Chad Ochocinco takes a pay cut


Chad Ochocinco wants to stay in New England badly enough that he’s willing to take less money to do it.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Ochocinco restructured his contract for the 2012 season, lowering his base salary from $3 million to $1 million.

As we noted yesterday, Ochocinco’s future in New England had been a topic of conversation because the Patriots had made so many moves to shore up the receiver position previously this offseason. New England signed free agent receivers Brandon Lloyd, Anthony Gonzalez and Donte Stallworth, re-signed one of their own free agent receivers, Deion Branch, and franchised another, Wes Welker. Add all those moves up and Ochocinco’s chances of remaining in New England didn’t look great.

But now that Ochocinco has reduced his base salary to $1 million, it makes sense for the Patriots to keep him. At least, it does if they think a full year in the offense will have him prepared to produce more than he did in 2011, when his output consisted of a career-low 15 catches for 276 yards.

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  1. surprised he did this. hope he can break through the crowd though, under the douchyness he always seemed like a well-intentioned guy.

  2. Dude just needs to change his name back to ‘Johnson’.

    Chad Johnson = great player, 4 time AFC yardage champ and pro-bowler.

    Chad Ochocinco = clown.

  3. Too bad he hasn’t gotten separation from a DB since 2008. Being $2 million lighter in the wallet isn’t going to help that problem.

    Too slow, too weak, too small, too old – makes it kind of hard to pile up the receptions, Johnson.

  4. Outside of his performance Chad was nothing but a great team mate as has been reported multiple times this season. With a full offseason hopefully the old Chad Ochocinco/Johnson reemerges.

  5. Pats don’t make many dumb moves, but this is definitely one of them. Ocho Stinko couldn’t figure out the offense after an entire season with the team. Now that’s pathetic. He does nothing all year and the Pats decide to bring him back? Why not draft or sign and undrafted free agent receiver? At least the rookie can be developed while he’s unproductive. Unlike Ocho, who is just old while also being unproductive.

  6. Eh, Ochocinco has been fairly quiet when it comes to opening his piehole the last few years. Despite his clownish antics in the past, I do not recall him ever having any legal issues unlike some of the “diva” receivers like Moss or Burress. At that price tab if the Pats can get some production from him, it would be a steal. Good luck to him.

  7. Am happy for the salary cut and everything that followed. Now he has to prove that he can be at least be #3 WR. Go pats.

  8. Base salaries are determined if you make the final 53 roster cut then the 1 mil would go against the salary cap. He’s not getting it now.

  9. Ochocinco is done. He’s old and has been on the downhill for the past two years. An extra year just means a year older and a year slower. Just hang them up man!

  10. nyyjetsknicks says:Mar 25, 2012 2:01 PM

    Remember the whole Bellick is a genius and Ochocinco and Hanyesworth will be probowlers? Lol…
    Remember when BB signed BWaters, ACarter(both Pro Bowlers) and MAnderson and went to the SB, while the jets went 8-8 and missed the playoffs. Keep LOL-ing chuckles.

  11. 15 catches for 276 yards in a whole season? That’s just a day at the office for Megatron

  12. Pats don’t make many dumb moves
    Not even a fan but lets see what comes to mind:
    going for it on 4th down vs. colts
    not starting Welker vs. Jets

  13. It’s not Ocho’s fault…. Brady can’t or won’t work outside the numbers.

    NE is a cemetery for outside receivers.

  14. Is this guaranteed or can they cut him coming out of training camp and not pay?

    Donald Driver may find himself in the same position in Green Bay.

  15. nyyjetsknicks says: Mar 25, 2012 2:01 PM

    Remember the whole Bellick is a genius and Ochocinco and Hanyesworth will be probowlers? Lol…


    “Bellick”….who’s “Bellick”?? Is that a cross between Bill Belichik and Brian Billick?? Careful who you call a genius.

    Also….’member when the Jets said they were gonna go to the Super Bowl for three years and then never did, but the Pats did? Then ‘member when they signed Mark Sanchez to a multi-year deal even though he’s terrible and at the same time they brought in a QB who can’t throw in Tim Tebow?

    ‘Member that?

  16. In fairness, recent history suggests that he will at best have to be A-Gonz’s understudy for a few plays, until Gonzo hurts himself again. I find it hard to believe how having a guy who has effectively missed two consecutive seasons due to injury really counts as “shoring up” the receiving corps. But, hey, the price must have been right.

