Marvin Lewis on free agency: “I’m jacked about what we’ve done”


The Bengals were one of the early losers in free agency, taking their time and not spending much despite plenty of cap space. But Bengals coach Marvin Lewis says the team had a plan in free agency, and he’s thrilled with how they’ve executed it.

“I’m jacked about what we’ve done. We basically were able to go out and sign pretty much the guys we hoped to sign,” Lewis told Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer. “The guys we talked about when we met early on in March.”

Lewis is particularly jacked about running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis, the former Patriots running back who Lewis said can do everything the Bengals want a running back to do.

“A month ago if you told me we were going to sign BenJarvus I would have taken it and said, ‘Great.’ I feel good about that. Really good. And after meeting him you feel even better,” Lewis said. “His versatility. His ability to catch. To protect. . . . He does it all. He makes people miss. He’s shown the versatility to do all the things you’re looking for in that guy and he can be a three-down player if he needs to be.”

Other than the Green-Ellis signing, the Bengals haven’t done a lot to make most league observers jacked about them. But after last year’s youth movement led to a surprise playoff appearance, Lewis has every right to feel confident about the direction his team is heading in.

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  1. I bet Bengals fans would be jacked just winning a playoff game. How long has it been again? 22 years? LOL

  2. “Hey, the fans wanted a ‘big name’ signing”, said Marv. “Names don’t get much bigger than BenJarvis Green-Ellis. Now that Houshmenzada isn’t available.”.

  3. If you are jacked about signing the Law Firm you are in trouble. Nice player and nicer guy but not a major upgrade. Get a life!

  4. Pretty much all the football experts/media have the Bengals as a loser free agency. Marvin Lewis is happy and “jacked”……that’s why the Bengals are the Bengals.

  5. Maybe “jacked” is a bad thing where Marvins from. Like, ya know, “damn he got jacked up”

  6. I like Green-Ellis a lot. I’d take An average running back who never fumbles over a stud who can’t hang onto the rock. Thats all you ask for if you’re trying to run down the clock, run hard and don’t fumble. They didn’t pay him a ton either.

  7. With Mike Brown as the owner Marvin would be jacked if the Bengals installed another urinal in the men’s room.

  8. But why didn’t they go after Tim Tebow? Isn’t he the greatest player in NFL history? Wouldn’t that have made their whole offseason and guaranteed a Super Bowl victory?

  9. Marvin said at the beginning of last year that the team would be better than the previous year and most laughed at the idea. Several local and national sports writers predicted 2 wins. I’m sure Marvin has a better idea of what’s going on in PBS and has good reason to be jacked.

  10. Steelers fans are just dumb. Ask anybody. They seem to forget that the BENGALS kept them out of the playoffs a couple years ago. Our time is coming, yours has gone. Big fat dummies.

  11. Lewis should be jacked, they have upgraded the d-line, secondary and replaced benson with the Law Firm. Hopefully they can have another strong draft and things are looking up for the Bengals!

  12. @steelernationsparksjealousy

    Takes a big man to insult the Bengals. By the way, what position do you have in the Steelers organization? Or do you just live vicariously through a sports team?

  13. Let’s face it, the bengals are doing things the right way, they hit on their draft picks last year, and now they have a bunch more, courtesy of the raiders. If they draft well again this year, they will be set up for success, who cares about free agency? Let the eagles and redskins win free agency, its better to build thru the draft.

  14. alot of non bengal fans don’t realize the upgrade we got at guard, sure he wasn’t nicks or grubbs but we got a steal.. add in decastro or glenn and our o-line can be solid for 5 years at least.. sure we could still upgrade C but he’s solid and no need to fix what isn’t broken.

  15. Marvin Lewis also said that the Texans – Bengals matchup in early December was “the biggest game I’ve been in in the NFL” That was hours before his team let a 3rd string QB drive the field in less than 2 minutes to win at the buzzer.

  16. This is a good business for the Jungle. The guy has never fumbled. The Ravens beat them twice because of fumbles and INTs, but the refs helped too.

    So, the Bengals will be a tougher opponent next year for the Ravens, that the Steelers will be.

  17. I am just happy to see Andre Caldwell go… I know he will probably look pretty good with Peyton behind the ball, but he was a crappy route runner with, from what it looked like in the stands, an even crappier attitude.

    At this point I think a three legged dog is better than Benson as well, I mean the dude pretty much stopped running as soon as he was barely touched.

    I hope someone locks up Mike Brown in a closet for the draft like we have for the past few years… I’m pretty sure if we told him there was $20 dollars in the closet he’d go in willingly to try and find it.

  18. The other day I was thinking about how I missed all the steelers trolls and was wondering where they went during the winter…glad to see they’re back on all the Bengals threads.

  19. First let me say brown should have his team stripped right now. That being said I think bengals are doing the right thing. They filled a hole and have a decent team. With some smart drafting they could really give the ravens a run for their money and be the second best afc north team

  20. As a Pats fan I was disappointed they couldn’t work out a deal with the law firm. I wish him continued success and hope he continues the no fumble streak.

