NFL Network tells Warren Sapp he’s an analyst, not a reporter

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Warren Sapp’s on-air claim that Jeremy Shockey was the “snitch” who informed the league office about the Saints bounty program has earned him a talking-to from his NFL Network bosses.

In a statement to PFT, NFL Network Senior Vice President of Programming and Production Mark Quenzel said the matter has been addressed with Sapp.

“We have discussed it with Warren and stressed that he is an analyst and not a reporter for NFL Network,” Quenzel said. “In the future, if he comes across something he thinks is news he will let his producers know and before it is reported or Tweeted, that content will be subject to the same verification procedure that our reporters follow.”

Sapp did not name his source for the information about Shockey, which he first posted on Twitter and then reiterated on NFL Network. He said on the air that he had not asked the league office if his source was correct. Shockey has denied that he informed the league office and posted on Twitter what appeared to be a text message from Saints coach Sean Payton absolving Shockey of having anything to do with getting Payton in trouble. Shockey also said he wants the NFL to come down hard on Sapp, saying Sapp should lose his job or at least be suspended or fined.

106 responses to “NFL Network tells Warren Sapp he’s an analyst, not a reporter

  1. NFL Network is brushing this under the rug. This is just going to make Shockey angry.

  2. If sapp outed shockey (true or not), that would make sapp a snitch himself. So in the end, we all know one snitch for sure. Warren sapp.

  3. This is the the worst news you can report:

    He should be fired.

    NFL Network Senior Vice President of Programming and Production Mark Quenzel should be suspended for airing it.

    I will not be watching this channel anymore.

    Otherwise, no action.

  4. I think NFL network bosses are bunch of hypocrites anyways!!!! During the lockout their very own reporters were acting like legal experts having law degrees!!!!! Shut your pie-hole!!!!!

  5. Good god.

    #1 I think Shockey is a horrible person and WAY overrated.

    #2 Sapp is the a horrible person and he too is WAY overrated.

    Now that I got that straight, I have to, unfortunately, side with Shockey (gulp). The best possible outcome for this would be for Sapp to get the ever living daylights sued out of him by Shockey for slander and defamation of character. Then have Sapp give a public apology and have him fired from the NFL Network and no possible way to ever be in the HOF. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!

  6. I’m not a Shokey Fan, and I actually like most of Sapp’s antics…..but this is way out of line. Even if Shockey was the whistle blower, which hasn’t been proven, for Sapp to do this effect his ability to get on a team and his safety on the field!

  7. (Never, ever, ever did I think I would find myself siding with Jeremy Shockey! But it doesn’t even matter if he’s the informant or not, Sapp did him WRONG!)

  8. Sapp going to get sued, and the NFL(.com) is simply distancing themselves.

    Can’t believe they didn’t fire him simply for liability’s sake.

  9. I don’t mind Sapp on NFL network but I agree with Shockey (gasp) that Sapp should be punished severly. This could affect Shockey’s chances at a new deal somewhere. If he does get a job be ready… the SECOND he gets injured we’ll here all about the “snitches get stitches” routine.
    That being said, I totally could see Shockey being the whistle blower so it’s not hard to see how Sapp got from A to B.

  10. I have to wonder if the league is viewing this as any publicity is good publicity for NFLN. They still haven’t made the inroads with several cable providers.

    Maybe they are happy with the buzz.

    Of course, they may think Sapp isn’t smart enough to be held accountable.

  11. He needs to be fired!!
    Sapp’s on air presence is horrible. He adds nothing to the broadcast.

  12. A good talking-to??? That’s not enough. I think he should be fired, but at the very least, he should be suspended. Integrity, Roger, integrity. It’s not a sometimes thing.

  13. Jeremy shockey is such a no talent mouth runner.. what has he accomplished in the past,ohhh say,, career?? did he even play in the saints super bowl??

    I’d like to see warren and him in the squared circle..

    funny that they guy without a job is calling for everyone else to lose theirs..

    go away shockey..

  14. Sapp may want to be an analyst, but by ratting Shockey out, he’s also a snitch.

  15. Then why did they put him on the air on their own network? They should be punishing the guy who decided it would be a good idea to do that for starters.

  16. Why did the NFL network allow this clown on the air with out credibility? It’s not only Sapp that should be punished. How about the producer that knew what he was about to say? How about the NFL network for buying off on this. No way the NFL network allowed him on TV to “freelance”.

  17. “Shockey to replace Sapp as NFLN Analyst” that would be a pretty funny outcome. He can’t be any more of a blowhard right?

  18. Warren should have kept his mouth shut. It’s not his business to do this.
    He should be fired or suspended too. This can never be corrected, it’s done.

