Shockey wants action from league

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As potential whistleblowers go, they don’t get much less sympathetic than tight end Jeremy Shockey.  But the man former Giants receiver Amani Toomer described last week as a “bad teammate” and “worse person” nevertheless has rights.

Specifically, Shockey has the right to not be outed as the person who cracked the case of the Saints’ bounty program in 2011.  Especially if Shockey wasn’t the person who blew the whistle.

But that’s what happened on Wednesday.  Former NFL defensive tackle Warren Sapp identified Shockey as the whistleblower on Twitter.  Amazingly, NFL Network thereafter decided (apparently without consulting legal counsel, or perhaps relying on the advice of Lionel Hutz) to put Sapp on the league-owned air and repeat his contention.

Shockey has vehemently denied being the whistleblower.  And now he wants something to be done about the potential damage to his prospects for getting another job.

“Is the league going to come down on their own people when someone does something so wrong and outrageous?” Shockey told Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports.  “There should be a standard for punishment, like getting suspended or fined or losing your job.  If I say something about officials, the league fines me.”

Shockey said he has been contacted by multiple lawyers about possibly filing suit, and that he has heard nothing from the league.

“I’m 31 years old and this is not good,” Shockey said.  “People have asked if this is going to hurt me in finding another team.  I don’t know, but it’s not helping me.”

Unfortunately for Shockey, there could be plenty of other factors keeping a team from signing him.  Still, being flagged as a potential whistleblower doesn’t help.  Even if no other NFL team will ever again use a bounty system, the outdated mentality of the football locker room shuns those who would break the code of silence in any way.

In Shockey’s case, the problem is that few would regard him as someone who succumbed to a crisis of conscience.  Instead, many would assume he was simply trying to get back at the Saints for cutting him.

That said, a league source has told us that Shockey wasn’t the whistleblower, and that he wasn’t involved in any way in the investigation.  If that’s true, why doesn’t the league simply say so?

Apparently, the NFL is so sensitive about potentially disclosing the name of the whistleblower that it doesn’t want to comment on the matter at all, even by expressly ruling someone out.  If that’s the reason for the silence, the league needs to accept the reality that the ship has sailed, via the disclosure of Shockey’s name on the league-owned network by an employee of the league-owned network, which necessarily makes him an employee of the league.

The problem isn’t Sapp.  That’s his style and his shtick, and it’s what makes him good on TV.  The problem is that the NFL failed to convene a meeting of its NFL Network and staff in early March and explain that any reporting or speculation or discussion of the identity of the person who provided information that helped the NFL discover the existence of the bounty program was prohibited, whether because outing a whistleblower violates the law or because it potentially puts him at risk of retaliation by an unstable fan or because it will cause future whistleblowers to not cooperate or, perhaps the best reason of all, because it’s the right thing to do.

That didn’t happen, which means that in the heat of the process of determining the on-air content on one of the craziest offseason days in NFL history, a bad decision was made.  Before the NFL punishes any of them, the NFL needs to realize that the failure to issue what should have been an obvious directive directly caused the current problem.

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  1. Why aren’t people as interested in GB’s 2007 bounty pool as the Saints? This is hypocrisy by the media and the fans.

  2. I know people will call him a baby and a whiner and all that.. And he is a monster dbag, but calling out someone as a whistleblower… Especially nationally is absolutely deplorable and the people involved should have criminal charges brought upon them. The worst part being that shockey probably wasn’t the one to do it. Again, it’s a completely irresponsible thing to do. It’s like the police telling the mob where they just placed someone in witness protection. This is the “come on man” of the century.

  3. For once I agree with that jerk Shockey.

    Warren needs to shut his pie hole and be fired, and the NFL network, and NFL should be ashamed.

    What would happen if a guy needed to blow the whistle on concussions? Would he be less likely to do so now?

  4. The NFL is sending two messages… don’t get caught with a bounty program and don’t tell what you know if you’re aware of one. I think this just makes it more likely no one will ever come forward again. At minimum Sapp, an extremely dirty player, should be fired.

  5. Or the Ravens in 2008? Suggs admitted they had bounties on Ward and Meddenhall.

    Something about these punishments is very scape goatish.

