FOX considers hiring Sean Payton

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From April 1 through the day after Super Bowl XLVII, Saints coach Sean Payton will be suspended from the NFL.  But he may find employment for the season with one of the league’s broadcast partners.

Judy Battista of the New York Times reports that FOX is considering hiring Payton.

“Our feeling about Sean is that he’s bright, articulate and obviously contemporary,” FOX senior vice president for communications Lou D’Ermilio told Battista.  “Any network with NFL rights would have to consider it.”

According to Battista, the other apparently have considered it — and they have decided against it.  Representatives of CBS, ESPN, and NBC each said that Payton would not be hired.

The league, which under former Commissioner Paul Tagliabue notoriously pressured ESPN into dropping the fictional football show Playmakers, says it has no problem with Payton working for one of the networks.

“He is suspended from the NFL for the season,” the NFL said in a statement.  “His involvement in any non-NFL employment or business matters is not our decision.”

It’s the right position for the league to take, and it’s good to see that the NFL isn’t so intent on enforcing its suspension that it would keep Payton from finding other ways to occupy his time and earn a living, even if it means that Payton will be part of the televised presentation of NFL games.

115 responses to “FOX considers hiring Sean Payton

  1. “Suspended from the NFL” should mean that he’s suspended from any NFL-related activity including broadcasting. He’d be a huge distraction and I’m sure the network would find ways for him to use it as a platform to rail against the league.

  2. FOX is as bad as ESPN and in this case even worse. Sure
    Let’s hire a man who lied to the NFL, and his employer, the New Orleans Saints. Lot of character there!

  3. He could be a new type of color commentator– “Whoa, a hit like that is what landed me here in this booth, woo hoo!”

  4. D!ck move if Fox does…he should not get to have anything associated with the NFL while in suspension

  5. He should do it. Try to rehab his image with the public. Maybe sooner rather than later people will begin to realize that just about every team has a bounty program.

  6. story below the fold would have thought it would have made headlines could it be that writer has proclivity for the vikings saints just won’t die

  7. D!ck move by Fox…suspension should mean nothing to do with anything associated with NFL. Must be nice to get hammer thrown down on you and still be able to benefit from it

  8. The question this raises is whether the same holds true for Gregg Williams.

    He too could be offered a gig somewhere if Payton breaks the ice and another network re-considers.

  9. I guess the talking heads at ESPN, and CBS should start worring about the bountys on their heads.

  10. Can’t wait to see Gregg Williams in the booth with Tirico and Gruden on Monday nights too!

  11. Whine you haters, Pat Roberson loves y’all too. Great rebound Sean. Listen to the loser fans, Saints are back baby!!! Lofton on board, defense ready to kick some NFL booty. Be very scare, NFL….

  12. I think he can host his own call in segment. Fantasy geeks can call in and discuss bounty prices on opposing QB’s…

  13. You no all you people that are callin the saints classless, and takin shots at us saints fans. I garuntee that if it was yalls team in this perdicument yall would be defendin them, and not callin yourselves classless. So how bout yall grow up and get over it whats done is done. We got punished and i still stand by my saints 110%. WHO DAT!

  14. I like the idea.

    And I think a good drinking game would be doing a shot every time he says “Wow, someone should get paid a little extra for that hit!”

  15. Ewww…

    This means we get to hear this pompous snob doing Lions’ games this fall, gloating about ‘when WE BEAT the Lions last year…’ ad nauseum.

    Truthfully, I’d rather have Joe Buck…and I cannot BELIEVE I just said that.

    :wanders off, shaking his head:

    truthfully, I’d rather have Joe Buck…and I cannot BELIEVE I said that.

  16. Theyre still black balling him. Just on the low. Fox just doesn’t give a F.

  17. So long as these networks continue to employ Matt Millen for his credible opinions on how other football teams operate, there will always be a place for a discredited head coach like Payton.

    Maybe NFL Network will hire Gregg Williams, too.

