Rex Ryan: Tim Tebow will fit right in


We heard from Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum and Tim Tebow on Wednesday night about the trade that brought Tebow to New York, but we had to wait until Thursday to hear from Rex Ryan.

Ryan, who got “Tebowed” at a Baton Rouge restaurant Wednesday night, was at LSU’s Pro Day on Thursday, but he took some time out from watching the proceedings to share some thoughts about the newest member of his teams. He waved off concerns about Tebow creating any problems in the locker room, saying that “he’ll fit right in with the guys we have” and said that he thinks the Jets are fortunate to have two quarterbacks with playoff wins under their belt in Tebow and Mark Sanchez. He also reiterated the party line about which of those quarterbacks will be in the starting lineup.

“Mark’s a great competitor,” Ryan said to Larry Holder of “I know that about Mark. Mark is our starting quarterback. There’s no doubt about it. Will we have some things for Tebow each week? Absolutely.”

We’ve heard a little hedging on how secure Sanchez’s hold on the job might be from Tannenbaum already, but Ryan offered no details about the exact role he sees Tebow playing on the Jets offense. If that role doesn’t lead to a more successful Jets offense, both Ryan and Tannenbaum will be feeling some heat come the end of next season.

39 responses to “Rex Ryan: Tim Tebow will fit right in

  1. Rex Ryan: Tim Tebow will fit right in

    Right into the locker room that Rex Ryan himself said he lost touch with. mmmmkay

  2. I don’t foresee Dirty Sanchez or Teabag taking the Jets anywhere remotely close to the bowl, let alone the playoffs. Good Luck With That Rex!

  3. Can’t wait to see how this drama is going to unfold, when the sanchize start throwing int left and right, then they bring tebow to incomplete passes and fumble the ball, plz let the jets get this year hard knocks so I can get an inside peak to all the stupid decision they going to make.

  4. Can we get a days to Tebow starter meter? Not saying Tebow’s going to turn into a great QB but Sanchez will not be able to handle the pressure

  5. Ryan didn’t say anything, he gave the party line ” he will fit in nicely”. What else do u expect him to say? However he didn’t seem that excited about it either, which leads u to believe that he wasn’t so happy with trade.

  6. Of course he will fit right in Rex. Your locker room is somewhere between a prison riot and a collosal cluster f—. The only way this mediocre team stays in the media forefront is by pulling circus stunts like this. The only thing the jets are missing now is a tophat for Mike Tanenbaum.

  7. Tebow made the wrong choice. He chose the Jets because his posse tells him he is a qb. He is not. He needs to go to GB or NE and learn with a qb coach. The Jets will suffer because of this.

  8. Tebow is the way the Jets front office found to get rid of Sanchez without having to admit he was a bad draft pick.

  9. Tannenbaum should be fired….he’s earned it. But I like Rexy. He’s loved by his players, doesn’t seem to be a BAD coach, and his personality is great for the league.

  10. Both Sanchez and Tebow can learn off of each other and get alot better.It wouldn’t surprise me to see the Jets win the Super Bowl over the next 5 years.

  11. There is not another team that can do Hard Knocks this year but the Jets.
    Maybe some of the major networks that love reality TV might be interested. Seriously, American Idol, Survivor or whatever Hard Knocks NYJ is a must see

    The circus continues Jets fans, looks like it is time to plan for the 44 th Anniversary !!!!

  12. gb4mn0 says: Mar 22, 2012 7:44 PM

    Sexy Rexy must be the postmodern version of Mephistopheles. He’s lured poor unsuspecting Timmy Tebow into the Jets den of iniquity.


    Dude, tone it down. Some guys might think you’re talking about an old porn movie.

  13. Sanchez just signed a $50-plus mil contract and he’s worried?! Right. Terrible job security, poor boy will get an inferiority complex and probably have to be placed on suicide watch.

  14. I am far from a Jets Fan, but many of youn think they brought Tebow in to compete at QB. NO! He was (overpaid) to come into games and run The Widcat. Yes, the same Offensive that the Fins made so popular and Rex Ryan and a large majority called ” a fad”. It still is and it is hard to defend. It actually makes a true 11 vs 11. Traditional Offensive schemes are 10 vs 11 after the QB hands off or throws. With Sparano there as OC, this is not that bad an idea because like Tebow or not; that guys is big, strong and has game! The problem in general is Teams prepare for it and it is less effective. Likewise, it absolutely ruins the rhythm of the game as they throw in the package and yank the real ( and I use the term loosely) QB. Especially, for a hadicapped QB like Sanchez. I agree with most of you… This Trainwreck is going to be fun to watch play out under Broadway Lights.

  15. Rex has a good idea, & I applaud him for his insight. Mark Sanchez is a good QB, so is Tim Tebow… now he has 2 good young QB’s for 2 good reasons: (1) Competition makes players better (at least it should) & (2) Different style QB’s are hard to defend. I thought it might take someone just with a little creative thought to pull it off lol.

  16. Sanchez peaked last year and is going nowhere because he is LAZY. Tebow has all upside. Also, he may not have been the greatest qb, but look at what he was throwing to? It wasn’t Randy moss and Jerry Rice in their prime…this was a couple of rookie stiffs and he still managed to win the games. Denver is going to be in for a real shock with peyton trying to make that team run by throwing and not being able to push for those extra first downs. .The jets got a real steel and a marketing bonus. They have to be just giddy!@!!!!!

  17. I think Rex might be right, Tebow will probably fit in. He may not comprehend a professional football playbook, but he has the credentials to be a team chaplain.

  18. The jets might actually have a plan. I can’t wait to see this. There has never been a football season I can remember with so much anticipation. I’m betting someone at jets hq is off their meds.

  19. This backup QB signing illustrates why Giants keep winning Super Bowls and the Jets havent in decades. The G-men quietly signed a 10yr veteran familiar with their system, (David Carr). there is no question Eli is their leader. Compare that to the Jets, who signed a young inexperienced QB, whose own coaches said they had to dumb things down for him, paid him millions, and announced they’ will work him into the offense, which messes with the head of their current starting QB. Can’t imagine what Rex was thinking.

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