Cap jump or not in 2014, league wants players to be happy with CBA

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Conflicting accounts have emerged in recent days regarding whether the salary cap will spike in 2014, when the new TV deals kick in.  The NFLPA reportedly has told players and agents that it will; Patriots owner Robert Kraft recently has said that it won’t.

Regardless of the truth (and the smart money is on Kraft knowing which way the wind will blow), the league wants the players to think that they got a great deal in 2011.

Before NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith was re-elected, the league had even more reason to paint the deal as being friendly to the players, since the league wanted Smith to keep his job.  But even with Smith still in place for the foreseeable future, the league wants the players to be happy with the new labor agreement.

Kraft’s comments could be aimed at properly gauging player expectations come 2014, so that the reaction to anything other than a spike in the salary cap won’t be surprise.  If, after all, Kraft is right, the NFLPA has now set the players up to be grossly disappointed.

Especially since the money that pumped up the 2012 salary from from $116 million per team to $120.6 million per team had to come from somewhere.  Unless the NFL simply decided to give the players a bigger slice of the pie in 2012 or the players decided to shift money from benefits to salaries, the $147.2 million came from future years.  Which means that, in future years, there could be $147.2 million less to fund the salary cap.

10 responses to “Cap jump or not in 2014, league wants players to be happy with CBA

  1. They spent this much time putting fans through hell and both sides still do not have a general idea of what the future holds.

    I sure hope come 2014 both sides are happy….

  2. onodontbescurred says:

    well we know where 36M+10M came from. redskins and cowboys


    Exactly, and I would love to know who all the members of the NFL’s Mangement Council Executive Committe are. They are the one’s that came up with this “penalty”. The chairman is the co-owner of the Giants. Who are the rest of the members?

  3. Seems like the current members of the NFL’s Management Council Executive Committe is a National Secret…

  4. Exactly how could money that teams are not allowed to spend fund the revenue requirements MF is speaking of? All the penalty did was move the right to spend x amount of money on players from 2 teams to 28, it didn’t generate the cash required to do so.

    MF’s question is if the revenue numbers said the money was not there then where will it come from? It’s a good question but clearly one the posters from Dallas and DC can’t understand.

  5. Don’t worry – if they need cap money they’ll just find two more teams to penalize and take away cap space for breaking no rules whatsoever.

  6. The money could have come from an agremeent not to sue the NFL over the 2010 collusion and for signing off on allowing the NFL to go after the Redskins and Cowboys.

    It has been admitted that the NFLPA gave up the collusion charge for more money this year and signed off on the suits against the Skins and Cowboys. Unless they got a very bad deal that is where the money came from. If they have to pay this money back and gave up their claim on the 2010 collusion case there will be some very angry player reps.

  7. Being a cabdriver I get the question “how much is this trip going to cost” I aways guess high because I don’t want a conniption fit if I guess low when I get there. Kraft is doing the same thing.

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