Ross says Dolphins will be more accessible


The arrival of Bill Parcells four years ago as the V.P. of football operations in Miami brought with it Parcells’ notorious say-as-little-as-possible strategy for dealing with the media and fans.  The approach works well when a team is winning.  When a team has become regarded as one of the worst franchises in the NFL, it’s time to change things up.

And that’s exactly what the Dolphins will be doing.

Speaking to the media at Monday’s league meetings in Palm Beach, Florida, Ross said that the Dolphins will be more accessible moving forward.  The disclosure comes only a few days after Ross called a disgruntled fan.  On the telephone.

Though it’s no replacement for winning football games, it’s a smart way to persuade the fans that the organization cares about them, and that the organization wants them to be aware of the team’s efforts to improve.

The challenge, of course, is to say enough without undermining strategic objectives.  That’s why guys like Parcells and Patriots coach Bill Belichick and Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli opt to avoid accidentally sinking the ship via a loosening the lips.  (Pioli, to his credit, seems to be changing his ways.)

A separate challenge, apart from giving up sensitive information, is using the platform to provide a clear and consistent message that inspires confidence.  On Monday, Ross said in one breath, “I think we have a fine nucleus . . . Rome wasn’t built in a day,” and in another, “I want to win today, not tomorrow.”

The way things currently are going, the Dolphins won’t win today or tomorrow.  A willingness to be more open with the media and the fans may make them more sympathetic, but it won’t change the bottom line.

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  1. If you’re winning, fans don’t care if the team is accessible. All that matters W’s on Sundays…And some Mondays..Oh and a Thursday here or there…

  2. Another article that has a negative spin against the Dolphins. If Peyton Manning had gone to Miami you would be mentioning Miami as a Super Bowl contender. So how far away are the Dolfins? The quote “the way things currently are going, the Dolphins won’t win today or tomorrow” is being stated in March. The games that count aren’t played until September, after the draft & the 2nd wave of free agency.

  3. Should have just tanked last season. I was praying for it, but the schmucks screwed up screwing up. Now we have to tank this one.

  4. Jets just instituted the same open media policy today ordering Tebow to hold a press conference!

  5. If you ask Chad Henne and Matt Moore their O-Line has had an “open door policy” for quite awhile… ing!

    Truthfully though… Who cares? Just win some games then you can go all “Tuna” on the media. Ya know, give non-answers and be belligerent even to the point of bullying those pencil-necked dweebs that have the audacity to earn a living WRITING about football! How dare they question the great and powerful guru?

  6. Who cares about being accessible when your owner won’t spend money on free agents. This team is in disarray and their front office needs a complete overhaul.

  7. just like you promised a exciting offense last year (all in the air?) or how you promised a young Dan Marino (still waiting) and hiring a young Don Shula (Philbin isn’t young)

  8. Suggesting the team tank a season for better draft position says all that needs to be said about so-called Dolphins fans. The Fins fought back and won a lot of games in the 2nd half of the season last year. If they lose, these “fans” are mad. If they win, these same “fans” are still mad. Dolphins “fans” are a joke.

  9. Call the Colts. Pay the price. Whatever it needs to be. At this point, the price is near irrelevant. The franchise is in free-fall. Robert Griffin is the only person still available to save it.

  10. @1972wasalongtimeago… You are a joke for a dolphins fan. And from your comment you were a joke of an athlete. I would rather have a team full of schmuks that fight then a team that quits when times get touch.

  11. What mumfio said-Dolphins fans may very well be in considerably better straits come October/November than many on this fine website seem to think in 2012…please don’t tell me you think the subtraction of B. Marsh is causing all this cynicism? Truly-how many games with the Dolphins did you see him take over the game and win it? Saw Reggie Bush and Matt Moore do more in one season to spur this team on than Marshall in two-tells me part of the problem may just be coaching, and I think Philbin is a winner-I’ve seen good coaching overcome holes in the roster many times in the NFL-give these guys a chance!

