promise to Stanton was the primary reason he agreed to sign with the Jets.

“The person they just signed to be their No. 2 quarterback, Drew Stanton, he was promised by General Manager Mike Tannenbaum that they weren’t going to get any other quarterbacks, that they weren’t going to draft a quarterback or get a Tim Tebow,” La Canfora said on NFL Network. “That’s how they lured Stanton there, with the allure of ‘You’re our No. 2.’ There’s a very good chance Drew Stanton asks for his release or a trade.”

So Stanton will be the latest player to learn what many players have learned before: No one is promised a job in the NFL, and if you think you’ve been promised a job, your team will only keep that promise until the day they can get someone they think is better. The only thing that’s truly promised to a free agent is whatever money is fully guaranteed in his contract. Verbal promises are empty.

La Canfora also said that Mark Sanchez doesn’t want Tebow in New York. If the Jets return to Hard Knocks, the quarterback meetings promise to be awkward and fascinating.

87 responses to “Report: Jets promised Drew Stanton they wouldn’t add another QB

  1. That’s the only reason he left his hometown..chance to be a two instead of a three. That’s ok tho, he’s got a stronger ARM and is more mobile than sanchez, jets might be better off going with stanton-tebow combo than sanchez…..ou ch that sounds harsh in retrospect.

  2. The Jet are like the boyfriend who cheats and every time he’s caught he promises he will never do it again.

  3. It’s not quite this simple if … IF … they actually made that guarantee. If Stanton just ‘assumed’ it … well there’s that old joke. But if they said it … to get him to sign … it’s a much different thing.

  4. O Yea But some how its the Dolphins Front office and orginization thats full of scumbags. I notice PFT didnt rip the Jets. Just a ho hum its Stantons fault for believing them!

  5. Well at first it didn’t look like there was an issue with the promise – “they weren’t going to get any other quarterbacks, that they weren’t going to draft a quarterback,” but then he also added in a different kind of player…”or get a Tim Tebow.” Finally…proof that Tebow isn’t a QB. Still not sure what he is. I wonder what Tannenbaum considers him to be.

  6. Stanton deserves better than that 🙁 he beat the packers two years ago and had shown he could win when stafford and hill went down. Come back to Detroit Drew! Shaun Hill won’t be here forever and then you can be the number 2 guy!

  7. Hard knocks? Rex, Sanchez and Tebow. Best reality show on TV. Tebow isn’t a lot of things. The one thing he is is a great leader and football player. Heck, Tebow has more trade value than Sanchez!

  8. Indy has the #1 pick and the biggest loser is Sanchez, scrath that, we all know Tebow will be starting by game 6. The biggest loser, drum roll……..Santonio Holmes. Get ready for a lot of 9 to 6 games Jets fans.

  9. I bet they shook hands too…. He should know the word “promise” should never be included in any contract negotiations until it’s on paper. I also find it interesting that supposedly he was told specifically that they would not want Tebow… Was he “promised” about Peyton too? He needs to sit tight, take the high road and wait it out…He is still in the biggest market in the country. Look what it did for J. Lin….

  10. If that’s the case, the Jets should happily agree to release Stanton or trade him to the team of his choosing.

    Bad business all round.

  11. They also publicly promised Tebow he would come into camp in Denver as the starting QB. In other words, there are some people who do not believe their word means anything. Not like years ago where your word was your bond.

  12. Tebow=Gimmick…… Stanton=QB…… Other than running a Gimmick play here and there…Stanton will prove in camp what a good quarterback is and Tebow will take a back seat as Stanton pushes Sanchez.

  13. It looks like Tannenbaum is almost as big a liar as the Dolphins Ireland. Players notice things like this and plan their free agency accordingly. Looks like another year in which the Pats have no worries in the division.

    Unless the Jets do the smart thing and allow Tebow to be the option fullback he obviously is.

  14. Add Stanton to the list of people who crossed Tebow and paid. Chris Leak, Kyle Orton, Josh McDaniels, Brandon Lloyd, etc. Beware the Tebow!

  15. This is going to be a long, long offseason. I guess I should ready myself to sift though the Jets and Tebow stories to find things worth reading.

  16. zonon85 says:
    Mar 22, 2012 6:48 AM
    I bet they shook hands too…. He should know the word “promise” should never be included in any contract negotiations until it’s on paper. I also find it interesting that supposedly he was told specifically that they would not want Tebow… Was he “promised” about Peyton too? He needs to sit tight, take the high road and wait it out…He is still in the biggest market in the country. Look what it did for J. Lin….


    It took a lot of injuries for Jeremy Lin to emerge in New York and that’s what it’s going to take for Drew Stanton to get his chance to play. If Sanchez goes down or just flat out stinks, Stanton won’t be the guy the Jets put in, Tebow will. The Jets can say that Stanton’s their number 2 all they want, but if and when someone needs to step up to replace Sanchez, you can bet the starry eyed, media attention seeking Jets will look to Tebow.