  6. Warren Sapp’s opinions are worthless. Same with Michael Irvin.
    I always mute the TV when Sapp and Irvin are on.

  7. Sapps good on TV? The man can barely speak English let alone make a valid point. I think Shockey is correct in saying in that the league fines players for very minimal stuff. If in fact Sapp is an “NFL” employee he should be held to the same standards.

    I don’t think Sapp should lose his job, but a hefty fine and suspension would do the trick. He is considered a journalist now, and he needs to make sure what he’s saying is fact and not something an old team mate or friend told him

  8. But why would Sapp throw Shockey’s name out there w/o something to back it up? He had to know there would be fall out if there was denial from Shockey. Sounds like Shockey got caught running his mouth and now is on the hook for it.

  9. “The problem isn’t Sapp. That’s his style and his shtick, and it’s what makes him good on TV.”


    He’s good on TV? That’s news to me.

  10. Shockey should sue him for every thing he can and maybe people will start making sure they know the facts before they start saying & printing stuff that isnt true.

  11. Shockey, just shut up and play. I was a huge fan years ago, but the best thing that teams did was getting rid of you. See a trend?

  12. I thought he was a reporter/media guy. “shrugz” If ex players pull punches, they’re criticized. If they tell they trutthey’re vilified.

  13. By correctly or incorrectly outing Shockey as whistleblower, isn’t Sapp a whistleblower? Am I blowing the whistle on Sapp now?

  14. Sapp was wrong and should be fired!

    or suspended for life for putting what the world calls a snitch in danger. Why in the world would you do this on Twitter and on the air which I watched?

    Even the production manager (who aired it)should be suspended for a week without pay!

    This teaches our kids to keep doing this and that this behavior is OK.

  15. To point out the obvious, a big part of the NFL Network is to report on the NFL. If the NFL is to tell employees of the network what they can or can’t say, the legal issue may be solved, but journalistic integrity goes out the window as well.

    Of course if Sapp does not have a reliable source, journalistic integrity is out the window anyhow.

  16. “As potential whistleblowers go, they don’t get much less sympathetic than tight end Jeremy Shockey.”

    They are usually guys like Shockey trying to stick it to people they don’t like. Just look at that dirtbag, Jeffrey Wigand.

  17. Real journalist never give up thier sources!
    Maybe Warren should take a class or something?

  18. “The problem isn’t Sapp. That’s his style and his shtick, and it’s what makes him good on TV.”

    HUH? Not a proper statement to make or even accurate. Sapp has TV appeal, but calling people out with no verification is not what makes him appealing.

  19. Please sue Sapp and shut him up. I am sure he will think twice with $10 Million less in the bank.

  20. I disagree with this article.

    The NFL Network–which I am addicted to (full disclosure)–is owned by the NFL. But anyone who’s watched it should agree that its clear the NFL offices give the network autonomy. They have not glossed over embarrassments like New England cheating or this fiasco. And that’s good. While they don’t truly owe the fans/viewers “fair and balanced” reporting, they are oddly much fairer and more balanced than certain actual news networks that make that claim.

    The problem here, pure and simple, IS Sapp. He’s a loud mouthed jerk. He says idiotic things all the time. And sure, that may be his stchick, but it still tarnishes what is otherwise a fine network.

    He’s been the worst thing on NFL Network, by far, since he first opened his mouth.

    With fine analysts like Jaime Dukes and Eisman, they waste air time on that moron. And now he’s harmed the network an individual. Hopefully, they will have learned something from this….

  21. The fact that Sapp said something and Shockey is upset and wants the league to do something about it, if the league did something about it that would put you and all the insiders out of business. I read and hear rumors from this site and many more and they are just rumors and not facts. I wish Shockey well on this one.

  22. Who cares they are 2 of the biggest a!!holes ever to play in the league. I’m hoping that sapp gets fired and the snitch doesn’t get another job. Put them both on a bus light it on fire and drive it off a cliff.

  23. Can warren sap (sic) please explain to those less intelligent than himself what is so shameful about blowing the whistle on a practice that could have cost health, career, future and even life. How admirable and fortunate to be able to shamble through life as the schoolyard bully, picking fights and pronouncing judgment without any thought to anything but his own self-glory.

