Cowboys, Redskins, NFL clam up over cap case

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The salary cap controversy that arose two weeks ago regarding the Cowboys and Redskins has generated plenty of discussion.  But there will be no more of it from any of the teams involved, or from the league at large.

A day after Giants co-owner and NFL Management Council Executive Committee chairman John Mara said that the Cowboys and Redskins were lucky not to have draft picks stripped for spending in the uncapped year of 2010 and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones promised to speak his mind to reporters, everyone has clammed up.

Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that Jones canceled his session with reporters, and that the league also won’t be addressing the situation in advance of Commissioner Roger Goodell’s Monday press conference.

Earlier in the day, Patriots owner Robert Kraft declined to talk about the matter, citing that the controversy is now in litigation.

Meanwhile, Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that Jones and Redskins G.M. Bruce Allen made their respective cases against the $46 million in cap penalties during a Monday morning “two-per-club” meeting.  Jones and Allen then left as the other 30 teams discussed the strategy for dealing with the claim.

The fact that folks have zipped it demonstrates the gravity of the situation.  Though no lawsuit has been filed, the Redskins and the Cowboys have essentially sued their partners.

Somewhere, Al Davis is smiling.

And we don’t mean that sarcastically.  Davis had no qualms about standing up for his rights.  In this case, we’ve yet to see or hear anything to suggest that the NFL is anything but wrong.  By all appearances, the league wanted to hold down spending in the uncapped year, the teams attempted to collude in order to make that happen, and the NFL approved every contract submitted by the Cowboys and the Redskins calling for payments to be made during the uncapped year.

The teams did nothing wrong and they violated no rule.  Instead, they refused to engage in collusion, and now the NFL wants to teach them a lesson for it.  In the end, the lesson could be learned by the NFL — and it could be a costly one.

UPDATE 9:32 p.m. ET:  At his Monday press conference, Goodell declined to address the situation.

88 responses to “Cowboys, Redskins, NFL clam up over cap case

  1. The NFL tries to ride their high horse in the Bounty case all the while trying to screw the players union by trying to impose a wink and nod salary cap in the uncapped year. The hypocracy is sickening!

  2. Sue them. Im a Lions fan and im pissed for the Skins and Cowboys. The NFL is wrong here and they might end up paying for it. If they are smart they will remove the penalties and just sweep this whole situation under the rug. The only question now is if its too late to do that.

  3. …..and so the drama begins. The NFL is going to rue the day they they started this mess. Jones and Snyder are gong to mop the floor with the league on this one.

  4. i would love for some kind of repercussions to fall on the would even out when they faked those injuries..karma is a mutha funka

  5. I hope Snyder and Jones pull the pin. This whole thing reeks of a conspiracy to screw the competitive ability of the NFC East by Mara and company. The owner of the team that can’t seem to win without faking injuries. How come they never got slapped for that?? It was fricking obvious to everyone on planet Earth they faked injuries. And there IS A RULE against that. Instead of trying to clean up his own house, this self-righteuos dillweed tries to attack others in his division. Classless tool.

  6. Only one thing matters: The Steelers are superior to every organization in the league. You will always be in our unwavering shadow. We know it’s unfair and we apologize.

  7. I can’t stand the Cowboys or Redskins, but I can’t understand in any way how this could be viewed as “OK” with the NFL. Punishing a team retroactively for violating no rule in existence is ludicrous. That would be like changing the final score of a game at the end of the season because they made an error. The NFL is just crazy wrong on this one.

  8. Great coverage on this, it would appear that perhaps the league has been painted a picture of just how bad this could “potentially” be by two of the more established franchises in the league.

    Goodell and the league have gone a bridge too far on this one and Mara (NFC East rival)chiming in, does not help the case. It not only stinks of collusion but some cronyism thrown in for good measure.

    Clearly Mara knew of the penalty before the Skins/Cowboys did and that knowledge on the eve of free agency, could also be considered “tilting the competitive balance”, the wrong way.

