LeSean McCoy contract could be next Eagles issue

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The Eagles had to deal with a protracted contract disagreement with DeSean Jackson last season and they now have another key offensive player entering the final year of his deal.

LeSean McCoy is set to make $600,000 this season, the last year of his rookie contract. He’s obviously outperformed that contract in his first three seasons with Philly, but, as with Jackson, coming to terms on a long-term deal won’t be easy. Paul Domowitch of the Philadelphia Daily News reports that the team has offered him a deal worth about $6 million a year, a good deal less than Arian Foster got from Houston, but McCoy hasn’t bitten.

As Florio pointed out earlier this week, running backs aren’t drawing big contracts as free agents these days and the fact that the Eagles can franchise McCoy after next season gives them a lot of leverage. Even if McCoy puts up another huge season, the Eagles would likely be happy to franchise him, the tag would likely be somewhere in the neighborhood of $8.4 million next year, and take their chances rather than break the bank for a longer deal at a position fraught with examples of how quickly things can go downhill.

This offseason has provided a roadmap for an eventual deal. The two biggest running back deals this year landed $20.75 million and $17 million in guaranteed money for Foster and Marshawn Lynch, respectively, but McCoy is younger than both of them and he’s been more productive than Lynch. Still, if both sides want to get something done before McCoy hits free agency they give a blueprint of what one might look like. It would help even more if Matt Forte and Ray Rice got long-term deals, but nothing much is brewing on those fronts.

There’s no sign that McCoy will hold out this summer, but there will likely be more discussion once we get past free agency and the draft. As of now, it doesn’t look like things will be taken care of quickly.

49 responses to “LeSean McCoy contract could be next Eagles issue

  1. I think they’ll get a deal done, but it won’t be until Asante’s salary is off the books since they only have ~$15 million in cap space. I hope he’s not expecting to be the paid like the 2nd best back in the league, even though he is.

  2. As much as I love McCoy, the shelf life for RBs is very short and the production can really just vanish. I think a deal just like Foster’s is totally fair, but franchise tagging him over and over is almost the safer investment … as long as he doesn’t go Vincent Jackson mode on them.

  3. McCoy appears to be a good/level headed individual, all around nice guy. Which begs the question, why is he in Philadelphia?

  4. Yea it’s tough market for RBs but really he’s a top 3 back hands down. If the franchise tag next season is 8 mill for RB then pony up. Eagles has 22 mill under the cap prior to signing Ryans. And they’ll get rid of Asantes 9.5 mill so there’s plenty of money. Just get it done birds. And let’s take the east! #bleedgreenforlife

  5. I don’t think that’s true:

    Drew Rosenhaus represents McCoy is actually a good thing for the Eagles as far as the chances of completing a deal. The guy’s all about the commission. He deals in bulk. With 200-plus NFL clients, he wants to get a deal done and move on the next one.

    “today’s report” : “I would think there’s a good chance they’ll get a deal done,” one agent who represents Eagles players said.

    “Howie [general manger Howie Roseman] doesn’t want to go through another situation like he went through with DeSean.

    You’ve got running-back contracts out there to use as a guide. Williams, Foster and Lynch. Peterson and Johnson.

    This isn’t rocket science.

    the rough number for the
    Eagles Current Estimated Cap Room, as of today:


  6. No better time to give him that big deal than right now. As a Giants fan, I hope he goes to the AFC somehow. He’s insanely good.

  7. elmaxoh, have you ever heard Chris Johnson and LeSean McCoy speak??? Two entirely different people.

  8. McCoy should get a deal similar to what Jackson rec’d with more cash guaranteed.

  9. if the giants could find a way to bring him over and lock him up for a few years …….. they would solidify themselves as THE team to beat in the nfl – mccoy is a top 5 rb who is very young and still has a lot of tread left on his tires……..

  10. elmaxoh says:
    Mar 25, 2012 9:38 AM
    Don’t give this guy too much money .. Remember what happened to Chris Johnson ?

