Successful season could be bad news for Payton, Loomis

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Based on reports emerging after the bounty mess first arose but before Wednesday’s unprecedented sanctions, Saints owner Tom Benson supports coach Sean Payton and G.M. Mickey Loomis.  But if Benson ultimately chooses to make a change at either job, it wouldn’t be the first time an owner or a G.M. or a head coach said one thing and then did another.

Heck, it wouldn’t be the first time this week.  Or even the second.

While trying to project the manner in which this mess will unfold in 2012, it occurred to me that there’s a set of facts that could indeed result in both Payton and Loomis being fired, eventually.  As explained during Thursday’s PFT Live, the bad news for them ultimately could come from what otherwise would be good news for the Saints.

In short, if the team finds a way to achieve a high degree of success in 2012 under the weight of the penalties the league has imposed, Benson could decide that he should remove his inexplicable loyalty and trust from Loomis and Payton and invest those attributes in those directly responsible for the team’s performance during the upcoming season.

Given that Loomis will continue to steer the ship throughout the offseason, this reality could, in a roundabout way, make him less likely to try to get quarterback Drew Brees signed to a long-term deal.  If, after all, Brees holds out and misses the offseason program and training camp and the preseason and isn’t prepared for the start of the regular season, the chances that the Saints will put together the kind of memorable year that could get make Benson forget Loomis and Payton would drop considerably.

But I’m already writing too much.  I’ll defer the rest of my comments to the comments I made earlier in the day, on PFT Live.

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44 responses to “Successful season could be bad news for Payton, Loomis

  1. Who put the parts together holds the chalice of future success. Ask Ralph Wilson if firing your GM when you have a successfull team is a good idea, it’s been a horrible ride for way too long.

  2. benson isnt firing them because they are taking the fall for him.

    Benson knew about it the entire time.
    He will slip peyton an envelope with cash and not tell anyone.

    It was worth it to everyone!

    In that picure of DB and his kid after the SB, Drew was whispering, “See son, cheaters do win!”

  3. Spagnolo will step in as HC, the Saints are light years ahead of the Rams. NO will make the playoffs. From there, all bets are off. This isn’t a SB year, but it is a playoff year. Maybe Spags will find a permanent home as big cheese in New Orleans…

  4. This story is about as crazy as that mock draft that came out earlier today. If anything, a good season would show the foundation Peyton and Loomis have laid for this team. Also, hiring Spags was a great idea but I doubt that he could take the job from Peyton

  5. Will the NFL be monitoring communications around the Saints? How can they be sure that Payton and Loomis aren’t pulling the strings without out being on-site?

  6. I said that this morning when one of the Saint’s said “we’ll play hard this year for Peyton” I though just the opposite would happen. If they win why do they need Peyton?

  7. Loomis is only suspended 8 games and if anybody thinks that he will have no contact with pro player personnel staff during that time is insane. Net effect=Zero. Thus nullifying your implication that he will sabotage contract talks intentionally in order for the team to under-preform for job security.

    I will agree that Payton’s status would be tenuous if the Saints would win it all in the dome…..but…

  8. Why would Loomis be fired if they did well? He would still be the guy who put the team together. Suspending a GM for games doesn’t matter. He does not have an important role in games. I would say GMs are judged by the team they put together in the off-season.

  9. I think we might be over-thinking this a little bit. First of all, the Payton saga is not really like the Trent Green/Kurt Warner situation in that this team, whether he’s suspended or not, has Sean Payton’s fingerprints all over it. He’s built this into a winning organization. I’m sure his assistant coaches will vouch for his role in constructing this franchise, personnel-wise and schematically. And Loomis has every incentive to sign Brees because Loomis will only be out for the first two months of the season.

  10. “… the chances that the Saints will put together the kind of memorable year that could get make Benson forget Loomis and Payton…”

    I thought you guys had an editor now.

  11. Payton and Loomis will be back no matter how successful this season is. Have you really ran out of material? So now your speculating on your own speculations?

  12. love the picture…Payton and Loomis are discussing which players for the Buccaneers they should put a bounty on for the game. This must have been the game that Graham rolled into his knee…instant karma!

  13. Man, just when I think you can’t possibly reach any further, you drop this.

    What’s next, Benson might sell the Saints or relocate them to Los Angeles? Maybe you should start another slanted poll…

  14. First, neither Sean or Mickey are going anywhere. If the Saints are successful this season it will be because of them. Period!

    Second, I’m amazed at the morons who think that a multimillionaire was somehow extra motivated by ONE THOUSAND dollars! Really? Think about it.

    Also, can anyone show me that the Saints had more unsportsman like penalties than other teams over the past 3 years, thus proving that guys were actually going out of their way to really hurt someone?

    Yeah, that is what I thought.

  15. I am honest when I say that if I were Benson, I would fire Payton and Mickey, then sign Drew and start over. That way, he would start the process whereby the rest of the league and other team’s fans would calm down and the healing could begin. If he keeps them, the organization will always be hated no matter how successful they are. I am a long suffering Saints fan (I was 16 when they came into being), and with my age do not expect to be around long enough to see the organization come out from the shadow of this. After 46 years and we finally get a bit of respect, only to have this happen is tough to swallow. . . . . . like getting a flag thrown on you after scoring the winning TD.