    Good luck Roger, you’re gonna need it.

  9. full disclosure… i am a skins fan. but i have just about had it with the NFL in general. i had hoped that they would cancel the entire season last year…and now i hope that the entire league gets blown up…

    i am just so sick and tired of all these characters..players, owners, comissioners…

    really, there are much more important things in life than the NFL…it’s about time these dummies learned that lesson.

    but i guess i will have to settle for watching my skins struggle to get to 8-8 and watch goodel eat a large helping of crow. then i’ll watch preening, overindulged, ego-maniacs dance around and act like what they do is the most important thing in the world…

    as we all know, hollywood actors and the academy awards are the most important thing on earth…just ask michael moore.

  10. Somewhere Al Davis is smiling, RIRP Al mess with them from beyond if your a RAIDES fan you have got to like this..even after death Al is still talked about..RIP MR.DAVIS

  11. I am sure the Cowboys will come out on top. They are like the baby in the family they always get their way. The main reason is they refuse to stop begging like the baby. They keep on and on til you finally will do anything to just shut them up. I have little doubt it will be any different this time. Just keep on crying Jerry eventually like always you will get your way.

    It does not matter that 30 other teams did it right, if they didn’t do it like you they must be wrong. It is much like the baby teen this time. They know everything, and the parents are just stupid. Well just like the teenager eventually you will grow up and see you made a lot of choices that made you look like an arse. One might think after all these years that day would have come by now, but I guess not

  12. Without a doubt, Jones and Snyder are two of my least favorite characters in the NFL. And on this issue I’m behind them 100%. I would love nothing more than to see them prevail.

  13. I hope they do sue. And as a Redskins fan I hope we not only get our cap space back, but pick up some draft picks as well for being damaged in our pursuit of free agents and re-signing players.

    The NFL is wrong here, and they should be punished for being wrong the same way Roger Goodell likes to hand out his punishment to his perceived wrong doers.

    I guess they thought the Redskins and Cowboys would just take this lying down, but they were wrong about that too.

  14. Not only do I want the money back I want a second round compensatory pick to make up for the free agents lost out on in the last two weeks. It should be a pick between the first and second round. I know it won’t happen but it should. And I cannot wait for the the new and improved Redskins to take it to the Giants for years to come as payback for their owner trying to cheat. HTTR.

  15. Its checkers. Not chess!

    The second an independent makes the NFL open the books, its over for them. They have been getting cities to buy stadiums and such. The Ravens stadium is second to none. Thank you Maryland taxpayers!

    The Bucs are exhibit A. The whole reason they hit the Skins so hard is that they were worried Danny boy would sign Manning and all the freeagent recievers on the market.

    I guess the “Players union” didn’t want salaries to go too high…..

  16. Both teams should get all the money back and an additional 1st roun pick at the end of the first round this year as compensation for missing out on key free agents this offseason.

  17. So whats the time frame for all this mon sense to be put to rest. … The skins and boys should get their money back and a 2 round pick or late first round pick 33,34.

  18. You keep stating they actively didn’t want to be involved with collusion like it’s a badge of honor.

    THE NFL IS BUILT ON COLLUSION and the COWBOYS AND REDSKINS have gained the most value from their franchises as a result of such collusion!

    The reality is that belt buckle boy and jerry are the two kids/dorks who just can’t get enough. When they suck on the field the continue to try to change the playing field by suing everyone. If this case get’s overturned every NFL fan should call their congressman and tell them to investigate.

  19. Meanwhile, Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that Jones and Redskins G.M. Bruce Allen made their respective cases against the $46 million in cap penalties during a Monday morning “two-per-club” meeting. Jones and Allen then left as the other 30 teams discussed the strategy for dealing with the claim.
    Seems fishy, considering the Saints and Raiders were categorized as intermediate offenders.

  20. Good. As a redskins fan, I would like to tell John Mara and God-dell

    Go **** yourself.

    Just wait til you get the bounty penalties.

