ESPN not interested in Shockey/Sapp polygraph contest

Former Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey has an idea for resolving his dispute with former NFL defensive tackle Warren Sapp regarding the question of whether Shockey blew the whistle on the Saints bounty system.

Shockey has proposed that he and Sapp take a lie detector test on ESPN.

Unfortunately (but predictably), ESPN isn’t interested.  “We haven’t thought about it and aren’t really interested in exploring it,” ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz told Michael McCarthy of USA Today.

Too bad.  Because we have a feeling that we would have showed up for a polygraph pissing match, and a WWE-style wrestling match would have broken out.

28 responses to “ESPN not interested in Shockey/Sapp polygraph contest

  1. Sapp would call Shockey “Chris Everett”, Shockey would have choked him… Sapp would go on to become wealthy and popular as if it never happened.

    Would have been great.

  2. Why doesn’t PFT do it instead of espn?

    Post you’re willing monitor it and share the results.

  3. Of course not. Besides it would make it a thing to happen again and again in the future, theres the all important encompassing end-all possibility of why they said no:

    It could prove Warren Sapp made it up.

  4. Can we please cut to the chase … Shockey wants money. His career is almost over, and his 24-hour-party lifestyle is crashing. This is all just a comic opera. He wants some cash.

  5. Those at ESPN, the “comic relief network deguised as serious sport reporting” are upset because they didn’t think of the idea first.

    And, the challenge is coming from the accused, not one of their own. ESPN has always been quite happy with repeating second, third, and forth hand information as a factual and sticking with it. It never stopped their agenda before. It shouldn’t in this case.

  6. Sounds like the perfect addition to a “PFT Live” segment if ESPN doesn’t want it.

    If that’s not conclusive, pair them up with a tag team with a G(orgeous)L(ady)O(f)W(restling) girl and settle it by pinfall.

  7. Shockey sure is talking a lot… but then after being hyped for three hours, he bailed like a bleep on Dan Patrick, wouldn’t appear. Doubt he’d have actually gone through with this charade either.
    Also, lie detectors aren’t banned from court just to make cops and prosecutors job harder, they’re banned because they’re bs and even in the best lab with the best tech running them they only have about a 60-70 percent accuracy, and are far more likely to give false positives than false negatives. Somebody tells you to take a lie detector, ask them if they’re going to consult a psychic and an astrologer too.

  8. If your cojones are so big Mike then why don’t you host the contest on PFT Live? You sure seemed bummed on the missed opportunity.

  9. I’m surprised and amused that ESPN is not interested. The surprise comes from the fact that it peddles insipid and lowbrow content all day, and a lie detector test would fit right in. I’m amused because ESPN apparently thinks it has journalistic integrity left to protect. I guess it’s going to stick to the current high standard of programming, which includes inviting celebrities into the commentary booth during football games, Skip Bayless race-baiting viewers, and only providing meaningful coverage for the sports that ESPN itself has a contract to air.

  10. whatswiththehate – um…are you proposing that PFT reports first hand information? Because, the next time you read anything on here, who posts the blog, references where they got the story. You’re commenting on a site that only produces 2nd hand info.

  11. This is a stupid idea and would prove nothing.

    Q: Did someone tell you Shockey is the snitch?
    Sapp: Yes

    Sapp wins. Doesn’t mean it’s true though

  12. not interested either. however, if they were going to cornhole each other, that’s a different story. god damn shockeys got those strong cornfed thighs.

  13. Why would Sapp just make up Jeremy Shockey’s name? Also where’s all the former players sticking up for Shockey?

    Jeremy Shockey is exactly the type of player that would be a complete and total bitch because a team cut him and thus I’ll easily side with Sapp on this one.

  14. Well Espn, it should get better ratings then your woman’s basketball games, bowling, tennis, darts, and the list goes on…..

  15. These two self absorbed loud mouth washed up attention seeking clowns on one stage would make most people violently ill. Bad idea.

  16. Five 5 round MMA bout in the cage with Sapp’s source as the referee. After they beat each other’s brains out no one would care.

  17. You know I didn’t read all the other comments above me, so if someone said this sorry man…..

    ESPN isn’t interested in it, but I bet NBC sports would be and this is the exact reason why this network is starting to be much better than ESPN!

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