Broncos want Caleb Hanie as Peyton Manning’s backup

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The Broncos have signed Peyton Manning and begun signing other free agents for what they hope will be a Super Bowl roster they can build around their new quarterback. But one issue remains unresolved: What happens if Manning gets hurt?

The answer may be, the Broncos would turn to Caleb Hanie: Jeff Legwold of the Denver Post reports that the Broncos are aggressively chasing Hanie to be Manning’s backup.

If Broncos boss John Elway believes Hanie is the right man to be the No. 2 quarterback behind a starter who’s 36 years old and coming off multiple neck surgeries, well, that’s an odd decision. Ask the folks in Chicago how it feels to put your faith in Hanie when your starter goes down: The Bears appeared poised for a run to the playoffs last season until Jay Cutler got hurt and they had to turn to Hanie, and with Hanie at the helm Chicago’s season went into the toilet.

Then again, Elway said he went into the Manning chase expecting everything to turn out well and not preparing for failure, and maybe this is just another example of that attitude: Maybe the Broncos feel so confident that they’ll put all their chips on Manning and not even worry about who the backup is.

But once the season begins, if Manning takes a hard hit and Hanie starts warming up, Broncos fans will be worried.

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  1. It would be weird if the Chicago-Denver connection becomes as pronounced as the Minnesota-Seattle one.

    Their last Chicago QB didn’t pan out, either.

  2. WTF Where’s Tebow. WOW, we thought Manning was made of steel, even his neck. Be very concerned, bronco fans, very cpmcerned.

  3. Elway may think he will get Matt Barkely if Peyton goes down but the Browns will still have first choice because they have nothing to help Colt for a 2nd yr in a row.

  4. They’re going to draft a QB to groom behind Manning. Hanie would simply be an extra layer in between so they don’t have to turn to the rookie too soon if Manning goes down. Hanie didn’t look good last year, but he was slinging it around in a Mike Martz offense. Mike McCoy and John Fox have shown that they can tailor an offense to hide a QB’s shortcomings. After all, look what they did with the worst passer the league has ever seen last year. So it’s possible that Hanie wouldn’t look as bad as he did in Chicago. Besides, who’s available that is any better? Not a lot of options out there.

  5. Hanie went to Colorado State. But still, last season he had one of the worst passer ratings and stat. lines of any QB since the Merger! The Bears have had some godawful QBs in the last 15 years, and he was about the worst. “He couldn’t hit a horse in the ass with a banjo!!” – Former Bears LB Doug Buffone on the Score radio.

  6. Head scratcher to say the least. The Broncos saw first-hand how poor Hanie played last season and they’re aggressively pursuing him? The sad part is with the long list of mediocre backups behind Peyton in Indy Hanie might actually be the best of the bunch, but only in the sense that Cup of Noodles is better than Top Ramen

  7. snatchez is already concerned.

    should peyton get hurt or just not be able to go… just who will elway trade for next…

  8. so he had no faith in a guy who led them to the playoffs but believes in a guy who destroyed the bears season? I assume he had a nice workout and had a nice visit while in denver. did he happen to watch any game film of him last year? and if he did he feels it is ok to throw twice as many picks as completions? I will so enjoy watch ing the epic fail that will be the broncos season next year.

  9. This is just a case of “See, we got a real bonafide veteran starter to backup Manning!” while reassuring Manning that when he goes down, “we won’t have a fill-in that could possibly overshadow you for even a single game. At best, he’ll be a .500 guy in his starts. No worries Peyton”.

    I sure hope they draft a good QB.

  10. Then again, Elway said he went into the Manning chase expecting everything to turn out well and not preparing for failure, and maybe this is just another example of that attitude: Maybe the Broncos feel so confident that they’ll put all their chips on Manning and not even worry about who the backup is.

    The lack of contingency planning will be their undoing. Swamp Boy is done.

    My Latin teacher Sister Dulcilia would say “Caveat emptor”.

  11. “The Broncos are aggressively chasing Hanie to be Manning’s backup?”


  12. As a Chiefs fan, I wholeheartedly support this move by the Donkeys. They aren’t gonna do any better than 9-7 even with Manning.

  13. They traded the savior Tim Tebow to sign Peyton Manning. Now the Broncos are aggressively trying to sign Caleb Hanie to be their backup QB.???