  21. mylionsroaring,

    Awwwwwww. What Are you all butt-hurt about? Are you understanding ANYTHING here? Re-read the last line of the story, where it says specifically ‘The teams did nothing wrong and they violated no rule.” With that said, how is it that the other teams (btw, it was 28 other teams who benefited, not 30) did it “right”, when neither the Cowboys NOR the Redskins did anything wrong?

    It is DeMaurice Smith, Goodell, and the 28 teams that are the stupid ones here. Smith wasn’t going against the wishes of the 28 teams who were kicking and screaming about this, simply because he wanted to keep his job, and was just re-elected for another 3 years shortly after the two teams were penalized. This is all political. You just don’t obviously get it, and based on you commenting on this article, do you have any reading comprehension, or is it blind hate fueling your argument I say the latter.

    Like I pointed out earlier, this was an easy topic for the haters to immediately jump on, and well before they had any true understanding of the particulars of this case. In closing, I have two words for you: try again……..

    And try a lot harder next time.

  22. mylionsroaring,

    Your claim that the other 30 teams did right is patently wrong.

    You need to research the subject before you start spouting nonsense.

    Example: TB Bucs.

    They never even spent to what would’ve been the cap floor last year.

    Why? So they could stockpile cash to the sum of 60 million to spend in the current FA cycle.

    How is that not voilating “the spirit of the cap” in the name of competitive balance? (HA!!)

    BTW, if what the Skins and Boys done were wrong, why did the league approve the contracts?

    Now brush up on the subject and get back to us……..

  23. Mylionsroaring

    Your analogy is terrible and has nothing to do with the situation. We are not talking about a household here. Do you elect your parents? Bc the NFL owners picked Goodell. I mean it’s comments like yours that make it so easy to counter your side. The truth is an uncapped year is leverage for the players union against the league. Basically If the owners colluded to impose a cap when there wasn’t a cap then the players lose leverage. This is big bc now it opens the door for collusion and new facts for the union. Really teenagers?! And are your Lions the runt of the family that finally receives an A in class?

  24. Make sure after the lesson was learned that the NFL compensates the skins with some extra draft picks atleast for wrongfully stripping the team of cap money to sign the top free agents that have now signed elsewhere !!!! Giving the money back NOW would be minimal compensation after the fact that we were wrongfully stripped of the opportunity to pursue them!!! How about stripping the giants a 3RD rounder and we will also take the saints 2nd rounder they lost thanks!

  25. maybe the patriots and saints should have sued the nfl for breaking rules set down by the league . that would have detroyed the game as we know it but hell isn’t the individual teams rights more important than the health of the league .

  26. steelernationsparksjealousy says:
    Mar 26, 2012 5:57 PM
    Only one thing matters: The Steelers are superior to every organization in the league. You will always be in our unwavering shadow. We know it’s unfair and we apologize.
    Your Steelers got knocked out of the playoffs by Tim Tebow. You might want to shut your pie hole.
    Let me guess what your comeback will be.
    6 rings. That sound about right. Your easy to read just like your defense.

  27. Hard to see how giving them back the cap space now that the top free agents have been signed undoes the damage to these franchises…not to mention that the extra cap space was distributed around the league and in some cases already spent.

    I don’t like either franchise, but they were not treated fairly.

  28. Who says that cap space back is the ONLY thing they’re seeking?

    I wonder what 18 million worth of draft picks would look like?

  29. steelernationsparksjealousy,

    Your team was one of the 28 crying and complaining about the Redskins and Cowboys breaking no rules but still wanting them to be penalized for something, so I am not sure where your comments fit into the argument.

    Are you talking SB wins? Fine, you have the most. Great legacy. 2012 is a new year, and only your legacy separates you from the rest of the teams, so yes, the Steelers have the most SB wins in the NFL. Having said that, the fans of the 31 other teams aren’t all that impressed, believe me.

    Are you talking the last SB against the Packers relative to superiority? You were superior in losing.

    Are you talking about one and done in the playoffs in 2011, against the Broncos no less? Again, you were superior in going home early.

