Source: Shockey is “hell bent on doing something” about Sapp remarks

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On Friday, former Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey failed to show for an interview on The Dan Patrick Show because Shockey was in a meeting.  It later was disclosed that he was meeting with a lawyer.

A league source tells PFT that Shockey has indeed been meeting with multiple lawyers, in order to devise a strategy for dealing with recent comments from NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp accusing Shockey of being the “snitch” who exposed the Saints’ three-year bounty system.

“He’s hell bent on doing something,” the source said of Shockey’s intentions.

That “something” could be the filing of a lawsuit.  But that could make Shockey even less attractive to teams that currently are on the fence, at best, about the prospect of signing him.

Before Sapp’s comments, some teams were, we’re told, “mildly interested” in adding Shockey to the team.  If stronger interest isn’t shown soon, Shockey could indeed resort to legal action.

It would be hard to blame him.  If Shockey was indeed the whistleblower (and we’re told he wasn’t), he has federal rights against retaliation of any kind.  If Shockey wasn’t the whistleblower, his rights would arise from notions of defamation.

A lawyer also could argue that, while Shockey isn’t the whistleblower, he’s being regarded as the whistleblower, and he’s suffering retaliation for something he didn’t do.

Regardless of any legal rights or remedies, the NFL never should have allowed any speculation or discussion or debate regarding the situation on its air.  The far bigger concern is, in our view, individual safety, and if Shockey is perceived to be the “snitch” who helped tarnish a Super Bowl trophy and derail the quest for another one, a zealous and crazy Saints fan could decide to do something about it.

The league also should be concerned about the impact of this controversy on future investigations.  Any player or coach who is thinking about blowing the whistle on wrongful activities may think twice about getting involved, given that the league-owned network showed zero appreciation of the importance of protecting those who cooperate with sensitive investigations regarding inflammatory circumstances.

92 responses to “Source: Shockey is “hell bent on doing something” about Sapp remarks

  1. something comes to mind…….”I think thee doth protest too much”……………………….

  2. At the end of the day it is clear the management at NFLN dropped the ball. Adult supervision is needed at NFLN, lest the inmates take over the asylum.

  3. That’s why if you are the NFL you make sure a team with the resources signs him to a little more than he’s worth to prevent a lawsuit of harming the whistle blower

  4. and a lawsuit against Sapp, that is small potatoes, litigation against the the man who signs his check is where the money is at.

  5. I love it. Sapp is a loud, obnoxious, arrogant, mumbling, stuttering, fatheaded prick. He’s about 1/10th as funny as he thinks he is and 1/100th as good as he thinks he was. When I see him, the channel gets changed.

  6. Shockey should see about hiring Tebow to place his healing hands over Sapp’s big yap.

  7. Seriously Shockey, stop crying about it, you should be happy that Sapp actually made your name relevant again!

  8. I hope Shockey pursues this to the ends of the Earth and that it FORCES the NFL to cough up all the evidence they have on ALL THE OTHER TEAMS with bounties. Maybe then the sanctimonious loudmouth fans of the Packers, Ravens, Titans, Redskins, Bills, etc will learn to not throw stones at people from their GLASS STADIUMS, and maybe for once the Viqueen fans will shut up and stop whining (well, maybe that last part is too much to expect).

  9. Shockey’s threatened lawsuit provides him with leverage to get the league and its media arm to settle. Given that the league allowed one of its employees or agents to “defame” Shockey (if he is telling the truth), Shockey’s lawyers should have broad discovery of the league’s investigation into the bounty system.

    The NFL’s counsel would do everything it could to either not produce this evidential matter or to produce it under court seal. Goddell likes to destroy evidence, not open it up to discovery. I can’t see the NFL taking the risk to their hegemony over their secrets. The NFL will settle and Sapp will be given a pass (just like Benson, who hardly was in the dark on this subject, just shielded by the GM he refuses to fire).

  10. Sapp had no idea how much of a reckless thing he did. Hopefully he receive foot to ass for being an idiot.

  11. 10 point deduction to feomax’s man-card for referencing Hamlet on a NFL discussion board.

  12. Sapp can’t keep up with his child support payments, he has no money. Sue him and the NFL Network, but he will be truly blackballed then. The “U” alumnI reunion should be a blast this year.

