Jameel McClain re-signs with the Ravens

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The Ravens must have something to do this weekend because they’re taking care of a ton of business on Friday.

The team signed Corey Graham away from the Bears, brought back special teams ace Brendon Ayanbadejo and, now, they’ve announced that they have reached agreement on a contract with linebacker Jameel McClain. Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times reports that it is a three-year deal. McClain has started 31 of the last 32 games for the Ravens and had 81 tackles for the team last season and took over defensive play-calling duties during Ray Lewis’ four-game injury absence.

There was some thought that two of McClain’s former defensive coordinators in Baltimore might make bids for his services, but neither Chuck Pagano’s Colts nor Rex Ryan’s Jets made any moves in that direction. He did visit with the Broncos, but they wound up holding onto Joe Mays.

Like Mays and Stephen Tulloch, McClain didn’t see much of a market develop for his services before returning to his old team. Some of the biggest names still available at inside linebacker — Curtis Lofton, London Fletcher, E.J. Henderson — could wind up doing the same as potential landing spots dry up around the league.

20 responses to “Jameel McClain re-signs with the Ravens

  1. For all those bashing on Ozzie for not ‘making a splash’ in free agency, you can quiet down now. We take care of our own. We don’t need the big names. In Ozzie we trust.

  2. Oh yeah! Thank you Ozzie. The main thing I wanted us to do this offseason Ozzie just did.

  3. The continuing contrast between franchises run by Ozzie and Little Danny Snyder cannot be more obvious.

  4. THANK TEBOW…. um I mean Thank god… I don’t know same thing I guess….

    Either way big day for Baltimore

  5. Good signing.

    Additionally, it’s Erin Henderson that’s available in Free Agency…not E.J.

  6. The only glaring hole the Ravens currently have is at LG, the rest of the guys they have lost via free agency have already been replaced by younger and better guys (Redding for McPhee and Art Jones, JJ for Kruger). With only about 5 mil in cap space BEFORE these recent signing, Ozzie is doing what he does best, finding value and guys who will fit and contribute immediately. Bring McClain and Ayanbadejo back are great moves, as are bolstering those porous special teams with a couple of sure tackling veterans in CB Corey Graham and S Sean Considine. Now all Oz needs to do is snag Peter Konz or Cordy Glenn in the first round and the Ravens will be set need wise, and can focus on their best player available strategy for the remainder of the draft.

  7. As a Steelers fan and since I wish ill will on the Ravens any chance there is … i am sad at this news …….lol

    McClain is the one I Wanted to get away. I think he is the best LB the ravens have and I like the guy alot. I wouldnt have minded if the Steelers picked him up to replace Farrior/Foote… but I am confused because NO other teams wanted him on F/A market and even his two last D coordinators didnt want him. I thought Indy would be the logical landing spot since going to 3-4 and old D coach being head coach. When Lewis hangs it up I would imagine he woud be the guy so I dont understand WHY it wasnt a priority to keep him in the first place and again why nobody else wanted him.

  8. People getting really excited about this move.

    Is re-signing an average linebacker going to make the offense take the next step? If so, AWESOME move!

    You advocates of this move and of “trusting in Ozzie” seem to forget that McClain has been on with the Ravens the past couple years. Bringing him back still means the pass rush hasn’t been addressed.

    So maybe the Ravens will be great at stopping the run this year, just like every year. Guess what… NOBODY RUNS THE BALL ANYMORE! The NFL has made sure to structure the game so that you have to pass in order to win in this league. That’s probably why the Ravens can’t make it to the Super Bowl…

    A linebacker, and a couple of special teams guys… and people think the Ravens are “making moves.” Kind of sad.

  9. Not sure what those other teams are smoking, but McClain is a solid ILB. He and his supporting cast stepped up flawlessly when Sugar Ray was out last season, and he’s obviously a seasoned, savvy, play caller in Ray’s stead.

    Maybe Pagano couldn’t sell it versus Indy’s cap needs and existing personnel?

  10. @clayton43

    I gotta admit I was also surprised by the lack of interest in him. Because he’s a decent inside backer but in his rookie season he also showed some promise as a pass rusher. He’s got a very strong burst coming off the edge. Infact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him move into Double J’s spot if the Ravens draft an ILB.

  11. “A linebacker, and a couple of special teams guys… and people think the Ravens are “making moves.” Kind of sad.”

    Actually, what’s kind of said is the fact that you think you know what you’re talking about. If you knew anything about the Ravens, you would know that McClain is a vital part of the defense. The team went 4-0 when Ray Lewis was injured and McClain was the one responsible for making all the calls and checks on defense in his absence.

    You would also know that the Ravens special teams were pretty awful last year so any moves to improve that aspect of the team can only be viewed as positive.

  12. “A linebacker, and a couple of special teams guys… and people think the Ravens are “making moves.” Kind of sad.”

    First off McClain is not average he is good and will carry the torch when Ray leaves. Secondly this team not only stops the run but is very good against the pass…and you said no pass rush? Ah Suggs…oh and Kruger will take Johnson’s spot and he was a great pass rusher last year and he is Younger…sounds like you are a little Jealous. The Ravens don’t need to dump a ton of money on free agents who want long term contracts and will make them end up with an aging team. You want to pass? Reed, Williams, Smith, Webb, Pollard, Graham…you want to run? Ngata, Cody, Jones, McPhee…Pass rush? Sugg, Kruger…and Ray Ray and McClain will clean it up in the middle…

    Offense on the other hand I agree they have some holes…but hey there are still some guys out there in FA and the draft is coming…

  13. This changes absolutely Nothing I still would love for us to sign Cedric Benson for that power back to beat up the D line for Rice and l wouldn’t mind us givining Braylon Edwards a shot on a one yr deal just in case some team takes the WR that we are looking at in the draft but I hope not cause Hill would be great or Streeter from the U flacco needs weapons ASAP Ozzie wake the F**k up by the your the best Go Ravens

  14. I read where it had said beffore this signing and the signing of the speccial teams guy graham…that Balt was around 5 million under cap… not sure what these contracts were for .. but with also still needing to sign Rice and IF they are going to extend Flacco.. wont the Ravens need to let a few guys go or else they will need to restructure alot of contracts in order to stay under that cap.

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