    Sure, it’s possible Sanchez and Tebow could both go down and open the door for Stanton. After all, it happened with the Texans and TJ Yates this past season. It’s possible, but it’s highly unlikely. If the Jets really did promise him they wouldn’t grab another QB just to get him to sign, then he should be released and allowed to look for another contract.

  17. Yet another concrete example of why the Jets will never win anything. They have absolutely ZERO integrity. Their talk is all empty. I have to say that one of the bonuses of the GIANTS winning the SuperBowl this year is that it literally took the shine off of Everything the Jets did in ’09 and ’10. You know, the whole we made it to the playoffs two years in a row and lost.

    Same old Jets.

  18. Stanton sucks plain and simple. Sanchez sucks and has zero leadership skills. He likes chasing around high school girls because he thinks he’s still 17. Tebow’s only problem is really mechanics. If they have a QB coach who will work with him day and night, he could be really good.

  19. He has every right to be upset.

    Now that they want Tebow running the wildcat crap, Stanton will be either the emergency QB, or not dressed.

    Crappy position to be in for a guy who just signed to be a primary backup just a week ago.

    Id be pissed too.

  20. When Tebow becomes the starter, expect him to guarantee NY a Super Bowl win….Rex tried it, but he doesn’t have the pull that Tebow does.

  21. Is there going to be an introductory press conference today introducing Tebow as a Jet? If so, is PFT going to stream it as you did the Manning/Elway presser? Thanks for doing that by the way.

  22. Some of you guys are being far too literal. “or a Tim Tebow” was highly unlikely as being said in the conversation. This was what the reporter added in to underscore that getting Tim Tebow was something that the “not getting another QB” should have ruled out.

  23. Unless they are willing to put it in writing, don’t believe it. He may be pissed, but that is a real hollow promise from the Jets’ front office. Besides, is a quarterback like Drew Stanton in a position to be telling front offices when they can be signing players? Players play and GM’s manage.

  24. Just wait until OTAs and training camp. Stanton will show that he is the superior quarterback to Tebow.

  25. This is probably the Dolphins fault since no one wants to play with them the Jets had to break the promise.

  26. That’s how they “lured” Stanton? Drew isn’t exactly a big catch. I don’t think he has earned the right to any job without competition. The Jets are a joke of a franchise but in this case, I’ll take their side.

  27. “La Canfora also said that Mark Sanchez doesn’t want Tebow in New York.”


    Btw, I predicted Jets would trade Sanchez the minute the Tebow trade came thru.

    Perhaps the Jets indeed hold their promise to Stanton 😉

  28. Get.

    Just as the Jets initially missed the payments to Denver in the Tebow contract… if it’s in black and white with signatures, it’s a promise.

  29. First off, why in the world would Tannenbaum promise such a thing? Don’t the Jets have McElroy on their team? Wouldn’t he be given a shot at earning the backup spot without Tebow there, a shot I’d say he’d have a 50-50 shot of winning? Or were they already planning on dumping him after his injury. And of COURSE Sanchez doesn’t want Tebow there. He’s a huge baby and is used to being coddled. Now he’ll need to step up, especially in the leadership department. Don’t worry, Drew. You may have a shot at being a starter on the Jets after they cut ties with that prima donna. What a loser.

  30. Jets management deeply regrets the incident in Drew Stanton’s mouth, which does not reflect our intentions nor what we represented to Mr. Stanton would transpire when he granted us access to his mouth.

  31. The sad thing is, Stanton would actually be a better option for a wildcat type package because not only can he run and has shown that ability many times with the Lions, BUT he can also complete a pass. With him in that kind of package, you’d actually have to respect the threat of there being a pass play involved. With Tebow, who cares? Stack the line to contain him and if he tries to throw it, big deal…it’s not like anyone other than a DB is going to catch it.

  32. Blame Andrew Luck for this….

    Luck bumps Manning…Manning bumps Tebow…Tebow bumps Stanton…Stanton bumps???

  33. this leaves a bad taste for so many reasons. the jets are a team fueled by controversy that is now out looking for more. they seem to think that if you can’t win football games the next best thing is publicity so they go get the guy that can generate headlines by scratching his head. then on the tebow side the best of tebow is when he just plays with heart and wins. the worst is all the nonsense that turns him into a cartoon character. that will be amplified in new york. while in jacksonville (don’t forget he really led those fans on a week ago when he said he wanted to play close to home and then chose nyc over jax) while in jacksonville he probably would have had a chance to lead his team as quarterback. the whole thing stinks.

  34. Sanchez didn’t want Tebow… Who cares??? Sanchez is an overrated $hitty qb who belongs in the arena league!! He should be happy he got to see Kate Upton naked and be quiet!