    Well done – you are right. You are superior in some aspects.

  30. If you don’t break any written laws, you don’t go to jail… What happens to people who get placed in jail and then get released later because the penal system realizes they made a mistake and the person didn’t actually break the law? Big time compensation, that’s what… and that’s what the Cowboys and Redskins should get, and I hope they do… This whole thing is just ridiculous and I would love to see Goodell and Mara get egg all over their face on this one

  31. Isnt it funny how once Mara found out how wrong he was he has nothing to say. I think he should have to publicly apologize to both teams he should be removed from the board and his team should lose draft pics for his part .

  32. I dont understand how some people cant see the big picture here…

    I know we as fans hate some teams like The boys and Skin but this is about are sport not about the teams involved…

    They did nothing wrong and the Union and League are screwing them…changing the rules…This is not good…It could be your team next time…

    This can not be allowed….

  33. I’m a big skins fan who does not like Snyder.. but I still have to side with The Danny here. The league put the gag order down after Mara’s inane comments. Mara: Ok we’re all colluding, but you should have been penalized far worse for not going along with it? Really? They better lower the profile on this in a hurry before outside parties start looking at their shady backroom dealing under a microscope…

  34. @mylionsroaring,

    Your anaolgy is so flawed it is ridiculous. My first observation is that you don’t have children. If you did, you would understand that babies cry because that is how they communicate. They can’t say things like “daddy, mommy, I have a load of doodie in my pants” so they cry.

    The other part of your analogy also is flawed. Colluding to hold down costs is not doing it right. Imagine if they had denied the contracts. It would have given the NFLPA ammunition they could in court have used in proving that the NFL was violating anti-trust laws. The other 30 didn’t play by the rules. If it is the right thing to do now to penalize the Cowboys and Redskins, then the right thing to do would have been to disallow the contracts when they were submitted.

    And for full disclosure, I am an Eagles fan.

  35. Another lesson Mara should learn is you dont pick a fight you cant win. Duh He just found out who the big dogs are. Now go lay down Mara

  36. Bottom line is collusion is wrong! Yes, I’m a Redskins fan, and I gotta tell you there is not a duo that I would not want to go toe to toe with when it comes to money more than Jerry and Danny Boy! You’ve screwed the pooch this time Goddell!

  37. Not a Cowboys or Redskins fan (especially the HC). But I hope Jerra and Daniel Snyder use Adolf-(No)Good-ell as their personal mop and wipe up the floor with him……

  38. I seem to remember the owners and players giving Goodell complete power last year with the CBA. Both sides had the perfect opportunity to create and put in place rules that wouldn’t allow Goodell to do whatever he wanted…and neither side did anything. They all agreed to keep things status quo and to allow the commissioner to be the big boss with absolute power.

    Right or wrong, this is what happens as a result. Jones and Snyder can be as mad as they want, but they agreed to Goodell’s power and now they are paying the consequences.

  39. National Football Collusion. who do they think they are?? Wall St.?? yes there are rules for you and they don’t apply to us Billionaires.

  40. Rodger Goodell seems to be taking lessons from the owner of NASCAR, Brian France, both are ruining the sport they are in charge of and both are horse’s rear ends

  41. Can’t wait to see the public apology from GoDdell and that maggot mara. JJ will have those piss-ants on their knees.

  42. But the league wasn’t trying to restrict spending (other teams spent similarly to the Cowboys & Redskins and weren’t punished) they were trying to prevent salary dumping. This agreement wasn’t going to affect the pay outs to the players, just when the money was to be accounted. The league & the NFLPA had agreed prior to the 2010 season the spirit of the expiring CBA as it pertained to the uncapped year wasn’t to allow salary dumping.

    I really don’t care what the outcome is one way or another; I’m too busy bemoaning the fact the team I root for is apparently trying to improve by not spending money.

  43. I really miss Al Davis in this situation b/c he would have file in courts a week ago and spit on Mara and Goodell’ s shoes!!!

