Report: Tebow has sights set on starting job

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The beauty of bringing Tim Tebow to New York is that the Jets can now bench Mark Sanchez without ever benching him.  As explained Thursday, the Jets can simply send in Tebow whenever Sanchez is struggling, calling it merely the use of the Wildcat/T-Bone offense.

Tebow may not be on board with that.  According to Gary Myers of the New York Daily News, Tebow picked the Jets because Tebow sees a clear path to becoming the team’s starting quarterback.

The better approach will be to use both.  Assuming the Jets have the wherewithal to install the Sanchize playbook and the T-Bone playsheet, opposing defense will have to spend time getting ready for Tebow — and necessarily less time getting ready for Sanchez.

That definitely will come in handy when playing the Patriots, who have shown that they can successfully focus on Tebow and come up with a way to beat him.

Still, the Jets surely enter this process knowing that it could bring to a head the question of whether Sanchez can reach his potential as a quarterback and as a leader.  He’ll either have to step up or step off, and Tebow will be more than ready to step in.

88 responses to “Report: Tebow has sights set on starting job

  1. Not exactly surprising. I wouldn’t expect him to come in and be content with being the backup. Do I necessarily think he wins the spot outright? No. And I think with Tebow probably less is more.

  2. From a pure drama point of view this is ‘too good to be true’. The story almost writes itself. You have to feel sorry for Sanchez.

    Only the Jets could trade for a quarterback controversy.

  3. is there a player in the NFL who doesn’t have his sights set on starting?

    Tebow will never be the starting QB for the jets. People can talk about it, they can write about it, we can have live video coverage of when his plane lands but it will not happen.

  4. At least with Tebow they won’t be pretending that they can throw the ball down the field. Might as well have the QB be another run option threat, instead of a non-threat at QB.

    I would even say that Tebow will be more effective down the field because he draws so many defenders into the box to help stop the run. Makes the occasional long pass possible.

  5. It’s time for Sanchez to pee, or get out of the Port-O-Potty. This move will let the Jets know what they have in Sanchez. Time to see if he sinks or floats.

  6. Well duh!

    Sanchez will only start until he throws a four pick game {week one} and then Timmy The Savior will bless the fans with another miracle run.

  7. Duh.

    As a New Yorker, I can’t say I am looking forward to any of this. But as a Giants fan, I love that once again my team will be able to concentrate on football and not have to worry about anyone in the media giving them a hard time. Rex, Tebow, Sanchez and the rest will take all the attention, and Giants will just take the title.

  8. Not a good teammate. Positive attitude, yes. Decent human being, sure. But this guy is not a team player.

    When billboards started going-up in Denver while he was the 3rd string QB, there was never any good, standard back-up QB response. “I’m just doing what the coaches want be to do. If something happens and coach decides its my turn to play, I’ll do it but until then, Kyle Orton is our guy and I’ll do everything I can to help him succeed”, etc. etc.

    Patience is a virtue that Tebow does not possess. Not only should he learn how to make the right noises about being a back-up. But he should also recognize that 2-3 season holding a clipboard is precisely what his career needs to correct mechanics, study film, and the like.

    Until then, Jesus Diva is going to continue blowing-up locker rooms while he’s on the bench and blowing-up games while he’s on the field (in a bad way).

  9. This is a non-story and obvious….

    Is there a backup QB in the league that doesn’t have his sights set on the starting job?

    Of course he does…you don’t want anyone who is content being a backup.

  10. When Sanchez heard the Jets were bringing in a virgin into the locker room Sanchez was initially very excited because he thought he didn’t have to troll the high schools anymore. When he learned it was Tebow he was even more disappointed.

  11. If the bottom line in the NFL is winning games does anybody know what is Sanchez’s and Tebow’s individual winning percentages?

    I mean, Geez, all Tebow does is play his heart out and win.

    For any nay sayers – of COURSE he needs a good supporting cast and a good defense. Duh !! So does every other QB in the league.

    I’ll say this – he’s a heck of a lot more fun to watch than Sanchez.

  12. Haha! I cannot wait for this mess of a franchise to implode, and then for tennenbaum and Ryan to be fired. I wish the nfl could make the owner sell to a more sensible person.

  13. detroitkitty says:
    Mar 23, 2012 10:22 AM
    Wait a second. Didn’t Tebow read Sanchez’s comments when he got his new contract?