  24. Good article, but I believe that Sapp IS part of the problem. Just because we have a public forum does not relieve him of the need to be responsible. Mike, you’re the lawyer but it seems to me that if Shockey wasn’t the whistleblower, then Sapp was libelous. I understand shtick, etc, but there’s a legal line. Sorry to see all this happen, it’s bad for the game.

  25. How can sapp call someone a whistle-blower, When in fact, he just pointed out someone that he think blew the whistle, is this not the same!!!!!!

  26. “The problem isn’t Sapp. That’s his style and his shtick, and it’s what makes him good on TV. ”

    Seriously? There is simply no way to justify falsely accusing someone of something so damaging. This is not just a simple mistake.

  27. So, to you, Sapp is blameless because his bosses didn’t tell him not to make baseless accusations on the air? If he needs to be reminded of that, then perhaps he shouldn’t have his job. I also strongly disagree that Sapp is “good on TV”, but that’s an argument for another day.

  28. Shockey is SO disliked that it’d be easy to imagine someone passing this info on to Sapp just out of dislike for Shockey, even if it’s not true.

  29. Don’t worry Shockey this wont hurt your chances of finding another team, your lack of playing ability is going to hurt you. Take action on Sapp he gave me a boo boo and it hurts now wah wah wah

  30. If shockey did not say anything, why is he trying so hard to convince people that he did not say anything or is he trying to convince himself. Sapp did not say shockey snitched. Why would a reporter ask if it was Shockey. Of all the members who have left the saints within the last tree years, why was Shockey name the only one brought up? I guess he figured he would hurt the saints for letting him go but not realizing that it would hurt his chances of getting re-signed. What team would want him in their locker room?

  31. The problem is Sapp? Sapp is the biggest part of this problem and you know it but won’t point the finger at him because you at PFT and the NFL know this will head in the direction of an issue that you don’t want to touch……..reverse racism.

    So all you white, liberal, so-called objective journalist who willing turn a blind eye to the fact of reverse racism will tow the progressive line and make excuses for Sapp and instead of vehemently defending Shockey you dismiss the level of factor this false accusation undoubtedly will have in hampering his finding another job by declaring him unemployable because of his physical shortcomings.

    Listen, I don’t care for Shockey anymore than most NFL fans do because of his antics. But fair and impartial treatment by the media should be just that. Still you spineless slugs will take the easy way out and instead of calling is for what it is you’ll come to Sapp’s defense with an intellectual insulting WHITEwash, “that’s his style and his shtick.”

  32. jackntorress – I hate the packers, but the main difference in the two is the Pack came clean when the league first investigated the situation. Plus this is something that happened in two regular season games not over the course of 3 seasons. Weird how both teams targeted vikings players though.

    On a side note if you watch the Viking/Pack games from AP’s first three years I think they were trying to injure him as well. There were more helmet to knee contact plays on AP in those games then I typically see in a whole season.

  33. Why is Shockey a “snitch” for allegedly outing Williams and Co., but Sapp is not a “snitch” for outing Shockey’s alledged involvement?

    This is what makes Sapp doubly-dumb. By acting like Shockey is a snitch but not him, he is basically going on NFL Network and taking the side of the Saints.

    Sapp should be fired.

  34. Totally agree. If Shockey was the whistleblower he did it for all the wrong reasons. Not to right a wrong, but to get revenge for being let go.

    Sapp’s a complete a-hole, but Shokey’s no hero.

  35. You think Sapp is good on TV Mike ? Really ????

    He’s a bottom feeding POS who is absolutely awful on TV.

  36. what if it was shockey and all his whining is just a smokescreen because he knows they can’t officially out him by their agreement with him when he gave his testimony?

    Many drug takers do the same thing when they get suspended by the league because the league is barred from commenting.

  37. I believe Warren Sapp. I said before Sapp made his statement Shockey was the Snitch. Shockey has always been known to be a bad team mate.

  38. I really don’t like Shockey, but he is right.
    There are fans who will listen to anything they here. Now if the Saints have a terrible season, or lose their SB Shockey is going to get death threats, and maybe even attempts. Something definately needs to be done about Sapp.

    And even if its not Shockey at all its still slander.

  39. veryblunt says:Mar 23, 2012 8:41 AM

    If shockey did not say anything, why is he trying so hard to convince people that he did not say anything or is he trying to convince himself.


