Colts say Dwight Freeney will remain in Indianapolis


Longtime Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney wouldn’t appear to be a good fit with the rebuilding program in Indianapolis, as an aging veteran due a $14 million base salary. But the Colts say Freeney will be there in 2012.

Colts General Manager Ryan Grigson confirmed at the league meeting today that Freeney will be a Colt.

“Everything with Dwight is great,” Grigson said in comments distributed by the Colts’ PR staff. “He’s going to be here this year. We expect him to be a major contributor and a guy who strikes fear in our opponents and those offensive linemen every week. . . . He’s a Colt, period.”

That’s a surprise. The Colts were talking to other teams this month about trading Freeney, and they’ve signed two defensive ends, Robert Mathis and Cory Redding, to new contracts, which would seem to make Freeney expendable.

But apparently the Colts think highly enough of Freeney, even at age 32 and coming off three straight seasons of declining sack production, that they want to keep him on the expensive final season of his contract. Almost all of his star teammates from the past decade are gone, but Freeney will remain in Indianapolis.

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  1. Translation: Nobody was willing to give up anything of value, so we’ll ride it out and hopefully get a compensatory pick next year.

  2. In other words…

    “we were wrong on this one too – in fact we weren’t right about much regarding all the Colts moves”


  3. There is still a salary cap floor and they wouldn’t get too much for Freeney at this point. They are better off keeping him and trying to win some games. They owe that to their fans. The younger players they are building around will benefit from the remaining core of that defense. Nobody learns much from losing.

  4. Either they couldn’t find someone interested in the trade or looking to leaverage for better trade deal. He likely will not be in Indy this coming season. Doesn’t make sense.

  5. PFT forgot to make some things clear.

    The Colts didn’t shop Freeney, other teams asked the Colts about a possible trade.

    Also there is the fact, that Irsay has no problem giving Freeney the cash, and you can sign a new contract, that pays Freeney the same 14 million with a 10-12 million cap number and is voided after one season.

  6. Translation: No one really wanted to pay that one trick pony with declining numbers that kind of loot or give up what Indy thought he was worth.

  7. Would you stop saying that Freeney is expendable because Redding signed? Redding is a 3-4 DE. Freeney is a 3-4 OLB. Mathis said it himself on his Twitter. Redding’s addition never had any impact on whether or not he was traded or cut.

  8. Couldn’t get a trading partner, I guess. Now, my beloved Colts have to make this all work. Love Dwight. Hope he can make the transition.

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