Police find drug paraphernalia at Penn State draft prospect’s apartment

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On March 14, former Penn State defensive end Jack Crawford participated in his Pro Day workout.  That same day, police found drug paraphernalia in an apartment that Crawford shares with current Penn State receiver Devon Smith.

According to the Press of Atlantic City, police investigating a suspected burglary at the apartment and obtained a search warrant after seeing certain items in plain sight.

Per the report, the warrant identifies “blunts, a bottle of Hurricane malt liquor, a bottle of prescription medication, a grinder, a plastic bag containing marijuana ash, a blue towel with buds and a scale.”

Crawford is projected as a late-round pick in next month’s draft.

72 responses to “Police find drug paraphernalia at Penn State draft prospect’s apartment

  1. welcome to the typical life of a college kid……………… are people living in denial now???not saying its right, just the facts!!!

  2. Drug testing as part of pre-employment screening happens in many employment settings. Is it part of the NFL’s? If not, it should be……….

  3. My guess is that the Pennsylvania state penal (the giggling my begin in 3…2…1) system will be drafting the first DE and WR this year. And why put ashes in a plastic baggie? All they needed to do is rinse their ashtray once a day.

  4. Seriously, what idiots. How stupid can a person be to call the police and keep illegal items out on display? Maybe they were twacked out. The only other thing I can think is someone had beef with one of them and called the police pretending to be them in hopes of getting them in trouble. Guy’s career is over before it even started; Roger Goodell will make sure of it.

  5. So instead of finding the burglar and recovering a citizen’s stolen property, these men are served with charges stemming from victimless misdemeanors.

    This is our tax dollars at work. Instead of these policemen being on patrol and preventing another burglary, they are investigating college kids and recreational drugs. Move along.

  6. Seriously who gives a crap? Pretty much EVERYONE has smoked pot or still does. Hell, our Presidents smoke pot, who really cares if an athlete smokes pot? Its definitely not a performance enhancing drug. Id rather they smoke some pot and be lazy than do some roids and become homicidal.

    Its time people get over the whole taboo of marijuana being so naughty. Just because its illegal does not make it dangerous or worthy of ruining ones life. Remember alcohol once was prohibited and is now legal, it just takes time and fighting and its near.

  7. I would have to drop him as much for stupidity as for the drug use. What kind of foolishness does it take to call the police to your apartment to say you have been burglarized and leave your drugs in plain sight ??

  8. I just read the linked story and it appears it was a dorm residence advisor that originally called the police because of a damaged window that looked suspicious. So I have to retract my comment about how stupid they were to call police to their own apartment.

    Also a good chance the original entry by police might be ruled improper and the evidence from the warrant thrown out.

    In any event I doubt the marijuana issue will be a major issue for him come draft time. No idea where he is projected to go.

  9. So what, they found weed??? These are college kids. It’s not like they found any really drugs… What a complete waste of tax payer dollars. Why even post this?

  10. — the warrant identifies “blunts, a bottle of Hurricane malt liquor, a bottle of prescription medication, a grinder, a plastic bag containing marijuana ash, a blue towel with buds and a scale.” —

    What did the police see that was out-of-the-ordinary for a college apartment that justified a search warrant ?

  11. “blunts, a bottle of Hurricane malt liquor, a bottle of prescription medication, a grinder, a plastic bag containing marijuana ash, a blue towel with buds and a scale.”

    dam this sounds like Temple. Hurricane+ Orange Juice= Urban Mamosa

  12. Wait, let me get this straight. You call the police to report a burglary, but you don’t bother to hid your drug paraphernalia first? Someone is clearly lacking in the brains department. I’m surprised the cops even bothered to get a warrant for these items. Typically, once they are invited into a home, they are allowed to collect anything “in plain sight.”

  13. Crawford is projected as a late-round pick in next month’s draft.

    Not so fast my friends…

  14. Forget about this Penn State dumbazz…what ever happened to one of the biggest NCAA drug stings/hauls in US history found at Texas Christian University a few months ago?

  15. OH NO! Not weed and booze! He’s a lost cause. He’s morally corrupt. I hate to do it, but I need to quote the great Roger Rabbit, “puh puh puh please”. I don’t know the laws in that state but here in the Emerald City, we’ve moved passed this.

  16. Oh no watch out… Hes a weed smoker. Hes gonna hit people with his car like Stallworth or violently assault people… oh wait, thats the legal stuff they sell everywhere. Not that illegal substance that doesnt do harm to households and pedestrians.

  17. And now we know why Crawford was such an underachiever at PSU… too busy with his side projects… of dealing drugs.

  18. As time marches on, these incidents of cannabis possession are going to be more commonplace. Why? Of all the items listed that were found, the cannabis is the least of the kid’s worries. You ever do wind sprints hungover? Yeah, me neither. I know I’ll get thumbs down but I really don’t care. Speeding is illegal too, yet that doesn’t stop most from doing it. If I’m a professional athlete, then I’ll choose cannabis over alcohol any day of the week, and twice on Sunday.

  19. How much weed? Obviously enough to warrant a scale. Also, what was in the script bottle? This might not be a simple case of a college kid getting baked and playing xbox in the privacy of his apartment. I support legalization but it isn’t worth missing out on the NFL payday.

    “Crawford, who is taking online courses toward earning his degree in Anthropology…”


  20. Paterno is gone, so it’s a free-for-all now. Let’s see if Coach BO’B has the same philosophy as JoePa concerning criminal activity by players. We Are…Too Late!

  21. Blunts and Malt Liquor… I’m guessing it was the wide receiver. That sounds like the Santonio Holmes diet. Tone’s eyes are ALWAYS red as a fire truck for a reason. This young buck is just trying to follow the program.

  22. I’m sure ricky Williams dorm had gonja plants cultivating and the aints traded the whole draft for him. No story here

  23. Pot may not be addictive and it may be less harmful than alcohol, except for the one little, tiny side effect! People who are high on pot are incredibly STUPID!!!

  24. contra74 says:
    Mar 26, 2012 11:46 PM

    I hear the Packers already made the kid an offer.


    Do I hear undrafted free agent?

    Could be a good value signing for Ted Thompson.

    What would the cops find in your apartment, contra74?

  25. …so other than the prescription medication, if it isn’t prescribed to anyone in the apartment, is the only thing that should be considered a big deal here. Smoking weed has become “the norm” and will be legal in the very near future, so it’s time to stop punishing people for it. yea yea, I know, it’s still illegal, but I’m tired of my government enforcing laws created around narrow minded conservative religious values that I don’t believe in. This is supposed to be the land of the free.

  26. People who sell pot just sell it to smoke for free. It is not a ‘lucrative business’. Marijuana may be ‘illegal’, but it does have therapeutic tendencies. At least he wasn’t popping pills or selling them, those are what really mess you up. Keep blazing, my man. Just don’t worry and be happy.

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