  12. “The disclosure comes only a few days after Ross called a disgruntled fan. On the telephone.

    Thank you for confirming the call wasn’t made using a space ship or tin cans and string. I would have been pondering that for a while.

  13. The Dolphins went 6-3 to end the year last year and knocked the two time AFC championship game participant from the playoffs on the last day (another loss by another team served the same purpose) but still a quality win. Why all the doom and gloom? No Marshall?? Dude dropped as many TD’s as he caught! Pick up a quality WR and with the softer schedule and Matt Moore with OTA’s and training camp..I like the Fins chances!

  14. The Dolphins will be a winner this year. If you don’t believe that, then you should go and support the Jets. Calling for Ross to sell the team is a waste of energy, because its his team, its the American free enterprise system working. You want to be in charge, go and buy a team, because you have no say in how this team is run, even if he runs it into the ground, so deal with it. Bill

  15. As a Dolphins fan, I’d like to see Ross, less accessible. Seriously, let/make Ireland speak for the team. If he can’t do it, well maybe there is a big part of the problem. Ross makes himself and the Dolphins look stupid everytime he speaks.

  16. mumfio says:
    Mar 26, 2012 1:37 PM
    Another article that has a negative spin against the Dolphins. If Peyton Manning had gone to Miami you would be mentioning Miami as a Super Bowl contender.

    And, had the Dolphins won the Super Bowl, he’d be saying the Dolphins won the Super Bowl. I don’t get your complaint. They traded away their best offensive player and have been passed up by key free agents. They entered the off-season needing a QB and have missed, with all indications being they’ll miss in the draft, too.

  17. There is no incentive to tank a season for the players or the coach, because it would cause them to get cut/fired. What good what it do to tank a season & not get to enjoy the “fruits” of quitting on the team and fans?

  18. khuxford:

    1) Bush was their best offensive player last year. Marshall dropped more passes than he caught.
    2) Ever been on a sports team with a cancer in the locker room? He needed to go.
    3) Being “passed up” by key free agents is part of the game. Only 1 team got to sign Manning, 11 others MISSED. Same with every other “KEY FREE AGENT”. Although, I noticed Solai agreed to stay, hmm..

    Free agency is the most overhyped time of year. Look at years past – Eagles won FA last year, what did that get them? Redskins won a few years back, what did that get them?

    Teams routinely overpay in FA and what that does is set them up for failure moving forward. The ONLY FA QB worth the money this season on the market was Manning. Not sure I ever heard ANYONE inside the Miami organization say “FLYNN WAS THE GUY”. Yet, I heard everyone OUTSIDE the Miami organization say that.

    Wonder if those outside the organization were the same ones telling Miami to draft Brady Quinn a few years back.

  19. Ross has to be commended for talking with a disgruntled fan. In the history of the nfl no other owner has ever done that.

    The fan is lucky. In the hood I grew up in if you disrespected the boss you disappeared.

  20. khuxford-How more plain can I get? Playoff games are not played in March. Manning at 36yrs old with 4 neck surgeries signed for 5yrs/$96 million. No way would Miami match that. The other Qb has started 2 games (1 great game & 1 good game).

    Should Miami gamble a big free agent contract for a guy that started 2 games?
    Last year at this time, Matt Moore & Reggie Bush weren’t even on team.

    You comment about a draft that hasn’t happened yet makes absolutely no sense. Last years draft was pretty good(Ireland’s 1st real one by the way). Also explain how your comment is relevant to my post as far if Manning had won the SuperBowl (past tense). My comment clearly states that nobody knows the future so you really shouldn’t act as though you do.