  18. There is always somebody who will hire names! It will be interesting if they ask him to explain his actions for why he is there:-)

  19. Maybe they can give him a segment where he can give Drew Brees his explanation of why he got suspended…99.99% of America is smart enough to know why but I guess Drew grew up in the tv generation of learning so maybe that will help him understand why

  20. @stevenfbrackett

    You’re a blithering idiot! The two people can’t be compared. You have my permission to stab yourself in the face.

  21. That’s it FOX, rewarding someone for doing something like this is really crazy. When the government gets involved, and they will, you will be guilty by association.

    And I have a question: If 2 coaches and a gm apologize for doing what they were accused of and Tracey Porter denys any bounty was done…Who is the lire?

  22. What’s the over/under for how many times you here him shout “pay da man” after a hard hit? I’m in at 12 lol

  23. He’s gonna give football analysis, he’s not gonna be interviewed. So go ahead and bite on haters! SEAN PAYTON & THE SAINTS RULE BABY!!!!!!!

  24. Yeah, FOX… “smart move” – I wonder how AARON RODGERS and CAM NEWTON will feel about having to talk to the man who approved BOUNTIES on them to be injured.

  25. The NFL likes to set rules after facts, so Payton’s Fox stint could be a Sarah Palin moment for him…the end.

  26. Hopefully Hines Ward can hit him in the mouth and shut it up! No way should this overrated coach be on tv! SUSPEND HIM FROM EVERYTHING GOODELL!!

  27. So he has to do the studio pre-game show? Since he is banned from the league, he isn’t allowed in stadiums to be a play by play man. Doesn’t FOX have enough people there already?

  28. Reading this article, one thing really resonated…I couldn’t help thinking…damn I miss Playmakers. That show was awesome. Last show, aside from Curb Your Enthusiasm that I actually planned on watching the night it aired.

  29. Let’s set up a “moneyhit” segment for him to break down the plays that deserve extra compensation.

  30. There is a reason why the others chose not to hire him….he is a lying, cheating, drug addict. So if FOX is gonna hire them they had better make sure they inform everyone to lockup their pain meds. He should have had a lifetime ban just as the DC is going to have.

  31. I must have missed the FOX job opening for either an incompetent coach that either doesn’t know what is going on in his own building. Or coach that lies to his owner and league office.

  32. Lies, cover ups, immorality, cheating, stretching the rules, denial, contempt for co workers, conspiracy to commit aggravated battery, sociopathy…. Good qualities for a talking head…

  33. Simply outrageous. So he comes out smelling like a rose after all. Un-freaking-believable.

    soulman 45: Yes, “the man have a right to work”, but he should have been forced to forfeit the PRIVILEGE (not right) of working in the NFL (or anything related to the NFL) when he repeatedlyh lied to the League about his support of, and involvement in, his team’s bounty program. And let’s not forget his ties to the felon who has free rein on the sidelines and who contributed to the pot. Payton is a liar and a sleaze.

    And bouwel92: Holy crap! What country are you from???? Learn some freaking English and grammar! You’re truly a testament to the NOLA public school system, aren’t you?

  34. bouwel92 says: Mar 24, 2012 11:38 PM

    You no all you people that are callin the saints classless, and takin shots at us saints fans. I garuntee that if it was yalls team in this perdicument yall would be defendin them, and not callin yourselves classless. So how bout yall grow up and get over it whats done is done. We got punished and i still stand by my saints 110%. WHO DAT!

    I’m hoping you use the upcoming football season to add to your third grade education.

  35. Maybe FOX is hiring him to do something else, like calling Baseball or NASCAR or going for ride-alongs on Cops. Could be ver entertaining.

  36. That would be like having a pedophile released from prison working as a janitor at a school. Gotta find another line of work where the astral stains of the criminal’s bleak existence won’t be brought to the fore.

  37. So funny to see the Saints haters heads explode every time the Saints refuse to bend down at the knee for their fake indignation. You thought Payton was going to hide in house in Dallas? You thought the Saints couldn’t sign top free agents like Loftin, Chamberlian, and Grubbs? You thought Saints players were going to grovel to the likes of YOU??

