Loomis, Payton will attend league meetings

Getty Images

The annual league meetings are beginning in Florida.  And two of the most currently infamous names in football will be on the list of attendees.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Saints coach Sean Payton and Saints G.M. Mickey Loomis will be present for the sessions.

Though Schefter adds that Loomis and Payton weren’t expected to attend, the bigger surprise (to us at least) would have been if they had stayed away.  Yes, it will require the two men to swallow large helpings of humble pie and likewise to face plenty of unwanted attention from the media.  But the suspensions aren’t yet effective and nothing prevents them from attending.

Moreover, the terms of their employment, express or implied, arguably require them to be there.  These are important sessions.  Every coach, G.M., owner, and high-level executive will be present, absent compelling circumstances.

The Saints need to be represented and, for now, Loomis and Payton run the show.  They need to be there, and we respect them for not going into hiding and instead doing their jobs.