  21. Amen to what @khuxford said. We have not played a sinle Pre-Season Game and we lost already? Honestly, we are not going to the Playoffs this year, but we will improve and build through the Draft and NOT in debt against the Cap. The problem with most Commentors on here is they dont understand we only had $9M to spend and were also trying to manage a “get Manning” campaign. You cant just buy anybody you want! This is not MLB! Also, to show the other flaw… Notice how the Buffalo fans are all over the boards? Yes, they think because they won FA they are in the SuperBowl. My guess is they have many more sacks, but onle 1-2 extra wins. Did they do well? Yes, probably, but only time will tell. Maybe they overspent on Mario and regret it in 2 years from now when thry need to get a new QB and will go all out like Fins HAD TO DO. Careful with those stones my Buffalo ” Glass House” Bills friends.

  22. Parcells ruined Dallas….then he came and ruined my Phins….he is a total failure and I don’t understand why he is still a media darling…it is messed up!

    Epic Tuna Fail!!!!

  23. He likes the nucleus????? All we have is a pro bowl left tackle!!!! Unless he can throw & catch the ball we’re screwed!!!!

  24. Plug up the RG turnstyle causing Moore to fumble too often, get a WR to replace Marshall, with his endzone dropS, who himself cost the team a possible playoff showdown in game 16, get a pass catching TE to go pair with Fasano who’s no slouch and an excellent blocker, maintain the defensive status quo and the Fins will be just fine despite all the haterade being drunk on this site and others. The best LG in the league will hopefully be playing at 100% instead of 60% injured, the center Pouncy is on his way to a pro bowl career and Moore, the QB with the 12th highest league QBR and ranked 4th most accurat ein long receiptions was the most effective one in the division over the last 9 games, not named Brady.

    Add the Green Bay winner’s mindset, a sharp as hell, universally respected new HC running the WCO offense all may not be enough to challenge the Patriots for 1st place but unless Buffalo snaps up Floyd to complement their upgraded Defense, the Fins will be competing for the wild card, especially considering the overhyped, cancerous circus and revival meeting up in Jersey. ]

    But if you were to listen to all these talking heads, bloggers in their mama’s basements, recycled businessmen who fancy themselves muckraking “journalists,” and reporters who will never be confused with Grantland Rice, it’s just solid hate against a team who could easily have won a few more games including Denver and certainly did a helluva lot better against the future SB champs than the overly-hyped Matt Ryan.

  25. Fans need to start engaging their brain stem. First: Ross is not going to sell the team because YOU want him to. Get over yourself. Two: Ireland is NOT going to be fired a month before the draft. That would be insane. Whether it was wise to keep him or not is a legitimate question, and comments regarding it made sense…from the end of the season until Ross made up his mind.

    At this point, either root for “your” team or shut your cake hole. Whining nonstop is pointless and pathetic until at least the season begins and you are proven right that Ireland is an idiot (as I’m sure YOU’RE sure he will).

    Otherwise, your wasting everyone’s time and making yourself look, well, pointless and pathetic.

    Frankly, “fans” are hurting the team right now. Ireland should be working on getting Jake Scott signed…not dealing with a bunch of whiners.

  26. mumfio says:
    Mar 26, 2012 5:04 PM
    khuxford-How more plain can I get? Playoff games are not played in March.

    You didn’t make the playoffs last year and you’ve cast off your best offensive weapon. Downplay Manning all you want…but it was your owner who embarrassed himself and the team with his efforts to get that same player you’re S-talking now.

    Why should any Dolphin fan think that their team has a better chance of making the playoffs this year than they did last year? All the moves made scream out rebuilding…after having been desperate less than two weeks ago to sign Manning. Not only has the team been unsuccessful at what it has tried to do, but it makes it painfully obvious that it has no real plan.

    But you keep railing against reality. The sun WILL come out tomorrow, lil orphan Mumfio.

  27. beeronthefridge says:
    Mar 26, 2012 5:03 PM
    buffalomafia says: Mar 26, 2012 2:48 PM

    Squish the fish!!!!!!!


    dolphins are mammals! are you a buffalo?

    Squish the mammals!!!

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