Saints fans not bailing out over bounty fiasco

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As NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell continues to ponder the potential penalties to be imposed on the players involved in the bounty scandal, either by funding the pool or earning pieces of it, some think that Goodell may go easy in order to avoid a full-blown revolt of Saints fans.  Others wonder whether the league held the decisions on punishment beyond the March 16 deadline for renewing season tickets, in order to ensure that the fans wouldn’t scatter.

Either way, we’re told that a full 98 percent of the season-ticket holders have renewed.  That’s the highest renewal percentage the Saints ever have experienced.  And the waiting list continues to expand by roughly 50 callers per day.  Also, all suites have been sold out for 2012.

And so, while Saints fans understandably aren’t happy with the situation, they’re not turning their backs on the team.

It’s also believed they won’t turn their backs on the Super Bowl, which New Orleans will be hosting.  Even if Saints fans are mad at the league, they’ll rally around the Super Bowl, since it’s a New Orleans event.

On the topic of discipline to be imposed on Saints players, Peter King of Sports Illustrated and NBC’s Football Night in America joined PFT Live to discuss the subject, about which he recently wrote for

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74 responses to “Saints fans not bailing out over bounty fiasco

  1. I still love my Saints there is no bailing out. I have been a Saint’s fan for over 30 years and suffered alot and never turned my back on them. I will be watching every game and cheering them on. Let get Drew signed and happy so you can kick some more ass!!!! WHO DAT!!

  2. Actually many of the New Orleans fans are unwilling to volunteer for the SuperBowl. While we believe we should be penalized, we think the penalty on Sean Payton is excessive. It hurts us more than it hurts Payton. Essentially, the NFL has rendered us unable to compete. Therefore, fans are disinclined to participate in NFL activities. We have tried to call NFL to speak to someone but are sent to a voice mail.

  3. New Orleans & South LA is a unique culture; they love their team, heritage & customs. Geaux Saints!

    Le ze la bon ton roulette!

  4. No we are not. Im a REAL Saints fan and a WHO DAT 4 LIFE! This too shall pass. When they make the playoffs this yr under the anger and fire of what happened this week, in light of hosting the SB this yr, I dont wanna hear a damn thing from nobody!


  5. There’s another big event called Mardi Gras going on at the same time. The only thing that would eclipse Mardi Gras would be a Saints Super Bowl.

  6. Wow. A positive story about the Saints? On PFT? Wow. That’s right, Saints fans did not bail BECAUSE the first renewal notice came BEFORE the decision and the scandal. The remaining payments are due in a month or so. We’ll see if people will pay up then. As for rallying around the Super Bowl, YOU’RE DELUSIONAL. Will New Orleans make money off the event? Sure. Will Roger GODdell get a warm welcome…..uhhh…no. And neither will the NFL itself. Enjoy all the t-shirts emblazoned with the Sir Saint mascot giving the organization and its commish the finger.

    Hey Rodger, be sure to look out your window of your limo from the airport to your hotel. I’m sure there’ll be a few choice billboards directed your way buddy.

  7. Oh they will….This is the same fan base that barely showed up prior to Drew Brees showing up….TRUTH

  8. man i thought video gate was bad that was just filming opposeing teams something every team has done and still does. but hurin people for money. wow all i know is my niners would never do anything of that nature. bounty that it

  9. Wouldn’t it be hilarious, and serve the flag football league commissioner, Roger Goodell right, if the Saints win the next SuperBowl?

    And they just might, because they are STILL are VERY highly talented team that will probably adopt an unbelievably tight bond with each other as they enter the new season. We all thought they played tough before, now Goodell has poked the bear with a sharp stick, which is never a good idea.

  10. Get ready to break out the confetti, for the next Super Bowl Champions…..The New Orleans Saints.

  11. Not in any way tryign to condone the Saints’ action and use of bounty system, but what kind of fans would we be if we turned our back when things don’t go well?

    Geaux Saints

  12. There’s going to be no paper bags. We know people like you, the paper bags joke & calling us Aints is all you really have. If I had not heard it all before so many times, it might even be funny.

    But you’re not funny. You’re predictable. Please post again when you can muster original thought.

    Thank you, drive through please.

  13. Good to see another self righteous writer at PC Football Talk is concerned about the potential money lost by Commissioner Goodell’s decisions.

