Peyton Manning to John Elway: “No doubt” I’ll play at MVP level

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Peyton Manning isn’t just confident that his neck injury is healing and his arm strength is improving to the point where he can play adequately for the Broncos this year. Manning is confident that he’ll be playing at the same level this year as he was in the four seasons when he was named the NFL’s Most Valuable Player.

Lindsay H. Jones of the Denver Post reports that when Broncos boss John Elway asked if Manning would be the type of quarterback he was during his MVP seasons, Manning didn’t blink.

There is no doubt in my mind,” Manning replied.

Manning also told Jones he’s confident that it’s completely safe for him to play after four neck procedures put him out for the entire 2011 season, and that if the doctors hadn’t cleared him he would have walked away from football before putting his long-term health on the line.

“If the doctors said, ‘Hey, you shouldn’t go out there,’ that’s it. That’s the end of it,” Manning said. “That’s a short conversation. I’ve kind of asked them to say that. It’s just not the case.”

According to Manning, it’s not just his own doctor who thinks he’s going to be perfectly fine to play football for years to come. He said he was checked out by doctors from the Broncos, Titans and 49ers and that all three team doctors gave him the go-ahead.

“That’s what they tell me. The nice thing is that the doctors of three different teams have told me essentially the same thing,” Manning said.

There aren’t many 36-year-old athletes who can miss a full year of action because of a serious injury and return to perform as well as ever. But there’s no doubt in Manning’s mind that he’s the man to do it.

87 responses to “Peyton Manning to John Elway: “No doubt” I’ll play at MVP level

  1. He’ll be carted off to retirement by game 4 and John Elway will have outsmarted himself on getting rid of Tebow.

    Get to know the name Caleb Hanie Broncos fans.

  2. Agreed! Manning’s pride and competitive fire would not have allowed him to play if he wasn’t sure he could perform at the highest level. Mile high level!!

  3. There would be no doubt if we forget his: age, surgeries, injuries, etc. Considering those things, I think realistically, there has to be some doubt.

    There is no doubt he will give 110% but to insist he will play at that level is absurd.

    He’s a great player and great guy but all the greats have their time in the spotlight. And, his day like many of the other greats are coming to an end.

  4. Lets hear from all the morons who say ” one good hit and he’s done”. All jealous because Manning didn’t want to go to their weak franchises.

  5. Peyton + healthy = MVP + comeback player of the year. Period. The guy is just too good. Decker, Thomas, Tamme all 1000+ recievers next year.

  6. we will see , Ya know everyone is watching this with Keen eyes to see if he’ll fail . Odds are he will fail …
    Bronco’s are placing a bet , along shot at that . If he does fail they are toast Big Time !

  7. It’s a huge risk, he’s at the age (or very close to it) when even the greatest QB’s start to tail off. Sure, it’s possible that he’ll be a good as he ever was, but it’s also possible that he’ll begin to show signs of decline, too.

  8. Won’t the doctors of the teams tell the player they can play because the team wants to sign the player?

  9. if peyton is only 80% you can pencil in denver for 10-11 wins. if he’s better than that they’ll have at least the second seed in the afc.

    there are a LOT of haters who are posting with their hearts instead of their heads…..if peyton is healthy denver will be dangerous.

  10. denverdougz… for your teams sake I hope he plays better than 95%. 95% would be 63%-4200-28-15 and an 11-5 season.

    Those are great numbers but not MVP numbers and not $20m numbers.

  11. Manning walks the walk. He’s believable. Unlike the dongslinger, you know Manning will back up his words. The other great thing is that he won’t choke come playoff time either…

  12. The reality is that the clock strikes midnight for every athlete eventually. For football players, the mid to late 30s is the time when it happens. Peyton Manning just turned 36. It happened to Aikman at 35, Steve Young at 38, Montana at 38, etc. etc. Can Peyton dodge Father Time for one more year, maybe two? It’s possible, as Favre showed in his first year in Minneapolis, and of course Elway himself did at the end of his career. Father Time, though, will tap Peyton on the shoulder long before this contract runs out – history proves it. If in fact Peyton just doesn’t have it anymore, no one should be shocked. It’s just the Football Circle of Life.

  13. for all those expecting a superbowl run anytime soon from this team, i have a lavish 5 bed 3 bath home that overlooks the ocean for sale in nebraska just for you!!!

  14. New system, new coaches, new offense…hell, new everything.
    Should be interesting, but my money says they will not be an elite team this year.

  15. Said the guy who has a losing record in the playoffs. Nobody cares about your MVP regulars season Peyton. You’re a choker when it matters.

  16. @ chefjayson, I think you are cooking up too many batches of hash brownies, but good luck anyway.