    I’m still so amused that Mara and the nfl hid these penalties from Jerry Jones. As the evidence continues to mount I’m beginning to wonder if the nfl has something up it’s sleeve or if they simple mindedly thought these two guys would take it up the rear without a fight.

    Mara has taken the discussion from SB victory to Giants owners attempt to getting an unfair competitive advantage by stripping the Skinz and Boys of $46mil. Shameful embarrassment to the Duke!!!

  44. This doesn’t bode well for anyone involved, ESPECIALLY the fans.

    All it takes is undeniable proof of collusion and the fat cats in Washington will start examining the exemption the NFL enjoys.

    Lose the antitrust exemption, lose football as we know it. Simple as that.

    I’m totally sided with the Cowboys and Redskins on this, but I see some dark clouds brewing on the horizon for all of us.

  45. Im sick of Goodell. He’s good friends with Mara, which led him to screw over the Cowboys and Redskins SPECIFICALLY. Take bother their a**es to court and have them both step down for “competitive unbalance”.

    Worst NFL owner in history. I’ve never seen the NFL become such a circus under any other person.

  46. eelernationsparksjealousy says:
    Mar 26, 2012 5:57 PM
    Only one thing matters: The Steelers are superior to every organization in the league. You will always be in our unwavering shadow. We know it’s unfair and we apologize.

    Hahahahahahahaha. Seriously? Ur Team has one of the dirtiest players in the League in Harrison and ur QB does not know the word NO when it comes to women.

  47. What I find interesting is how little attention to this is being paid by the other websites- espn, SI, etc,. Peter King barely had a paragraph alloted for MMQB… This issue has the potential to blow up the Collective Bargaining Agreement and the anti-trust protection if Congress gets involved or it moves to litigation. Why are the others not chiming in? Are they scared, coerced, or not intelligent enough to render an opinion?

  48. steelersmichele,

    Incorrect. This isn’t only about Goodell. This is about the League (Goodell) AND the NFLPA (DeMaurice Smith) AND the owners of 28 other teams trying to create a situation where two teams in an uncapped year are now being penalized retroactively for breaking zero rules, and all of this coming down a day before FA begins. This is all political, and if this isn’t considered collusion, I don’t know what is.

    Jones and Snyder can be “as mad as they want” because they agreed to Goodell’s power and now they are “paying the consequences”? I am not sure how that makes any sense. This just doesn’t “happen as a result” unless there is collusion taking place. Goodell AND Smith are both in the wrong, and the Cowboys and Skins will be able to prove that beyond a doubt. Goodell and Smith have BOTH gotten themselves into a very bad situation, and the Redskins and Cowboys will expose it, and rightly so.

    This type of thing apparently needed to happen to show what kind of politics the NFL is playing, and how the owners of the other teams chose to keep their cap costs down by NOT spending more in an uncapped year. That allowed them to stockpile cap space since then. Which is more wrong? Neither. NO TEAMS did anything wrong, because NO RULES were broken, yet Mara and other owners are kicking and screaming about two teams spending more in an uncapped year, and claiming it should be penalized.

    By the NFL approving Goodell as the commissioner until 2018, that is NO WAY equivalent to Jones and Snyder having to “pay the consequences”. There should be no consequences, because no team broke any rules, yet the 28 owners who pushed this through think otherwise.

    Goodell and Smith should be ashamed of themselves, and if they are aware that what they did was wrong, and are willing to admit it, they very well should negotiate a proper settlement to put this to rest as soon as possible. This could open up a gigantic can of worms that the NFL doesn’t want to deal with, and would ultimately lose out if it came to a court case.

  49. This could end profit sharing and the Cap all together. Then what would the little teams do? Way to open the door Commissioner!

  50. Has anyone considered the angle that the NFL knew Jerry and Dan would fight this and win, and they did it anyway? It seems to me that the teams have already suffered a set-back by not having the ability to be major players in the opening of Free Agency. Even if the league says “you’re right, you win”, and restores their cap money, there is no way for the teams to go back and make a push for the bigger signings. At this point if they settle, the NFL can basically admit they were wrong and the two teams’ plans have still been altered. Just a theory.

