Rex Ryan says Tebow will be “major contributor”

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So why are the Jets making such a big deal about the arrival of a backup quarterback?  Because this backup quarterback isn’t the usual backup quarterback.

Apart from the fact that the backup quarterback is Tim Tebow, the backup quarterback will be playing.  A lot.  According to head coach Rex Ryan, the backup quarterback could be on the field for up to 20 snaps per game.

Tim is going to be a major contributor to our football team,” Ryan told NFL Network on Sunday.  “With the Wildcat specifically, the great thing is you don’t know if we’re going to run it one snap a game or 20 snaps a game — you have no idea.  Every week it could be different.  That’s some of the preparation problems he gives you.”

And that’s what this is all about.  Forcing a team to prepare for Tebow limits the amount of time that a team has to prepare for starter Mark Sanchez, which could give the Jets an edge when either guy is on the field.

Complicating matters for opposing defenses are the new practice rules, which force teams to get more done with less opportunities to do anything.  Last year, those limited opportunities generally made it easier for offenses to impose their will on defenses.

This year, that’s precisely what the Jets will be hoping to do, no matter how many times Tebow is on the field.

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  1. I see Tebow and Sanchez holding hands in prayer that Shonn Greene will divine the ability to throw a tight spiral.

  2. he will contribute by definitely being an upgrade at the RB position from what LT gave them last year!!!

  3. That strategy has already proven to be faulty. The year Miami rolled out the wildcat they won the division over a Bradyless Patriots team with the same record (11-5) in a tie break and then were quickly smacked it the playoffs. Since that year, no team has been caught by surprise by the wildcat. It simply doesn’t work. It’s a trick play at best.

  4. If you could combine the leadership of Tebow with Sanchez’…. umm….

    Wait, who else is available?

  5. “Forcing a team to prepare for Tebow limits the amount of time that a team has to prepare for starter Mark Sanchez, which could give the Jets an edge when either guy is on the field.”

    Actually, this may be over analyzing the Jets QB a little. All it takes to confuse Sanchez is to occasionally switch between ‘Zone’ or ‘Man’. Poor kid gets frazzled so easily.

  6. Tebow will be the starter before you know it. He can only be better than the sanchise!

  7. Boy, Rex really is a genius…Rarely, if ever, does a defensive coordinator have to prepare for a right and left handed QB that is woefully inaccurate.

    Ambi-REX-terous offense.

  8. Did anybody happen to notice how the Patriots handled Tebow and the Bronco offense in the playoffs? They totally shut it down. The Wildcat was effect only when teams were caught off guard by it. Now that everybody knows what’s coming you can game plan for it and then it becomes easy to stop.

  9. So Mr Franchise QB becomes Mr Part-Timer. Yeah, that always works in the NFL.

  10. This will work great until the 20 snaps Tebow takes become more productive than the 40 snaps Sanchez takes. Then Tebow will be taking ALL the snaps and the other teams will only have to prepare for Tebow.

  11. Tim Tebow-bringing 1-2 yard games 20 times a game!

  12. I’m sure Shonn Green won’t mind missing out on his performance bonus because the “humble” one always calls his own number on the goal line. Should make the lockerroom even more fun.

  13. It also forces his own team to practice two different schemes. The Jets offense couldn’t get one scheme down last year. Now the NFL is supposed to be worried about them splitting practice time trying to master two schemes? That’s all Sanchise needs is less practice. Can’t wait to watch this overrated team with too much hype crash and burn.

  14. Except for when you play Buffalo…with the new D and originator of the wildcat David Lee…plus tebow is a poor mans Brad Smith, which the Bills have….and besides Rex, the wildcat aint what it used to be…this aint 2008, you know when you were 350 lbs..

  15. The Bills also handled the wildcat as well. As stated in a local NY state paper, the jets are the no ring circus.

  16. Yeah. And with Sanchez it’s like watching Carson Palmer re-runs. He may go 23-31 and 340 yds and 4 TD’s or 9-21 with 3 picks, one being a pick six.

  17. Oh this is going to be fun to watch. The minute Sanchez struggles (1st game) some of the fans will be dieing for Tebow. Which will divide the locker room (even more) just like in Denver.

    Ahhh this is going to be a fun season.

  18. Am I wrong or wasn’t fat boy crying the “wildcat” was high school football?? You remember, when Miami whooped him with it his first year coaching. The same game where he tried a few “high school” plays. I am lmfao!! Now he claims it to be a “strategy”. The only player on offense going to the pro bowl will be the kicker!

  19. The Jets had the 4th worst 3rd down conversion pct. in the league last year. So they bring in a QB that had the worst 3rd down conversion pct. Hmmm?