    The only time I figured I would see the words “Caleb Hanie” and “Aggressively” in the same sentence is…Caleb Hanie was aggressively trying to get a job at Home Depot after nobody signed him this off season.

    As a Bears fan, mark my words…there won’t be enough Jonestown Kool Aid to go around the city of Denver if Manning gets hurt and Hanie has to play.

  14. As a ex-QB, maybe Elway sees something obvious in Hanie’s mechanics. If so, Hanie could be a steal. After all, how many recent QBs have looked good playing for Chicago? Are they all that bad, or is the problem the system used by the Bears? Granted, we saw that the problem with Orton wasn’t the system. Everyone was also raving about how great Cutler was too, and he hasn’t exactly been a top-tier QB lately.

  15. Elway needs to go back to selling automobiles. He’s worse than McMillan as GM… well, maybe not worse but just as bad.

    It’s a riot watching the Broncos commit suicide like this… first the used up Peyton Manning and now some lame backup because Peyton can’t deal with having a QB on the bench who might challenge him.

    Broncos: 4-12 for the upcoming season. Put money on it now. This is golden.

  16. Wow alot of bitter posters here. I bet they are fans of teams who did not land Manning.

    As for Hanie last year I wonder how many backups would have come into that situation without Forte any receivers and no O line and performed any better. I dont think too much of the coaching up there in Chicago.

  17. Look, I want a Manning Vs Manning Superbowl and I want it soon! No? Um, how about Harbaugh Vs Harbaugh? Well, could I interest you in the Vikings Vs. Bills?

    I want Elway to bomb because he’s a jerk but I want Manning to succeed. Tebow? I believe he was a case of a QB being taken along with his team into the playoffs. He throws the ball like it’s a frisbee.

  18. What about the Chicago/Carolina connection? That’s been going on for awhile. As a Bears fan I think this is the stupidest thing ANYONE could ever do. Hanie?! Seriously?! What did they not record the four games he played last season because they figured nobody would want to watch it afterwards? They would’ve been smarter to pull Brian Griese out of retirement, or maybe the worst #8 I’ve ever seen play QB for the Bears, and I’m not talking about Sexy Rexy. Lol. Bottom line, believing Caleb Hanie can be a #2 or #3 is equivalent to dividing by zero. You’re left with a dumbfounded look on your face while you try to figure out what it is that you’ve done. My advice is DO NOT LONG FOR THAT LOOK.

  19. first of all buckeyeron Cutler was having a great season as the bears were 7-3 and rolling. as for elrock7 he was a backup in his second year in the system who perforned great in the nfc championship game in a relief role. nobody expected him to put up cutler numbers just for him not to suck as bad as he did. the guy is just awful and will be in denver if he has to play. and if he does it will be his and manning’s fault since he does not allow the backup qb to take snaps. putting all your eggs in the manning basket is a gamble indeed,look out how well that worked out in indy when he went down and they had to go with painter who never got reps in practice and never played in games even blow out ones yet they were shocked when he did not work out.

  20. Let’s face it , the Bears just weren’t very good last year, no matter who thier QB was.

  21. You put Hanie back into a conventional non-Martz style offense that has a solid line like Denver and Hanie will be very solid fairly quick. Believe it. The Bears line, Martz hard headedness and the lack of weapons after Forte went down would of been tough on any qb.

  22. hanie did not seem to have a problem with the martz offense when he was forced to play in the nfc championship against the packers did he? he almost brought the bears back untill he surprise surprise threw a pick in a crucial situation. he will suck in whatever offense he is in and the broncos will find that out when pay-a-ton goes out ith another injury.

  23. Really? Caleb haine! I rather for them to sign weber from the practice squad than bring him in. He was horrible, tebow had better stats. Go pick up mcnabb, at least he’ll be a better passer and can probably maintain the offense if manning went down. Hell that’s like signing curtis painter, and we know he sucks

  24. This is caleb hanie career stats,
    3 TDs
    10and INTs
    679 YDs
    41.6 Passer rating
    I see why the broncos were aggressively trying to get him, they know what he can do. Elway needed someone to tank the season in case manning went down early, which I hope not. They found that guy in janie and their expectation of him is low in fact, they said if he did start and carried the broncos to the playoffs, they would cut him for causing them to lose the number one pick in 2013

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