  17. It’s funny how everyone is so negative. Don’t forget this guy reads defenses better than anyone in the history of the nfl. And he gets it out quick. So let’s not hate…..class act will put up numbers this year and will make some avg WRs look great.

  18. I used to hate playing him in madden because he would take the whole playclock to run a play. If you would audible with the defense, he would then pick another play.

    When I would play with Vick, he would always fumble anytime I scrambled.

    I wonder if I pick up peyton if he will get hurt everytime he is sacked now…..or turn down $96M when I try to resign him at age 42…

  19. “when Broncos boss John Elway asked if Manning would be the type of quarterback he was during his MVP seasons, Manning didn’t blink.

    “There is no doubt in my mind,” Manning replied.”


    How many guys have looked Daniel Snyder right in the eyeball and told him the exact same thing?

    This is going to end in a dumpster fire.

    Donks just traded away their best shot at another playoff win for the next 6 or 7 years.

  20. The funny part is Elway doesn’t really care if Manning is 100%, or able to play at an “MVP level”, or whatever. All Elway wanted was handy excuse to justify dumping Tebow. When this experiment doesn’t end in the promised Super Bowls, Elway will just shrug it off and say they had to try, it was worth the risk, etc.

  21. Glad that he is so confident. Not so happy that he used all of those teams, read Dolphins, Arizona and
    SF just to drive up his price. All of that crap about money not being an issue, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH…
    Just another greedy athlete. If he wanted a SB, he would have went to SF. Plus he kept all of those teams in suspense. Basically, screwing up their off-season, as they waited for the king to make his decision. Did you ever notice that both John Elway and Manning look like horses. Colts, Broncos, maybe it is predestined? Just sayin’…

  22. andyreidisfat says:Mar 25, 2012 2:57 PM

    I really feel bad for broncos fans. They really believe that any ONE player can take them to a superbowl
    How many rings does Philly have? Btw, you know what happened when John Elway got the ONE player that was the missing piece?

  23. he’ll give the Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium fans the Mile High Salute from the cart right after Richard Seymour drills him.

  24. I don’t understand the outrageously negative comments written here and on other sites. I have always been a Manning Fan and respected his overall skills, knowledge of the game and most importantly his overall high quality character.

    He handled this situation very professionally. He didn’t quit the Colts, they cut him. They could have paid him essentially what he is getting from Denver, but they decided for business reasons to cut him. He understood and was okay with that.

    As for me; I am not bitter about the Hawks not being able to contend for his services. I am, however, honestly very thrilled that he did not choose to go to SF, AZ or any other NFC team.

    I believe he will be very effective and make Denver’s Offense much more potent and instead of playing head to head or from behind, they will have leads in many of the games. Denver’s Defense will benefit greatly and be even more effective.

    I may be a Seahawk Fan but I do wish him great success.

  25. andyreidisfat says:
    Mar 25, 2012 2:57 PM
    I really feel bad for broncos fans. They really believe that any ONE player can take them to a superbowl


    Are you telling me that with the defense that let Tebow hang around until the end of the game, Peyton isn’t going to have a better chance to leave other teams in the dust? One player is going to help a team that made it to the second round of the playoffs after a 1-4 start. I would bet money on that but Vegas has the odds at 10-1 for a super bowl run.

  26. ” someone just predicted Jacob Tamme will have a 1000 yard season. NOW I’ve seen everything. ”


    he may be just a little over excited…

    but Tamme/Dreessen = 1000 yards is a strong possibility

  27. Peyton had happy feet for the first half of his career. I’d be shocked if they don’t return when he comes back this time. Even if his arm strength returns, let’s see how he his mentally the first time he drops back and could get smashed by a defensive player.

  28. nemesder says:
    Mar 25, 2012 2:25 PM
    Eric Decker to Honolulu
    Just might happen! Can’t wait to see if MN’s local boy makes big with Manning,I bet yes!

  29. Everyone keeps saying all athletes and qbs start tailing off at Manning’s age bah blah blah…luckily I am 39 yrs old, and I remember Elway’s last few seasons. He had Terrell Davis mind you, but got better. He was playing at a level, that if he had returned for 1 more season, I sincerely think 3peat! I often wonder..but he chose to walk out on top still playing at a high level…

  30. As a Steeler fan and a football fan, happy that Manning will play again. You want to see the best and play the best. He may have a few more good years left. Yes he chokes in the playoffs more often than not but hope he has success except when he plays the Steelers. Good luck Manning.

