Sanchez is wise to stay quiet about Tebow

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Some in the media believe that Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez should have responded to the trade for Tim Tebow by launching into a public temper tantrum.

He definitely shouldn’t.  The back pages of the New York tabloids would take Tebowmania to a new level if/when Sanchez says or does anything to show that he doesn’t like the move.  Headlines like “Go to Hell:  Sanchez won’t bow to Tebow” would appear on a daily basis if Sanchez starts firing off while Tebow repeatedly turns the other cheek.

And so the smart move for Sanchez is to do exactly what he’s saying and doing right now.


That’s not to say Sanchez shouldn’t be upset.  But he should handle it quietly, using it as motivation to finally perform in the regular season the way that he did in four postseason road wins in 2009 and 2010.  As we’ve been saying, the Jets likely acquired Tebow in part to finally bring Sanchez’s situation to a head.  If he’s ever going to become a great quarterback and/or a great leader, now is the time for it to happen.

The Jets have tried to tiptoe around Sanchez for three years, most recently giving him a glorified restructuring that will pay him a couple of extra million over the next two years and guaranteed his 2012 and 2013 income.  In response to that gesture, he foolishly declared that the “lipstick and powder” contract proves that he’s the leader of the team.

This time around, he smartly has made no declarations.  Privately, however, he needs to respond by getting pissed, Rocky Balboa-style.  “Mark is a better player right now and that’s it,” Hall of Famer Joe Montana told the New York Daily News.  “As long as Mark believes in himself and plays, it’s not an issue.”

The problem is that Sanchez hasn’t shown that he believes in himself.  If he wants to keep Tebow on the bench, Sanchez had better start believing, now.

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  1. Sanchez can make Tebow-mania go quiet by playing like the 4th pick in a draft. If he continues to suck, then it’s good the Jets have a legit (maybe not throwing-wise, but winning-wise) backup at last. And Sanchize-mania would take over New York if the guy started to play like a franchise QB.

  2. I thought Lombardi’s take on this was way off base too, that Sanchez should be taking this to the media. Maybe he’s just trying to start trouble & goad Sanchez into whining. As a Pats fan, I wouldn’t mind that 😀 but Sanchez has handled this just fine IMO.

  3. What everyone is forgetting and failing to mention here is the Broncos sold tickets all off season with Tebow’s face on the advertising material. Then the Broncos started out 1-4…. If your starting QB is a journeyman QB who can put up good numbers and never win football games he’s only a snap away from being benched to begin with.

    Look at it this way: If you bought a product, received a different product, and that product sucked, you’d be asking for rectification as well.

    The players and coaches will support whoever is the better QB. If Sanchez doesn’t stand out, whoever the second string QB is deserves a shot. In this case, that second string QB is Tebow.

  4. The idea that Sanchez should be mad is ridiculous. He’s a highly paid starter, if he does his job, he’ll remain, if he doesn’t, he won’t

    Teams that rely on a Curtis Painter type backup hoping he’ll never play are doing their teams and fans a disservice

    It’s ridiculous that the team should be weaker in backup positions to prevent weak minded starters from being paranoid

  5. This article is absolutely correct. The problem is, Sanchez will have to be near perfect. History has shown that the Tebow people will get restless very quickly.. the chanting will be ugly and divisive at the first incomplete pass by Sanchez. As a Jaguars fan I am so glad we dodged this bullet. Many think Gabbert is no good, and maybe they are right, but at least we will find out on his own merit, not on the basis of a vocal minority…Good luck Mark and the Jets..You’ll need it!

  6. Uhm… did anybody actually watch Tebow throw last year? As bad as Mark Sanchez was he’s still a much better passer then Tebow.

  7. Put down your Lotto slip and listen!!!

    Tebow can not beat out anyone for a starting QB position. Got it???

    Don’t forget Mark through some pin piont passes when on the way to his 4 playoff wins. Tebow is not able to do that. Tebow is there to run the ball and give them an added threat. THAT”S IT!!

    Hopefully once the season starts and you see it for yourself, all you talking heads will move on.

  8. Every third story you guys post on here has the name Tebow in it, please… just stop. I didn’t even read this story because im sure its another piece of irrelevant information. How about you talk of something like how Eli, Coughlin & the Giants silenced all

    Never heard of so much publicity about a first round pick who can’t throw a completion percentage of higher than 50. Hell, Jeremy Lin at least performs & he wasnt even drafted.

  9. Remind me again why the Jags should have traded for Tebow? Seems like the only articles have been ones describing a divided fan base, a frustrated locker room and a massive distraction.

