Manning’s crash course includes navigating new CBA

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Earlier in the day, MDS pointed out some comments from Peyton Manning to the Denver Post regarding Manning’s expectation that he’ll perform at an MVP level in 2012.

Tacked onto the bottom of the article from Lindsay Jones was an item from Jeff Legwold regarding the limitations that will apply to Peyton’s efforts to get acclimated, courtesy of the new CBA.

“I’m going to have to get up to speed on the rules,” Manning said.  “I know we don’t have nearly as much time as we used to.  It’s like free agency.  It was never an issue for me before.  I didn’t know the rules there either. . . .  I’ve got a lot to study.”

It’ll be a short course.  As compiled by Legwold, the rules are fairly simple.

1.   Manning can work out with new teammates on his own until April 16, as long as those workouts don’t occur at the team’s facility and no member of the coaching staff supervises.

2.  Manning may throw with the training staff and medical staff as part of his ongoing rehab.  No receivers under contract with the team may participate, until April 16.

3.  Manning can engage in “voluntary study” of the playbook, as long as the playbook is available to any other player.  (Which shouldn’t be a problem; Manning will make sure every member of the offense has a copy and is actively reviewing it.)

4.  The coaches can’t answer any of his questions about the playbook or provide any additional coaching materials until April 16.

Here’s where it gets even more interesting.  If Manning is getting the keys to the offense in Denver, what does the playbook look like?  It could be that Manning will be spending the next few weeks compiling his own playbook and sharing it with his teammates.

Regardless of the details, it’s safe to say Manning will be running the show on offense with the Broncos.  And that process starts now, once he figures out how to mesh his running of the show on offense with the in’s and out’s and do’s and don’ts of the new CBA.

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  1. Luckily Peyton has a veteran running back to work with in Willis McGahee. The two should be able to work out the intricacies of which of them carries the ball, and which one fakes the carry.

  2. Peyton said himself he was not going to be an offensive coordinator. He also said he will be learning “a new offense.”

  3. lets see the greatest QB mind ever to play the game being able to make his own offense up with a new team and a new roster. Everyone has heard of a west coast offense, wildcat offense, power running offense, spread offense but this will be the first time the nfl will see an all out peyton offense with mike mccoy’s guidance too. Put that and enter the high altitude of mile high then watch out defenses, somebody said Peyton will only have three weeks to work with his teammates the NFL is about to see an offense never ran before.

  4. An offense never ran before? You are definitely a mile high jab011…can you say 8-8?

  5. would love to see him violate the cba rules and see if the players union does anything to him. seriously which one of his new teammates is going to tell him no if he calls them up and says we need to get together and work on pass routes and our timing?

  6. Everyone says that Manning is always the smartest guy in the room and always knows exactly what is going on and every possible contingency of every possible action and has planned for them all. So why does he keep trying to sell us on this “Aw, gee, shucks, I’m just a simple football player. I don’t really know much about anything. No more than you common folk” routine?

    I’m getting tired of the act myself.

  7. Manning cant run anything but a 3 step drop and throw. And if it aint there he throws into aile 5 seat 7 Good luck and i will welcome you to the west where we shoot from the hip and throw you in the black Hole when were done. But other then that, your the ENEMY NOW!!! Dead man walking….lol

  8. I really do like Peyton Manning, it feels good to know that guy is going to be playing next year. A man among boys is the phrase that comes to mind. It sounds like he is on an even higher level of desire to win, extra strength and determination involved, that sort of thing.

  9. Oh wow, by the sounds of this it appears global nuclear war is imminent.
    Shame that it all could have been averted if Peyton and the Broncos had more practice time.

  10. To the jokers above discussing the wildcat with Peyton, really hope you guys were being sarcastic because clearly the wildcat was designed specifically for Tebow. Peyton will obviously not be running any sort of a wildcat offense. Peyton brings the passing game and one of the greatest on-field offensive minds / skill set combination in the history of the NFL. Go Broncos!

  11. indybob, not sure about Moore, but Mudd’s not leaving Philly anytime soon (he might be the only coach that survives a full-blown explosion of the coaching staff when Reid gets fired next year).

  12. Shame about these ridiculous new CBA rules. Manning likes to jump right in and get things rolling. He usually calls the newly drafted WR’s and says: See you at 6 AM in the morning.

  13. I’d be very surprised if they didn’t run a variation of the Indy offense. Peyton isn’t going to have to learn anything, he’s going to make everyone else learn a new offense. That’s the only way to guarantee that he’ll look good and if there’s a problem it’ll be someone else’s fault for not knowing the offense.

    It’s what teams did on Favre’s farewell tour and it’s most likely what they’ll do on Manning’s farewell tour. 2 out 3 of Favre’s post packer’s seasons met with dismal failure while teams, media, and fans continued to grovel at his feet. Dismal failure meaning not even making the playoffs but he sure did sell merchandise and fill seats.

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