    I don’t believe McCoy to Johnson is a fair comparison. During his holdout,Johnson was all about me me me. I’m a Saints fan and obviously Eagles fans would be more knowledgeable than I. From what I’ve seen,I don’t think McCoy has that kind of mental makeup displayed by Johnson.

    I will say it’s going to be a very difficult financial decision though. How many of his stats are the direct reflection of having Mike Vick as Qb and Desean Jackson as a Wr.? When opponents play the Eagles, both Safeties are lined up very deep and that leaves a lot of room once a RB gets past the 2nd level and into the secondary.

  11. Eagles should break the bank for this guy give him a 10 year 250 million dollar contract he is worth every penny and because of the they should fully guarantee the whole contract

  12. If they can’t work an acceptable trade for Asante Samuel and his $9.5m 2012 salary, they should release him, draft a corner for depth, and add that money to the McCoy pile. It could hurt to lose Asante, but they’re not that thin at CB and he would be gone by 2013, anyway. McCoy COULD be top-flight for another 4-5 years.

  13. I really doubt he’s going to hold out. He saw what DeSean went through and put everyone else through. I’m really more with the Eagles on this one in terms of not offering too much. Look at what happened to Westbrook when they paid him more. He had a year and then tanked. Shady is younger, so that’s a positive…but we’ll see.

  14. The LeSean Mccoy contract or the fact that they stink and let all their fans down year after year could be the next big issue.

  15. McCoy has been a consummate professional about the process. Eagles brass has taken care of it own this off season. I believe a deal will happen and McCoy will be rewarded.

  16. The Eagles didn’t HAVE to deal with the issue, they chose to deal with it that way. They told him that ending his holdout would show good faith on his part and then they ignored him the for the rest of the season. They seem like they need to always show everyone else who’s boss along with who is the smartest and all the other stuff they do, like declaring themselves the gold standard, when they are really just the fool’s gold standard.

  17. This is a really tough situation. All Pro, great kid and one of the best in all football. What we need is a crystal ball to see if he stays healthy. I feel the Eagles will be drafting a running back in the first two rounds.

  18. I would recommend he do like Desean. If he is not paid appropriately; then, run directly towards the sidelines or go down on contact until he and his family are properly taken care off. Better yet pull a hammy.

    This is the exact advise I would give to a family member. The guy might be a nice guy, but don’t equate that with being stupid.

    I can see Rosenhaus holding this guy back. Especially when there are many other organizations willing to make him the highest paid RB.

    Eagles could have locked this guy in for less last year, but instead used the $$$ for Dream Team 1.0, and now they want to have their cake and eat it too.

    This will be fun to watch as to how it plays out.
    I recommend no one tune out on his one.

  19. This sucks as an Eagles fan. He deserves his pay day, but we all know what happens to 99% of RB’s after their 2-3 prime years….

    I say we tag McCoy next season (much to his dismay) and draft T. Richardson in the first round. Much rather transition to a younger RB than an aging LeSean McCoy.

    It just sucks how the business of the NFL dictates everything. Complete BS.

  20. it seems the rookie salary structure is uniquely unfair to running backs. they especially will have their maximum production in their first 4 years, meaning when the time for the big payday finally comes, teams would be smart to just find another rookie. i think the johnson and peterson contracts were frankly mistakes from owners’ point of view. there probably should be some sliding scale that adjusts the length of a rookie contract to the average lifespan of each position. running backs deserve to get paid too.

  21. Philly under Reid has under-utilized their backs as is (in the run game at least). Any money spent on McCoy is too much.

  22. Hey Steelerhypocrite, Shady McCoy is from Harrisburg so he certainly knows Philly well. And we aren’t worshipping fools like you Iron City beer drinking dopes out in Pittsburgh. You earn your love in Philly and when you earn it, you are loved forever. See for example Dawkins, Brian, Bednirak, Concrete Charlie, Montgomery, Wilbert, Vermeil, Dick, etc.

  23. I hope they’ve learned their lesson of trying to underpay superstar players who have outperformed their contract. Those players if they’re not on board can ruin the entire season for teams.

  24. The Birds have money and plenty of time to get something worked out. Shady isn’t going anywhere, the Birds can use the franchise tag on him next season if need be. This isn’t a big deal yet.

