Jake Scott, Philip Wheeler visit Dolphins

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Back in the early days of Don Shula’s tenure as Dolphins head coach, Miami had a player named Jake Scott and they won a pair of Super Bowl titles.

That had to do with a lot more than having a player named Jake Scott, although the safety was the Super Bowl VII MVP, but it couldn’t hurt to have a player named Jake Scott on the roster as the Dolphins try to turn things around. So it may be a good sign that someone with just that name visited with the Dolphins on Saturday.

This Scott is the former Titans and Colts guard who has started 112 straight games for the two AFC South clubs. Scott’s made his mark as a fine pass blocker over the years, but he can handle himself in the running game as well. If he signed in Miami, he would give the team an upgrade on either Richie Incognito or Vernon Carey at guard. Per Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, no offer was made before the end of the visit but Scott’s agent said there is interest on both sides.

Linebacker Philip Wheeler has no same-named predecessor in Miami, but he also visited with the Dolphins on Saturday. Wheeler started 11 games for the Colts last season before seeing his season end with a foot injury and he’s been in and out of the starting lineup during his four years with the Colts. The Dolphins could use some depth at outside linebacker next season, especially with talk of moving Koa Misi inside, and Wheeler could compete for a starting role if he winds up in Miami.

14 responses to “Jake Scott, Philip Wheeler visit Dolphins

  1. Wheeler can’t tackle!!! I figured colts would bring him back as a OLB in their 3-4D, he showed that he could rush the passer a lil….oh well no loss by the colts!!

  2. I definitely think the Dolphins need another Jakc Scott! They were pretty good when they had the last one.

  3. If we sign FB Richie Anderson, Tulane Head Coach Curtis Johnson, and former Pittsburgh Pirate SS Tim Foli; we’ll have the whole fake secondary on the team.

    But we do need a WR. Is the Rams’ Mark Clayton available?

  4. OK, dont start the negative crap already, fellow Fins Fans. Scott would be a great, not non-glamorous signing. He was a Starter with athletic movement (something we lack with both current Guards). The issue is he may not even be starter and probably wants above starter pay. Again, I hope we can sign some value here for depth.

    As for Wheeler, no thank you! OLB’s need to have superior open field tackling skills. He will get burned in coverage and is no upgrade to Misi ( who has excellent ball skills, but gets too caught in traffic) We need to find this crucial position in the Draft.

  5. WHO???!!! This is how terrible Free Agency is this year – when the best QB is Peyton Manning and the 2nd best is Matt Flynn…when Jake Scott and Phillip Wheeler make headlines??? jeeeeezzzzz

  6. Wow, people are dissing an upgrade on the OL?

    Sorry, folks, but you just WANT to be upset now, that’s clear. Scott would be exactly the kind of improvement we need. Just one step, but a big one.

    I suspect most “fans” (and I use the looser than Lindsey Lohan on a bender) are clearly hoping Miami DOESN’T make any good moves, so they can keep on whining.

    I guess if that’s all you’re good at…who can blame you.

  7. You don’t build a team with “big names”. Enough teams have tried this through free agency and have proven it doesn’t work. You build through the draft with players who have the potential to make a name for themselves and use free agency to I’ll holes with souls role players.

    Everyone keeps saying the Fins couldn’t land any of the top QB’s. Manning, Flynn, and Alex Smith. They could have ha Flynn or Smith, but weren’t going to overpay for either of them, but instead got the one they wanted in Garrard, who is a better option for this team right now while they develop a QB from this year’s draft. Probably Osweiler in the 2nd round.

    Anybody here think Philbin will have any trouble developing a young QB to run his offense?

  8. Cheaply-priced castoffs from one of the NFL’s worst defenses. This fits perfectly with the Ross’ NFL model: cut spending but still hope to sell tickets. Brilliant. Can’t wait to see how badly he and Ireland lowball Jake Long before he leaves via free-agency next year. Think I’m joking? Just wait and see.

  9. Dolphins will be a playoff team this yr…..watch n c philbin and staff will all be considered the greatest …….comeback team of the decade, watch our time of the suck nis over dolfan forever

  10. Trade with browns in draft / give them a 3rd to trade 4 spots and sign blackmon, second pick grab up weeden, 3rd pick right t. , 4th pick Lb/safety etc , 5th t.e /recever, 6th w/e 7th w/e ……..can we make this happen ross

  11. Weeden is better than andrew luck, weeden has a better completion percentage. , more yrds. , 34 tds to lucks 35 , but weeden is by far right there with luck n rg3, in my eyes im a huge college football fan. , weeden is better n will be a great pick n better one at that…he’s 5 yrs older so we wouldn’t have to wait 4 yrs for him to mature to the next level like luck will have to, he had a huge nfl arm, he can get picked up in the 2nd rd. But if I was ross I would trade down in the first to like the 20’s for a second rd. That leaves …. alate first. / 2 2nd rd and 2 3rds …awesome and I would grab weeden late first, … or the phins should try to trade up for one of them thirds to grab blackmon, and hope weeden is there in the 2nd…..but tannehill needs alot of work and the next thing is wilson but at 5″11 that’s a hard one ….flutie did good but who know ..wilson does have a huge arm as well….but just toshort in my eyes and tannehill hands are way to small to not fumble alot…..I think tannehill and luck will be the next alex smith and weeden with that fast release can be a great nfl qb…. no doubt rg3 will be great as well but phins got no luck getting luck or rg3 so WEEDEN TO MIAMI N IF LUCKY BRING HIS FAVORITE RECEIVER

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