    Nothing in the stands will affect the hampered play of the Saints this season. The outcome of the entire season has already been affected by the Commissioner. Another Non Pro Football season brought to you be the George Bush of professional football, Roger Goodell. No, I can’t stand the man!

    Perhaps, the Saints will play for the first pick in the draft for 2013? Its what the league deserves for renewing Goodell’s contract!

  14. Screw u dude. we are rallying around our team. The paper bags were so long ago. People need to come up with some new insult material. None of it bothers us. I look at it others trend to hate when your team is at the top.

  15. Bring out the paper bags again. Bad enough the Referees did what they could to help you out, now everyone knows you still had to cheat! PATHETIC

  16. I hope they bail on the Super Bowl. It’ll make it that much cheaper for my wife and I to attend the Super Bowl to watch the Broncos win it.

  17. Oh hell… I’m sure they’re circlin’ the wagons. They’ve all been wronged, don’t you know! :eyeroll:

  18. just read another site that said besides Vilma, Smith, and Fujita could be targets…article said the claim is they were the “on-field” leaders of the system. Up to 26 players in all could face possible suspensions. Obviously, they wouldn’t all be on the Saints Roster still I’m sure, as I know some of them aren’t for sure. Damn! I would be interested in seeing what happens. And I won’t deny this…I’m sure several if not all teams had some kind of similar bounty system in place or pay for performance.

    Outside of the ramifications of how much money was given, tax codes, IRS etc, I can see it being okay with players doing something like hey, I’ll pay you 100 bucks or whatever, for each sack this game, int or fumble. Why, well because that is their money to do with, as long as it’s not violating taxes, which I’m sure the amounts involved here did in some instance and didn’t in others. But a plain out bounty hunter/mercenary for hire type system, which I agree probably does exist at some level, is indeed unacceptable and makes these players look foolish in the long-term.

    Then they want to sue the NFL for the dangers and not being protected? You should have protected yourself? And I read another valid point. Players of old weren’t as big thus while still hard hits, great tackles, that people grew up loving as part of the game, are even more intense today with the size and speed of these guys. Its no wonder the hits are even harder, larger/bigger, etc and thus, the damage/chance for injury greater.

    I love Jacked Up and think hard hits and a great defense belong. I’m not sure how you would correctly go about ensuring the balance needed in this sport to make everyone happy, and of course, remain within the rules of the game. A part of me in the end doesn’t really have much sympathy either. These athletes are at risk all the time and knew it going into it.

    It is like the dumb smoking ban here. Everyone wants to say well what about the employees, they shouldn’t have to. That is why we are doing this. Really, one most of them already smoke. Two, they know the risks when they walk into apply and take the job and three, it is about freedom of choice. A right to prosper, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Same with these athletes. It is all great and dandy while you are in your prime, making the big bucks and enjoying stardom, but then you want to sue and bring up the hazard issue? I’m all for them getting compensated nicely, I still think too nicely for basically a bunch of games, which is what all these sports are, but I’m okay with that, because of the risks/injuries, etc they put up with or could encounter.

    But please spare me, there are thousands of men and women right now, in this country alone, that do way more dangerous jobs on a daily basis. Our military, our law enforcement (though I don’t always agree with the corruption and some of those who want to act like jerks, etc, there really are a lot of great men and women serving us, in many capacities), oil rig workers, miners, etc, They all should make way more than they should but they don’t. And many of them made that choice because of their passion, their love and it is what they know.

    Okay, sorry I tend to get off-topic and go on tangents. I am working on it!

    I got to agree with most posters and I think we all as NFL fans can agree–what an off-season and the draft hasn’t even happened yet! Bring it on!

  19. Now lets see what happens to coach’s after they leave the game. They work for a network ESPN you name it. So what does he lose he will get paid, don’t think he will ever come back from all of that, he screwed the team for years to come. And the owner will fire him, after they get a coach
    in place think down the road. It is deeper than you think where did the money come from to pay the players. Think “Sean Payton” and he let things go to far the only coach to ever get suspended. And the people think he is coming back come on he does not even live in New Orleans he lives in Dallas. He won’t show his face around New Orleans. Network TV for a couple years and then see if someone will pick him up.