    Um….because a lot of people believe whatever they hear in the press and this is the type of thing that could really damage Shockey’s reputation in the NFL player/coach family.

    And here’s the thing, if Shockey had said nothing, then someone would have come on the message board and said, “he’s not denying it..he must have done it.” So, once the accusation is out there, you are screwed. No matter what you say, a portion of people will believe it. That’s why this really is a case where Sapp has damaged Shockey’s reputation and if damages could be shown, Shockey really could sue and have a case I believe.

  40. That said, a league source has told us that Shockey wasn’t the whistleblower, and that he wasn’t involved in any way in the investigation. If that’s true, why doesn’t the league simply say so?

    Because if they said he wasn’t the whistleblower, then people can keep asking them… well what about this guy, was he the snitch? and keep going… then the league is going to have to defend every accused snitch, but eventually the real snitch will be identified and the league will be forced to lie about it…. better to not make public comments for fear the witchhunt will continue…

  41. The NFL network doesn’t have the on-air talent to fire Sapp. I don’t see Sapp saying what he feels is a problem though. He was being honest. If the NFL didn’t tell him to not speak his mind on the subject, then its their fault, not his. The U is a tight knit community. If one player is willing to sandbag another Hurricane it should tell people about the 2nd player. Shockey has been thrown under the bus often for his attitude. This isn’t going to hurt his chances to get a job. He’s a d**che and everyone already knows it.

  42. How did an uneducated moron like sapp get a job in broadcasting anyway. I realize that the NFL network gets all the guys that can’t get a job anywhere else but c’mon there was no one better than that fat idiot

  43. Shockey has retained the law firm of Dewey, Phuckem, and Howe. They have more pit bull in them than anything in Vick’s old kennel.
    Sapp will end up unemployed, broke, disgraced and will lose his brown cherry also.

  44. It’s hilarious to read some people on here equate the garbage that Sapp and the rest of those clowns on NFLN do as “journalism”.

    They’re talking heads paid to yuk it up and spout their idiotic opinion.

  45. You know what else doesn’t help you get a job Shockey? The fact that your 31 and never as good as you thought you were, oh and the fact that old teammates call you a “bad person” and “worse teammate” Karma really is a bitch

  46. The reason Shockey’s career is over: He is an overrated loudmouth who never was much good. The mystery is not who the whistleblower but how Shockey hung on as long as he did.

  47. “If” Shockey didn’t rat out his former team he can sue Sapp for destroying his chance to get a job in the NFL regardless if you like Shockey or not. Shockey can just make Sapps life horrible and get him fired. Making accusations better have proof….Sapp is dumb if his source is Darren Sharper….

  48. Maybe Warren Sapp and Rob Lowe should start up a new NFL reporting TV program……………

  49. Sapp should be fired from the NFL Network. They should be protecting “Snitches” and not outing them. If what he said isn’t true, then I hope he gets sued.

  50. Warren Sapp snitched on the snitcher. From where I from that makes you a rat too.

  51. No team wants Shockey anyways, and Sapp did nothing wrong. He got information from a source that he trusted and went with the information. I’m sorry but isn’t that what journalists and analysts are supposed to do?

  52. Warren Sapp is a POS. This is the same guy that was arrested in Miami during 2009 Super Bowl week for beating up his girlfriend. He is completely irresponsible.

  53. Does anyone remember warren sap’s draft? Was he not allowed to slip for some whisper about herbal cigarettes. Wonder if that involved a whistle blower. Might explain the jailhouse attitude to snitches

  54. Everyone knows it was Mark Brunell. He’s an old school bad@$$ who probably did not appreciate trying to take out former teammate and fellow bad@$$ Favre

  55. As a life long fan of the U, I cant believe these 2 alums are calling each other out. The only person in the History of the U that I truly dislike is Warren Sapp. The guy is a wanna-be Deacon Jones, but is really just a blowhard. Please put him to pasture.

  56. They’re never going to be able to go back and punish everyone saints fans so get over it already. No other team’s bounty program seemed as overt and then on top of it, they lied about it. A message has been sent. Had the Saints not had their bounty program, things would be a lot different wouldn’t they? It is what it is. The league is appearantly sick and tired of bounty programs. We’ve all done bad things. Some of us have gotten away with it while some of us were made into examples. Fair? No, but the life lesson here is don’t break rules and laws to try and gain an advantage and you won’t find yourself being made into an example.

