Bengals hire two scouts

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Ordinarily, the hiring of two scouts by an NFL team isn’t newsworthy.  But there’s nothing ordinary about the Bengals hiring two scouts.

Currently, the staff directory on the team’s website reveals the presence of one scout and three “scouting consultants.”  Now, Robert Livingston and Steven Radicevic have tripled the number of scouts.

The Bengals have been notoriously short-staffed in scouting, which many believe has caused the Bengals in past years to select players who were regarded as higher-round talent but who slid for other reasons, possibly for off-field reasons.

Then again, the absence of a full-blown, NFL quality scouting department hasn’t hurt the Bengals lately, with two playoff appearances in three years and a promising young team led by quarterback Andy Dalton and receiver A.J. Green.

42 responses to “Bengals hire two scouts

  1. nothing to take away from andy dalton….lets get real…the sophmore jinx is here.

  2. Wow,with success of past couple drafts I’d never see this happening did Mike Brown die?

  3. with the A. Collins and D. Harvey signings today along with the earlier signings in free agency, my Bengals have set themselves up to take BPA throughout the draft!!! We’re gonna need those extra scouts with all the draft picks given to us by Oakland!!!

  4. All the CFB games are over, the Combine’s ended and most Pro Days are finished, and NOW the Bengals triple their scouting dept.

    Makes perfect sense.

  5. Mike Brown must have lost a bet or something? Either that or Katie is starting to get through to him.

  6. The two Scouts were 15 and 16 years old respectively, and said their main duty would be helping little old lady fans cross the street between the parking lot and the stadium entrance.

  7. Bengals fans, don’t get to excited – the rumor is they are Girl Scouts. Mikey really likes their cookies.

  8. been talkin with some fellow whodeynation members and all signs point to 1 thing. Mike Brown is no longer the decision maker.

    watch, when word comes out this year that they are breaking ground on an indoor practice facility, we’ll know for sure.

  9. Glad they have some more scouts, no matter what.

    But wish I could trust this at face value, but I have to wonder what the real story is.

  10. Just thinking. What good has a GM been for the brownies? Just keep moving forward.

  11. This team will be the new BULLY of the AFC North..They will sweep the division again like they did in 09. So far so so good as far as the offseason work.. good draft picks on hand..good stuff

  12. Bengals are pleased with their new acquisitions. The elderly gentleman handling public relations for the team described them as “Get ’em up scouts!”.

  13. Are you sure they wereNFL football scouts, not premiere league football ( soccer ) scouts. I mean, it is the bengals.

  14. Sometimes I think teams WOULD be better off just using those Draft magazines from the store … keeps them from overthinking the room.

    Example: 2003 the Patriots drafted Bethel Johnson in the 2nd round. I had trouble finding him in my draft guide. I think he was listed under the guys rated as undrafted free agents.

    The next pick in the 2nd round was I believe another WR … a guy the magazine had as a 1st rounder … Anquan Boldin.

    I think the Pats would have been just a little better off taking Anquan Boldin over Bethel Johnson.

  15. Mike Brown: “Why do we need so many Scouts? We can save money by getting a premium account on to see where Kiper and McShay rank players.”

    Sadly, that’s not too far off from the truth.

  16. rtk23 says: Mar 23, 2012 3:01 PM

    This is nothing short of amazing. They musta let 3 scouts go though.


    Can’t lie, this made a Bengal fan laugh.

    What’s next Freddie Mitchell signing on as a scout for the prison yard games?

  17. Bengals had 4 Pro Bowlers with less than 2 years experience last year. Obviously scouting recently has been spot on. Waiting on Dalton, taking Green over Jones, drafting Dunlap & Atkins for value just to name a few recent excellent decisions.

  18. Im not sure if there is credit to go around for drafting Dalton, since the Bengals had Dalton fall into their lap, doing nothing to position themselves to get him.

    Even though they had to have known that Seattle thought highly of him and almost pulled the trigger at 26, and that SF was drafting a QB ahead of them in rd 2, they stood pat and didnt sniff at trading up.

    Of course that gamble looks great now, but considering how important the QB position is, it either was a brazenly risky move if they truly were in love with the guy, or they really werent 100% sold on Dalton and didnt figure he was worth trading up for.

    Or option 3 is the Bengals are so cheap they didnt want to pay 1st rd draft pick money twice, so they had no interest in trading up to get him.

  19. This is a solid step in the right direction, the addition of scouts will help, hopefully more positive changes are coming. How about a state of the art indoor practice facility???????

  20. I’m a huge critic of the way this organization is/has been run…. But today I’m going to be happy with small victories and being headed in the right direction

  21. Contrary to popular belief, the Bengals have been one of the best drafting teams in the league for several years now. If not for freak injuries (C Perry, Weathersby, Pollack, Irons) & the Odell Thurman & Chris Henry issues, man they could be loaded.

    Although, the “scouting-by-committee” has put a strain on coaches I’m sure. That is time they could be putting into, you know, COACHING & probably has some effect on wins & losses.

  22. Wow… they hired more scouts than free agents!

    Those two hires brings the number of Bengals scouts to… two!

  23. This all makes some sense now. After a quick google of these two names it turns out that they are both about 25 years old = cheap! Mike hired them for virtually nothing I assume. It’s a start but as usual with Mikey…it’s always about the $$.

  24. CJ says: Mar 23, 2012 3:13 PM

    All the CFB games are over, the Combine’s ended and most Pro Days are finished, and NOW the Bengals triple their scouting dept.

    Makes perfect sense.

    Lewis and Gruden were in Boise yesterday for BSU’s pro day. Not sure if they get paid extra, or if Brown is just collecting the frequent flier miles.

  25. All of you bengal haters are just scared! Especially the Pittsburg fans that have nothing else to do but read about the bengals. That tells me that you know who the better team is and you know that they will dominate the AFC north for years to come. Don’t worry…. We don’t blame you for being a closet fan!!! WHODEY!!!!

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