  51. The NFL ( to me, the NFL stands for New Found Low after this incident) has really overstepped their boundaries on this one, and the 28 other owners need to ALSO be brought to task on this one. They are just as much involved with the decision as those who made it, IMO.

    Smith and Goodell better well make this right, or they could likely be the subject of a large lawsuit. This is going to gain quite a bit of attention from the Feds (see: steroids and MLB) and this could be very easy to prove by Snyder and Jones. Neither will back down from a fight, ESPECIALLY when they both know they are absolutely legally right. Goodell and Smith know this, and should really act quickly and decisively.

    Time to step up and make it right, NFL. Otherwise the consequences for your actions could very well be much too strong for your liking. It’s your choice – what are you going to do?

  52. stopdk12 says:
    Mar 26, 2012 5:59 PM
    full disclosure… i am a skins fan. but i have just about had it with the NFL in general. i had hoped that they would cancel the entire season last year…and now i hope that the entire league gets blown up…

    i am just so sick and tired of all these characters..players, owners, comissioners…

    Dude, if you are so sick of the NFL and hate it so, why do you pay so much attention that you follow the league on a website during the offseason? Your desire for it’s destruction rings hollow. You can make it vanish in an instant if you just stop following it.

  53. jbaker,

    I hear you, but the Cowboys certainly didn’t back down from signing players in FA, even though they have been “penalized” 10 mil in cap space.

    The Redskins are more likely to have been hamstrung by this, but Snyder also has a lot of resources, and will still have room, but not nearly as much due to the 36 mil penalty. Your theory sounds good in theory, but what is the league gaining by doing this to the two teams?

    I don’t think this was intentional. I think this was political for Smith to keep his job, for the most part. Goodell already will be commissioner for the next 6 years. This was pressure put on by 28 other teams, and Smith caved to save his position, which was just approved recently for him to stay in for another 3 years.

    Now that Goodell AND Smith are in, I expect the league to back down and agree to a settlement. The 28 other teams crying and complaining about this are just as responsible as Goodell and Smith, IMO, especially Mara). Those owners also need to (surprisingly) better understand the rules and regulations regarding an uncapped year.

  54. The thing i don’t understand at all, Is even if they did cheat how would you know? They both finished 6-10 and tied for last place in the East in 2010. What did they gain? And how did they benefit from it? Could somebody explain that to me! Is somebody pissed that they picked up a free agent they wanted but couldn’t afford give that much $ up front?

  55. Just giving back the money this year does not begin to compensate the damage that has been done. The Skins and Cowboys have been hampered during free agency because of the cap reduction. ALL of the other teams have been ENRICHED at the expense of the Skins and the Cowboys by having their caps EXTENDED. The NFL has messed up hugely and will be lucky to not have an anti-trust lawsuit brought because of this.

    The NFL needs to settle this QUICKLY

  56. To those who continue to think that the Cowboys and Redskins were “warned six times against doing what they did” and that the NFL is therefore justified in punishing the two teams…

    …read the last two paragraphs of the above post again.

    If you still don’t get it, repeat.

    Eventually it will sink in.

    The NFL is completely in the wrong here, and Jones and Snyder have plenty of nuclear-style leverage in this situation.

  57. Maybe some owners would settle for the ‘ok, split the difference and simply limit the penalty to this year’ BS. But Danny boy & Jerry; no way. They are gonna want to be fully compensated plus damages, and they should threaten to go after the anti-trust exemption.

    And Snyder has an added incentive to go for the throat on this one; he’s got a golden opportunity to endear himself to the DC fan base.

  58. Thanks for the great coverage on this topic!

    Time for the NFL to fix their mistake asap and get this done before lawsuits start flying here.

    Give those teams there cap space back and have Mara removed from the competition committee.

  59. Reading through the blogs on this subject i noticed that most folks who agree with the NFL on this matter always puts it on a personal level.