  10. the jets brought tebow to the team to be the QB. it might not happen right away, but it will happen. sanchez will not be this team’s qb for too much longer.

    its a shame that tebow couldnt have remained in denver and learned under peyton for two years. unlike most people, i do believe that rebow has the ability to become at last a decent passer in this league.

  11. Get it over with challenge each other to a duel at 40 paces………………………………………………

  12. What a coincidence, he’s doing exactly what he does on the field too. Absolutely nothing.

    He’d rather spend all his energy chasing underage girls.

  13. In the NFL you need a good QB to be successful and the Jets have two QBs. One average one and one bad one! Good luck girls – maybe Tebow will lay hands on Ryan’s foul mouth or maybe on the disgruntled team! You can all cry snots together – Losers!

  14. I don’t get the Sanchez bashing. The guy leads them to 2 straight AFC title games, has a down year, and everyone wants to replace him? We are talking about a guy who only got to play 1 season in college and has been in the NFL only 3 years. By comparison Matt Stafford just got Detroit to the playoffs for the 1st time, played college 3 years, and is now the future star?

    And Sanchez wasn’t the only problem with New York last year. The running game, the WRs and the defense all declined. Sanchez isn’t the best QB in the NFL by any stretch, but is much better and more proven than Tebow. Benching Sanchez for Tebow would be replacing a guy who can throw and run an NFL offense for a guy who can’t. And getting wins in the AFC East is much different from beating up on the Raiders, Chiefs and trainwreck Chargers in the AFC West.

  15. jeff061:

    Mark Sanchez didn’t get upset when Drew Stanton was signed to be his backup, remember? It isn’t having a quality backup that Sanchez is upset about. It is about having TEBOW precisely because of people like YOU that will demand that Tebow be on the field as soon as the team has a 2 game losing streak, or who will claim that Tebow is suffering religious bigotry if Sanchez gets hurt, Tebow plays for a little while, but has to give up the job when Sanchez gets healthy again.

    Tebow supporters are ALREADY TRASHING SANCHEZ, trying to undermine him just like Kyle Orton was.

  16. Sanchez seems like a smart kid, & temper tantrums about competition are more suited for players that have children scattered over the lands. Eh, Antonio… way to compete on Twitter! How about on the football field? Oh I forgot, you can only run in a straight line lol

  17. Ok I’m going to take a break from this site until the whole Tebow Jets thing slows down..for the last 24hrs there has been more than 5 postings about Tebow. Yawn! What happen to the other players? No other NFL news? Ok..Byebye

  18. To all the Jets haters. Unless your a Pats,Steelers,Giants,Saints or Packers fan, your team has been worse than the Jets since coach Ryan and Sanchez came to the Jets. The Jets have won more the last 3 years than 26 out of 32 teams.
    Some words of wisdom for you Jets haters.

    Jealousy is the fear or apprehension of superiority: envy our uneasiness under it.

    The truth shall set you free.

    Ignorance is no excuse, it’s the real thing.

    I can explain them if you want.

  19. I recommend Sanchez tweet a pic of a pink box of chocolates asking Tebow to be his valentine. Nothing better for locker room happiness.

  20. CKL says:
    Mar 25, 2012 11:54 AM
    I thought Lombardi’s take on this was way off base too, that Sanchez should be taking this to the media. Maybe he’s just trying to start trouble & goad Sanchez into whining. As a Pats fan, I wouldn’t mind that but Sanchez has handled this just fine IMO

    I thought the exact same thing. First we get blasted for keeping quiet about our issues, then we get blasted for going anonomous and taking it out in public, then we get blasted again because Mark wont’ speak publicly about Tebow.

    As a Jet Fan, I don’t want Tebow. I think this guy is overrated and not an NFL QB at all. His actions show he’s not as humble as he claims, but, I do believe a lot of the Tebow nonsense is drummed up by the media.

    Regardless, he’s on the team and I want the team to be successful so I hope the offensive coordinator can develop some schemes that will work for him, but Sanchez is the starter…period.

  21. @wickerphil

    It’s because he’s a New York Jet, the most hated team in the league. The amount of hate he receives, however, is incredible.

    Ever since coming into the league, Sanchez has improved in almost every single relevant statistical category. Even with his poor 2011 season being as disappointing as it was, he was still only 3 touchdowns shy of tying the Jets single season touchdown pass record, and has 6 rushing touchdowns to go along with it. He was about 500 yards short of throwing for 4000 yards, 3.3% away from having a 60% completion percentage. And mind you, he did all of this with one of the worst RT’s in the league, a mutinous WR corps, an average at best group of RB’s, an OC that had no clue what he was doing and a HC that knows near nothing about offense. Sanchez’ problem in 2011 was turnovers. I’ve seen this kid go to the houses of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, and walk out a winner. I’ve seen him throw some absolutely gorgeous passes, I’ve seen him be a leader, I’ve seen him win games for the team, I’ve seen him take bone crushing hits and get back up right after.