  13. I think he has every right to sue the fat loudmouth. NFL Network isn’t doing anything about it so it him where it hurts; his wallet. No matter what you feel about Shockey he has been wronged not oly by a blowhard “analyst”, (I use analyst lightly) but also the network that is owned by the league! I haven’t even heard Sapp apologize. Shockey isn’t the most like person/player, but that doesn’t mean he should be accused of something he obviously didn’t do. Sue Sapp, the network AND the league for defamation. He will have no problem winning every case.

  14. Who cares about Shockey or his hurt feelings? Even if he would have signed with a team, he would have gotten injured and went back home anyway.

    The guy is a bum, not to let people think I’m sticking up for Sapp, I’m not, but Shockey is just a guy now, who cares what he thinks.

  15. I dont see why everyone finds Warren Sapp so entertaining. I can not understand one thing the man says and the awkward pauses followed by smiles and laughter just make me feel uncomfortable.

    Just fire this marble-mouthed knuckle head and get a new expert, like Shawn King.

  16. They both need to shutup so we dont have to see stupid articles like this anymore—and besides who gives a s–t about what they say!

  17. Listen we all know Sapps a clown imbecile and couldnt be expected to use rational mature judgement but the NFL Network manager that specifically had Sapp come on live and talk about the “snitch” tweet used poor judgement to put it mildly.

  18. He probably wasnt going to do anything until lawyers started hounding him about pressing charges….they want to get paid too and see a sweet opportunity to. Shockey realizes that his career is over anyway so its like one last shot to make money and at the same time he has an EXCUSE why nobody wants him……”Now that I am outed as a whistleblower nobody wants me”…….No, nobody wants you because nobody wants a TE that has nothing left……….hey Shockey ….”you wanna cry, cry to mom”

  19. I met Shockey….he was, surprisingly, gracious and pleasant and posed for pics. Derailed everything I ever thought about him.

  20. Ugh G-Men fan here and I’m sick of hearing about Shockey. You know for someone who has become notorious for talking trash about teammates, coaching staff, fans, you name it, you would think Shockey would be able to take some of the heat he has been dishing out to others since his rookie year.

    Also I hate to jump to conclusions but maybe it’s not the fact that he is a whistle blower that no one would want him on their roster, but more because he is an injury prone, trash talking, locker room distraction whose bad attitude reflects on his play and will bring any team he signs with down. Good luck in court big guy.

  21. Just want to point out that this is the same Sapp (pun intended) that blindsided Green Bay Packer Chad Clifton while Clifton was jogging down field, away from the main action. Sapp put Clifton in the hospital for a week and Clifton was unable to walk without aid for 5 weeks. So Sapp deserves no mercy here.

    Sapp should get fired and sued. And then blindsided while walking out of the courthouse.

  22. Gee, if anything, I’d peg Shockey for suggesting the bounty system. Skipping Sapp has a lot of gumption.

  23. and if Shockey is perceived to be the “snitch” who helped tarnish a Super Bowl trophy and derail the quest for another one, a zealous and crazy Saints fan could decide to do something about it.

    Hey MF, if “some zealous and crazy Saints fan” as you put it, does decide “to do something about it’ would you feel responsible in some way?

  24. I dont think Sapp is correct to say what he’s said, but I find it hard ,REALLY hard , to have any sympathy for Shockey. hes been a jerk for so long now,it doesnt bother me that hes irked. (longs for my 10 points back)

  25. Not a big fan of Shockey but he didn’t deserve Warren Sapp shooting off his big fat mouth. The NFL Network might be the better target for a lawsuit (defamation). My guess is that they will settle with Shockey before this ends up in court. The NFL Network really needs to set some standards for its reporters and analysts so it is more than just a bunch of dumb inarticulate jocks sitting around with little of value to add to the games.

  26. What I find amusing is on there was a (now deleted) thread looking for where Goodell lived and having thinly veiled threats of harm towards him. So crazy fans going after Shockey isn’t entirely out of the question. Keep it classy there, Big Sleazy fans.

  27. I hope Shockey slaps the crap out of the NFL. (This will get ripped down soon so enjoy it while you can read it). Not only did they PROVIDE the medium (the tv network) to get the message out, it also paid Sapp to say it without repercussion. Now, if the NFL can prove that Shockey was the one who snitched, then the NFL may have provided SApp with that information which makes “Bountygate” look stupid. The NFL better hope and pray to God this goes away because Shockey has a really strong case here.
    WOW what a mess.