  20. The Pats “totally shut down” the Wildcat in the playoffs by scoring about 40 points in the first half against the defense. John Fox couldn’t adjust. But Tebow can pass the ball at least as well as Sanchez, and probably a lot better. His career passer efficiency ratings in college and the NFL are both better.

  21. If this works, teams are going to be lining up to sign whatever running backs are really good with the pitch skill and then the flea flicker will take the NFL by storm I tells ya.

    Good hire on Tony Sparano. He got lucky with the Wildcat for a short period of time….and now you’re specifically building around it.

    Love ya Jets. No matter how much you change….you’re always still the Jets.

  22. Yes- major contributor in helping stuff sanchize in the mule and sending him back to central America. Tebow is head and shoulders above “hot dog boy”

  23. I agree that the Wildcat is like all Offenses and it will work right until the Defense prepares for it. For every action, their is a reaction. The only funny part of this delusional plan is Rex was quoted as stating “the Wildcat is a gimmck”. Every Defense will plan for it and it will only be based on execution and not surprise. With the lack of talent, I doubt it will be that sucessful.

  24. Miami drafted Pat White believing he’d be a “perfect fit” for the “Wildcat”. Turned out he wasn’t, because by that time the gimmick was old and the “Wildcat” was a dead issue (plus he sucked). It worked in 2008 a few times, but since then it was basically a total failure. It’s just like the Jests to pin their hopes on a gimmick play, shows you what kind of cartoon characters are running things there. The average Jests fan has the patience of a three year old. The moment Sanchez has a dud game the knives will come out and all they’ll be thinking is Tebow, Tebow, Tebow. It isn’t a solution to anything, just another problem that WILL come up.

  25. Something else that’s not getting a lot of attention: tebow was a lethal weapon in goal line situations last year. Spread out the defense and run lead draw with tebow keeping it. Was very nearly unstoppable last year, so at the very least, he will see time in the red zone. And he will be starting by week 8.

  26. nyyjetsknicks says:
    Mar 25, 2012 8:15 PM
    I honestly hope he gets hurt.
    No surprise that statement comes from a NY fan. Typical A–hole.

  27. No one cares what Rex says, because he’s almost never right. He can’t help himself, it’s pathetic.
    Now he’s got Tony Sparano to help him, with the Wild Cat, which he does know how to operate. Forget the rest of it, field goals and more field goals.
    After giving Sanchez an extension, I hope he doesn’t get “his nose” out of joint with Tebow mania.

  28. The Rex has spoken, all hail the Rex; umm, one thing Rexy boy, ultimately you’ll have to play with this chock full o’ nuts offense backed by your cut-throat locker room. Sixteen games of fun. Just win baby!

  29. Rex tells jokes in an odd way. He starts with the punch-line. I really feel bad for Sanchez now. I never liked him, but nobody deserves this.

  30. This part literally made me laugh out loud

    And that’s what this is all about. Forcing a team to prepare for Tebow limits the amount of time that a team has to prepare for starter Mark Sanchez, which could give the Jets an edge when either guy is on the field

  31. stevenfbrackett
    Mar 25, 2012, 8:35 PM EDT
    I’m Tim Tebow,
    The Gimmick QB –
    So much I don’t know,
    Is that all I’ll ever be?

    I’m stevenfbrackett
    I’m a poet
    And I didn’t know it

  32. As a Dolphin fan, all those defenses have to do in the wildcat is put 8 men in the box, have the corners play man, and have a linebacker cover the RB. The wildcat was done after one year because it was extremely predictable. It won’t be any different for the Jets.

  33. This is so silly. Bringing Tebow to his failing team was such a mistake.
    Rex will be gone after this year, bet on it.

  34. waltdawg says:Mar 25, 2012 8:42 PM

    Yes- major contributor in helping stuff sanchize in the mule and sending him back to central America. Tebow is head and shoulders above “hot dog boy”
    Way to hide your bigotry. We all know how much lying and trickey have gone into elevating your own to the top of the foodchain. To bad, just like Tim, you can’t do it on your own.

  35. Translation: Sanchez is on the shortest of leashes.
    One burp and this is Tebow’s team…

    If a franchise type QB goes down in Pre-Season, I don’t think they would hesitate in trading Sanchez…Rex needs a locker room QB, because he’s pretty much lost the locker room!

  36. all this talk about he will help them in red zone/goal line–werent the jets like 2nd in the league in the red zone and didnt sanchez run in like 6 tds.

  37. Tim Tebow will definitely be a threat in the wildcat formation…however, unless he works on his effective passing game, he isnt going to be a pocket passer….