    The streaky Brandon Lloyd, the injury-prone Gonzo, the no-deep-threat Deion Branch and Ocho – should make for an interesting training camp.

  17. If you get the Chad Johnson with the fantastic work ethic, you’ll get a much-improved WR at at bargain-basement price.

    If you get the Ocho Cinco who is more concerned with his brand-name, reality TV shows, Twitter-feed, etc, you’ll get nothing but a distraction for you efforts.

  18. The pay cut will make him tradable, or signable should he hit the wavier wire. Pats will still pick up a reciever or 2 with some late round picks, so there’ll be a bigger log-jam in there. Chad and Branch (not bad making the catch, but no yac at all or contact even) are both eligible for younger replacements with more possible upside.

  19. Chad Johnson accounted for 5% of the Patriots’ passing yardage and he was active for every game. He didn’t contribute on special teams. He got paid $176,000 each week of the regular season. He showed absolutely no improvement from Day 1 through the Super Bowl. These are the facts, and they are undisputed. He is the ultimate anti-Patriot.

  20. “nyyjetsknicks says:
    Mar 25, 2012 2:01 PM
    Remember the whole Bellick is a genius and Ochocinco and Hanyesworth will be probowlers? Lol…”

    Yeah the coach of your team is such a genius that you didn’t make the playoffs, have the most cancerous dysfunctional locker room in the league, and the Jets have become a laughingstock that Peyton Manning wouldn’t even consider playing for.

    Meanwhile the Pats may not have won the Super Bowl this time but they got there, and only 2 teams a year can say that. The Pats have made it 5 times in 10 years, the Jets have made it how many times in that time period ? Zero right ?

    No coach makes 100% right decisions and Belichick takes risks that sometime don’t work out. So what, he’s the best coach in the league.

  21. The only way he makes the roster is if Gonzalez or Stallworth are bigger bums than him. The three of them together are barely worth one serviceable receiver.

  22. Shoot, I’d take $100,000 to play as much as he did. And yes, I believe I could do just as good if not better than he did.

    Going to be interesting to see what happens with all those receivers. Ocho won’t be the only one to get shafted. There’s not enough room for Stallworth, Branch, Gonzalez(he will eliminate himself with another injury I’m sure), Lloyd, and Welker… especially when you know the Patriots will want to keep their two tight-end set on the field most of the time.

  23. Chad’s done. Here’s a guy who built his career early on go routes and tossing the play book in the trash can. At this rate, he and T.O. Will be playing for the Wranglers this year.

  24. lolatvick says: “Pats will still pick up a reciever or 2 with some late round picks, so there’ll be a bigger log-jam in there.”


    You said “log-jam”, LOL. Don’t be fatuous.

  25. “At this rate, he and T.O. Will be playing for the Wranglers this year.”

    …and no doubt there’ll be a reality show about it, too.

  26. One other factor is the signing of the new TE Daniel Fells. Aaron Hernandez could be playing more WR and if thats the case, the chances of Ocho getting cut increases. Plus I doubt he will be out Deion and Stallworth knows the system from 2007. Seriously doubt he makes the team but they are giving him a shot on the Pats terms.

  27. I’m actually really proud of Chad for doing this. Considering he is 34 years old, to take a cut from 3 mil to 1 mil, says alot to me. The Patriots are definitely a top team and could contend to reach the SuperBowl again this year, he wants to play for a winning team.

  28. So many fans don’t actually understand football. Must be to much fantasy fans out there to grasp the actuall concept of team building.go pats(jets suck)

  29. As a Bronco fan, I just want to say to any doubters, I always try to be hones and objective, an BB is one of the best coaches not only now, but of all time, and 25 yrs from now it will be written on the books..just my opinion of course. Having said that..go Broncos!

  30. when its all said and done, if the pats do win the superbowl he still gets a ring. maybe thats all he is after, even if he is riding the pine all year

  31. Let’s hope Chad has some smart people putting money away before he spends it all!!!! It’s sad to see a once productive WR sitting on the pine. study thr playbook this year, maube change your name back to Johnson because he was elite, ocho stinks.

  32. Didnt have much of a choice after the season he just had. He knows that if he wants to win a ring his best chance is with the Pats since not too many other contending teams would be willing to offer him a contract.

  33. strokeytheclown says: Mar 25, 2012 2:10 PM

    Too bad he wasn’t forced to change his uniform #. I would have loved to see him have to change his name to Ochoquatro or something like that.

    Hernandez gave him 85.

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