Jerry Jones promises to address grievance on Monday

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones hasn’t said much about the cap penalties imposed two weeks ago against his team and the Redskins.  He addressed the matter on Friday, hinting at the formal grievance proceeding that may have already been filed at the time.

On Sunday, after Giants co-owner and NFL Management Council Executive Committee chairman John Mara inflamed the situation by claiming that the two teams are lucky they didn’t lose draft picks instead of $46 million in cap space, Jones said (via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram), “That’s John’s opinion, that’s not my opinion.  We have our views and they have their opinion.  Obviously, that’s why we will go before an arbitrator.”

Jones separately promised, in comments to the Dallas Morning News, that he’ll address the situation with reporters in more detail on Monday.

Redskins owner Daniel Snyder continues to be silent on the issue.  It’s believed that G.M. Bruce Allen has been taking the lead on the issue internally, so look for both men to be pursued aggressively for comment at the league meetings.

Actually, look for everyone involved in this matter to be hounded for sound bites, given that the filing of the grievance has nudged the story up to the top of the current NFL news stack.

31 responses to “Jerry Jones promises to address grievance on Monday

  1. First off I admit I am a Cowboys’ fan but I really believe that they did nothing wrong. The league could have said the contracts are wrong and redo them. They did not They approaved them. Now because other owners cried foul the NFL wants to redo history. Thats wrong and not fair.

  2. The chance of this being overturned looked great. If Jerry start talking it would start declining rapidly. The two teams got screwed already. Jerry don’t go open another hole that Goodell can screw.

  3. Goodell should have his law license revoked for allowing this travesty of injustice. And I hate the cowgirls and tyhe deadskins.

  4. Beginning of the end of the salary cap and revenue sharing. Dallas and/or the Skins will go to court. Collusion will be proved. NFLPA and/or individual players will sue the NFL. Anti-trust exemption will be stripped. CBA will be nullified. Cap gone, revenue sharing gone, spending race in the NFC & AFC East.

  5. Mara is going to get the smack down and should have kept his mouth shut! I can’t wait for all this to pan out. It is starting to look very suspicious on Mara.

  6. Good on Jerry Jones and Snyder if they take that route. Jones has a very good point. If the contracts weren’t cool with the league, why did they allow them? This is yet another story of incompetence by the NFL, after the Saints debacle.

    Sounds to me that Jones and Snyder found a loophole and exposed it. Maybe the NFL should be thanking them, not punishing them. And then on top of that, they have a big mouth fellow divisional owner crack about being lucky not to lose draft picks. Child please.

    Winning a Super Bowl guarantees a big head I guess.

    What’s next Roger?

    You’re going down a slippery slope here. It’s almost like a new book is being written as we speak called “The Decline of the NFL Empire: The Goodell Years”.

  7. Roger has gone to far this time. America’s team will not be subjected to the same rules as all other teams!! Go Cowboys!!!!

  8. Trade groups often set up ”arbitration” hearings to avoid facing collusion charges. Not this time NFL! You ticked off the wrong people. Now BACK OFF or you will face a lawsuit!

  9. He and Danny Boy tried to throw a fastball by the League, plain and simple. They tried to cheat. That being said, the League office was asleep at the switch. Some NFL heads should roll as well. Perhaps a solution would be to negate the contracts involved in the overspending–have them renegotiate them properly this time. The bottom line is 30 teams abided by the spirit of the no-cap year while two thought they did not have to. That cannot go unpunished.

  10. Skins lucky they didn’t lose draft picks? Guess what buddy, WHEN this is overturned, ‘boys and ‘skins are due compensatory picks for lost opportunity from Giants-driven penalty rammed through on eve of free agency.

  11. I hope they add to the punishment by taking away draft picks if.

    Sorry JJ, you are not above the rules of the NFL. You were told there would be repercussions and now there are. Deal with it.

  12. Jerry Jones and Daniel Snyder cheated. They know it and every other owner knows it. It doesn’t really matter what the Redskin and Cowboy fans think. They’re aggrieved because their teams have been put at a disadvantage. Blame the stupidity of your team owners, not the NFL or the Commissioner. Every other owner understood the circumstances and decided not to cheat. What Jerry Jones doesn’t seem to understand is that an arbitrator may trim a little off the penalties but he’ll lose in the long run. It’s hard to be the two outsiders in a boys club of thirty-two members. Let the Cowboy and Redskin “thumbs down” fly …

  13. A few points-

    1. For those screaming collusion; I would be very surprised if this goes that route- look to the 80s MLB example. *If* there was collusion in the uncapped year, the cause of action isn’t with the Redskins and Cowboys, it’s with the players. And the Redskins and Cowboys could be just as liable for damages if (for example) they retained players who would’ve received better deal but for the overall collusion. I don’t see why they would make a big deal out of that issue, which is why they are focusing on procedural issue in an arbitration.

    2. They may have a good case, they may not. But it is possible to both have a legal contract under the CBA one year, but it to be retroactively fined when the new CBA goes into effect. I previously cited an example-
    Team A in an uncapped year, knowing that future years will be capped, signs all of their superstars to contracts that guarantees $25 million in the uncapped year, and $1 million for the next five. No signing bonus. The contract is legal in the uncapped year, but arguably (when the caps go back into effect) is an example of evading the cap.

    I think that PFT has done a good job following up on this story, but I also think that more digging is required.

  14. jbcommonsense says:Mar 26, 2012 10:14 AM

    Trade groups often set up ”arbitration” hearings to avoid facing collusion charges. Not this time NFL! You ticked off the wrong people. Now BACK OFF or you will face a lawsuit!

    Don’t be an idiot. Even Jerry Jones wouldn’t file litigation. It could possibly bring antitrust exemption into question. Jones is dumb but he’s not stupid, unlike many Cowboy fans.

  15. The Skins should be compensated with this years 2nd rounder the Saints lost, the Cowboys with next years. These teams have already lost a competitive advantage this year by not being able to pursue certain players, e.g. London Fletcher still on the market.

  16. I sure wish the “Cheater Folks” could explain how the Skins andBoys cheated… I wish the NFL and Mara could explain it as well. This whole story has been beaten to death, especially the arguements, the only difference, one side has not been able to prove their case other then they don’t like either of the teams. If you can not prove your case, you don’t have one. So shut up! Untill you can prove it was actually cheating or provided an unfair advantage, then you have nothing.

  17. What about the teams that went way below the cap floor because they knew it was a uncaped year.. When a team is 30-40mil under the capit should bring up a flag too.

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