  57. Sapp, let the record show, Canes nation is embarrassed by you. Please hand in your resignation.

  58. If the Saints were “intentionally trying to injure players” why were they fined so little by the league for allegedly trying to do so over the years? Just in 2010 alone, members of 11 teams were fined more than the Saints. The NFL reviews EVERY play from EVERY game and this is what they found.

    In just a few minutes of “research” I found the following:

    During 2010 the NFL fined members of the following teams for illegal conduct on the field of play:

    Steelers: 8 times for a total of $157,000
    Eagles: 7 times for a total of $135,000
    Titans: 9 times for a total of 125,000
    Vikings: 10 times for a total of $90,000
    Texans: 6 times for a total of $85,000
    Panthers 4 times for a total of $70,000
    Packers: 4 times for a total of $67,500
    Patriots: 3 times for $65,000
    Falcons: 2 times for a total of $65,000
    Cardinals: 4 times for a total of $55,000
    Lions: 5 times for $50,000

    Saints: 3 times for a total of $40,000

    Has the NFL asked the management of the 11 teams listed above if they have ever had a “pay for performance” or “bounty” program?

    I agree, the Saints should have suffered some punishment for continuing the program after they were told to stop. But what about the other teams?????

  59. Sapp that piece of crap should be fined by the league and brought up on charges for outing a whistleblower..and if Shockey wasnt truly involved then he should be fired for “slander” and sued by Shockey. Gov’t takes whistleblowers very serious and its against the law to retaliate or disclose their identity. How will any other player have faith to come forward again.. Whether Shockey was upset for getting released has nothing to do with it! for once I am on Shockey’s side!

  60. This is why people are afraid to get involved. Regardless if Shockey did it or not, the next time something like this happens, people will be reluctant to come forward. To make public the name of the person that may or may not have been the person is pathetic.

    Sapp you were a loser while you were playing and your a loser now.

    Sapp: Shockey you got me blacklisted from the NFL?
    Shockey: You named name!

  61. I wanted the Raiders to sue his ass for the comments he made about the team but true to form he found another way too put his foot in his mouth, as usual. Is he suppose to be a colorful commentator or a real “Anal”yst? News flash Sapp, we were freed from slavory a few years back, stop talking like you still on the dam farm!

  62. There’s a lot being swept under the rug right now on this whole thing. First of all, I am totally surprised that I have seen and heard relatively nothing on the fact that there must be criminal penalties (jail time) for those who were involved in the bounty program. These were people who were either paying for, or being paid for, intentionally inflicting physical injury upon another person. That’s assault and battery at the least, and just because it happened in the NFL is no reason that criminal cases should not be forthcoming.

    Secondly, with the NFL’s obvious nonchalant disregard of the laws protecting whistleblowers, there are some people that are in positions of authority in the NFL that must also come under charges before a grand jury, and then be put on trial.

    This isn’t just schoolyard football stuff here. This is a criminal conspiracy to physically harm people, and there are jail cells for the people involved. They need to be put into those cells.

  63. This isn’t the first time that Sapp blindsided a fellow player that had nothing to do with the issue at hand. Just ask Chad Clifton.

    Anything this guy says about bounties and player safety are insanely hypocritical.

  64. ” a league source has told us that Shockey wasn’t the whistleblower,”

    So the NFL after hearing what Sapp said then had him repeat it on the NFL network, Interesting?

    I can see a trust issue with Warren Sapp and the NFL network now. My guess is from now on if you hear anything on that network take it with a grain of salt.

  65. In 2009, the first year of the Saints so-called “bounty” program they were fined as a team:

    wait for it……

    1 time for a total of $10,000

    19 teams were fined either more times or for more money than the Saints in 2009. Where is the NFL investigation of these teams??

    Just for instance:

    The Vikings were fined 4 times during 2009 for a total of $27,500. Brett Favre alone matched the Saints total as a team for the ENTIRE YEAR with an ILLEGAL CRACK BLOCK and was fined $10,000.

    I agree, the Saints should have suffered some punishment for continuing the program after they were told to stop. But what about the other teams?????