    Hit this post with all the ‘thumbs down’ that you like. The more the merrier. It feeds my beast. Bring it on. This ain’t nothing…wait til they start dismantling your teams on the field, and yes, I hope to see some cart-offs as well. They will be from legal hits that even the zebras can’t call bad.

  38. I’ve always like coach Payton and thought he was a class act, but now its apparent that he hired Greg Williams and gave him explicit instructions to implement a “nasty defense” knowing full well his reputation of bounties from Washington. He knew exactly what he was getting and He deserves every bit of his punishment and is lucky it was only for a year versus a lifetime ban. As Head coach he knew exactly what he was doing and parlayed that into winning a superbowl. I really wish the NFL acted more like college football and would take away their SB victory and ban them from future playoffs but all the gamblers would have a fit looking for their moneyback. I don’t have a problem with him working at Fox in a studiio but he should not be allowed into any NFL stadiums during his suspension.

  39. stevenfbrackett says:Mar 24, 2012 11:34 PM

    What’s next, Fox, get Jerry Sandusky to analyze college football?

    Gotta be the post of the day!!!

  40. bouwel92 says:Mar 24, 2012 11:38 PM

    You no all you people that are callin the saints classless, and takin shots at us saints fans. I garuntee that if it was yalls team in this perdicument yall would be defendin them, and not callin yourselves classless. So how bout yall grow up and get over it whats done is done. We got punished and i still stand by my saints 110%. WHO DAT

    Your skin may be a little too thin for the internet blogs. Steeler fans have to put up with Rapelessburger comments, Patriot fans with spygate and so on and so forth. Live with the fact that your team got busted, take the ribbing, and move on.

  41. WOW!! What an embarrassment. As an NFL fan it would be an embarrassment to have my CHEATER head coach on any network while he is supposed to be under suspension.

  42. LOL Joe Buck is pretty dull.

    Maybe if we get enough ppl to admit it, they’ll hire someone else.

    That’d be a good call.

  43. Sean needs a BFF and needs to wander the U.S. for a year helping the little people throughout…

  44. I honestly fail to see the problem. If a large company fired someone should a business magazine refuse to hire them? It seems like a good move to me. I just hope he has to deal with barbs and joke about ‘Bountygate’ all season long on the air.

  45. You may not like him but the guy is good at his job. He messed up no doubt but that doesn’t mean he’s not a smart football man.

    How’s the view on those high horses you all are on?

  46. He has character issues, admitted, unquestioned, and punished. I don’t see them affecting his ability to analyze games. I’m interested in his opinions, but if you are not for your own reasons, you can certainly boycott his broadcasts, and make it known to Fox.

  47. Message being put out by the NFL:

    “If you want to succeed in life kiddies, lie, cheat, and try to cause harm to as many people as possible. Now you may get a slap on the wrist but trust us, you will be taken well care of while people thinking you’re being punished in actuality we are just letting it blow over but we got you’re back.”

    Gotta love that the NFL now cares more about being a reality tv cash cow, rather than actually providing quality entertainment and preserving the reputation.

    Stay classy NFL and definitly stay classy New Orleans, the trophy is all you got now and that is tainted.

  48. Who Dat, cain’t speel worf a dayum?

    Who Dat, tryna use big werds dey don’t even be no-in wut dey mean?

    Hooked on phonics might help some of you illiterates. Maybe.

  49. Of course a Rupert Murdoch owned company doesn’t care what he did or how he cheated. I wonder if they’ll be hacking into various Saints organizations cell phones ?

  50. And to think I read multiple posts right here on firing the messenger (Warren Sapp)…..but this is being portrayed as a possibility…wow….another two sided coin decision….who are the executives going to support next Greg Williams? Wouldn’t the execs be better off giving Jose Canseco and job…he help clean up baseball.

  51. This is the network that has Aikman do nearly every Dallas game, might as well put Payton on the Saints games.

  52. If he profits from this suspension he should be banned for life! The NFL should have told him that upfront. Or otherwise you mess with the integrity of the game and blatantly attempt to destroy a man’s career and/or life and you get a bonus from FOX.