    If I were the Jet’s, I’d look at him playing a tight-end of even as a tailback/running back. He’s big and strong and could be used accordingly…

  38. I’ll give the guy the benefit of the doubt… The Jets are better at running than throwing anyway, so Tebow fits their system… Time will only tell if this was a great decision or a horrible one – there’s no point saying it will be “great” or “terrible” at this point… Not yet…

  39. I can’t disagree with Rex about a chaplain being important to have in a locker room setting.

  40. Its easy to prepare for the Jets, neither one of their backups….I mean starters can pass worth a crap so just play run D and its a W

  41. Oh my sweet Jesus and his virgin mother~~~Reality TV has finally hit the NFL~~ Will little Timmy be able to cast out those demons that makes Rex so vulger or will Rex’s potty mouth rub off on Timmy and cause him to lose his soul Stay tuned

  42. This is going to be an interesting season watching how Tebow/Sanchez/Jets do and how Manning/Elway/Broncos do.

    Just one of the many interesting storylines for this upcoming season and many more.

  43. thenewenglandpatriots12 says:
    Mar 25, 2012 8:09 PM
    I guarentee Tebow will be the starter by then end of the season.

    OMG an Rex wannabe.

  44. They’re making a big deal out of it because he’s not really there to be the backup, or a package player, or to switch positions. He’s there to replace Sanchez, sooner or later.

  45. Rex Ryan says Tebow will be “major contributor”

    Since when does ryan know what the team will be doing?
    His only job is dealing with the media as the team clown.

  46. OK, when the Jets first traded for TT it was stated that he would be the backup to Sanchize. Then it was reported that he would/might see limited action in the wildcat in every game. Now he is going to be a major contributor, up to 20 plays in every game. The way this is going I say he’ll be named the starter by the draft. Whatever happens this will be interesting. Thanks Jets for helping to make the Fins look competitant.

  47. Anyone that doesn’t think Tebow will be a big contributor to this team certainly didn’t watch him last season. In the 4th quarter, he will be on the field, no doubt. Hell of a football player, whether you like him or not.

  48. I like how the the degree of success of the wildcat is being judged on one teams lack of perfect success with it. That’s like saying the passing game has been proven flawed because the pass rush giants beat the packers and patriots last year. Its about execution and talent and momentum.

    For a defense first team like the jets, the wildcat will be effective. And tim tebow will run it better than brad smith. Smith had no ability to run the power option on the wildcat and teams were not afraid of him throwing the ball. Tebow’s arm is suspect as a full time qb but becomes dangerously deceptive as a ball carrier.

    The best part of this move is that in two weeks Sanchez has gone from “spoiled and over payed and overrated” to some kind of “victim”. He is more often defended by the press then kicked around now. Fans expect him to crumble. It’s a lot easier to play this role than the former. Forcible reason alone the move is worth it.

  49. Rex there is no way your not an innovative coach. Your proving it by trying to innovate a new offensive scheme year after year with a good QB but certainly not a great QB. Thats your teams problem. Your philosophy of not really looking at where your problems are. You think a Tbo band aid gets the Jets to to the bowl./…..lolololol You need a great Qb to follow your complex offensive scheme…..i give you a 10-6 record at nest….and you never see the 2nd round..

  50. It’s wonderful to see that having their team get exposed as frauds year after year in front of huge international audiences does nothing to teach Pats fans any slightest lessons in humility.

    Aren’t these the same Jets that laid 28-21 on the mighty Pats in Foxboro, the last year that Brad Smith was running the wildcat for the team? Yeah, thought so….

  51. Jets fans keep thinking they’re going to wake up any minute and the last 9 months will have been one bad dream.

  52. So why are the Jets making such a big deal about the arrival of a backup quarterback?
    Granted the Jets are the ones having the press conference for a back-up QB, but that being said, on the list of people making “such a big deal about the arrival of a backup quarterback”, the Jets aren’t even in the top 10.

  53. has anyone ever heard of a press conference held for a BACKUP player or performer in any sport or vocation? this is absurd.

    which is why the green football team from ny metro area has been, is, and will always be second class citizens. they make wilpon’s mets
    and dolan’s knicks seem efficient.

    j-e-s-t-s. jests! jests! jests!

  54. He certainly will be a major contributor…contributing all sorts of things: one-hop throws to receivers, fist pumps after three yard runs, and dying-quail passes to opposing DBs.

  55. sanchez is suck a joke…haha i love last week how he says his new contract shows everyone he’s the leader of the jets……how long that work out for yah bud? Ill be very impressed too if tebow does anything noteworthy this year… sure his fans though well do their best to attribute all team accomplishments to him…

  56. “And that’s what this is all about. Forcing a team to prepare for Tebow limits the amount of time that a team has to prepare for starter Mark Sanchez, which could give the Jets an edge when either guy is on the field.

    Complicating matters for opposing defenses are the new practice rules, which force teams to get more done with less opportunities to do anything. Last year, those limited opportunities generally made it easier for offenses to impose their will on defenses.”
    1. This works both ways. The only way to make teams feel they have to prepare for Tebow is to make sure he gets a fair amount of reps with the starting offense. Doing that mean less snaps for Sanchez, which means he’ll be less prepared and they’ll REALLY need Tebow to do some things for the team.

