Don’t look for partial schedule release this week

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Before 2010, the NFL had adopted a habit of unveiling the Week One prime-time games and the three Thanksgiving games during the league meetings in March.  Beginning in 2010, the NFL abruptly scuttled the practice.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that a return of the practice is unlikely in 2012.

It makes sense, especially since the recent decision of Peyton Manning to join the Broncos and the trade of former Broncos starter Tim Tebow to the Jets could cause the league to reshuffle the deck.

In Week One, the Giants will host the regular-season opener on Wednesday, September 5.  The game will be televised by NBC, which will put a bow on the first Sunday of the regular season with another night game.  Week One ends with a Monday night doubleheader on ESPN.

On Thanksgiving, the Lions will host the Texans or the Colts.  The Cowboys will welcome an NFC team; this year, the visitor will come from among the Redskins, Giants, Eagles, Buccaneers, Saints, and Bears.  No specific team has dibs on the third game Thanksgiving game, which will be televised for the first time on NBC.

The full schedule will be released prior to the draft.

30 responses to “Don’t look for partial schedule release this week

  1. How obvious is a Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning Thanksgiving night game?

    I’m sorry… Patriots vs. Broncos.

    Oh, who am I kidding? It’s Brady vs. Manning.

  2. And while all the “big” games might not be leaked this week, we know the rumors and leaks will start trickling out. Teams can’t help themselves. Build interest, sell tickets, keep people talking about the league until the season arrives.

  3. Hmm..the Detroit Thanksgiving game is gonna be an interesting choice. Luck on the big stage or a SB preview.

  4. I think it would be great to have a Broncos-Raiders game on Monday night. Watching the obviously superior Denver team systematically disassemble the joke that is the Chokeland Faiders would be so much sweeter if was televised nationally.

  5. Thursday night game Packers vs Giants
    Sunday night game Pitt at Denver
    Monday night game Miami at New England
    Mondya night game Cards at san fran
    Houston at Det
    Wash at Dallas RG111 return to texas
    Balt at Philly
    Too the morons who say harbaugh bowl and San fran oakland..THEY DO NOT PLAY EACH OTHER! LOOK AT THE SCHEDULE BEFORE POSTING ANYTHING!

  6. I’d love for a Lions Colts Turkey Bowl. It may be the only Prime Time game I see as a Colt fan this season.

  7. plum13sec says:
    Mar 25, 2012 9:10 PM
    Over under on the colts playing the broncos anyone?

    fumblenuts says:
    Mar 25, 2012 9:27 PM
    Giants VS Broncos………Manning against Manning!


    kind of doubtful in both cases since the Broncos play neither of them this year…

  8. Thursday Night Giants vs. Packers
    Sunday Night Broncos vs. Saints
    Monday night Patriots vs. Jets Monday night
    Monday Night late cap San Diego vs. Baltimore

  9. redskins vs the giants opening day! rg3 put on the big stage right AWAY!! the skins beat the giants twice last year!!

    and what better on thankgiving than the cowboys and indians! REDSKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. If Baltimore plays on thanksgiving, the other team might as well pack it in. Baltimore D is ridiculous on Turkey Day. Just look at the stats!

  11. Because the Lions are scheduled to host either the Colts and the Texans this year, not the Titans and the Jaguars.

  12. Oh yeah , duh! It was late night and I’m a teacher so excited to be on spring break that I missed the obvious. Thanks Mike.

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