More than 25 percent of the Hot 100 are still getting the cold shoulder

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Two weeks ago, Silva compiled a list of the top 100 free agents for 2012.  Dubbed the “Hot 100,” a full 26 of them continue to get a chilly reception 13 days after the market opened.

That’s right, only 74 of the top free agents have signed new deals.  The rest continue to look for work, well after the big money stopped flowing.

The process has now shifted into full-blown desperation mode for the players.  No one is going to break the bank.  As a result, many players will be content to do a one-year deal, try to have a big year, and then return to the market in 2013 with a goal of getting a seat at the million-dollar table before the music stops.

24 responses to “More than 25 percent of the Hot 100 are still getting the cold shoulder

  1. Most of the players left are RFA’s, old, coming off an injury, or in the worst cases old guys coming off an injury.

    I’m sure a lot of them will find work, but you can’t really blame teams for seeing who they end up with in the draft (young, better potential, cost-effective and controllable) before bringing in a one or two year guy who has a lot of miles on him or has injury concerns.

  2. Maybe that is why everyone else limits the list to 50. Only 3 players, excluding RFAs, of the top 50 do not have deals. Either that or you guys are no longer in the know of what’s hot?!!?

  3. You should have specified to the ginger that Hot 100 didn’t pertain to physical attractiveness.

  4. A lot of teams are probably waiting for the draft to get rookies at a cheaper, new rate than what the vets may want. Can’t blame them.

  5. The Skins will sign London Fletcher as soon as they get their cap space back. Which should be about any time now. 🙂

  6. couchfandotcom says:
    Mar 26, 2012 10:10 AM
    Hmmm….directly related to the league handcuffing the Cowboys and Redskins of almost 20 mill this year?


    That’s a contributing factor, I’m sure. If so, then LOL at the NFL and the NFLPA for thinking it would help their players by taking cap space away from its two biggest spenders. smh again

  7. Hopefully they all have a nice chair and a new TV to watch the draft, because most of them will be waiting until after the draft to find work. Even after the draft, some may find themselves without an offer and waiting for injuries in camp and pre-season before their phone rings. It’s a cruel business…

  8. The overwhelming majority (90%) of the top 50 are signed less than 2 weeks after the start of free agency. Of the 5 in your top 50 who aren’t signed, 2 are RFAs. 21 of the next 50 are unsigned. That’s a pretty good situation, all things considered: it means that teams that don’t fulfill a need in trades (the owners’ meetings start today), or in the draft (1 month from today), will pick from the remaining free agents. This is how this process should work.

    It also explains why everybody else did a top 50 rather than a top 100. Sure it’s a great FA class, but there weren’t really 100 top quality players this year.

  9. a few more of those fa’s will get signed once the draft is over and teams still have needs to fill. its no biggie

  10. Big Ben read the word “hot” and has been trolling this post ever since. If only he could figure out a way to corner this post into a bathroom.

  11. It’s not that difficult to figure out why. A good number of them left are either old (Fletcher, Carter, Clark, etc), have injury concerns (McNeil, Castillo, Bell,etc), or are head cases (Benson, Edwards). Never mind you have 2 in your top 10 that are restricted.

  12. This list just shows that Silva and PFT should be neither Player Agents or NFL GM’s.

    On a side note, I’m guessing the NFLPA was thinking that a rookie salary cap would mean more money for veterans. Instead, it appears that the cap means teams are saving money by hoping to have younger, cheaper options from the draft.

  13. I gotta agree with everyone else. Having a “hot” 100 is moronic. All you did was post almost all the free agents and added the word hot.

    I think I am done with crappy site now. Seriously you know you suck when ESPn is giving out better info

  14. Carl Gerbschmidt says:Mar 26, 2012 9:37 AM

    The guys who are left should call the vikes.
    its a nice thought but i think spielman is going the dirt cheap draft picks route this season

  15. This is what I don’t get about what the Vikings are doing. They need a field stretching WR, a couple of safeties, and some help at DT as well… and I’m assuming they draft Kalil to shore up the line. There are several guys that at this point can be had cheaply and provide a pretty significant upgrade to their team. While I understand they have 10 picks, some of them will likely flop.

    Not to mention that this team has sooo many defensive holes, yet they lost sooo many games by very close scores. They have a lot of talent, but their supporting cast has been abysmal. A few wise upgrades and they can at the least be competitive and not an embarrasment next season. I’m not expecting a ring, but a few decent signings and they can be competitive.

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