Light is expected to retire


Retirement has been mentioned as a possibility for Patriots longtime left tackle Matt Light since New England’s Super Bowl XLVI loss to the Giants. The Pats have seemingly conducted business this offseason as if Light won’t be back.

Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston confirmed in a Sunday morning quick-hit column that Light is “expected” to retire. Per Reiss, Light “appreciates the run he’s had” and likes the idea of “walking away when he still can.”

Light has been the Patriots’ starting left tackle for the past 11 seasons. He’s earned three Pro Bowl trips and one first-team All-Pro Berth.

His replacement on Tom Brady’s blind side is expected to be 2011 first-round pick Nate Solder.

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  1. This is tough as a Pats fan but the signing of Robert Gallery confirmed this. He and Brady were the only ones from the 2001 Super Bowl team left. Damn, things can change.

  2. Ah nuts. Somebody already beat me to the post super bowl dance-off comment. Next, I wanna see him on dancing with the stars though. That would be a real hootnanny.

  3. Matt has been a very under rated left tackle, and I thought he had one of his best seasons this past year. He’s given the team stability and toughness at a key spot for more then a decade, and been a good guy the whole time. I wish he’d come back for one more run at it, but as is typical, the Patriots have planned for this and have a succession plan in place.

  4. It is a shame that only now will most Patriots fans appreciate what this guy has meant to this team in the last decade. He’ll be greatly missed. Thanks for keeping Tom upright most of the time.

  5. He made an above-average QB seem awesome. Nate S is a nice kid but don’t expect him to protect Brady like Light did. Now, Brady is more likely to get injured and less likely to make Pro Bowls.

  6. .

    I would not be surprised to see him return midseason if injuries accrue on the offensive line.


  7. Good guy. His annual charity even was a skeet shooting contest. He always seemed like a regular guy.

  8. Awesome left tackle!!!!

    I hope he has a good retirement if this true!!!!

    However, if gains too much weight after playing he NEEDS to change his name from “Matt Light” to “Matt Heavy”!!!

  9. He is just moving on now so that he doesn’t have to play that Buffalo D-line twice this year! His former teammate Mark Anderson would be his guy to pick up.

    Great player, but it’s about that time to call it quits. He can probably get into coaching if he is interested in something like that, he’s a pro bowler, I’m sure he knows exactly whats needed. Good luck Mr. Light!

  10. realnflmaster says: Mar 25, 2012 4:57 PM

    I wouldn’t want to play that pissed off JETS team either this season.


    Yeah, you lose & play second fiddle for that long, you’re bound to be “pissed.” Not that it makes a difference, they still can’t get over the hump. Have you looked at the team the Jets will be fielding next season? They’ll be LUCKY to finish 3rd in the division.

  11. “…and forever owned by the Giants D-Line.”

    I’m afraid Light owned the Giants in that last SB. Only one hit and 2 pressures. He made loud-mouthed Osi and JPP disappear.

  12. These Bill’s fans seem to think that now that they have Mario, their ticket for greatness has been punched. Think again, Houston is still a better team than the Jills and they only went to playoffs once with super mario!

  13. Not too many guys left with the tainted rings on that team, except Brady, Branch and Wilfork.

    What a shame to see the Golden Era of NFL cheating coming to an end…

  14. newenglandsports11 says: Mar 25, 2012 4:19 PM

    This is tough as a Pats fan but the signing of Robert Gallery confirmed this
    Gallery is a guard, Light was a tackle.

  15. newenglandsports11 says: Mar 25, 2012 4:19 PM

    This is tough as a Pats fan but the signing of Robert Gallery confirmed this.

    I doubt Gallery will be playing T.

    To all you people who couldn’t wait to make ignorant comments about a very good player and a good dude, shame on you. So pathetic. I guess the more I’m on the internet and read such drivel and hear the type of things some “fans” shout at guys, the more I get why some players dislike fans.

    I had wondered right after the SB if his participation in that afterparty was because he knew it was his last year because I didn’t think it was his nature to party after a loss like that.