  16. If anyone is at the scene of a crime…be it murder or whatever, & doesn’t report it, that person is just as guilty as the perpetrator!! Sooooooo, if Payton was the hired gun, he, the hirees, and all the underlings are guilty….especially the players who did the “inflicting”! One does not have to have played or watched football for 20+ years, to see the difference between an honest tackle & a dirty one!! We may be just viewers, but we are not stupid.
    The stupid ones just got penalized…with more coming we hope!!! None of that crap goes on without the owner knowing about it!! Ask the top (past) honchos that were running Enron!!

  17. Someone please explain to me how the saints cheated?? Tired of hearing that. Did any player get hurt on a dirty play? I don’t think so!! Football is a mans game it’s not flag!! The NFL started promoted big hits with the “Jacked Up” segment and defensive players thrive to make it on there!!

  18. erictheclown says: Mar 22, 2012 4:45 PM

    benson isnt firing them because they are taking the fall for him.

    I suspect there is some truth to this. Goodell’s assertion that Benson knew nothing is almost as ludicrous as suggesting that Loomis knew nothing. Benson has been exonerated 100% because the owners are Goodell’s bosses and the owners take care of their own.

  19. Since Loomis gets to continue as GM till week 1 of the regular season, we assume he would get no credit for what would have to be a stellar offseason of re-signing Brees, Colston, new players, and a what’s left of a draft in order for the Saints to have some type of success this season?

  20. More likely firing(s) would be for the actions/inactions regarding bounty-gate. Performance this year is not relavant.

  21. No way Benson brings either one of them back. I think sometime towards the end of the season you will see a buyout.

  22. So Loomis should try to NOT sign order to tank the season..thus giving him job security??

    Lol..great logic, I’m sure Mickey’s reading this right now and writing down every sentence..

  23. saintsfan100 says:
    Mar 22, 2012 5:27 PM
    Someone please explain to me how the saints cheated?? Tired of hearing that. Did any player get hurt on a dirty play? I don’t think so!! Football is a mans game it’s not flag!! The NFL started promoted big hits with the “Jacked Up” segment and defensive players thrive to make it on there!!


    “Follow the money”. The moment their were financial incentives mentioned, all one need do is review the tape, then get anonymous testimony to support or deny – everyone rolled on everyone once it got out there.

    Unlike the Pats, where they had a strategic advantage, and had the acumen to apply formation and counter-strategies, the Saint issue was too obvious. Spygates only eye brow raising issue was Goddell destroying the tapes

  24. Dumbest theory of 2012

    Im conviced that some of these articles are for shock value only

    Can you please remove yourself from the tip of the Saints Fleur De Lis.


  25. if the Saints decided to whack Payton for cause, does he still have to sit a yr if he wants to go to another team? I would..guess so?

  26. I haven’t commented on this story as of yet because I’m still digesting what I’ve read, and at best it’s pretty stunning.

    it seems that as recently as 2010 evidence was found of a bounty program going on within the Saints. After the NFL initially checked it out, they found nothing ‘conclusive” but at the same time warned Saints management (as in Loomis) that this had to stop. Well, it didn’t. We’ll probably never know who dropped the dime on who (Warren Sapp states it’s Jeremy Shockey – but once again without any hard evidence, although knowing Shockey as the unstable type that he can be – it’s not surprising)

    This is a serious stain on a program on the rebound. It’s sad and messed up that Payton and Loomis both got suspended, and Williams is on an extended hiatus, but it is what it is. OK, I’ll even accept the notion that Goodell overstepped his powers by suspending these 3, and he’s not done yet – players involved are next.

    I hope the Saints do well this year, but it’s highly unlikely.

  27. tatum064 says: Mar 22, 2012 5:55 PM

    The average player makes about $1 million/yr and you think that they are playing hard for $1k?

    LMFAO – you are clueless dude!

  28. They lied to Benson as well. . I would fire them. . Hey Benson. . Al Davis is dead and the NFL lost its whipping boy. . They have you and your team to beat on year after year now.

  29. Right On! And they should resig Drew Brees because he’s the only one in the locker room that didn’t know about the bounties, right?? *wink wink*

  30. Ha Ha……………I sense that even with Payton and Loomis outta the picture, there is still concern my Saints will still win the Super Bowl. Aint that a hoot. I think you might be right. The Saints players have a chip on their shoulders and will whip your ass for free. They have something to prove so tighten your chin staps boys, it aint gonna be pretty……………….

  31. TO all you drinking the DUMB DUMB JUICE …..AGAIN! pay attention!

    Should the Saints be successful this year it will be a tribute to Coach Payton as suppose to this stupid notion he’s disposable there fore he will be fired?

    If you actually think this shallow thought deeper you should come to the realization that it was these three people who turned this organization around:

    1. Micky Loomis
    2. Sean Payton
    3. Drew Brees

    Its obvious Mr. Benson is the key he stroked the checks.

    These are the guys who built this to where it is today, and as long as Brees is happy this group will come together and do great things….it will be because of Payton not because he aint there he left an imprint on this organization and i for one know this aint nothing but a reason to play harder faster and even more violent … bounty free of coarse

    You don’t just go off firing the guys who brought you a super bowl …… the first in ……..EVER!!!

  32. Coach and GM lied to Benson. It was either a “Nudge Nudge, Wink, Wink” you have plausible deniability Mr. Benson and we will take the fall, or Mr. Benson’s ethics are so low that he will keep employed people who lie to him!

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