  28. How does this sound your both annoying as all hell… You both need to stay off the tv… sapp your fat as hell and Shockey your soooo ugly face looks like 10 week old pancakes that sapp wants to sit on then eat LMAO

  29. I still think Shockey did it. How funny would that be if he did sue and the judge found out he indeed was the snitch. Ha. Imprisonment for perjury.

  30. mac3333 says:
    Mar 24, 2012 4:39 PM
    Me thinks Jeremy doth protest a bit too much.


    And if wasn’t you’d be criticizing him for that. The fact is that innocent people are usually the ones who stick up for themselves. Guilty parties very carefully parse words and definitions. I am inclined to believe Shockey.

    Fire Sapp!

  31. @bearfan34 – Interesting story, because back in December there were threads (now deleted of course) on that had fans advocating permanently disabling Aaron Rodgers and Tavaris Jackson. Not even “thinly veiled” either.
    Stay classy there Windbag City fans.

  32. Careful what you wish for ( so not original ) regarding Warren Sapp, they said the same things about Jose Conseco and he was right the WHOLE time! !!

  33. Why would you bring up the possibility of a “zealous and crazy Saints fan” taking matters into their own hands? Did you think that a Pats fan might go after Bernard Pollard when he ruined their Super Bowl chances in week 1 of 2008? Or again in 2011 for that matter?

    Way to go putting the idea out there though.

  34. Defamation will be hard to prove. Shockey would have to prove Sapp knew info was false and ran with it anyway.

    Shockey should save his money instead of paying scummy lawyers who will take his money just to try and case they know he probably can’t win

  35. I hope to God that this results in Sapp being fired from NFL Network! Then, I will be able to watch what SHOULD be my favorite network without having to listen to some uneducated lard-ass who talks with marbles in his mouth. And puh-leez stop that stupid smirk you do every 30 seconds!!

  36. why would Shockey throw a fellow Cane under the bus in Vilma and why is Sapp doing the same to Shockey.It does’nt make sense and i doubt shockey would snitch.Sue Sapp for general principle he’s it coming with all the Karma from being a dick

  37. Shockey is about to get P A I D!!!! Probably more than he ever made in his career. Think about it. The NFL obviously thinks this is serious business. I mean, a year suspension! Outing a snitch, true or not, on their OWN network. Ohhhh boy!
    And why would Shockey settle??? He wants to get paid as well as a public apology and retraction.
    Straight cash homey ( or a VERY big check)

  38. If anyone knows anything about Shockey he’s EXACTLY the type of guy who would snitch. Why would anyone attack Sapp for releasing the name of a source — hell CNN will do it with Army members in Iraq and there isn’t this type of ‘outrage’. It’s amazing all the racists in here.

  39. The NFL network makes me sick! It’s so far up goodell A$$! And sapp, it’s apparent he’s a yes sir man, in a big way. I hope the Saints beat the crap out of all of the haters!!

  40. Frivolous lawsuit if he tries to file it. The burden of proof is on Shockey. And by even attempting to prove that Sapp is libelous and slanderous, he will inevitably end up DRY SNITCHING on himself while digging up evidence.

    That is, if Shockey is indeed the snitch, and I wouldn’t put it past him given how salty he was after being cut last offseason.

  41. I hope he’s not broke!!! Lawsuits aren’t worth creating wealth!!!

    A good percentage of cash still goes to the attorney!!! Just go ask this website’s creator!!!

  42. Shockey should be allowed one free and unencumbered swift kick in the nuts on Sapp. Done deal…justice served….no lawsuits….no BS…..just swift justice.

    I guess I’m just “Old Fashioned”.