  35. Let’s see how Sanchez holds up after making some mistakes on the field (and he will). The New Jersey fans will be all over him, probably calling out “Tebow…Tebow…Tebow…”. You thought the locker room nonsense was bad last year. Just wait.

  36. Yet again we see two points: (1) Jets are all about making empty promises and (2) Sanchez is an unbelievable baby, thinking he should never have any competition.

    I think PFT orchestrated this trade with an eye to increasing number of stories, and thus page hits, come next pre-season.

  37. Give me Stanton over tebow any day of the week. As a matter of fact give Stanton over Sanchez any day of the week. The jets are a mess anyway they have peaked with Rex as coach now they are on their way down

  38. Yeah, that’s the ONLY reason he left Detroit, as it should be. The Lions haven’t filled his slot yet, I hope they cut him loose and he comes back home.

  39. There’s a very good chance Drew Stanton asks for his release or a trade.”


    No way. He’s a career 3rd stringer who has brutal accuracy. He’ll be happy to have a job.

  40. Mike T and the Jets have a long history of lying to players to get them in the door. They should cut Stanton loose, but I know they won’t… at least not until it is too late for him to get onto another team, because that’s the kind of person Mike T is.

  41. This is why YOU NEVER MAKE PROMISES TO GUYS ABOUT THEIR ROLE. Ye gods. People hate BB but he doesn’t do that and it’s a big reason his players have respect for him. DON’T BS YOUR PLAYERS!!! That’s one of the biggest thing they hate.

  42. he’s not a rookie, so he should know better. it’s a business, and the player personnel landscape is constantly changing so sometimes the team strategy for personnel changes. they didnt bring him in to start so why would he believe they were going to honor that promise if in fact they even actually made it.
    and of course Sanchez doesnt want him there. he saw how the fans got Tebow a job in Denver. he’d much rather have a non-threat like brunell behind him so when rex “threatened” to replace him as the starter, he could have a nice laugh about it on the sideline.

  43. Man I feel bad for him. He is a pretty decent back up and like people have been saying he only left Detroit to be a #2 not #3.

    The worse part about it, Stanton might actually be better than both the QB’s ahead of him right now.

  44. @zonon85

    Yes, he is in the biggest market of the country, but that’s not going to help him when he’s the third string quarterback and never takes the field.

  45. What’s the difference, players do this to ownership every year.. Except it’s in a legal binding contract.. I sign and play for five years for this much money…. But oh yea,, after I have a really productive 3rd or 4th season I’m gonna cry and demand more money than what I agreed too.. And if u don’t pay me more then I won’t play….. Sorry Stanton,, kick rocks…..

  46. Liar Liar pants on fire. I would ask for a trade or out of the contract. Only problem, that promise was oral and not in writing so he has nada going for him to annul the contract.
    I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near that circus they call the Jets. It just gets better and better.

    Tebow will have to talk with Rex about his languare in the locker room too. Like time-outs for being a potty mouth.

  47. Mike Tannenbaum has gotten too much of a pass over the past few years. Granted, the team has performed well in the playoffs and gone on one of the best runs in Jets history. But the truth is that the Jets have lousy depth all over the field, an offensive line that completely collapsed last year (and needs at an absolute minimum to replace Wayne Hunter, not least because RTs in the AFC East will now have Mario Williams lining up against them twice a year), and one of the slowest teams in aggregate in the league. If the Jets disbanded and a draft were held of their players, think about what the order would be. Obviously Revis and Mangold are top shelf, then D’Brickashaw and Harris. Then who? Probably Sione Pouha, or maybe Cromartie. Otherwise there just isn’t a lot of talent on this team. Every team has a wide receiver like Holmes, a tight end like Keller, a running back much better than Shonn Greene, a quarterback….

    And now we learn that Mr. T lied to Drew Stanton, inducing him to sign with lies about a backup role. Where have we heard this before? Pete Kendall, Chris Baker, Laveranues Coles, and surely the list goes on. All of this adds up to a very shaky franchise, and a very overrated GM.

  48. well they told the truth they didn’t get another quarterback…you can’t consider tebow a quarterback because a quarterback knows how to throw and complete a pass…which tebow clearly can’t do

  49. I bet they release McElroy and he goes on to have an outstanding career somewhere else. I would find that quite humorous.

  50. There is srill ANOTHER QB on the Jets roster. Alabama National Championship winning QB McElroy. McElroy played real well in preseason but got hurt in the final preseason game and was put on IR. He would have started lasr season as the Jrts #2 QB.

    Sanchez was terrible all year long and won’t last much longer there.

  51. Jets promised Drew Stanton they wouldn’t add another QB


    1) They didn’t add another Quarterback… they added Tebow….

    2) Stanton would ask for his release? Because so many teams are lined up to get a shot at signing Drew Stanton?

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