    Mark Sanchez after 3 full years
    782 completions, 1414 attempts, 9,209 yards, 67 TD, 51 INT, 76 QBR

    Eli Manning after 3 full years
    892 completions, 1608 attempts, 10,342 yards, 71 TD, 57 INT, 75 QBR

    How much of a difference is there? Not a big one, to be sure. The only difference is offensive philosophy. Eli was almost ran out of town due to poor play as well. Think the Giants are glad they didn’t? Quarterbacks take time to develop, and Sanchez has shown more than enough to warrant more chances.

    The fact that Tim Tebow has a legitimate chance of taking the starting job from this man is a travesty.

  22. @ mensamember

    You can win all the games you want, but it don’t mean a thing if u ain’t got that ring…just ask the Buffalo Bills.

  23. mensamember:

    You don’t have to explain them (quotes) just let us know who you are quoting – even a Mensa member should know better than to plagiarizer!

    And the “truth” is that there are no absolute truths – this is what sets us free. Man creates “truth” in the questions he is asking about himself and the world he lives in. ARE you asking the right questions? But being a member you must have known that.

    A loving Pats fan –

  24. What the hell does Sanchez have to be “upset” ABOUT????

    No one annointed him “Quarterback for life” of the New York Jets. If a better solution comes along, the team has an obligation to follow what they think is best.

    If Sanchez feels threatened by that, he’s free to step-up his game and beat Tebow in a competiton.

    If Peyton Manning can get dumped, who the hell is Mark Sanchez to think HE is above the same thing?

  25. I personally fault Tim and his agent because he knew coming to the Jets was a sure move for him to get more and more attention; while making it easy to slip into another QB’s starting job without earning.

    Going to the Jags, where another overly media hyped QB is a starter, would have built up animosity between Tim and Blaine. And, the media wouldn’t have wanted that since it was Blaine who they back as the next “NFL read QB” in the 2011 draft.

    Good for Sanchez for not partaking in this foolishness because he knows any and everything he says will simply be used to fuel some made up rivilary. Our media has desolved into nothing more than ego driven men with empty desire to bully folks into letting them have their way by generating lies and fabricating stories to fuel their hate. Let Tim continue to let the media use him as a clown in their side show. Hopefully before the season starts the Jets Organization will get over their jealousy of the Giants SB win and either get rid of Tim or give him another position. I prefer getting rid of him. Way to much distraction.

    Case in point: I just saw the front cover of the Daily News with a heading “Passion of Tebow.” It came complete with a picture of Tim with is wide open like Christ on the front cover. Like really. Any other QB did that they would be labeled as arrogant and full of themselves, but not Tim, “choirboy image” Tebow.

    Eventually Tim, his over-zealous fans, and the media are going to make it very hard for any team, who aren’t desparate for attention, to want to take him when the Jets Organization wake up and realize they don’t really need this level of foolish attention after all.

  26. @mensamember

    WOW……. thats riveting stuff their, maybe you should take that preaching door to door, or maybe open your own church!!!!!

  27. mensamember says:Mar 25, 2012 12:47 PM

    To all the Jets haters. Unless your a Pats,Steelers,Giants,Saints or Packers fan, your team has been worse than the Jets since coach Ryan and Sanchez came to the Jets.
    You know what else those teams all have in common that the Yets don’t have?

    Super Bowl titles in the last decade.

  28. Why should he be upset. The Jets are responsible for 21 million. If they want to pay a QB to sit on the bench for that price, it should be okay with him. If they trade him, someone still has to pay. Plus Holmes has his big contract that they have to pay when he sulks because he isn’t getting pinpoint passes. Sit back and watch the Circus.

  29. NY know that Sanchez is not the qb for the JETS point and simple,and Tebow I doubt is ready for the Ryan regime. Why had the JETS really needed to do this trade

  30. why does have reason to be pissed?is he scared of a little competition? if he is better than tebow then he has nothing to be worried about. the jets got somebody who has proven that when given the oppertunity he wins even with the deck stacked against him like it was in denver. now that he has coaches who wanted him he might turn out to be a better qb than he was in denver. he won’t just be tossed out there unprepared to play. the jets have seen what happens to teams like the bears and colts who did not have a decent backup when their starters went out. tebow may not look pretty doing it but he will at least be able to manage a game and more if called into action. and if he pushes sanchez to get better it’s a win win situation for the jets.

  31. Snchez is being nice to Tebow because Sanchez’s girlfriend wants TT to be her best friend’s date at the prom this May at Greenwich High School.