  66. I can’t fathom why you continue to give Sapp a pass on this. It’s one thing to be provocative; it’s another to be reckless. He is every bit as accountable as the NFL suits.

  67. “There should be a standard for punishment, like getting suspended or fined or losing your job. If I say something about officials, the league fines me.”

    The man has a great point here.

  68. I hope they fire Sapp and I hope Showtime does as well.

    I lived in Tampa when the Bucs were good and I will never forget being at a Yankees preseason game and Warren Sapp sat 4 seats over…two little kids walked up to him and asked for his autograph and he extended his arm and put his hand right in their face and looked straight ahead until they walked away then laughed about it with his buddy next to him.

    I know it’s bad to say but I so wanted someone to hurt him and end his career from that day on…the guy thinks because he was good at football he can be a di@k.

    And if anyone thinks maybe he had a bad day they are wrong…there are many more stories…I actually heard a guy on the local radio station call him out because he did the hand to the face when the DJ wanted to wish him good luck on Sunday and the DJ blasted him on the radio for being a complete DBag.

    Besides all that he sucks on TV…just like, Irving, Sanders, Keyshown, Sharpe,….and that list goes on and on

  69. First of all Sapp said he got it from his source and that he believed his source . He was asked about it on the NFL Network he answered the question. For you idiots that think he has a right to sew learn the law. Sapp gave an opinion and said he believed it simple. So now we are not able to give opinions. That’s bull forget Shockey now he wants somebody to pay for what he probably did do it but if not then so be it . Warren confirmed what he put on his Twitter account . The statement somebody told him and that he believed it . It’s on you to believe it he just stated what he heard and that he believed it period . I guess freedom of speech only applies to certain people. Funny

  70. Sapp needs to be fired ASAP. He is bad for the NFLN. Every time I look up his name is in the news for either not paying child support or for telling a fan on Twitter to go and “Sandusky” some kids. The guy is not fit for TV and is hurting the cred of the network. He must have some incriminating pics of some higher ups at the network, because he shouldve been fired long ago.

  71. I live in Houston, and I love how all the Saints fans are calling into the local radio shows and whining about this. They somehow feel that the Patriots taping other teams is worse than trying to end someone like Cam Newtons career.
    It just goes to show how ignorant the typical Saint fan is.

  72. jackntorres says:
    Mar 23, 2012 8:09 AM
    Why aren’t people as interested in GB’s 2007 bounty pool as the Saints? This is hypocrisy by the media and the fans.


    GB? As in Green Bay? If you are thinking that Green Bay had bounty’s you are nuts… That never happend, that has to be one of the dumbest things ever said. Post ANYTHING that prooves that there was a “bounty pool”?
    Before you say somthing so stupid, please know what the f**k you are talking about.
    The Packers paid other defensive linmen to keep runningbacks under 100 yards. Not to hurt them.

    Just a little different!!!!

  73. Sapps credibility has gone to the toilet….or wait…he never had any credibility. But what he did on national tv is the worse thing he could have done. Not too professional. Shockey is not one of the best liked teammates but he didn’t deserve this. Shockey is still a good athlete but too much like T.O. or Moss in attitude.

  74. The NFL Network tried to fine their equivalent of the NBA and TNT’s Charles Barkley. Great ex-player who’s going to get on there and make these outrageous statements and everyone’s going to think it’s funny.

    The poblem is, Sapp is “Turrible”.

  75. Oh, Mr. Sapp…he truly doesn’t know the difference between a “snitch” and a whistleblower. A “snitch” (as purported in the hood) is a part of a group of guilty individuals who engage in illegal activities, and upon being arrested, caught or detained, rats out the others in hopes of getting off or getting a reduction in punishment. A whistleblower is one who is aware of illegal or improper activity and takes a stand against it by offering information on those activities.

    Mr. Sapp is trying to perpetuate a hood mentality by using the word snitch, but that has no place in the NFL nor in the “hood” to begin with. Too many murders go unsolved and too many criminals get off Scott free because of this archaic, barbaric and outdated philosophy taking place in our urban neighborhoods. When do we hold each other to a higher standard and embrace the right things in life? Being from the “hood” myself, I wish Mr. Sapp would use his popularity and platform to pontificate positive change in society instead of succumbing to the same tired rhetorics and cliches that make us sound ignorant.