    HE’s the leader of the Jets – his contract says so.
    Based on the Jets recent track record with contracts, Sanchez’s might actually say that and the Jets haven’t read it yet.

  14. How ridiculous……….every player worth his salt wants to start. This just in……….Tebow combed his hair this morning!!! Just leave the guy alone. Let his performance speak for itself.

  15. This is a revelation? That a backup QB would rather be a starter? What’s next, a report that water is wet?

  16. Tebow is a sideshow, there is no way this is good for the football team.
    Tebow should have been traded to the Dolphins or Browns and competed for the job.

  17. When a bad QB “sees the path to a starting job”, it’s gotta burn Sanchez. Few teams can focus on the trophy when they have one bad apple in the locker room……the Jets have a bushel basket full of them and if Jets fans thought the past couple of years were bad, they “ain’t seen nothin’ yet”.

  18. If this is really this case, why didn’t he pick the Jaguars? Surely he thinks he could beat out Gabbert. (of course he did whine that he didn’t feel as wanted there). No, Tim Tebow has always sought out the spotlight. His hometown just doesn’t offer the bright lights and glitz that he is craving. Make no mistake, this is not just a football decision…

  19. If Sanchez fails, its not because Tebows there…. Its because he’s just not very good at playing quarterback. Dont blame management for recognizing Sanchez as being mediocore and trying to do something about it.

    I do think the real threat of throwing out of the wildcat makes it much more difficult to defend and defenses are going to have to take time to gameplan against it, which should help Sanchez face less prepared defenses.

  20. CLICK “THUMBS UP” if you think Tebow starts more than 3 games….
    CLICK “THUMBS DOWN” if not…..

  21. What does anyone expect Tebow to say, “I want to be second string for my career?” Of course he wants to start, any NFL QB should want to start. Stupid news, that is not news.

    BTW, fantastic Seinfeld link. One of the best all-time episodes!!!!!!!!

  22. why wouldn’t he want to be the starter? would you want somebody who is content with just being a backup? and maybe just maybe the jets coaches will actually spend some time with him during ota’s so he knows the offense instead of just being thrown out there to fail on his own. the broncos only changed the offense for him when started winning games in spite of them.again you may hate the guy but you have to admire what he did with no practice time and just winning on natural talent alone. I think he will improve now that he has coaches who are willing to work with him.

  23. Reminds me of when Tony picked up Pat White as a second round draft pick to be the Wildcat QB. That really paid off.

  24. The Endless Summer Kid says: Mar 23, 2012 10:19 AM

    Report: Every NFL quarterback has sights on starting job
    Except David Carr since 2007. Dude loves being a backup now.

    I thought it was weird how Tannenbaum made a point with Tebow about throwing the ball downfield.

  25. Here’s a big break for the Fins, Bills and Pats! The Jets locker room will be in more trouble than it was last year.

  26. Tebow says he did not prefer/choose the Jets. You must trust Tebow because he is holier than thou.

  27. Tebow couldn’t carry Sanchez’s jockstrap. Of course explaining that to his imbecile fans is as tough as convincing them the world isn’t only 6,000 years old.

  28. Thank you John Elway! you have in the span of 48 hours signed one of the greatest QB’s in the history of the NFL and unleashed Tebowmania on the largest media market in the world.

  29. As a Bronco fan living in Denver (who likes Tebow) I’ve observed two things over the past few days.

    1. The Jets underestimate Tebowmania. Its gonna be a circus in Gotham from camp to when the Jets fail to make playoffs. Tebow can’t fix that lockeroom especially from the bench.

    2. Tebow overestimates his ability to handle the NY scrutiny. He always says the right thing and yes hes been under the microscope his whole life. But the relentlessness of the NY media will eventually get to him like it did Sanchez

  30. Ive watched Stanton his whole carreer, he had a great chance to compete for a job with the underperforming Sanchez.. the window is thinning for Drew to have a legit chance to prove himself but hey, one and a quarter mill aint bad for a third stringer

  31. Tebow has a spine of steel and Sanchez seems to have a glass ego. We will see how the fans react when Tebow turns the ball over and gets crushed because the Jets have no right tackle.
    I am not a big fan of Sanchez but I can see he is a much more talented QB than Tebow. This situation will implode sometime next season. Sanchez can be a top ten QB when his head is screwed on straight.
    I remember how the Giants fans used to boo Eli something fierce. Now he has two superbowl rings. Sanchez has the talent and Tebow has the drive but I doubt TT can beat Sanchez out.