  20. Not really surprised, for one, the people of New Orleans are pretty stupid. But honestly I don’t blame them, what else is there to do down there besides drink, act like an idiot, and wait for another hurricane…

  21. Lemmings. All I can do is just point and laugh at those dumb enough to spend a single dime enabling Roger Goodell and his modern, family-friendly, Disney version of pro football. The NFL hasn’t seen a dime of my money in 2 years. This will be the third.

  22. Is it newsworthy that a team that a 13-3 team and 37-11 over the last three years has a high season ticket renewal? Just wait for the aints to have a couple losing seasons and then all of their bandwagon fans will be long gone.

  23. Not a chance. Only morons think the Saints will fall apart. They proved they could play without coach Payton last year. Anyone with average intelligence knows most teams were aware of how talented the Saints have been the last 5 years. Only the brain-dead would think the Giants weren’t happy the 49ers pulled off a miracle upset in the last few seconds of the playoff game last year; the Giants had already been outplayed by the best offensive team in the league earlier in the season. While it’s true they will miss their coach, they won’t miss Brees, Colston, Moore, Henderson, Graham, Thomas, Ivory, and the other mistake San Diego made; Sproles. No bags next season. While Goodell might try to give his New England buddies a shot at another ring, the Saints will pick up another ring at home, in the dome. Book it.
    I have spoken!

  24. We yelling who dat, who dat, who dat, who dat, who dat said they gonna beat them Saints? Not Roger Goodell. Our fans and the team will rally around this and we will be stronger than ever. And this time you HATERS can’t say the league gave it us the Super Bowl. Put me in for $5,000 for every 50+ point game we have this season. New Orleans Bounty Hunters… I like the sound of that.

  25. Here is a perspective from a Louisiana local. I want to be VERY clear that this post is not a defense of the Saints bounty program. However, I want to share some local perspective on how Saints fans see the bounty program and punishment. Some of my comments may sound like a defense, but they are not meant that way. I simply want to show how many of the local fans that I have talked to feel about the bounty program and punishment.

    Rightly or wrongly, most Saints fans feel like the league has unfairly targeted the team for extreme punishment. The “bounty” practice appears to have been practiced in multiple locker rooms (based on past player quotes right here on PFT), and NFL highlight reels even glorify “big” hits. And, the on-field play of the Saints appears to have been within the guidelines of the NFL. Otherwise, more penalties would have been called for unnecessary roughness.

    After all, the obvious question remains, if the Saints were intentionally injuring other players, why were they not penalized more often for for unsportsmanlike conduct, roughing the passer, etc? Sure, they had a lot of roughing the passer calls, but other teams still had more. –Now, don’t get me wrong. This does not excuse the bounty program at all. But when the “intent to injure” story comes under scrutiny, there appears to be very little ON-FIELD evidence that the Saints were actually *playing the game* outside the bounds of the rules. They were delivering the hardest hits possible, within the rules, which I would argue ALL teams try to do.

    And again, regardless of what happened on field, there was no excuse for the bounty program which rewarded players for “cart-offs”. But, from a fan perspective, we want to know SPECIFICALLY, who was paid money for a cart off. What player was hit so hard by our D that he was carted off? Give us a few examples of SPECIFICS and it would go a long way toward making us hang our head in shame. Who was knocked out of a game by an illegal hit?? If a hard, but not illegal hit, did knock someone out of a game, then how is that hit “different” from a hit delivered under the bounty program? The way fans see it, there is no difference. Players hit each other as hard as they possible can ALL THE TIME, regardless of a bounty program. Heck, our running back Pierre Thomas was knocked out of the San Francisco game with a concussion. Did the San Francisco have a bounty on our players? Probably not. Hard hits, especially in the playoffs, are just part of the game. Is it possible to tell the difference between a hard hit delivered under a bounty program and one not delivered under a bounty program? I doubt it. If a hit was outside of the rules of the game, it would be called. Some teams even had more “roughing” penalties than the Saints, so it’s not like we were the worst in the league. The way the media portrays it, our players were out there with daggers stabbing people in the back when they could.

    The real problem was that Williams was rewarding players for straight up “cart-offs”, and he deserves to be banned for that. Case closed. But being rewarded for a cart-off and intentionally trying to cause a cart-off are two different things. Most fans simply think the team was trying to play tough, hard-nosed football. As we were not excessively penalized for our play, we feel that out team’s *on field* behavior was within the rules of the game. It’s what went on in the locker room, behind closed doors, that was problematic.