  19. Yeah, that will teach him. Kind of seems like the NFL LIKED the idea he outed the wrong guy.

  20. “Sapp would fit in nicely at Fox News.”

    Take your political chat out of here nobody is interested in your propaganda baiting around here.

  21. I’m sorry – in this day & age, as long as he says he has a source, that’s all he has to do.

    NFL Network can frown on it and ask for more verification, sure.

    But if Farghchvgh-gate can happen, this isn’t a big deal.

  22. NFL Network should suspend Sapp for at least one month!!!!

    Hey, not that many people like him and if NFL Network wanted somebody that was incoherent and washed up it should’ve hired Mike Tyson!!!

    At least he’s funny and not the only one laughing at his own crap!!!!!

  23. Breaking news from twitter: Warren has filed to change his last name to “sap.”

  24. At the end of the day, given Shockey’s status as a very loose cannon, I can believe that is was him, and, it was very likely him, because he may have been pissed that Payton didn’t make Shockey the center of the universe. I am convinced that about half of NFL players are vindicitive little children, with Shockey, T.O., 85, and most other receivers leading the pack.

  25. I don’t know why everyone is so upset. Nothing the NFL does is evenhanded or fair. Kinda like when you ask your parents why? and they said because i said so. I made peace with that over the last few years.

  26. Whatever . This league is way out of control. . Now the government is getting involved? Fire Sapp, its ok. . I know he will claim racism because its between him and a white guy, but he needs do be dealt with.

  27. Not a Shockey fan, but agree with him on this. Warren Sapp is lucky to just receive a warning once from the NFL. However, it doesn’t exactly right this wrong and someone needs to pay.

  28. He won’t get fired. He’s one of there few analysts that knows the game. If they fire him, NBC,FOX and CBS would be in a bidding war for him.

  29. Hopefully this will get Sapp off of NFL Network and Inside the NFL, too. Can’t stand him. As long as they don’t replace him with Porter or Shannon Sharpe, who are even worse, then we straight.

  30. radrntn says:
    Mar 23, 2012 11:57 AM
    boy the commisioner came down hard on his own staff.
    That is disgusting.

  31. I think Darren Sharper was Sapp informant. Since you don’t hear anything coming out of his mouth lately, after Sean Payton admitted to it.

  32. That’s it?? A reminder of his job description?

    If this would have happened at any other corporate job, he would have been rightfully terminated.

    Just when the NFL garners some serious credibility by making a statement against bounties, it goes and loses it all back by allowing an employee who ostracized a potential whistle blower on national TV get off with a “stern conversation.”

  33. Only one way to solve this. Sounds like it’s time for a cage match…Two men enter, one man leaves

  34. I`M a little confused by this… is the message being delivered that for the good of the game that these developments (bounty) should have remained under the rug and be allowed to continue with no justice delivered? Should we consider what the snitch did as bad? or good?

  35. This is the same Sapp that (legally) cheap shotted Chad Clifton. After that the league explicitly warned Green Bay that retaliation against Sapp in future games would result in fines/suspensions of their coaching staff, all because Monte Kiffin went crying to the league that the Packers were threatening retaliation.

    Sapp should stick to the BBQ show on the food network.

  36. What was wrong w/a shot of him wearing his normal attire? Why you lil b’s gotta post a shot of that fat snitch wearing those Raider swim-shorts??

    QB Killa? The fat POS… Never liked him to begin with, then Al had to go and over-pay the bum. All he did was get ran on and blame the players around him.

    Fire his fat blabbering mouth ASAP!

    PS: Could you please can that other turd, Michael Irvin while your at it.

  37. Time to cancel your Twitter account @QBKilla. I wouldn’t want to be your source for the slander on Shockey right about now.

  38. Probably just guarantees him a spot working for the NFL in some capacity. Look at a number of players that have had head/neck injuries and how they are analysts. Make you wonder if it’s “We’ll take care of you, please don’t sue”.

  39. If that’s all that is going to happen then I think Shockey should sue NFLN and Sapp.

  40. Sapp has always been more about his bluster than his brains. He’s one of a number of ex-players who are terrible TV analysts. Great player and an entertaining guy. I just don’t think he adds much in the way of insight to any NFL Channel show he’s on. ::shrug::

  41. I hope Shockey sues him, and Warren ends up homeless and living under a bridge, that would be funny.

  42. Among all his stunning atributes as an “analyst” I think the fact that he is a bitter old racist that makes him so pleasant to watch. Couple that with his skill of pointing out the blatantly obvious, and his mastery of the English language makes for some “killa” TV.

