Vikings keep Aromashodu

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Lost in the return of linebacker Erin Henderson on a one-year deal was the Vikings’ retention of another free agent, also on a one-year deal.

The Vikings have re-signed receiver Devin Aromashodu, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Added in 2011 as a free agent from the Bears, Aromashodu caught only 26 passes last season.  But he averaged 18 yards per reception.

The contract for Aromashodu continues the slow, steady assembly of mid-level talent for, presumably, bargain prices in the hopes of finding a way to compete in the suddenly top-heavy NFC North.

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  1. If the dolphins would have signed this guy, you would have said it was another front office blunder

  2. The contract for Aromashodu continues the slow, steady assembly of mid-level talent for,


    For a less costly move when they leave the sewer hole named MN after they fail (something they’re very experienced at) to get a stadium deal done.

  3. The Vikings don’t have a clue how good thier receivers really were with the horrible offensive line play last season. Aromashodu has the tools to be a descent receiver if the QB would have time to get him the ball.

  4. Aromashodu, Persy, and 2 receivers taken in the draft after we go with Kalil. Add that to an o-line that can better keep Ponder vertical and the offense doesn’t look too bad. Now where are we gonna get some D-backs???

  5. Somebody please tell me we’re going to bring in Yeremiah Bell to try and negotiate a contract! We had the worst safety play in the history of this organization last year, and so far we’re just sitting on our thumbs to try and fix it. We don’t have enough draft picks to fill all of these holes!

  6. I thoughtsthe vikings would get the memo to not sign any past bears WRs with bobby wade and bernard berrian. Guess I was wrong. LOL

  7. @jbvikes..looks like the DBs are going to come high in the draft and the receivers a little later.It is possible to get decent receivers in any draft round as long as people do their homework,and that’s the part that bothers me.We don’t have a great record when it comes to late round picks.

  8. aussie61 says:
    Mar 24, 2012 10:03 PM
    We don’t have a great record when it comes to late round picks.

    I disagree with you there. Look at at our 6th – 7th round picks and UDFAs over the last few years under Speilman. A lot higher percentage of them are still in the league than is the case with most other teams. The reason we don’t have many of them still on our team is because we were building for the short term, and not really developing talent. Also, Childress kept cutting good players to protect “his” guys. See: Tyler Thigpen.

  9. Aussie61 I gotta disagree about db’s coming soon in the draft. If we take Kalil #3 I gotta think all of the “good” dbs are gone by our next pick. The 2 year plan says we should go offense (WR’s 2nd and 3rd rounds) and get better on D through the first few rounds of the draft next year (?).

  10. Hey gb4mn0, didn’t you hear the news? The Saints cheated – the Vikings deserved the Super Bowl 2 years ago. We destroyed you twice too – wasn’t that long ago. Heck even the next year when you lucked into the Super Bowl, we beat you the first game at GB – the refs had to do the unheard of – issue an apology for 2 blown TD calls, in a game you won by 4 when we came up just short in the last seconds. You ended up 10-6 that year, and the lucky ‘winner’ of a 3-way-tiebreak to even make the playoffs. It’s one thing to boast about good play…but to boast about pure luck is not right.

  11. I don’t see my Vikings contending for any Championship in the next 3 years. Why not trade 69 for some future picks and 28 if he proves to be healthy? Trade Percy too?

  12. @benchmcnabb,
    Vikings will never get the value back for those players they either traded for them or where they drafted them. Sadly if Hugh Jackson was still Raiders GM/coach, you might have a point….

  13. zn0rseman says:
    Mar 24, 2012 9:32 PM

    1: (3) OT Matt Kalil – Southern California
    2: (35) WR Stephen Hill – Georgia Tech


    That would be too good to be true, I would love if those were the first two picks to start the Vikes’12 draft but I’ve got a feeling that after Hill’s fantastic combine, some team will draft him in the first round.

    SKOL 2 U!!

  14. bzeller says:Mar 24, 2012 9:12 PM

    Wouldnt it be nice not to see GB4 on one Viking story ???? What a moron …….

    I’m a die hard Packers fan, and I approve this message.

    And to you GB4, I get the urge to always talk a little crap, but lay off a little man. You come off as a woman scorned. You surely must realize what goes up must come down. Appreciate the time our Packers are on the up, but remember every jab you dish out will be coming back at all of us in a few years.

    Take this time to reflect upon who you are. It’s gotta tell you something about yourself when even people who support the same team as you don’t like you or want you around.

  15. See now, jessethegreat, I could have a beer with you. As for gb4mno, I’d like to have about 48 beers, and then puke my beer on you. Yeah, that would be nice.

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