    They either hate the Skins and Cowboys, are fans of NFC East rivals, or maybe even jealous of the money and attention these 2 teams command- even if the quality is the field is not that great. I know most of these haters really detest Jerry and Danny Boy and their primodonna personas. When i read these replies it’s clear that most simply don’t even try to connect legal reasoning with why the punishment for what the skins and cowboys did is justice. They keep using terms like “Dorks, Shady Characters, Selfish, Money grubbing, ect” They are right when describing these 2 clowns. However, Dannyboy and Jerry’s character has nothing to do with the penalty given by the NFL. Ninety percent of everywhere I read believe this was a bad move by the NFL. Most neutral fans feel the same way can connect the difference between Ethics and Legalities.

    Simply put, the NFL will not win this argument and Goodell has overstepped his boundaries on this topic.

  60. The only two things that matter, in order of importance, are:

    What it was the other 30 owners said, which ultimately made them ‘clam up’

    Whether or not the Cowboys and the Redskins file against the NFL, which could be bad for the whole NFL or horrible for the Cowboys and Redskins

  61. “jbaker85 says:
    Mar 26, 2012 8:00 PM
    Has anyone considered the angle that the NFL knew Jerry and Dan would fight this and win, and they did it anyway? It seems to me that the teams have already suffered a set-back by not having the ability to be major players in the opening of Free Agency. Even if the league says “you’re right, you win”, and restores their cap money, there is no way for the teams to go back and make a push for the bigger signings. At this point if they settle, the NFL can basically admit they were wrong and the two teams’ plans have still been altered. Just a theory.”

    Which is why there needs to be draft pick compensation in addition to overturning the penalties and giving them their cap space back. Also, the teams that received extra cap space because of this should have their cap reduced back to the level it was supposed to be at, and if they’re over then they should have to cut players to get under or lose draft picks.

    The NFL f’d this one up hardcore.

  62. Is it not collusion that prevents the Cowboys and Redskins to realizing their full monetary potential? I’d be curious to see how merchandize is redistributed amongst the teams. Even beyond that, popular teams like the Cowboys, Skins, Steelers, Packers, and Pats are exploited the way the Red Sox and Yankees are but do they reek the same benefits that these MLB ball clubs do?

  63. @ phillyforlife

    The advantage gained is future cap space. For example, the Cowboys lumped something like $17 mil of Austin Miles’ contract into the 2010 season as a one year pay-out. Typically a good portion of that would have been in a signing bonus that would have been pro-rated for cap accountability over the years of the contract. They now don’t have that money counting against the cap during the life of his contract. The Redskins I believe dumped salary connected to bad contracts to get out from them hindering future years of the cap.

  64. Penalties will be removed,we’ll resign London fletcher.As for Mara and Goodell there made for each other , hopefully they’re using protection. HTTR!!!

  65. steelernationsparksjealousy says: Mar 26, 2012 5:57 PM

    Only one thing matters: The Steelers are superior to every organization in the league. You will always be in our unwavering shadow. We know it’s unfair and we apologize.
    I agree this statement would be true except for one irrefutable fact that goes against you, they’re in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is just plain ugly, hickish, terrible, terrible, horrible, place to live. You know what, Pennsylvania is the worst state in the Union. Solely because it has Pittsburgh as a city. I’d rather had the Browns, or the pathetic Dolphins and live in those cities, than live in Pittsburgh. BLEH!

  66. @truthserum4u

    Ah yes, they did this, just like 8 other teams did with their top paid players. Miles Austin’s $17M contract was about the 4th most egregious example of teams “dumping salary”. The Julius Peppers going from $35M down to under $1M the following year? Guess since they don’t play in the NFC East, it is ok.

    Ah yes, just like the Bucs did last year before a floor went in place? They kept their salaries so low that they are able to shift cap space, giving them something like $50-60M at the start of FA. No disruption of competitive balance there?

    The hammer is going to fall. When it hits, it is going to hurt.

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