Three years, $9 million for Green-Ellis

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Well, veteran running backs officially are the new kickers.

The three-year deal recently signed by Bengals running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis has a base value, according to a league source, of $9 million.  Making it worth $3 million per year.

And matching the annual average of the contracts signed last year by Panthers kicker Olindo Mare and Vikings kicker Ryan Longwell.

It doesn’t make it a bad deal for GreenEllis.  It’s arguably the best deal of any of the veteran running back contracts signed since free agency opened.  He’ll get $4 million in the first year, he can make another $1.6 million via mostly reasonable triggers, and (unlike Michael Bush and his $3.5 million annual average) GreenEllis won’t be backing up Matt Forte.

And so with Bush getting $3.5 million per year from the Bears and GreenEllis getting $3 million per year and Peyton Hillis getting $2.6 million on a one-year deal in Kansas City, and Mike Tolbert averaging $2.5 million over four with the Panthers, the guys who run with the football may have been better off if they’d learned to kick it.

Just ask Phil Dawson.  The 37-year-old Browns kicker will make $3.8 million in 2012.

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  1. I think Green-Ellis understood his market value and went to a team that could offer him a starting job over more money. Plus the Bengals are cheap.

  2. Bush really was the best of the bunch. I’m shocked that the Bengals didn’t take a crack at him.

  3. Seeing that he’ll average $3 million per season it isn’t a surprise he won’t be playing in Foxboro next season. The Patriots didn’t draft Shane Vereen and Stevan Ridley early without envisioning them playing a large role in the offense. They wouldn’t have paid Benny anymore that $2 million per season.

    That being said, congrats on getting paid in Cincy. He won’t dazzle anybody but he’s as solid a back as you could find. It’s a really good move for the Bengals. I wish Lawfirm nothing but the best in Cincy.

  4. The cellar dweller vikequeefs have won 9 games in 2 seasons with a $3 million a year kicker?

    I think we can start using the state of MN as an example of the missing link.

  5. I’ll put money on it that this fall high school coaches everywhere are going to wonder why their running backs suddenly want to learn to play cornerback…

  6. The Pats were paying BJGE just under 2 million last season, it’s not public what they offered him this year, I doubt it was a pay cut. What’s more important, a few hundred grand or going to the SB? Even if you lose the SB, there’s some decent checks on the way there….

    I fault both sides on this, Kraft says he’s lost a dear friend, Benny is super gracious upon leaving. There’s more to this story than what’s been said. BJGE was on the injury report for most of the season with turf toe, that’s been a career killer for some (Dion Sanders, Fred Taylor).

    With Josh McDaniels as our new OC, I was looking forward to seeing a lot more BJGE this season. Now I just have to return my SB46 BJGE#42 jersey that was delivered today by……

  7. .

    Many NFL clubs are relying more on “running back by committee “. It’s easier on the salary cap and lessens your exposure to injury.


  8. Welp…now it’s pretty obvious that the Pats wouldn’t have been in that ballpark. Good for Benny for getting a deal like that. Can’t blame him.

  9. Well they can toss around the running back by committee thing all they want but Cincy has never done that (and Jim Anderson is a great RB coach). He’ll do well and be worth more then $3mil a year. I know you Pats fans don’t think so but he will.

  10. chadp2351 says: Mar 23, 2012 8:04 PM

    @blacknole08 Not really sure how the Bengals went cheap on this deal! It’s on par with the others.


    That was my whole point. They could’ve got Michael Bush. The Bengals just weren’t gonna overpay. Plus no team should pay The Law Firm over 10 million for his services. The Bengals needed a RB and have a stubborn GM who is cheap and won’t spend for really good players.

  11. @mgfres:
    You’re overthinking this. Lawfirm was a great UFA sighning that Pats developed and got great mileage out of. Now he’s gonna get his money. Great for him, he deserves it. Pats knew how this was gonna play out when they drafted Vereen and Ridley last year. Now they’ll add a veteran RB. Amicable parting between a class act and a class organization.

  12. I would have rather seen them pick up both Law Firm and Bush. Scott and Leonard could have battled it out in the spring for that last spot. Now they don’t have a between the tackles, bowling ball, change of pace back.

  13. “Just ask Phil Dawson”
    Another Patriots product. Pats make the NFL a better place.

  14. I don’t doubt that RB values have decreased, and will continue to decrease, but I don’t think this weak FA class at RB is the best example to use.

  15. That’s a pretty good payday for a guy that went undrafted , participated in a RB committee, and played in a system centered around padding Brady’s statistics. Green-Ellis has been a good back and, in a more RB-friendly system, may be very good. Good move for all parties.
    P.S. Who is “cheaper”? The team that paid Green-Ellis or the team that wouldn’t?

  16. I wish him the best of luck. He was a solid, solid football player for the Pats. He hasn’t fumbled since high school and I think that will go a long way with his new coaches.

    He can also be more effective catching the ball…i never saw him drop one and when they did toss it to him, he made something happen. The Pats had a nasty habit of seeing something work (say a 50 yard screen pass) and then putting him on the bench for the rest of the game. His comment that not being able to catch the ball versus not being thrown to is spot on. He can do a lot of things, the Pats just chose not to do them.

    I’m curious to see how much they use him in Cincy…he’s a good guy and good player. I think he’ll surprise some people. Glad he got his money. He deserved it.

  17. The NFL needs a rule to limit the amount of names a player can use. One first name and one last name will suffice. Ben Ellis. Maurice Drew. Dominique Cromartie.

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