Marshawn Lynch is hitting the silver screen

Getty Images

Marshawn Lynch became a $31 million man earlier this offseason and now he’s going to work with the six million man.

KING-5 TV in Seattle is reporting that Lynch has signed on to play a role in a movie that also stars Lee Majors, who played Steve Austin on television’s The Six Million Dollar Man in the 70s. The film is not about a Skittles-loving running back who occasionally slips into Beast Mode when running the football. It’s called Matt’s Chance and, per the report, it’s about “a mid-20-something cowboy who’s betrayed by his girlfriend” before slipping into a downward spiral.

The movie also stars Gary Busey, Margot Kidder (a.k.a. Lois Lane from the original Superman movies) and Edward Furlong of Terminator 2 fame. There’s no word on when filming will be completed or when the movie is expected to be released.

For the sake of the team’s future, someone with the Seahawks might want to reach out to Lynch to make sure he doesn’t spend too much time soaking up wisdom in Busey’s trailer during the shoot. That would not be a good move for his future as a running back or an actor.