  53. I can see it now…

    Joe Buck throws down a white envelope on the table filled with $20,000.00.

    “Sean Payton does not finish this broadcast! I’ll cover any fines you get, but I want his jaw broken like Brett Favre’s ankle! When you’re done with him, I want him to look like Tony Kornheiser!”

  54. CBS, ESPN, and NBC considered him, and it didn’t make the headlines until Fox considered him. Interesting.

  55. If FOX has any integrity, they will honor the one year ban. He was suspended for a reason.

  56. What I’d like to know is why Payton can’t just go out and get a “real job” like the rest of us. Oh yes, that’s right….he doesn’t have any other marketable skills besides coaching football. Maybe the local high school team needs a coach? He’s not banned from coaching, only from coaching in the NFL.

  57. Fox better rethink this !!…….there are a great many fans who will switch pregame alliances should this happen !….. and …..Ratings mean Everything !!

  58. I love all the Saints fans praising Peyton here, you understand New Orleans chances of winning another Superbowl with this guy is pretty much over.

    Unless of course the NFL reinstates the bounty system.

  59. if payton is suspended without pay from the nfl for his conduct in the nfl – why should he be able to derive an income from any nfl-related activities?????

  60. I wonder how many teams did what the patriots “hate em” did and the saints “no bias” did and DID NOT GET CAUGHT. its funny after 9-11 the country rallied for the pats for obvious reasons and after katrina a lotta people rallied for the saints funny how stuff plays out.

  61. I like Payton as a Coach and while I favor the Saints ( not a bigbfan, but love their uniform, hey Im being honest… Being a Fins Fan with Aqua and Orange is notbideal, anyway, you pick a Team forvlifecwhen your 9 years old and unless your a bandwagon roller, like 90% of you! )

    Anyway, my point is that he is and should be in trouble because of the cover-up, not the Bounties themselves. This should not be rewarded. Only in America is an ousted ” leader” rewarded for misconduct.

  62. In the Fox executive’s assessment he forgot a few of Payton’s most important attributs; Like prescription pill a user, liar, cheater, underhanded, and coercive to name a few. Does TV have Know no shame?

  63. So a key question: Would comments he makes about specific players from the booth be construed as “tampering”? If he hypothetically opines about how much he would love to coach a specific player, and that player shows up on his doorstep in 2013, is he guilty?

  64. Time to start writing FOX to protest this possibility. Payton should be shunned and compelled to spend an entire season so he GETS IT! He is responsible for his team and its conduct.

    If this Yutz gets on Fox I’ll add him in my weekly complaint email to Fox along with Troy Aikman – the most biased sportscaster in history – the things he says and the way he says it – and he constantly does NFC east games AND cowboy games. Before Fox it used to be verboten to call a game that had a team you used to play for.

    Hell, no! Payton must gooooooo!

  65. “You no all you people that are callin the saints classless, and takin shots at us saints fans. I garuntee that if it was yalls team in this perdicument yall would be defendin them, and not callin yourselves classless…”

    We sent our dog killer packing from Atlanta, but then again, New Orleans fans used to show some class (and a pleasure to host when they came to town) but they have been losing class for years now so defending cheaters and liars just fits. I feel sorry for the old time Saints fans that still show their class while in a sea of scumbag fans, players and management.

  66. Good move Fox. Now you can teach younger viewers that cheating and headhunting on the field can get you higher rewards, even when the NFL sets you down for one-year. What a truly dumb decision.

  67. Sorry I wasn’t around when this article posted. You’re out of your mind. A suspension from the NFL should mean a suspension from all NFL-related activities. This is a multi-millionaire we’re talking about, not some working stiff who needs to go out and make a living. And I can just imagine what you’d be saying if Fox had put a suspended player–say, like Roethlisberger–on the air for the four weeks of his suspension. You sure as heck wouldn’t be calling it the “right position to take”–and you know it. Why don’t we have guys in Attica anchor the NBC Nightly News? 🙄

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