  76. Don’t forget Shocky is the same guy that last year accused the Texans of not respecting the National Anthem because all the Texans players didn’t have their hand on their chest during the National Anthem.

    He also forgot to look at his teammates to notice they all were not EITHER!


    I know he was the snitch!

  77. Someone at the NFL Network greenlighted discussion of Shockey. They need to be suspended or fired. Sapp should also be suspended or fired.

    Like the Saints’ punishments, it sends a message. Didn’t Sapp Tweet it first? Twitter is 90% garbage but it can be a great tool for breaking news. Unfortunately, it can be a tool for breaking news that is better left alone.

    Off topic slightly… although I think the league needs to protect whistleblowers, eventually it will come out. I doubt Deadspin/TMZ, etc cares about protecting

  78. hahahahaha. love it. Shockey has always been a big mouthed joke…I called he was the rat on day 1…have fun finding a job loser.

  79. CLICK “THUMBS UP” if you believe Shockey…

    CLICK “THUMBS DOWN” if you believe Sapp…


  80. So lets see. . . If you don’t say anything about a situation you are lying and trying to cover it up, but if you say something about a situation you are a snitch? OK!

  81. Even if shockey is/was the whistle blower, Sapp has legal liability. It’s against the law to out a whistle blower, period. It’s not against the law, unless the guy is a douche, in which case it is ok.

    If shockey decides to sue, he will win, no question. It’s open and shut. If he wasn’t the actual whistle blower, he will take him to the cleaners. If he was, he will still win because Sapp broke the law, and all rules of jourlanlism (which he claims to be). Whether it’s his schtick or not is irrelivant.

  82. jackntorres says:
    Mar 23, 2012 8:09 AM
    Why aren’t people as interested in GB’s 2007 bounty pool as the Saints? This is hypocrisy by the media and the fans.


    The bounty was for the Packers D-line to hold AP under 100 yards… If they accomplished it they got $500 from other players. I’ll assume you can see the difference between this and the Saints bounty.

  83. The tipster was actually Brett Favre disguising his voice as Shockey.

    He ran out of text minutes for the month and got bored…

  84. Sapp is a useless fat rat who needs to go far away….give him a piece of cheese and shut him up!

  85. Listen Warren, cut the “Snitch” bs. We’re not in prison, we’re not in the slums. This is the NFL. I think whoever the whistle blower did the right thing and I applaud him/her for coming forward. There is no room for nonsense like this in the NFL. This is professional football. They get paid millions of dollars for a kid’s game. And you’re going to put a bounty on a guy because he’s good? If you can’t beat someone you’re just going to take them out? Personally, I’d rather lose and know I gave it my all and played fair rather than cheat and intentionally try to hurt someone.

  86. I heard the tipster was Archie Manning after his boy Petyon was crushed in the Super Bowl. Peyton had heard there was a bounty on him in the Super Bowl which indirectly caused him to throw his famous pick 6.

  87. claymath52 says: Mar 23, 2012 10:27 AM

    jackntorres says:
    Mar 23, 2012 8:09 AM
    Why aren’t people as interested in GB’s 2007 bounty pool as the Saints? This is hypocrisy by the media and the fans.


    The bounty was for the Packers D-line to hold AP under 100 yards… If they accomplished it they got $500 from other players. I’ll assume you can see the difference between this and the Saints bounty.

    You are very naive to assume they drew the line there. Once crossing the first, it is not much farther from the rest. The Packers were just smart enough not to have anyone snitch any more details. Get real.

  88. Shockey said he didn’t do it and I believe him. He’s the kind of player that you love to hate when he’s on the opposing team, and love him when he’s on your team….

  89. biggerballz says:
    Mar 23, 2012 8:20 AM
    fire that fat pig sapp he’s got the insights of a uneducated fan.

    In that case, Sapp would fit right in with the New England fan base. Maybe NESN will give him a job once NFL Network fires him.

  90. Shockey is right in this case and deserves the NFL to come out and clear him so there is no mistaking the fact it isn’t him. Warren Sapp needs to lose his job, it is absolutely deplorablr that Sapp would out someone without any knowledge and by the way aren’t there federal laws concerning whistleblowers and their identity protection?