    So if he leaves, I wish him nothing but the best. I’ll miss his wisecracking self and I appreciate his leadership and play.

  16. Nate Solder is good, but he is not Matt Light. I would be surprised to see Solder last more than 2 seasons at that spot. LT is the most important spot on the Patriots team, it protects Brady’s blindside. Ask any Colts fan (yes, i am one) where the decline of the team started. If they are a diehard who follows roster moves and stuff like that they will tell you it started the year after our Super Bowl XLI win. Polian jumped up in the 2nd round to grab Tony Ugoh and had planned on him learning from Tarik Glenn, but Glenn had a change of heart and retired before the 2007 season. Ugoh held his own for about 10 games and then after that the black hole at the position occured. Run game started to deminish, Manning was sacked more often, and that obviously played part in why he was injured and is now a Bronco. Thankfull it looks like Anthony Castonzo has filled our void and we can start winning again (in a few years ha). Im not saying Brady will get hurt or anything but for those of you who didnt appreciate the value of a solid LT could have a rude awakening if Solder doesnt produce right away. Thanks for reading, be gentle with those thumbs!

  17. Bills fans your team still has no depth. As soon as you start taking injuries to your starters it will be just like last year. Signing one star player does not change the overall makeup of your team and the fact that the backups suck.

  18. Some people have called him overrated, and that might be fair, but he’s definitely consistent and that’s what you want in a linemen. I’m sure he’ll be a big locker room loss as well.

  19. doob187 says:
    Mar 25, 2012 4:41 PM
    At Least Nate “The Holder” Soldier won’t be holding Cameron Wake all game long when the Patsies play the Fins.

    Correction: I think you meant to say…. ‘when the Patsies kick the Dolphins arsses twice a year, every year.’

  20. What a shame to see the Golden Era of NFL cheating coming to an end

    Because a LT might retire?


    I expect them to contend for the title this year and beyond, it will keep all you “cheating” whiners in business for a while.

  21. I expect him back for one last year with incentives added to his contract as an inducement. This guy is as important in the locker room as he is on the field. When it came time for someone to speak to Robert Kraft about the players’ gift to the owner to commemorate Myra Kraft’s passing it was Light that spoke. Brady can’t lose both Koppen and Light in the same year. Both guys keep Brady grounded.

  22. He had a great year in 2011, but 2010 made him look like he stayed a year too long.

    I’m glad to see the guy end his career on a relatively high note. Another Super Bowl ring would be nice though.

  23. funny how all the buffalo fans are on here all of a sudden talking all this garbage about how well the bills are gonna do…how about your city actually wins a championship in any sport and then maybe come back and talk trash

  24. That’s a smart and selfless move. When Left Tackles lose their skills they lose them quickly.

    Others stick around too long – Light wouldn’t do that.

    Still I have a feeling that he’s now on the unofficial “shadow roster” and if his team should need him, he’d come out of retirement.

    But classy move by a classy guy who put in 11 years of hard work.

  25. Tom is not effective when he’s pressured.
    I can see nothing good coming from this.
    We may have to wait a while for our next SB loss?

  26. I’m not a patriots fan, even the thought it makes me Quibble. But, I have to give this guy credit, like I did with Buschi, underrated, behind the scene player. I’ll miss his competitiveness. Thanks for the memories.

  27. From Steeltown region – so not a Pats fan, but gotta admit that Light was a highly effective bodyguard for Mr. Brady, a light-footed savvy technician with just enough spice to finish.

    Very impressive player. Damned impressive person too when you hear the guy speak — gotta dig the wit factor!

    Best wishes to Light — full respect for that cat.

  28. I was hoping he would play the last year of his deal before retiring. He was very effective last year, and it was good that he was because Volmer missed almost the whole season.

    I was on a flight once with Light and Koppen. I was suprised how much weight Light loses in the offseason, I didnt ask him about it, but he looked about 265 at most. He had a great career. Sad to see him go.

    BB used a first round pick in Solder last year, I hope he can end up being 75% of what Light was….

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