    If I turn on NFL network and I see him it goes right off. If you can make it through an In The Huddle segment you are a glutton for punishment.

  43. In all fairness didn’t Rich Eisen ask Sapp to out the snitch on the network? They could have left it alone and let people find out from secondary sources.

  44. sooooo, he can report who he thinks was the snitch but can not report who his “source” was. What is this deepthroat?

    Also can you even imagine say if umm lets see geeze I am trying to think of a white guy on NFL network other than Rich Eisen, ok ok Kurt Warner said that Reggie Bush was the snitch. Wonder how much trouble Warner would be in and wonder how many people would be cying racism. Sapp should be at the very least be on suspension.

  45. Hopefully after Shockey wins his multi-million dollar lawsuit against NFLN they’ll dump Sapp and that will be the last he’s ever heard from.

    “We have discussed it with Warren and stressed that he is an analyst and not a reporter for NFL Network,”

    Hey Mr Quenzel, using the words Warren(Sapp) and analyst in the same sentence is an oxymoron. You could put a mentally deficient chipmunk behind the mic and he’d do a better job than Sapp does. He’s simply awful in his current job.

  46. FAT bastige should at least lose his job and be fined. also have his fridge taken away have to say broncos instead of ponies he should have to lose 150 pounds in 10 days or get 1,000 lashes from rich gannon he should have to convert to islam pay taxes for 5 people marry roseann barr give back his ring wear a tu tu on air for a month. and last but not least he should be gay for one month

  47. The NFL didn’t need any more attention being outlined on National TV. Warren Sapp has been overly vocal/harsh on other occasions. He tends to be too outspoken at times and needs to control his tongue. This accusation is technically slanderous. All this nonsense is a direct result of disrespectful conduct (Saints coaches, players) which IS hanging a dark cloud over the NFL.

    I don’t know about the rest of you FANS, but purchasing the NFL TV package where I live is NOT cheap. Lately the NFL Network and some of their analysts and reporters are getting out of control with their speculations and very clear bias on specific matters. FANS pay their wages as long as they work for/represent the NFL. The NFL Network is slowly becoming nothing better than a gossip tabloid. It needs some fine tuning, new faces and definitely a change in bad attitudes. The NFL is expecting TV revenues to soar. That won’t happen until they get some employees under better control to represent the NFL with more respect. LESS FANS=LESS $$$

  48. Even though Shockey wasn’t in defensive meetings I find it hard to believe he had no knowledge of the bounty system in place. Should he expect fines or a suspension for not coming forward?

  49. Funny how NFL Network has been live reporting over several days, for hours on end. Today, not so much. (playing lots of films on a Friday in free agency) I’d bet they are having a big staff meeting.

    When I am forced to pay (too much) for a separate package of sports channels from my TV provider, I’d appreciate better reporting and unbiased analysts. Even the ladies are promoting topics that cause too much speculation, invasion of privacy and simply pure gossip. They enjoy stirring the pot and creating controversy. It’s very immature and unprofessional.

    I used to like NFL Network, but not sure I’ll be forking out the extra cash for much longer. Not worth the aggravation. (it doesn’t say much when you turn on the channel, see a certain person blabbing and then switch to another program asap). They need to reevaluate their entire staff and freelancers. Like teams have to do-REBUILD with upgrades, or count on losing big money!

  50. Once again, everyone is a lawyer. This is so ridiculous. So and so should lose his job!!! So and so should sue so and so. Pathetic. Sapp was the best entertainer in the NFL in his prime. He’s one of the best analysts now. Get over it people.

  51. Hope Shockey goes after Sapp. Sapp has become a blow hard flapping his jaw on players for a few years now. Is time for him to be accountable for pointer finger at Shockey if it is not true. Again this is the NFLN the guys on the shows should be responsable for their actions and reporting. Sapp has no problem making jokes at players that have gotten into trouble but when he was roughing up his wife before the Super Bowl nothing was brought up or poked fun at on the NFLN.

  52. I’m really disappointed by the slap on the wrist, Mr. Sapp received by NFLN. I find it very hypocritical that the NFL is setting down these punishment and rightfully so but only advises Mr. Sapp of his role on the network. By only a slap on the wrist and even letting him speak to this on air, the NFLN is perpetuating the very thing they are saying they want to change- changing the culture… seems like that culture is fine and doing well… too bad.

  53. NFL brass sweeping another homemade scandal under the rug. LOL

    Doesn’t matter though, I’m sure Shockey’s still gonna sue the pants off of them.

  54. Sapp is not a reporter, and he is a poor analyst. He is, however, an excellent moron.

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