    2. Teams now have some tape on Tebow, and it showed later on last season. This whole business smacks of desperation to me.

  57. I see the big picture. Both Sanchez and Tebow will learn the widecat. The idea is to confuse the defense and win games.One play put in Sanchez, the next two plays put in Tebow. Mix it up.Both will play.Tony knows what he’s doing.

  58. the wildcat can be a major contributing play to a team…. but you’ve got to have an actual runner to play it in the NFL…. passing and saving a play with a rumbling bumbling run out of the pocket is a side thing with it…

    does anybody really think that Tebow is going to run and hit the hole or turn the corner like Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams?

    ummmmm… nope….. get ready to see the failure fly….

  59. It’s hard to believe that Rex STILL hasn’t figured out that games are not won on paper; they’re not won with flashy predictions; talk doesn’t win games. Whether his statements about Tebow prove to be true or not is irrelevant – the only thing that matters is winning football games. I don’t see how Rex’s incessant blabbering helps the Jets win games, but I can see how it takes away from what should be his players only focus – the next game.

  60. it will be great to see rex ryan doing the lovie smith line “rex is our quarterback” over and over again during press conferences. this time it will be sanchez is our quarterback, then tebow is our quarterback, que in lovie smith “rex is our quarterback” voice

  61. I think these Jets fans – like realnflmaster – are beginning to hate their team more than the rest of us who just continue to find reasons to laugh.

  62. I agree with Rex. He will contribute in a major way.

    He lead the Broncos to a playoff win. Can’t deny that he had a major contribution to the team’s success, even if his contribution was not necessarily a superb throwing motion.

  63. @rexismybff,

    You guys didn’t go to the playoffs in the 2011 season. WGAF?! about what happened in the regular season of 2010?

    Try to keep up!

  64. Tebow has been brought in to save some of those lost souls in the locker room: Sanchez, Holmes, Cromartie and Rex….

  65. Tebow is a terrible QB. I’m a huge Bronco fan and have been since I was 5. I literally threw crap at my TV when Mc Dumba$$ drafted him.
    What really irritated me was all the bible thumpers who became Bronco “fans” after he was selected, all they’re pissing and moaning about how the Broncos weren’t fair to Timmy, how he deserved to be the starter, and are infuriated at John Elway for trading him.

    Really people really? He is one of the worst QB’s of all time and the ONLY reason he has the support he does is because of his religious views, it certainly isn’t on merit.

    This is football not the Vatican. Leave religion where it belongs, as a crutch for the weak minded.

    I truly feel sorry for legit Jets fans because all the religious fanatics will be running they’re mouths about how management knows nothing about running a team, and anyone supporting Sanchez is stupid. I really don’t like the Jets but I do sympathize with the REAL fans of New York.

  66. Please note that we (the Denver Broncos) lost our last 4 games last season because teams figured out Tebow. Everyone will be expecting the run once the wide out goes into motion. The wildcat won’t work! They won’t be able to run the play we (the Broncos) ran in the playoffs all the time. I WAS a Tebow fan. But first I am a Broncos fan. And there is no way I would ever pick Tebow over Manning. He (Tebow) is now the enemy. I hope he succeeds in life but not in the NFL. Broncos country FOREVER!

  67. is it the jets making a big deal out of it? not really my take on it. look how many comments on a tiny offseason story.
    nfl network sought him out for an interview. he answered questions. ONE to 20 snaps. if you listen to the way he talks, he might as easily say the guy who passes out gatorade on the sideline would be a ‘major contributor’

  68. And Tim Tebow came out of the wilderness crying “who cares if I am a NFL caliber QB My Lord and personal savior Jesus Christ sent me to this sin infested city to save their collective souls, to lay hands on cute boys, to heal the sick and don’t dare forget TO SELL JERSEYS, and spread the good news that Jesus is on his way and could arrive any century~~~SATAN BEGONE!!!

  69. UP TO 20 SNAPS???? That may be all the Jets get in most of their games this season. So it looks like Tebow will get more playing time than Sanchez.

    NYPost back page headlines in September:


    Can you say 5 – 11!

  70. If I were a DC facing Mark Sanchez, I would put 8 guys in the box and have the corners play man. If I were a DC facing Tim Tebow, I would put 8 guys in the box and have the corners play man.

    Next question

  71. Eagles tried to do this with Vick. Experiment lasted a couple of games before McNabb got really bent out of shape. For one, you can’t establish a game rhythm with QBs coming and going. Since it is Tebow, a polarizing figure, the team will likely be split into two camps. If Ryan doesn’t catch on fast that this is a very bad idea, this will likely be his last season in a very tumultuous stay in NYC.

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