Top cornerback prospect Claiborne needs wrist surgery


Morris Claiborne of LSU is the consensus top cornerback in the 2012 draft. An unexpected medical issue may give some teams pause about drafting him in the top five.

According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Claiborne revealed after the Tigers’ Thursday Pro Day that he will undergo wrist surgery on Friday. The procedure will repair a torn ligament in Claiborne’s left wrist.

He suffered the injury in LSU’s 9-6 regular-season overtime win against Alabama, but played through torn ligament the rest of the way. Claiborne had an interception against the Crimson Tide, and two more in the Tigers’ final five games.

Assuming the surgery isn’t serious, we ultimately wouldn’t expect Claiborne’s draft stock to be affected. Claiborne was the No. 4 overall pick in PFT’s first 2012 mock draft.

In other Claiborne news, he ran a 4.39 at LSU’s Pro Day, which was a big improvement on his 4.50 from last month’s Scouting Combine.

28 responses to “Top cornerback prospect Claiborne needs wrist surgery

  1. Speaking of the draft…what happened to your mock that PFT just had posted that everyone laughed at?

    RG3 before Luck…April fools isn’t for another 10 days guys!

  2. If anyone actually thinks the Vikings are legitimately interested in Morris Claiborne other than milking the Browns for an extra pick, then you’re an idiot.

  3. “which was a big improvement on his 4.50 from last month’s Scouting Combine”

    Yeah, what a shocker… these players all suddenly run way better when they have one of their own guys hitting the stop-watch. Why bother reporting these bogus 40 times? The combine time is the official time.

  4. Don’t worry skoobyfl, the defensive linemen the Bills picked up this offseason are going to make your cornerbacks look like all-pros.

  5. Vikings will definitely be picking up this now, ever since they took Adrian Petersen with a bad collar bone we can’t get enough injured players.

    At least Merril Hoge is still a moron.

  6. That’s bad news! A bum wrist doesn’t sound like much, but in today’s NFL, if a cornerback can’t effectively jam a receiver, he’s toast.

  7. depends which ligament. There are many, but a few are really important and do not handle repair well. you then end up with a wrist full of metal and you can’t jam anyone like that.

  8. The Browns would take him with two broken wrists. He makes their defense a top ten.


    Browns D is already top 10.

  9. Messed up wrists do not end careers at corner. Messed up hands got them there in this first place. If you need a DB and pass on him because of a wrist, you are probably related to Jeff Ireland.

  10. mikemcdorman says:
    Mar 22, 2012 5:43 PM

    The Browns would take him with two broken wrists. He makes their defense a top ten.


    In 2011: 2nd ranked D in the league against the pass, 5th ranked D in points allowed per game, 10th ranked in the league in yards allowed per game.

    I guess Claiborne must have taken a time machine back to last year.

  11. Seen a lot of Mocks saying the Buccaneers draft this kid…I’d be happy trading back a few spots and getting Kirkpatrick or Richardson…just think that Kirkpatrick could be better long-term but not worth the fifth round pick/designation. I’m probably the only one that thinks that though.

  12. Richardson’s knee, Tannehill’s foot or Claiborne’s wrist ……. Holmgren’s tummy tuck, Heckert’s bypass surgery and Lerner’s lobotomy….

  13. “Mr. Claiborne, I’m afraid I have some good and bad news. There were some complications, and we had to amputate the hand. But as Luck would have it, the Browns just gave up their entire draft plus next years first rounder, to own the #1 pick in the 2012 draft!”

    So you’re telling me I just lost my hand and I’m gonna be the #1 pick in the draft!!!?? What’s the bad news then? I’m ’bout ta git PAID up in herr!

    “I apologize Mr. Claiborne, I got a little ahead of myself. Did I mention I was born and raised in Indianapolis?”

  14. the college season’s been over for more than two months. why is this just being diagnosed and fixed now?

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