Mario Manningham got $7.375 million from the 49ers

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At points before the start of free agency, Mario Manningham made noise about wanting to be paid like a number one receiver.

Matt Maiocco of has the details from his contract with the 49ers and that certainly did not happen. Manningham will make base salaries of $1.2 million and $3.6 million in his two years with the 49ers with a $2 million signing bonus this year. According to the report, $2.45 million of the salary is guaranteed.

That’s a good bit less than a number one receiver would get and, as Maiocco points out, it’s a good bit less than former 49ers wide receiver Josh Morgan got from the Redskins for his two-year deal. Morgan, who is coming off of a broken leg, got a $5.5 million signing bonus from Washington, more than the total guaranteed money in Manningham’s deal, and more than $ 7 million guaranteed overall. That doesn’t mean Morgan won’t wind up earning that salary, of course, but he’s definitely at a lower point in his career arc than Manningham.

Then again, Manningham has yet to demonstrate the total skill set that would command a significant payday.  And while he had a huge play in Super Bowl XLVI, teams apparently have figured out that a right-place, right-time performance on the biggest stage in sports won’t transform a guy who has never been an A-list talent into one.  Indeed, the fact that the Giants apparently wouldn’t make an equal investment to keep Manningham proves that the market simply wasn’t there for a one-catch wonder.

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  1. Baalke has made a number of quality moves since becoming GM. They don’t overspend in free agency but still found key pieces last year (Rogers, Whitner, Goodwin, Akers). Hopefully there will be similar results this year.

  2. Wow that was dirt cheap. Really the guy was more FA hype than actual production, when you look at his numbers. I’m still a little surprised he couldn’t get more though.

  3. Sounds like the 49ers got the better of the deal in giving up a lesser receiver in Josh Morgan, and getting Mario Manningham for less than Morgan’s contact. Then again, when does Daniel Snyder not over pay for free agents?

  4. Mario thought they were getting manning when he signed, hah hah he went from catching balls from eli to alex. Probably why he settled for less money, bet he wishes he would have waited.

  5. Upgraded over Josh Morgan…and for less money…very nice. Definite improvement in weapons in the 49ers passing game this offseason.

  6. 49ers continue to add quality on top of quality. Most of the entire draft will be best player available, no major needs to fill (besides RG)

  7. I’m suprised he didn’t stay with the G men for that amount of money. He could have won another Super Bowl with them. Also to be said, sometimes when you don’t pay these guy’s good they don’t play good!

  8. Although Mario would probably disagree, that’s a fair price for what he brings to the table. I’m sure he signed “at a discount” in the hopes that he could finally make the lineup as a #1 or #2 WR, despite endless chances to do it in NY with a better QB throwing him the ball. He may be the best damn #3 WR in the game, but he is a #3. Props to San Fran for recognizing what Mario can and can’t do and paying him accordingly. You have wonder, though, at that price, why not stay in NY where Cruz won’t take anyone by surprise anymore and Mario’s stats would have gone up by default. Cruz saw a lot of single coverage when he caught all those passes. That is NOT happening this season. Whoever plays #3 for NY, will get a lot of work.

  9. The Niners are definitely doing it right. My Fins must be waiting to build a receiving core in the draft or just depending on Bush to do it all. Surprise.

  10. jclii says:
    Mar 23, 2012 2:52 PM
    For that money he probably could have stayed in N.Y.

    ——————————————obviously they didn’t offer that money.

  11. Hixon is coming back, this is why he won’t be a #3 there. His route skills are circumspect, even though he has had years to work on them. He still sometimes misses catches cause he runs himself out of the play. Then there are the blatant drops which make him not a true #1 WR.

  12. As a Eagles fan im glad the Redskins replaced Mario with Morgan cause Manningham is the better player , good signing…… and P.S Even though Akers was money from 40 in he always missed the 50+ FG’s , then he goes to SF and the guy can hit it from anywhere… Great kicker

  13. I agree for this money I wish the Giants could have kept him, this is really low. I think Pierre Garcon is not as good as Marco and that guy got paid a lot. I think Mario wouldn’t have come back to the G-man for these dollars, his agent clearly wants him to go somewhere for two years, put up some stats and re-hit the free agent market after the new TV deal (and higher salary cap) kicks in.

    Smart if you can pill it off.

  14. Manningham is certainly not a “one-catch wonder.” Start watching football. Two years ago when both Steve Smith and Hakeen Nicks were hurt, Manningham stepped up and played like a number one receiver. Get your facts straight (Jets fan by the way).

    In 2010, he had 60 catches for 944 yards and 9TD’s, not to mention ending the season with 3 straight games all over 100 yards and 4 TD’s.

    True Story: Manningham drinks pink drinks with little umbrellas while down at the Shore.

  15. “one-catch wonder”

    Be careful. He had a TD in each of the three NFC playoff games. And in 2010 when he had to step in as a starter for a few games, he finished the year with 60 catches for 944 yards in 9 TDs.

    Yes he is a bit sloppy at times and the 49ers should have some concerns, but he is not a “one-catch wonder.”

    Leaving the NFC Championship game I heard the 49ers radio guy say that Manningham easily would have been the 49ers #1 WR and that if they had a guy like him, the would probably be in the Super Bowl. Now you have him pal. No excuses.

  16. Manningham joins Crabtree, Vernon Davis, Frank Gore, Randy Moss and Delaney Walker… Plus a top rated defense. The Niners will smash next season. Oh yeah, almost forgot Kendall Hunter.

  17. He is definitely not a #1 WR, but I believe he made a huge mistake by not coming to Buffalo to see what they were to offer. He would of probably been put into the #2 spot between #1 Stevie Johnson(Spectacular route runner) and #3 David Nelson (Slot Receiver) The Bills would have likely paid him a little more money and given him more time on the field. Now that position will go to either Brad Smith, Marcus Easley, Derek Hagan or the #10/#42 Draft pick.

  18. He was and is a #3 he drops more then he catches
    The Giants are in great shape at WR and did the right thing if they are giving anyone the money give it to Cruze he is money

    Manningham would not even have been #3 if Dom Hickson had not gotten hurt

  19. Hate to break it to the fans of all the other teams out there who are asking why their team couldn’t have picked up Manningham for that price: he didn’t want to sign with you.

    Read an interview with him the other day where he said something along the lines of “I would have liked to go back to the Giants, but since that didn’t happen, SF was my clear #1 choice. I wanted to play for San Francisco because they have the best defense in the NFL.” Unlike Peyton Manning, this guy clearly used his head and realized SF offered him the best situation for success.

    As a lifelong 49er fan, it’s really nice to see the team able to attract quality FAs again like this at bargain rates instead of having to overpay for garbage talent like they did under Erickson, Nolan and Singletary. Looking forward to re-taking the Super Bowl wins lead from Pittsburgh within the next 6 years or so.

  20. bigbluefan1 says: Mar 23, 2012 7:22 PM

    He was and is a #3 he drops more then he catches
    The Giants are in great shape at WR and did the right thing if they are giving anyone the money give it to Cruze he is money…


    1) He had 3 drops last season and 39 catches. 3 < 39

    2) Victor CRUZ

  21. To the wonderfully articulate NY Giants fans who are saying “whatever, he’s a 3 at best” that’s why we are paying him like a 3. He was productive for your team when it mattered, and it’s unclear why they wouldn’t pay him this contract in order to keep a Super Bowl winning roster together.

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