  31. Holy cow I see the koolaid is flowing heavily through Denver… as always.

    Dreesen is averaging less than 300 yards a season in his 5 years and Donkey fans are predicting 1000 yard season?? Not to mention no one has even heard of this guy until he was the only TE left in free agency. Beyond that, if you’re expecting a 36 year old coming off of 4.. yes FOUR… neck surguries to be the Manning in his prime from 4-5 years ago you’re lying to yourself.

    Seriously… get real. You Donkey fans are in for a real eye opener once the season kicks off.

  32. Donkey fan never ceases to amaze me how totally stupid they really are. Sick of hearing how you have already bought a SuperBowl…just shut up already.

    First Teblow was the savior and now this MegaHead? Are you frickin’ kidding me? One SB win in 13 years with a much better supporting cast…better receivers and a better defense.

    Please Donkey fan…just shut up…enough is enough from you idiots. I just cannot wait until this little experiment fails miserably and you all start crying…it will be epic.

  33. If his arm strength is there there is no better QB in the game. manning brings so much to a team. His ability to make pre-snap reads and make calls at the line are so huge. Combined with his quick release is why he gets hit so much less than any QB.

    While Manning makes every player on the team better at 36 he still needs some luck to stay healhy. Its possible he could 5 great years left but he could get unlucky and miss a lot of games.

    I am jot a Bonco fan but I love how Manning has handled this with class. N big press conferences. no pandering to the media. Look how much more attention a bad backup QB like Tebow has gotten rather than Manning. Hard not to root for Manning. Four more good years and he will break Favre’s TD and yardage records.

  34. Peyton Manning to John Elway: “No doubt” I’ll play at MVP level

    Yeah, Most Voracious Pennypincher. Greedy Swamp Boy. Everyone will see.

    Caveat emptor.

  35. tdotbronco says:Mar 25, 2012 2:57 PM

    Haters gonna hate…let’s go manning

    Enough with this trite saying. What you should say is realists are gonna speak reality.

    Swamp Boy is done.

  36. Jacob Tamme started 8 games in place of an injured Dallas Clark in 2010. 67 receptions. 631 yards. 4 TDs. 16 games would’ve been 134 receptions. 1262 yards. 8 TDs. So….yeah….Id say is well within reason to assume he could have a 1000 yard season. Especially since he already knows Peytons offense and Peyton loves throwing to his TEs. Research. Think. Post. In that order.

  37. chawk12thman says:Mar 25, 2012 3:35 PM

    I don’t understand the outrageously negative comments written here and on other sites. I have always been a Manning Fan and respected his overall skills, knowledge of the game and most importantly his overall high quality character.

    He handled this situation very professionally. He didn’t quit the Colts, they cut him. They could have paid him essentially what he is getting from Denver, but they decided for business reasons to cut him. He understood and was okay with that.


    Yada, yada,yada. manning stole $24 million from the Colts last season. He knew he was hurt and could not play. Irsay is no dummy. He knows manning is done. He saved the team $28 million because that’s what manning would have stolen this upcoming season. I feel sorry for the Broncos fans. manning used everyone to drive the price up and went where he was guaranteed the most money. Greedy Swamp Boy.

    Per Sister Dulcilia, my Latin teacher … “Caveat emptor”.

  38. What Peyton doesn’t produce on offense will be supplemented by the defense. Here’s hoping that he stays healthy as opposed to a freak hit that ends up with him eating pizza through a straw !!!

  39. Maybe the fact that one hard clean hit could retire him will make up for the $23+ million dollars he STOLE from Irsay last year. He stole that money. He knew he couldn’t play and just screwed him.

  40. Well at least San Diego (so far) doesn’t have a decent pass rush lol

    That should keep him safe for at least 2 games of the year!

  41. The only ring manning is getting is a neck brace ring…hope ha like playing cuz with thst defense he will be playing from behind a lot.

  42. All I know is that he is currently the highest paid player in the NFL over the next 4 yrs I believe.
    I think the Broncos are insane to commit that much even though it’s basically year to year with a physical. Just this year’s salary alone to a player who’s 36 coming off 4 surgeries and whose arm strength isn’t fully back yet…yowsers. BIG BIG gamble.

    When TB came back from his ACL/MCL he wasn’t right the whole year, even though his #s looked decent. You could see him bail and throw off his back foot and throw medicine balls. It wasn’t HIM, he NEVER made throws like that before. 2010, he was all the way back. But he was 32 when he came back, not 36. If PM takes a year to re-adjust, he’ll obviously be 37 and it will be even tougher. Let’s not forget Elway was aided by salary cap violations that even the far more lax Tags punished them for that helped them keep key guys together for those two SBs. They won’t have that this time. It’s possible that since PM has been playing with this neck trouble to some extent or another since 06 that he has altered his mechanics in compensation to the point that it’s more habit now. Even Jaws said long before PM was out for the year that he could see his velocity etc declining. Ed Reed did as well.