    Thus, since the on-field hits seem to have been within league regulations, Most fans like Goodell has gone overboard in his punishment of Payton.
    The scandal is called “bounty-gate”, but the perception here is that it would better be called “lie-gate” as the team covering up the bounty program seems to be the real motivation for Goodell’s punishment. — That the Saints either lied or did a cover-up job about the bounty program. The Saints played the on-field game within the rules (again, where is the specific evidence of cart-offs above the NFL average or of extreme amounts of penalties). So, to many fans, they are being punished for off-field violations more than for what *actually occurred* on the field. Again, if they were intentionally trying to hurt people, where is the specific on-field evidence? Sure, they were high in roughing the passer calls, but a few other teams WITHOUT bounty programs were even higher.

    For these reasons, rightly or wrongly, the fans here are really angry at Goodell, not the team. While Payton did not control the lockeroom bounty program like he should have, it seems that he kept the on-field behavior under control. After all, haven’t the ref’s been trained to look out for overly tough hits on QB’s and be super-vigilant about player safety? If illegal activity on field was spotted, surely the refs would have called it in today’s “player safe” NFL, right?

    Also, if the punishment was deemed as “fair”, even 12 games, fans would probably be ok with it. But a full year? Goodell really angered the fanbase. We view the punishment as Goodell being personally angry about being lied to more than really being about player safety (because no extreme examples of players being injured due to some *illegal* behavior have been specifically mentioned…oh, Brett Farve hurt his ankle?? cry me a river, this is the NFL).

    People are already designing “bounty hunter” uniforms and stuff like that to wear to the games next year. Fans are EMBRACING the bounty hunter image.

    The degree of punishment may backfire on the NFL as the Saints, or at least the fans, will now feel like underdogs and embrace the bad boy image, rather than run from it.

    Also, we have few worries about Payton being gone for a season. It will be sad and cause some problems, but Carmichael (offensive coordinator) called several games last year and has Payton and Bree’s complete trust, and Spags will be here as well. The team will be highly motivated as well because they feel like they will been punished unjustly.

    The real way to demoralize a team and fanbase is to give them a strong punishment, but not an “extreme” punishment. People will take their lumps and shut up when they think the punishment is fair. When you make a martyr out of the head coach, which is what Goodell has done, all you do is fire up the fanbase and team.

    I fully expect an appeal by Payton, and possibly a lawsuit. Also, this sort of extreme punishment could spur other developments, such as the formation of a coaches union to protect coaches from extreme punishments.

    So, anyway, the Saints deserve punishment. But from a local perspective, people perceive the punishment as too harsh, and fans are fully embracing the bounty hunter label, if only to aggravate Goodell and show that we think the punishment is too much.

    Basically, the locals feel like we have lack of specifics, our team played within the rules on the field (although not in the lockeroom), and that Goodell is more angry about being lied to than than the bounty program itself. Punishing Payton for a full year seems extreme, when even 10-12 games seems reasonable. After all, we do admit complete fault that our team was doing things that shouldn’t be done.

    Anyone thinking the Saints will be an easy team to beat next year better think otherwise. The team and the fanbase really have a chip on their shoulder now and will be far more motivated than a bounty program would ever make them.

    So, while most of us agree that there should be some harsh punishment, a year seems a bit much, especially when we played the game within the rules on-field. Would our players have delivered fewer “hard hits” without the bounty program? I doubt it. The NFL, historically, is about delivering hard hits. It’s part of the game. It’s why players routinely get carted off the field even when bounty programs are not in the lockeroom.

  26. Fancy renewing Season tickets with that hanging over you. You must be crazy knowing this was going to be coming. Just wait until half the team is involved, and you play with backups. That’s what you should be called NOBounty Hunters, sounds good and fits the bill. The Super Bowl should be returned too just to finish off the job. What a disgrace to have a Head Coach involved in this. I’d like to hear what he has to say, he probably thought it was going to be a few games.
    50 Point games next season, dream on!!!. How about getting Brees re-signed first. That has to be a priority, if you have a GM to do it!!!

