Andy Reid considered bringing Peyton Manning to Philadelphia


Eagles coach Andy Reid loves collecting quarterbacks, and he considered adding a very, very big one to his collection: Peyton Manning.

Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times reports that Reid wanted to jump into the Manning sweepstakes, and that it was Manning who didn’t like the idea.

Manning’s objection was less about the Eagles than about his discomfort about playing his brother Eli and the Giants twice a season.

There’s no word on what Manning signing in Philadelphia would have meant for the future of Michael Vick, but it’s another reminder of how much Reid enjoys tinkering with his quarterbacks. Under Reid’s direction the Eagles have made big splashes at quarterback through free agency and the draft, and the Eagles have thrice fleeced opposing teams by trading away quarterbacks A.J. Feeley, Donovan McNabb and Kevin Kolb and receiving in return better value than those quarterbacks proved to be worth.

The one thing Reid hasn’t done is found a quarterback who could win him a Super Bowl. Reid apparently thought Manning might have been that quarterback, but Manning decided to go elsewhere.

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  1. Well, hopefully teams will wise up and stop ponying up premium draft picks for overrated Eagles.

  2. As a Broncos fan I love that this story came out.
    Further proof that when a HOF QB is on the market, you go after him. At the very least you consider it.

    Outside of 6-8 teams (pats, packers, saints, etc) all other teams should’ve taken a shot at manning.

  3. If you’re a coach who doesn’t have a starting quarterback named Brees, Brady, Rodgers, or Manning you at least thought about bringing in Peyton. You’re not doing your job if you don’t at least do that much.

  4. Hmm, let’s see…AJ Feely draft pick was used on Reggie Brown, McNabb draft pick was used on Nate Allen, and for Kolb we got DRC and a 2nd round pick that Andy will probably use to try and draft a doughnut shop. ‘Fleece’ is a bit of a stretch here.

  5. Is Andy Reid already losing his sane mind!? Where is he getting all this money he pretends to have? To me it seems like he cares nothing about the future of the organization.

  6. Presumably Michael Vick would retire from the NFL and devote all his concentration to being a despicable scumbag.

  7. This was well know in the Philadelphia area, they talked about it on sports radio for a week straight.

    Would have been a great fit, but the who Eli thing was def a circus Peyton didn’t want to be apart of.

  8. NFC has Brees, Rodgers, Stafford, E.Manning, Vick, Cutler, Ryan, Romo, etc…

    AFC has Brady and….. Rothlesburger? Schaub? Flaco?

    P. Manning probably didnt want to let Brady walk into a 6th Superbowl as easy as he did his 5th

  9. further more evidence that the Eagle front office seriously regrets giving 12/16 games healthy Michael Vick another 100 million dollar contract

  10. So for the Eagles you hype the fact that Reid considered this (making this a good thing) even though manning turned his down quickly.

    The Dolphins have a better experience because they at least got the interview with Manning and PFT considers them an epic failure.


  11. You woulda had people screaming racism. If they would have shipped out Vick.

    SN: Where is Philly getting all this money from? How could they have afforded him with all the money they giving Vick, Asomoah, Samuel, Cole, Desean Jackson, Cullen Jenkins, etc.

  12. Peyton would never go there. Reasons.

    1. No way he would share time with Ookie

    2. He would have to play Eli twice and Daddy doesn’t want that.

    3. He wouldn’t want to cause a conflict of interest with Tony Dungy.

    4. Philly and their fans just suck.

  13. if he didn’t consider it, he should be fired on the spot for being an idiot.

    of course, most fellow eagle fans would agree that this should’ve been done already, so I guess it’s a moot point.

  14. Am I the only one that finds his displeasure about playing Eli a little disconcerting? So either he doesn’t wanna embarrass Eli 2 times per year OR he doesn’t wanna get embarrassed by Eli twice per year. Either way thats a knock on his competitiveness. This whole ordeal has left me with a different view of PM. He did alleviate some of that when he was willing to throw for a few teams which I didn’t think he would.

  15. As an Eagles fan, “Andy what the hell are you doing? You never say jack about anything, but you put this out there? How does this help anything?”

  16. The day this Vick experiment finally ends I will throw a mothering party on a motherfn boat. Surely Reid has to know a qb who can’t slide or Ben throw a ball away will never bring a team to a Super Bowl.

  17. a pre-emptive strike from Reid? IF Manning is healthy and IF he can perform at >= 90% of what he was before the surgeries, i’m guessing a lot more teams will be trying to convince their fans that they tried to get him too…

  18. I don’t agree that most teams should have taken a shot at Manning.

    There are plenty of teams that have serviceable quarterbacks that wouldn’t benefit greatly from Manning. The cap space that signing him could be used to add other key pieces. Clearly, even having one of the best QB’s of all time only got the Colts one SB ring from it.

    However, if you have the cap space, and the rest of the team is built to be a contender, then by all means, go for it.

  19. jeffhink says:
    If you’re a coach who doesn’t have a starting quarterback named Brees, Brady, Rodgers, or Manning…
    Let’s not forget Roethlisberger…
    …who actually has twice as many Super Bowl rings than three of those…

  20. Am I the only one that finds his displeasure about playing Eli a little disconcerting?

    I don’t. I also understand why the Klitschko brothers don’t want to fight each other.

  21. About the Eagles and money since most of you aren’t fans of the eagles or are haters they have samuel who will be traded before the season. My guess is watch him go with a second rounder during the draft to potentially get 2 first round picks. Second Vick can be cut after this season without a penny in penalities. Guys keep saying they regret signing vick to that contract but you don’t realize before he gets the big money they put a clause in the contract to get out of it after the 2012-2013 season. Third the eagles have never spent money ever. When they went to 5 NFC championship games they were 20 million under the cap. The only reason they are spending now is because the league set that new 98% of the cap must be spent rule.

  22. Why are these coaches announcing to the world, and their team, and especially their current QB; “We are not happy with who our QB is, so we wanted a different QB”. I don’t care if his name is Peyton Manning, you don’t let your current QB know this info.

  23. You are absolutely right 49erstim. PM’s recent decisions don’t paint him in a favorable light and definitely tarnish his competitiveness and intestinal fortitude. What a pus. Waaaa, he doesn’t want to play Eli. What a loser. This is the reason why PM has only won 1 SB (thanks to his D) and is barely 500 in the playoffs. He is a choker and will not win another SB. What an ass clown this guy is. Total DB.

  24. agelardi says:
    Mar 23, 2012 11:03 AM
    I don’t get why, after competing with your brother your entire childhood, NOW it’s an issue.

    Peyton is 5 years older than Eli. So when Eli was in Pee Wee, Peyton was in high school. When Eli was in high school, Peyton was in college. When Eli was in college, Peyton was in the NFL. They have played against each other twice in the NFL. Now what is it you don;t get!

  25. @geo….

    I understand your logic, but im not talking about PM punching his lil bro in the face, I’m talking about trying to outwit/outduel him. IMO that’s different. I’ve competed against my lil bro countless times in sports. I love him but not when we’re lined up across from each other. We play and win or lose we grab a drink afterwards.

  26. Im glad they didnt get Manning . 96 Millon is to much for a 36 year old QB , especially with a QB whose had multiple & serious neck surgerys . I think Vicks a very good QB who had a bad year. They are gonna have to draft a QB within the next couple years to get our QB of the future.

  27. I truly wish Peyton well but, he is a accident waiting to happen. I guess the teams that wanted him feel sure he will stay healthy..I hope he does but, i have to tell you… ? #%?

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