  21. I like what the Bengals are doing, They are going to have 40 Mill next season and they are gonna have to spend a big chunk of that due to the new CBA team minimum spending cap, with the young talent and a very very smart Andy Dalton… This team could make a ton of noise in the next few seasons especially with the steelers in Salary Cap Hell and being as old as they are.

  22. I am amazed that NFL owner don’t come to this website for coaching and scouting prospects. There are just so many experts on here. Really they don’t even need to play the games because everyone in here already knows the outcomes.

  23. The Haters can bite me. Book it the bengals will draft David De Castro and Kendall Wright in the first round and J. Miller in round 2.

    With that fortification of the offense and the return of Jordan Shipley, I can imagine Mike Brown even doing an imitation of Hulk Hogan, yelling, “Whatcha gonna do…….Brotherrrrrrrr!!!!!”

  24. Pretty much all the football experts/media have the Bengals as a loser free agency. Marvin Lewis is happy and “jacked”……that’s why the Bengals are the Bengals.

    Keep getting all of your info from ESPN.

    Most grades I’ve seen give the Bengals a solid “B”

  25. I have seen Marvin happy but after Carson and Ocho left..I’ve seen him get over excited. This man knows his players and let’s them know that he believes in them..and they play hard for him and win..when he says he’s excited, you better believe he sees something special coming

  26. The Benglas are riding a bit of a hot-luck streak… If Dalton is as good as the sneak peek…it could be an interesting few years in Cincy!

  27. Oddly, if you don’t share Marvin’s excitement you’re labeled a “hater”.

    Realistically speaking, they signed a running back from a team that doesn’t run the ball and a few former first round picks that were widely regarded as busts.

    When Marvin wins his first career playoff game I’ll drink the cool-aid.

  28. Steeler fan here. The Bengals are certainly on their way up. Marvin is a good coach but he has been shackled by the owner. Their defense is playing top notch. Dalton seems to be the real deal. Even at this point he is better than Flacco. Bengals have always played the Ravens tough. Please don’t count the Steelers out this coming year. There not as old and worn out as the media claims. If they don’t lose Wallace and can get a good guard in the draft they will be tough. The Ravens are the team that will be fighting Cleveland for the basement.

  29. Marvin has some young players ready to make big strides…Dunlap,Gresham,Atkins and the insertion of taylor mays at SS. I see them taking the AFC North.

  30. I think being “jacked” is probably not an appropriate word, whether it was a good offseason or not…

  31. This team will never be successful while Mike Brown is in charge. Last year they aquired Dalton and Green. How long before those guys want out of Cincy. Who was the last great player that cincy had that didnt want to leave ? Can you name the last top free agent that the Bengals signed ? The only talented FA`s they have signed in the past 12 years have been players no one else wanted. I pity those Bengal fans who are getting ‘jacked up” How many times in the past have you been fooled only to have Mike Brown destroy the team. There`s a reason why in 2011 ESPN the magazine rated the Bengals franchise dead last in all of professional sports

  32. Not really a Bengals fan but they have my running back now, good luck to you Ben. I will truly miss not seeing you in the backfield with my team.

  33. I like the moves. Would have liked a splash player added but I think Law Firm will do better this year. I think team’s run blocking O line will be an upgrade for BJGE, and he will improve that 3.7. Plus all the needs are covered so those two first round picks will go to the best available player. They won’t have to reach to fill a hole.

  34. I think the use of the termed “Jacked” is a little much to describe my excitement, but I am pleased with what they are doing.

    They went out and got depth. They took some bargain shots with guys who Mike Zimmer has a history of doing well with (long, tall Defensive Ends). Oddly enough, the thing that makes me happiest is these guys fit the “type” of player in their size and build (for once it seems as if the people making the decisions have a clue what we want and what fits). We tried and missed on K. Wimbley, but plenty of teams miss on good Free Agents. Then they went out and got a solid RB and a LG (which is an upgrade from what we had).

    Most importantly for me, they weren’t just throwing darts at a board. They didn’t make any horrible signings like we would have done three years ago. They let bad players walk. They didn’t overpay for mediocre talent just because there was a need (WR).

    They seem to have a plan. Given the past 20+ years of futility. This is enough to make me smile for a week or so.

  35. I almost hate to say it but it sounds like the Bengals are actually turning themselves into a force in the AFC North. I’m still confident my Steelers can beat them, but I’m looking forward to more nail-biters, games along the lines of the Steelers/Ravens games we often get. Now if we can just get the Browns to stop being such a laughing stock…

  36. Lets see now….

    Reggie Nelson, Pat Sims, Anthony Collins re-signed.

    Travelle Wharton > Nate Livings
    BJGE > Cedric Benson
    Derrick Harvey > Jon Fanene
    Jamaal Anderson > Frostee Rucker
    Jason Allen > Kelly Jennings

    …..seems like a pretty decent off-season to me.

    Still, just off-loading Nate Livings alone represents an good off-season as far as I’m concerned…….

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