Ravens add Corey Graham

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The Ravens have signed their first free agent of the offseason.

Cornerback Corey Graham, late of the Bears, told the Chicago Tribune that he has agreed to terms with the team on a two-year deal and will sign with them on Friday. Graham visited with the Seahawks and Lions before settling on the Ravens, but said that he also gave the Bears a chance to keep him in Chicago.

“I believe it’s a better situation for me and a better opportunity with a fresh start,” Graham said. “I gave the Bears every opportunity but they moved on. All around, Baltimore is just a better deal for me and my family.”

Graham played just 87 snaps on defense for the Bears in 2011. It’s unclear if he’ll wind up seeing more in Baltimore, although he told the Tribune that he wants that opportunity. Graham projects to be fourth on the depth chart at corner for the Ravens behind Lardarius Webb, Jimmy Smith and Cary Williams.

Baltimore was likely drawn to his ability on special teams, where Graham ranks third in the NFL since 2007 with 75 tackles. The Ravens lost key special teamers Haruki Nakamura and Tom Zbikowski as free agents earlier this month. Brendon Ayanbadejo, another contributor to those units, is also a free agent.

17 responses to “Ravens add Corey Graham

  1. Almost a non-story, but typical for the Ravens to sign under the radar guys to provide depth and fill holes. Should be a big help on special teams with the losses so far.

  2. There have been so many subtractions this offseason for the Ravens at some very key spots.

    I hope this starts a run on signing fee agents to the Ravens because they need to fill with more than just the draft.

  3. What are the Ravens doing! They need to sign more big name free agents like the Eagles and Redskins have been doing. May not win games but it sure does get us fans excited!

  4. Underated DB and great ST player, the one guy I think the Bears should have brought back. This is one Bear that will be missed, but, best of luck to Corey with the Ravens!

  5. “What are the Ravens doing! They need to sign more big name free agents like the Eagles and Redskins have been doing. May not win games but it sure does get us fans excited!”
    Simple, they can’t afford to. $4.6M cap money before this signing. They need to keep some reserve to strike a deal with Rice or match an offer to Webb if someone took a run at him. Would hate to make it known Raven’s spent all their cash and someone offers Webb a deal Raven’s couldn’t match. Pitt has the same fear with Wallace right now.

  6. Corey Graham is as good a special teams tackler as there is in the entire league. He is also an adequate DB with corner and safety skills.

    Cheer up, Ravens fans. You signed a really good football player.

  7. Corey is an outstanding special teamer and played his role on defense well. He may not see the field much more on defense with Baltimore than he did in Chicago but I can understand why he wants to try and win a better spot on another depth chart.
    Thanks for being a great Bear Corey!! Now go kick some tail!! Maybe we’ll see you back home in a couple years.

  8. Typical Ozzie style. Sign some under the radar guys for a price that fits the budget. Yes we have lost some big names this year, but none were unexpected and cannot be easily replaced (besides maybe Grubbs but $68 million was way too much tied up in guards). Hate to see names like JJ and Redding go but ‘next man up’. Younger, faster, cheaper.

  9. Although the Ravens only have 4.6 mil in cap space, come preseason, they will lose a number of people who count against that cap. I don’t know what Kindle costs against the cap but unless he blows the place up, I see him moving on, so there is a lot of space to be made yet too. Also, salary cap is an arbitrary figure because it is based on a 3 year average of the teams expenditures. So the Ravens can go over this year by 5 mil if they are under by 5 mil either in the previous or the following years. Cap means less than people give it credit for because there are still ways around the cap..

  10. Don’t worry Ravens fans. Graham is a great player. He did a fantastic job playing NB this year. He will be a solid player. Sad to see him leave the Bears.

  11. Deja vu? Reminded me of when Ayanbadejo left Chicago for Baltimore for more “opportunity” to play defense. Graham’s departure seems inevitable after the Bears signed Costanzo. Toub always find solid replacement.

    Good luck Corey, you were a “special” player.

  12. Thanks for all you gave us while in Chicago Corey, best of luck to you! Here’s hoping you dominate special teams in the AFC next year!

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