Jake Plummer returns to Denver, to throw footballs

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Let me start this one by saying that there’s no reason to believe former Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer is emerging from retirement, more than four years after last playing in an NFL game.  But folks in Denver are getting a little skittish right now about their quarterback situation, given that Peyton Manning and his four neck procedures is now the starter, and Caleb Hanie and his four seasons of underwhelming football is the backup.

And so the fact that Plummer was back in town throwing passes to draft hopefuls and free agents, per the Denver Post, has made a stir in Colorado.

Plummer has shown no inclination to return to the game.  But at 37, he’s only one year old than Manning.  And, arguably, Plummer is much healthier.

Not to mention much better than Hanie.

The fact that some Broncos fans would welcome Plummer’s return should tell us all we need to know about how nervous they are and will be until Manning plays effectively in a regular-season game.

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  1. Sweet. If he comes back doesn’t he owe the Buccaneers money after trading for him and skipping out?

  2. Herman Munster Manning and his new neck bolts will be just fine. But Calib Hanie will still suck.

  3. LOL oh hell. This weirdness gets better and better. I think it may be rubbing off on NFL fans, too.

  4. He retired way too early in my opinion. I feel like he quit. Too bad his legacy went down too soon. He really could’ve been better than his stats and records showed everyone.

  5. I could be wrong on this, but don’t the Dolphins actually own the rights to Plummer should he come out of retirement? As I recall, he retired rather than play for them after Denver traded his contract. Or did that end with the original expiration date on said contract? There a lawyer in the house?

  6. This just looks like a guy helping his old team out. I doubt seriously he is going to play. Denver probably just needs another arm to help out since Manning is not 100%.

  7. I believe be did have to pay bucs but after so long doesnt that go away. I thought if after the four yr contract he become free agent in a sense. I think he can sign with anyone we should get a comp pick

  8. I love it! Now somebody make Jeff George your 4th string QB and let’s see if he can still sling it this preseason. Doesn’t anybody in the NFL love a good story enough to sacrifice a temporary roster spot for that sort of intrigue — a 40-year old former No. 1 overall pick that’s been written off for at least five years. Come on. Watching George mop up the 4th quarter of a preseason game would be more exciting to me than Game 7 of the World Series.

  9. I thought Jake retired because of a bad knee and did not want to limp around the rest of his life?

  10. Craziest off season moss, pacman, big tuna, peyton, tebow, bounty, flynn who hasnt been a qb yet get paid as one, and a month before the draft. am watching hockey in the past cause this time a year there isnt much football talk tbis might go all the way to tbe start of the season. Baseball not the past time anymore they are on roids we got backups qb getting press conferences wow

  11. Plummer has shown no inclination to return to the game. But at 37, he’s only one year old than Manning. And, arguably, Plummer is much healthier.

    For the love of god hire an editor.

  12. If Plummer doesn’t work out Jeff George is still available. He’s still a young 44 yo.

  13. He must have gotten bored sitting on his ranch eating hemp seed cookies and harvesting honey… I hear Bubby Brister isn’t working either. Why not bring him in???

  14. When the Cards drafted Plummer, I got season tickets. Held them until the Cards went to a new stadium, and I moved about 65 miles north of Phoenix. Jake gave me heart attacks. Twice, I left games where the Cards looked down and out, only to be driving home and hearing on the radio, that he had pulled it off again. I sat at ASU and virtually melted, but the dude was worth it. I would love it if he came back. Never liked the way he left the game.

  15. Plummer said he retired because Shanahan had had become such a control freak that he “took all of the fun out of football and made him hate the game”! plummer said after going to the conference championship game in 05 that Shanny became intolerable to the point of micromanaging the way he would hand off the ball or how fast he would throw screen outs. He is not the first one to say that Shanny ruined their love for the game. It’s sad that the current ‘skins team equate his son as being a neurotic control freak that worse than his father!

  16. So Donks, you just gave $95 million to a guy who scares you to death?

    What is this – NFL personnel management, or US Government foreign policy??

  17. I’m a die-hard Broncos fan and I would really love it if Jake the Snake came back as Manning’s backup. I can’t imagine that playing in handball tourneyments is paying the bills… I think Jake retired way too soon personally, but under the circumstances (with Cutler being drafted and thrown into the fire, similar to what happened with Tebow) Jake did the right thing! I would have, as I’m sure Tebow was, been pissed off at what transpired. Bring back the Snake I say, bring him back!

  18. I hope it all works out with Plummer. It is not like he has not been active and The Broncs have been in a tailspin since he was under center; Cutler/McDaniels/Marshall/Teebow. Now that the entire circus has left town I don’t see any problem with Plummer working behind Manning and can see why he might want to because things are looking really promising. Either way, everybody here is feeling really good about our prospects next year. By the way, Manning was out throwing in the Colorado sunshine today; do you guys know where your QB was?

  19. Man i would to see plummer again..the article on him in espn magazine was aawesome..do it retire from handball and comeback to the nfl..

  20. In other news, brett favre was seen throwing footballs in his backyard N.O. Maybe you should write an article about him replacing the unsigned Brees?

  21. GB, why don’t you get Farve over to throw some balls too……lets keep the speculation going this off season.

  22. Man its a good thing Al the Just Loose baby Davis aint arround. He’d have a stroke if he couldnt of traded for Manning or Tebow and then Draft a few other QbS

  23. After the 2006 season, Jake Plummer was a guy that I truly felt was a bad teammate!!!


    His lack of heart made him a quitter!!!!!

    After the 2005 AFC Title Game versus the Steelers he became this (no offense whatsoever to our armed forces) overly Pat Tillman tribute giving turnover machine!!!!!

    Plus, he openly said that he was willing to give tips to Cutler!!!! What kind of competitor is that????

    He also kept on staying retired after Denver traded him to Tampa!!!!

    If anyone has sympathy for the guy after losing the AFC Championship, I can’t respect that person. Elway played in Denver and WON two Super Bowls after losing and getting literally pounded in three prior appearances!!!!!!!

  24. Jake Plummer was a good qb , I don’t care what anybody says, he played with heart and over achieved! Imagine if he signed with the 49ers or a team that’s a qb away.

  25. who are these fans rooting for plummer to make a comeback? jake the snake was an avg qb with a very likable personal demeanor… he was done when he was traded… want good enough then… wont be now…

  26. The fact that Donkey fans would welcome Plummer’s return should tell us that all you need to know is that Donkey fan is incredibly stupid…like we really needed Plummer’s help to figure that one out.

  27. Jake ” The Snake” Plummer had the thrid best winning percentage during the 3 1/2 year span that he played for Denver in the NFL

    Behind only who guessed it Peyton Manning and Tom Brady and he was treated like a piece of meat by Shanny for Cutlet and his cry baby attitude.

    People want to say Tebow got the shaft from denver, that was nothing compared to what happen with Plummer but that was a different coaching staff and different FO so time heals all wounds.

    Come on back Plummer you can’t be any worse the what we got backing Manning up right now…..

  28. Interesting how fast opinions change. Last off-season the media were suggesting that QB needy teams should consider making a play for Hanie after a decent performance in the conference championship.

    Now, after four poor games at the end of his first season as QB2 he is liability with “four seasons of underwhelming football” on his resume.

    The truth is almost certainly somewhere in between. He doesn’t look like a future starter but he might be a better back-up than he looked last year. He should at least improve on a team with better offensive line, outside of Mike Martz’s system and working with a QB1 whose outstanding play is built on intelligence and hard work rather than natural athleticism and superior arm strength.

  29. I think Plummer should come back and demand the #18 so he can start fresh there with a new #. After all, it was unretired. 😀

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