    We’ll see, but their not making it past round 1 of the playoffs (winning division) is about the height I expect this year. And that’s not trying to talk smack, I think that’s honestly realistic.

  43. Wow so many dissenters! So many saying not worth the money. 18 mil guaranteed for a H.O.F er. By the way, its not YOUR money, so who cares!

  44. Ok Mr Billboard size forehead. Just count your money.
    Melon head and horseteeth elway bound for nowhere

  45. He’ll play at MVP level until he takes his first head shot. He could end up like Christopher Reeves. Sad but true. I’ve had double fusion of C5,6&7 due to herniating two discs after being hit on the flush of my head by a 40 lb piece of equipment. I know some from whence I speak.. My neck is thrashed. The pain is 24/7. I hope he can succeed without suffering any injuries. Knowing the pain I have and that Peyton has had a few operations for pain, makes me skeptical. He may say the pain is gone, but it still is not far away from being permanent which would really suck. I know. I live it every day.

  46. The whole press conf, elway came off like such a ass hat. When the reporter asked did the pursuit of manning hinder your other free agents elway replied no we got we targeted….translation well we got the browns third string safety, two slow linebackers, a saints player whom may face suspension, two medicore te’s and Caleb Haine….yeah those were your targets? I’m going with Phillips rivers 83% win pct against manning and bolts as the division champs.

  47. thetooloftools says:
    Mar 25, 2012 4:51 PM
    Maybe the fact that one hard clean hit could retire him will make up for the $23+ million dollars he STOLE from Irsay last year. He stole that money. He knew he couldn’t play and just screwed him.
    The Colts were ready to give Manning the richest contract a QB has ever seen and he said no. Does that sound like a greedy thief? Get over the fact that you lost your quarterback and have fun with the terrible team that Manning made look good.

  48. You always hear it said that the quarterbacks head needs to be on a swivel. Well Manning’s swivel doesn’t swivel like it use to. All it’s gonna take is for him to be in the process of throwing and to be blindsided by a lineman, linebacker or even corner on a blitz and he’ll wish those docs gave him what he claims he was asking for.

  49. Right out of the gate this is a stupid story – what else would you expect Manning to say?

    Signing a QB who has had 4 neck surgeries and who hasn’t played in 14 months and by this summer will be 36 1/2 years old and who (by this summer) will not have thrown a serious pass in 18 months who will have to get acquainted with all new teammates for the most part and who has a playoff win percentage of less than .500 doesn’t strike me as the work of a genius either.

  50. I am a huge Broncos fan and realistically I know that Manning won’t be around for long. If he fails it will be because he’s rusty and a little too old to make a comeback, but it won’t be because of his neck. The doctors that take care of these guys are the best in their field, there is no way they are going to take a chance on Manning getting hurt and crippling a man for life and forever tainting their reputations in the process. Manning is a smart guy with little kids; he wouldn’t risk permanent injury for a couple of seasons. It’s not like he’s desperate and needs the money. The only reason the Colts didn’t resign him is the 25 million dollar bonus. If he fails, it will crush him more than any Bronco fan. As far as Tebow goes, he will always find a camera somewhere to pray in front of.

  51. Peyton is a qb savant.I saw some idjot write that Manning did much less with superior players at Indy.Oh yeah,we saw how stellar the Colts were when they lost the GOAT.Had he played for the Ravens,Steelers,N.E.,G.B.,Eagles,Cowboys etc.we’re talking 5S.B.s &6MVPs.Broncs will win the S.B. this year and the sky is the limit after.This is nothing like Favre,Elway,Montana,or other excellent qbs coming back.We’re talking a genius,who just happens to play football.Congrats Denver fans,you just went from a Nebraska option qb to the best ever.And lucky for you John Elway knows it.Be honored.He could have chosen a better team but his class got in the way.

  52. I dont see a team in the AFCW that will be able to keep pace with a Broncos team QB’d by a Manning……nope they’re just not gonna be able to handle it.
    you got Rivers who lost most of his weapons and never could play when the chips are down,
    K.C……great D and some young talent at reciever and RB.( but not ready for a run)
    Oakland …new coach ,lost alot of depth this offseason and a poor man’s Peyton in Palmer….and they are the Raiders
    yep the west goes to Denver this year and likely the next 3

  53. I don’t care what anybody says….Manning will whoop ass….nobody in the afc west stands a chance….especially the raiders with Carson Palmer their quarterback and no Michael bush, because McFadden isn’t going to step up and help out….he’s too injury prone.

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