  32. One: I could not believe that someone wrote an article mentioning Chuck Klausing.

    Two: Why don’t we have more articles about Chuck Klausing?

    Three: Did anyone on this message board attend one of Chuck Klausing’s Wing-T football camps?

    Four: He spent most of those football camps talking about his time in the military (WWII) and about why he hates the Japanese, while other coaches ran the drills. Why in god’s name did they let a half senile Chuck Klausing run Wing-T football camps when all he wanted to do was talk about WWII and the Japanese? HA!

  33. hugejazz says:
    Mar 23, 2012 10:23 AM
    If the bottom line in the NFL is winning games does anybody know what is Sanchez’s and Tebow’s individual winning percentages?

    I mean, Geez, all Tebow does is play his heart out and win.

    For any nay sayers – of COURSE he needs a good supporting cast and a good defense. Duh !! So does every other QB in the league.

    I’ll say this – he’s a heck of a lot more fun to watch than Sanchez.
    Tebow was 7-4 last season and 1-2 in 2010, making him 8-6 overall and having a 57.1% winning percentage. Sanchez is 28-20 in the regular season, giving him a 58.3% winning percentage.

    Tebow’s 1-1 in the playoffs while Sanchez is 4-2 in the playoffs.

  34. why does stanton want out? where will he go? he can’t play in the league. I just find it weird he is upset they brought tebow in. Where else would you want to play besides new york. the people in front of you are sanchez and tebow. where else do you have a better chance of playing?

  35. Uh, yeah, this has all the makings of ending oh so well for Jets fans. Just what the franchise needs: more drama in the Big Apple.

  36. Here is my perdication NFL junkies! Mark will start the first 5 games and then is TEBOW TIME BABY!!!

  37. I’ll file this story under – NOT BREAKING NEWS: Professionsal quarterback wants to actually play the position of quarterback. Duh. This should be an Onion article.

  38. Show me ANY quote where Tebow claims he will start.

    You can’t

    Always slanted, bogus PFT reporting. Learning from Obama well

  39. hell, i am a forty six year old daily drinker and i swear
    i could outplay sanchez….well, for at least one set of downs…then i would need to smoke and then go get oxygen…

  40. Sanchez will buckel under the pressure. I wouldn’t be surprised if he lasts 5-6 games as the starter before Tebow takes the team over and leads them into the playoffs.

    Deja Vu all over again.

  41. No kidding he has his sights set on the starting job. Tebow is an ambitious young man. He had his sights set on the starting job when he announced how much he wanted to play for Rex Ryan … when he said how much he enjoyed Hard Knocks … and when he told the Broncos he’d prefer to go to the Jets.

  42. For those lamenting the media’s milking the Tebow story, consider that it could be worse.

    He could have been traded to Detroit. Then they would be writing about how Elway fed the Christian to the Lions.

  43. 1st practice open to the public….”Tebow, Tebow, Tebow…” followed by boos for Sanchez. Way to learn from Denver Jets!

  44. It’s too bad the Broncos couldn’t have worked something out with the Packers, who actually did show interest. That way he could have ended up with a team that has coaches who would have loved the challenge of trying to improve his QB skills. On top of that there would be no QB controversy because there is no way the Packers fans would have allowed Tebow’s fans to pull the kind of nonsense they did in Denver. Can you imagine if his fans were to boo Rodgers or chant “Tebow” at training camp? They’d get shanked.

  45. Judging by all those who are laughing and mocking the Jets right now, it’s clear Tim Tebow isn’t Tom Brady. Mark has nothing to worry about. I will put out a bet right now that Tim only gets to enjoy Met Life Stadium from his seat as a back-up..

  46. Typical BS from Myers, this story doesn’t hold water. If competing for the starting job were the criteria, as bad as Sanchez played for most of last year, you have to think Tebow would have a much better chance of unseating Blaine Gabbert than he would Sanchez.

  47. Ummm..along the lines of the old adage two wrongs don’t make a right, two guys that can’t hit the broad side of an airplane hangar do not equal one decent quarterback…. Puzzling…

  48. Tebow is a great RB or TE but QB? Some parent took those childhood pep talks into the land of delusional.

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