  25. @briang123

    Right on man. Steelerhyp is a retard. Bandwagon jumper, my steelworker dad liked them so I like them.

  26. they should just pay him. hes still young and has got a good 4 to 5 years of his prime left. hes not going to get AP or CJ money but he deserves to be in the $8mil range with arian foster.

    if the franchise tag is $8 mil, they should do mccoy right and give him a long term extension for that yearly amount so he can have some security.

    the front office needs to show the locker room they will reward those who go about their business the right way.

  27. @briang123…ooooo, “you have to earn our respect, we’re philadelphia” So lame. That line just gives you an excuse to boo your team whenever you want and act like a total idiot. This coming from the same city that worships a pretend characters such as Rocky Balboa and Tony Danza…

  28. This is way different from DeSean last year. 1) McCoy isn’t the diva (and I’m being kind here) DJax is, so he wouldn’t pull a DJax and pout if he didn’t get a deal. 2) What is a fair deal for a RB these days? Honestly, I give McCoy what DeAngelo Williams got last year.

  29. The truth is that McCoy (2 mil) and Forte (3 mil) haven’t made any real money. Take out taxes, agent fees it’s less than a mil.

    Every non 1st round rookie superstar really has no choice other than to holdout/cause problems the last year of his contract. Look what the Bears are doing to Forte and he was 46% of the bears offense. 600K last year and he almost had a career ending injury.

  30. At times the NFL makes me depressed. Players sacrifice their physical and mental health to play this game and are thrown out like yesterday’s garbage the moment they can no longer perform. The owners all work together looking for any way to avoid paying these guys who make them so much money. I’m going to get some doughnuts.

  31. LeSean Mccoy is the best RB in football. For a guy that doesn’t get enough carries in a pass happy offense, his stats are sick. I think the Eagles should give him a Arian Foster type contract. He is only 23 and for only getting the ball 20 times a game he should last a good 5 years at a high level.

  32. For everyone who thinks he doesn’t deserve it. You are wrong and don’t watch every Eagles game like Eagles fans do. The thing about Mccoy is, he doesn’t take poundings like AP and L.T. did. He avoids tackles by going down before he’s hit. He is by far the best in the league at this.

    I understand an injury can happen at any time, but Shady is an interesting back. He’s not a power back, but he’s the best cutback RB in the game and he is really patient in letting his line open up holes for him. He is the best “all-around value” RB right now in the NFL for 2 main reasons:

    1. He’s never had a significant injury (like Foster and AP) and like I mentioned he is better than any back at absorbing tackles.

    2. Although he may not be as good as Foster right now (who I think is the best all around back currently), he’s younger and plays in a great system that fits his style.

    The other RB I believe is next in line would be Ray Rice. He does it all, but takes hits and lacks top end speed. But Rice is the best pass catching RB hands down. He runs routes like WRs and catches slants and hitch routes like no other RB I’ve ever seen.

    Bottom Line: Give Shady a 6 year $51 million dollar deal.

  33. shady deserves a nice contract, hes done so much for that team, even when the offense was piss last year he carried them on his back exempt the wins, pay the man!

  34. McCoy is one of the best talents in the nfl. Barry sanders like. He should definety get more than 600k lol. 3 straight great seasons. And he’s I think 23. Like c’mon. At this rate, he’ll have 15k yards an be HOF

  35. Shady dont fumble
    Shady stays healthy
    Shady dont slack
    Shady hates the NY football Giants (osi)
    Shady sets records
    Pay 25 what he deserves

  36. McCoy’s proven durable and was the best all-around back in the league this past season. If somebody’s earned a big pay day, it’s him.

  37. McCoy is a student, and still only 25. If anyone deserves a payday, it’s him. He has missed one game, and if it were an important game, he would have played. A 5 year deal takes him to 31. Give it to him, he deserves it completely

  38. @eagleswoot I’m in agreement with you that McCoy deserves a new contract, I hope you realize he’s not 25, he’s actually still only 23 and he’ll be 24 in July.

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