  43. He would file suit but he knows that would confirm he is the snitch that’s why he’s mad .come out Shockley where ever you are ratatouille .i play for them lions and we got prices on your head if you ever step on that field again.g dub boys

  44. I really hope that Shockey can precure successful litigation against Sapp for running his mouth, being one of the biggest hypocrites around the NFL, and the NFL, his employee, for allowing him to use their medium to say this stuff. He should have to pay Shockey the amount of money h would have made had he been signed. I think this will make it difficult for Shockey, especially being expected to play with guys that believe you can’t be trusted…

  45. feomax says:
    Mar 24, 2012 4:54 PM
    I dont think Sapp is correct to say what he’s said, but I find it hard ,REALLY hard , to have any sympathy for Shockey. hes been a jerk for so long now,it doesnt bother me that hes irked. (longs for my 10 points back)

    If it’s any consolation, you got the quote wrong – though most people do. It’s actually “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

  46. Jclii I haven’t even heard sapp apologize. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. that Dumb stupid stuttering @?e wont apologize cause even if his SOURCE was wrong he wouldn’t aknowledge HE was wrong. the Queensize Burrito eatta should just eat lead f’it a lil rush roullette should do. dude was right I remember reading a report he hit a woman in miami maybe right before or after he got drafted he wasn’t “as famous” then so it didn’t get the right publicity and he did a number on her she was real small and he broke her nose and threw her on the ground. funny nobody ever talks about it when I heard all this shockey stuff I was certain the media would bring it up but nope…. f@? f÷©K gets away with it.. poor white girl

  47. One of the biggest reasons that I watch the NFL network year round is that it’s obvious the analysts are being objective and are not controlled or told what type of opinions are acceptable & which opinions are over the line or harmful to the league’s image… I’m glad that Sapp was permitted to speak freely!! I hope his source was dead on accurate, maybe then Shockey will be black balled and we won’t have to see or hear from his washed up a$$!!

  48. the purple pigeons had a bounty on hines ward for 13 years hurled racial slurs at him “soy sauce slope the steeler and chinky eyes” mostly bart scott and t.fizzle and ed rizzi. but the irony on that is…….. past few seasons the had HAROTI NAKAMURA. or whatever his name is. think he heard about that?????? I got a lil off course but it was about bounties.

  49. The whole bounty scandal is stupid to begin with!!!!!!! Let’s think about, the league is issuing fines for big hits, defenses get huge mojo from big hits!! As a defensive coach, I want my guys to go for the big hit but make it a clean hit (form fit tackling) if that’s still possible. So as a way to get my guys to continue going for the hits & not playing with doubt, I start to rally the troops and kick in $$$ for big hits. It can’t equal what they’re being fined but it can reinstate the confidence a defender needs when faced with a split second decision. They’re still coached “don’t hit em like this or this or this” cause we don’t want a penalty!! But Bag Nabit HIT EM!!!
    It has become sooooo important to protect players at any cost. I just wish someone would check the numbers on how many defenders are getting hurt now because they’re not playing with their instincts!! If a man lets up or plays careful not to get hurt, it’s more dangerous & he will get hurt every time!!!

  50. I see the writers at PFT are running on several pots of coffee this Sunday morn. So what might a crazy Saints fan do in regard to Shocky not being the “snitch”? The “snitch” is a black thing, so Im not surprised when Sappy said what he did. And Sappy is not know for common sense or sense in of any kind. Sappy suffers from sensery overload along with CHBRMM. CHBRMM is a new found human disease commonly found in the human mouth. CHBRMM simply means, CANT HELP BUT RUN MY MOUTH. Sappys had this disease since his days at the U.

  51. geofarsteeler4ever says: Mar 25, 2012 2:46 AM

    the world would be a much better place if an exconvict would sell sapp’s ex a gun. now that would make a wonderful news story.

    Still stinging because he (aptly, I might add) called your defense old and slow?

    You people and your asinine comments, I swear… nothing but overgrown crybabies.

  52. mackie66 says: Mar 25, 2012 10:31 AM

    I see the writers at PFT are running on several pots of coffee this Sunday morn. So what might a crazy Saints fan do in regard to Shocky not being the “snitch”? The “snitch” is a black thing, so Im not surprised when Sappy said what he did. And Sappy is not know for common sense or sense in of any kind. Sappy suffers from sensery overload along with CHBRMM. CHBRMM is a new found human disease commonly found in the human mouth. CHBRMM simply means, CANT HELP BUT RUN MY MOUTH. Sappys had this disease since his days at the U.

    Are you having a badtrip on acid?

    “The ‘snitch’ is a black thing.” — oh yeah, because White people grow up “tattle telling” and basically never stop nor ever think that there’s actually something wrong with doing it. SMH.

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