  27. They live (and probably partake) in a top 10 murder city in the US. So Bountygate seems tame to them.

  28. Goodell for the Patriots??? How about thanking him for your Superbowl? Everyone knows the AINTS didn’t deserve it. They were outplayed in every phase of the game!!! The fix was in because if the Hurricane but the Peyton and Williams still had to find a way to cheat! Only the state of Louisiana thinks they actually deserved a Superbowl

  29. @ monkeyboymotors you damn right! We cheated our way right to the Super Bowl averaging 30+ points per game on offense and having a 26th rank defense that season.

  30. @ annes our defense already sucked, so how much can we be w/ defensive players being suspended. Drew will be resigned long term and we will probably kick your team a$$ this season. And let me set the record straight… We deserve every bit of the punishment we got for running a bounty system and than lying about it. But don’t think for one minute that were going to stop supporting this team. Being a Saints fans is a way of life in Louisiana. So you people can continue to bash our team and our city bc this isn’t the 1st nor last time I’ve heard such venom directed toward us, so bring it on… We will bounce back like we always do so who dat nation stand the help up!

  31. “seenoland54 says:
    Mar 22, 2012 11:31 PM
    Corrupt city
    scumbag team
    scumbag fans”

    What would you like them to do? Just stop being fans? Would you? If the 49ers did this, I would be pissed but I wouldn’t not be a fan.

  32. People need to come up with something new if they want to insult the saints….Trust me almost every team in the NFL has had their share of drama so please get a life. Evry team has had a bounty at one time or another but unfortunately for the saints they had a snitch among them. People find something else to talk about. I bet it is a bunch grown people on here making dumb comments.

  33. Why is there hatred towards Goodell who was doing his job by protecting the players and enforcing rules that no other team should break. Anger should be pointed at the coaches who condoned and perpetuated the bounty system.

  34. @seenoland 54 Keep talking you are a scum bag your city is a scum bag as long as you are living there and the fans there are scum bags you moron, all of you are ignorant azz people.

  35. eff you @johnny we don’t care what any of you say we won that super bowl fare and square buddy. ha!ha!

  36. Some of you are funny we fans of the Saints are scum bags because we won’t bail on our team? Why would we? Ask yourself would you bail on your team? The saints are like your child to a lot of us. Sure we are disappointed in what happened but at the end of the day they are still our team. When your kid does something stupid you don’t throw them out on the street and we are not throwing the Saints out on the street.

    Who dat!!! We are not giving up!!!

  37. People, New Orleans can longer be called the Aints because they got a Lombardi trophy. That is why it’s an easy choice for their new name to be the Taints. Cheated to win their title, paid off the refs in the NFC championship game, yep, Taints are who dey are.

  38. Feels kind of nice not to be a part of this Bounty-Gate thing. See! There is worse than me in the NFL.


    James Harrison


  39. Season-ticket renewal payments were due LAST WEEK. Interestering that Goodell waited until after this known date to dish out these penalities.

  40. You can call us whatever you want but a “Bandwagon” is not one of them. We are the most Loyal Fans in the NFL hands down! Unlike the rest of you chumps posting on this site that would turn your back on your team and claim another team if your team missed the playoffs one year. The Who Dat Nation is the best fanbase in sports! We have been knocked down before and we always get back up and come back even stronger! All this Bounty BS did was bring the team and its Loyal fans closer together! Watch out! We Comin!! WHO DAT!!!

  41. I am a Saints fan and continue to pull for my team and think they’ll be fine. They’ll get Drew signed soon and the team will rally around Carmichael, Spagnuola, and the other coaches, and fight through this. I understand the fan frustration with Goodell, but the fans should be upset with the people that contributed to the problem, not the Commish. If the team would have put everything to a stop when they were originally warned, this probably wouldn’t have happened. That being said, the strength of this team the last few seasons has been a high powered offense and those players aren’t the ones facing possible suspension. This team still has enough talent to be a serious threat/contender in the NFC and will relish the role of the underdog if people want to write them off.

  42. Not surprising at all. Real fans don’t bail at the first sign of trouble. We stick through it. Fans are the victims here as well. Their team let them down. As for the fans that think the team didn’t do anything wrong…. Not much to say at this point. If you don’t know the difference between inflicting pain and trying to injure then I can’t really help you. Are the Saints tje only team to have such a program? Doubtful. Did they continue after being told multiple times to cease? Most definitely. Just accept tje punishment and move along.

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