Patriots reel in fullback Fiammetta

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Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe reports that the Patriots have agreed to terms with fullback Tony Fiammetta, formerly of the Cowboys.

Fiammetta, 25, made an appearance on our recent intriguing free-agent fliers article. He is a bone-crushing lead blocker when healthy, although a mysterious inner-ear problem that caused nausea and dizziness held Fiammetta out of the lineup for longer than anticipated in Dallas last season.

The medical concern may have hurt Fiammetta’s stock as a free agent.

Fiammetta becomes the fourth fullback on New England’s roster, joining Spencer Larsen, Lousaka Polite, and Eric Kettani.

21 responses to “Patriots reel in fullback Fiammetta

  1. interesting add…should be fun finding out what mcdaniels has planned for the FB role as we haven’t used once since he left after 2007…fiametta looked pretty good when he was on the field and could really help vereen and ridley in the run game along with larsen/polite

  2. That’s a lot of Fullbacks…..ummmmm….did I miss something…….did we trade for Adrian Peterson?

  3. .

    Recent google searches from Patriots fans include ” what’s a fullback ?” and the youtube video of Vince Lombardi screaming “what the heck is going on out there ?”


  4. One has to wonder just how many fullbacks are required for a team that finished 2nd in total passing yards, and 3rd in the league in total passing attempts for the 2011 season…..

  5. pass protection? obvi a FB would help with any running game but we havent seen much of vareen or ridley but im pretty sure neither of them are smash mouth RB that can really take full advantage of a FB

  6. Fiametta was great for the Cowboys. It’s a shame they wouldn’t/couldn’t keep him…

  7. WOW NE has drafted more players over the last five years than any other team and may lead the league this year in free agents signed. What does that say about Belichicks ability to evaluate and draft college talent? Film at 1 on Sundays.

  8. Ridley looked like a legit #1 RB last year and Vereen was insane at Cal. Forte would be awesome for the right price, but I think the Pats are going to give these two a chance.

    Fiametta’s nothing special. I’m more excited by Spencer Larsen.

  9. Belichick is preparing to install the two-TE, four-FB offense (no WRs, no Brady) to try and get those fourth-down conversions that he has been unable to be successful with as of late.

  10. I love that Bozo reads EVERY Pats post! Scared much?? I hate the Jets, but they are such a joke of an organization that i couldn’t possibly be concerned about one single move they make and, accordingly, I MAY have read one single story on them, Tebow included… Bozo, for all the anti-Pats venom you spew you actually follow them closer than even the most die hard fan and thus, you pay them them the ultimate compliment. We can smell your fear…

  11. Bzfa is clearly rex ryan. No one else cares that much.
    They used the fullback as the runner sometimes in 07 to keep defenses near the line. I think it was Evans? They’re heading towards the 2 deep outs that worked in 07 again, as defenses are getting line heavy, they’ve built the oline bigger, lord knows they can work receivers into the middle way better than that year (watson and um 10 i forgot his name were great as long as they werent relied on to catch hard passes, which is all TB throws) and the running crew isn’t composed of one fumbling idiot and two little guys who catch screen passes. No offense at all to faulk or morris, who were awesome at it.
    still mad about bjge, but what can you do?
    Anyway, shock and awe returns to a league thats worse prepared to deal with it, and a young defense continues to improve. If they can run the ball 50% better than the past 5 years theyre going right back to February. And yall can spend forever trying to taint that win.

  12. Bill and Josh are planning to bring the ruckus to the league next year. What are they cooking up in the evil castle up in Foxboro? We won’t know for months.

    At least we have the B’s (yeah!) the C’s (ugh.) and Sox (eh?) to follow in the mean time.

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