  91. Just my opinion but if you take all the clues about the snitch they add up to Bobby McCray. Sharper and others seem to have an idea of who it is, and they said it was someone who was at one time very close with Williams, no longer on the team and not currently playing football. All of these equal McCray. Not to mention no current player would be dumb enough to oust his old team and think that the men in his current locker room could dtill trust him. Just my Opinion.

  92. Did I seriously see someone call for CRIMINAL charges against the NFL/Sapp? WTF is happening in this country? Football is a GAME. Criminal charges???

  93. Shockey should sue Sapp in civil court. That would shut up the fat has been. Like other players, these guys get out of control when you give them a microphone and platform.

    Sapp should be accountable and the league needs to show some leadership

  94. jerzyman says: Mar 23, 2012 9:47 AM

    Sapp that piece of crap should be fined by the league and brought up on charges for outing a whistleblower..and if Shockey wasnt truly involved then he should be fired for “slander” and sued by Shockey. Gov’t takes whistleblowers very serious and its against the law to retaliate or disclose their identity. How will any other player have faith to come forward again.. Whether Shockey was upset for getting released has nothing to do with it! for once I am on Shockey’s side!
    Brought up on charges? You’re joking, right? The government has ZERO jurisdiction on this.

  95. The NFL needs to seriously discipline Warren Sapp…..If this happened in any other corporate environment – Sapp would be terminated.

    I’m curious to see the the NFLPA does it’s job and protects it’s union member by filing a grievance or complaint on Shockey’s behalf.

  96. Sarbanes-Oxley is the whistleblower act and he does have rights under this after the whole Enron mess. It amazes me that they did something this monumentally stupid, but then I remember they hired Irvin and Sapp to be analysts and it makes sense.

    I don’t really care who it was. It’s just nice to see them called to the carpet for it.

  97. “The problem isn’t Sapp. That’s his style and his shtick, and it’s what makes him good on TV.”

    Wow. Did you all wake n bake with Santonio Holmes this morning because this statement has me feeling like Tiki…flabbergasted! Sapp is terrible. He was a great player, for most of his career, but that is it.

  98. Even if Shockey was the whistle blower, he has every right to sue Sapp. Sapp works for the NFL and the whistle blower needs to be protected by the NFL. Sue him Shockey.

  99. I can’t stand either one of them. That said If you read and listen to what Sapp(well named) said, he said he had a sourse for this and that he believed it. He cannot be made to tell who (just like a reporter in the press) and That is not a crimmial act. If it were 98% of the people on this site would be prosecuted.

  100. Who cares about Sapp and Shockey. Sapp is a well known cheap shot artist (just ask Chad Clifton) and Shockey is a well known narcissistic a’hole. I hope they both get kicked to the curb. We fans do not need them. The NFL does not need them.

    We should be listening to sfsaintsfan. He’s got it going on track. The Saints may have talked a good talk in the locker room, but when Mike Williams’ underperforming defense hit the field they were hardly an intimidating force. Just look at the numbers that sfsaintsfan has put together so far. Show me the data that shows that the Saints defense actually caused more injuries than other teams. Show me the data that shows that the Saints often anemic defense knocked more opposing players out of the game than anyone else. Were the Saints penalized for uneccessary roughness, illegal hits, illegal blocks, roughing the quarterback, hitting defenseless receivers (I think of Jack Tatum, “the Assassin”), flagrant face masks, horsecollars, and roughing the kicker any more than any other team? They weren’t fined more than anyone (thanks sfsaintsfan). Mike Williams’ defenses could barely hold the other team under 25 points a game. They gave up more big plays than should be allowed. Show me a video that clearly documents a Saints player deliberately attempting to injure an opposing player. It is painfully obvious that the Saints did NOT follow-through with their brash talk onto the playing field. There is not a shred of evidence that they did. If they tried to hurt opposing players they were abysmal failures at carrying it out. There is no significant evidence that this actually happened on the field during a game. So without any evidence that these “bounties” were actually influencing the individual players what we are left with is nothing more than trash talk. Hyperbole meant to fire up the otherwise pathetic Mike Williams’ defense. A defense that was usually just barely hanging on for their own lives.

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