Bengals scoop up Jamaal Anderson

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The Bengals announced the signing of Derrick Harvey on Friday and they closed out the day by adding another former eighth overall pick in the draft.

Like Harvey, Jamaal Anderson is a defensive end and, like Harvey again, he hasn’t lived up to his lofty draft status. Anderson, who did what all the kids are doing these days by announcing his signing via Twitter, started 34 games for the Falcons in his first three seasons, but notched just 2.5 sacks in Atlanta. He did get two sacks in a reserve role in 2010 and upped his career high to three sacks as a rotational player for the Colts last season. He’s not a bad run defender, though, and he showed some versatility by playing some defensive tackle in Indy.

Harvey and Anderson will likely take the places of Frostee Rucker and Jonathan Fanene in the Bengals’ defensive line rotation. They haven’t been as productive as Rucker and Fanene during their careers, but perhaps they are just late bloomers who will live up to their draft status now that they are in Cincinnati.

If they do, Mike Zimmer will likely get a few more head coaching interviews come early 2013.

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  1. I apologize to Bengals fans. When your team didn’t sign Reggie Nelson quickly, I thought ownership was being cheap again. But they’ve made some shrewd, frugal pickups that have a lot of upside. Might leap frog the Steelers.

  2. After living through all those disappointing years of first round draft pick (#10 overall in 2001) Jamaal Reynolds NOT being the pass rush threat the Packers figured him to be, I am leery of any football player named Jamaal.



  3. Mike Zimmer is an excellent Defensive coach with a good staff working with him. They turned Reggie Nelson into a more productive player and if they can replicate with Jamaal Anderson they will have an upgrade from Fanene and Rucker.

  4. man will every one leave mike zimmer alone he belongs with us in cincy no where else. if anything make him assistant head coach next to marvin lewis and let him get a feel of being a head coach. that may be a very valuable decision for his and any head coaching career. think about it mike and mike. and by that i mean “zimmer and brown”. but getting mike brown to actually take a pen to a check and invest in his team where it needs is asking way to much.

  5. the great thing about having Mike Zimmer as coach is these new guys will give it their all or they’ll be cut. You never had to worry about Fanene ’cause he always played hard and we Bengal fans salute you!

  6. Are u kidding me? That’s not Mikey Browns style. I guess Coach Lewis has taken over the Bull before he signed his extension last year..

  7. Bengals are signing players coaches and scouting members left and right…what is going on in the jungle? This is strange…not use to this kind of stuff

  8. They “scooped up” Harvey and Anderson. Put them in a plastic bag, tied it at the top, and dropped them in the garbage bin. Remembering to wash their hands afterwards.

  9. In yet another indication that the Bengals frugal ways are ending, players are no longer required to return Coke bottles for the deposit, and will no longer rent their jerseys, helmets and pads from the team Equipment Manager, Murray Brown.

  10. loving free agency this year, Nobody overpaid, still under the cap, got Raiders pick. Now we just need TR to fall in the draft, move up and get him at 13 and the AFCN coup will be complete, the end is near Steelers fans.
    Zimmer can turn these guys into productive run stop and cover guys, just need a complete pass rusher like one of those on the Giants.
    Who Dey nation wins their first playoff game (in forever) next year.

  11. Tired of hearing that Cincy is the home of rejects and criminals. Starvin Marvin gives kids a second chance and they will repay him for it.
    Wonder who pulled the golden stick out of Mikey Browns ass, or maybe like Mitch kupchak he was really a genius all along.

  12. YEah the sad part is the guys they have picked up , are not as good as the guys they lost, look like the bungles who took one step forward this pas season will take two steps back, this season. I expect the to be fighting pittsburgh for 4th. place in the afc. north.

  13. It looks like a decent move. The success Fanene and Rucker enjoyed came from being apart of a deep D line rotation. Fresh legs and too many talented guys to double make an average end look good.

  14. Back in 2007 Jamaal Anderson played on Mike Zimmer’s defense for the Falcons as a rookie so familiarity is there. He was supposed to replace the departed Patrick Kearney who flew the coop to the Seahawks and had a great first season for them in free agency but next season injuries ended his career. The knock on JA98 coming out of college was that he was a 1 year wonder and even though a physical specimen the play on the field wasn’t overall indicative of a great NFL player, a la Vernon Gholston. The other likely alternative to be drafted at that spot back when in round 1 was DT Amobi Okoye but Bobby Petrino passed him up. Atlanta didn’t need LB Patrick Willis because of Keith Brooking & didn’t need Darrelle Revis because of DeAngelo Hall. Talk about hard luck, or in this particular case just foolishness.

  15. I dont see Richardson being there and while I understand he’s a stallion I dont think we go RB there. This is a throwing team so if we dont get another WR or lineman to protect Dalton I’d be shocked.

  16. I believe Mike Brown has been running a business (not a winning program) for years so he was able to save money to hand 100% of the team to his family. Since he became 100% owner things have been changing. Whether its Mike or Katie, I like it!

  17. There is a salary floor coming up so he had to do something. The comment about leapfrogging the Steelers may be giving a tad too much credit for these signings.

  18. falconpride55 says: Mar 23, 2012 7:17 PM

    This guy is so bad @ rushing the passer but he can definitely hold hold his own in vs the run… Decent cheap pickup for the Bengals.
    Not worth a crap in the 2 minute offense when there aren’t any sub’s!

  19. kuta82 says: Mar 23, 2012 8:12 PM

    Are u kidding me? That’s not Mikey Browns style. I guess Coach Lewis has taken over the Bull before he signed his extension last year..

    Lewis is not the 2nd coming of Dungy…PLEEEEASE

  20. They scoop him outta the toilet, he was wth my colts last year only had like 2 good plays all year, serviceable backup that’s all!!!!

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