  32. Tebow was brought in to hopefully light a fire under Sanchez. Hopefully it does, if not dude will find himself as a backup, and based on Sanchez’s body of work it will happen for sure.

  33. torothebronxbull says:
    Mar 25, 2012 1:02 PM
    @ mensamember

    You can win all the games you want, but it don’t mean a thing if u ain’t got that ring…just ask the Buffalo Bills.

    Only 1 team wins it all each year. I watch football because I enjoy the game. A SB win would be great, but realistically the odds are against your team each season. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the season as it plays out.
    In addition if your team wins a good percentage of it’s games, than you enjoy it even more.
    Finally if a rival team is bad, I do get a perverse sense of pleasure watching their downfall( Dolphins ). Oh the weakness of human emotion.

  34. The guy leads them to 2 straight AFC title games, has a down year,”

    blah,blah…OLD NEWS already. sanchez didn’t leads anyone anywhere. Plus, sanchez’s numbers shows he’s a bottom feeder. You’re trying to put lipstick on a pig.

  35. It’s only a matter of time till Sanchez goes boom over this.

    Even if it doesn’t happen during the offseason, as soon as Sanchez has his first bad game and the press start asking him questions about whether or not Tebow will be replacing him as the starter, Sanchez will have a meltdown.

    Tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick…….

  36. Diehard fan and the scary part of the whole Tebow thing is if Sanchise goes down…Tebow is the starter.

  37. In other words, there has been no new Sanchez, Tebow, or Jets news in the past 12 hours, so it’s time for the media to create instead of report.

  38. I love the censorship on this site when you criticize the writers on here – dont publish articles if you dont want to hear negative responses

  39. Lombardi was way off base on this one as usual. Not being a Jets fan I don’t see all of their games but my observations is that Sanchez was not their biggest problem. I think he has pretty good skills but the team needs to put the right kind of talent around him and the coaches MUST put him in the position to succeed. Coaching and the front office have been pretty big problems with the Jets. Trading for Tebow is just the latest example.

  40. “The Jets have been tiptoeing around Sanchez for three seasons…”


    Having your head coach publicly guaranteeing a Super Bowl victory two years in a row sure is a funny way to tiptoe around a young QB with confidence issues

    Flirting with Manning and bringing in Tebow is just par for the course with that front office.

  41. The guy leads them to 2 straight AFC title games, has a down year,” blah,blah…OLD NEWS already. sanchez didn’t leads anyone anywhere. Plus, sanchez’s numbers shows he’s a bottom feeder. You’re trying to put lipstick on a pig.

    I watched him lead 3 TD’s(LT, Edwards, Tone) against your Patsies.
    28 – 21
    Old news or old facts?

  42. whatswiththehate:

    The New York Daily News cover is the media mocking the faith of Christians like Tebow and myself. We shouldn’t hold stuff like that against Tebow, and as a matter of fact it is making me more likely to root for the kid, because it is sickening bigotry that would never be applied to any other religion than evangelical Christianity.

    P.S. Mark Sanchez was raised evangelical also, though it looks like he got caught up into the party lifestyle at USC that also ensnared Matt Leinart.

  43. Sanchez’s main issue is that he has to become more of a worker and a competitor. He only played one year in college at a loaded USC team, basically coasted to the Rose Bowl that year, and then entered the draft. He didn’t play in a more competitive conference like the Big 10 or SEC, and he wasn’t part of a rebuilding program where he had to work for victories against more talented teams. And he was a high draft pick who was handed the starting job and didn’t have to win it competitively or fight for a roster spot. He also landed on a talented, competitive NFL team right away. Add it all up and the stuff that Peyton and Eli Manning, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady etc. had to go through in order to become elite QBs, Sanchez hasn’t had to go through it yet. It isn’t so much as as having to “light a fire” under a lazy or uncompetitive individual than him having to learn what being an NFL QB requires. Off the field he needs to do a lot more stuff like film study and individual practice like Peyton Manning, and on the field he needs to take more chances to make big plays like Eli Manning. Tim Tebow isn’t going to help him do stuff like that, because A) that isn’t Tebow’s approach to the game either and B) Tebow would prefer beating Sanchez out for the starting job than helping Sanchez play better and keep it. The Jets REALLY should have acquired a veteran “second QB coach” type of backup. They still can, especially if they are going to use Tebow as a 3rd down/wildcat back.

  44. He’s got nothing to say, because there is nothing to say. He’s been replaced. It’s all of you who don’t know it yet. They didn’t bring in the Baby Jesus as a backup. He’ll be starting by game 8, if Sanchez doesn’t do the honorable thing first, and commit seppuku.

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