Tim Tebow: I told the Broncos I would love to be a Jet


Tim Tebow stood before a mass of media members at his introductory press conference with the New York Jets and said that he’s glad to be in the Big Apple — and that the Jets were the team he wanted the Broncos to trade him to.

Last week Tebow and Broncos boss John Elway differed in their accounts of how the trade from Denver to New York transpired, with Tebow saying he didn’t have any say. However, Tebow said Monday that the Broncos, and especially head coach John Fox, were gracious to him in asking him his preferences about where he’d like to play. Although Tebow said he would have enjoyed playing with his hometown team in Jacksonville, he said he spoke with Jets coach Rex Ryan and was even more excited about the role he could have with the Jets.

“They said ‘We have a few teams that are interested, similar deals,’ and he was very gracious to ask me what I thought,” Tebow said Monday of his conversations with the Broncos last week. “I told him I would love to be a Jet, and I told him that, also, the Jaguars are my hometown and whatever was best for them. He said the same for me. Ultimately they had my contract, they had all the power, but he listened to me and what I had to say. It was very gracious of them because they didn’t have to do that. They could have just done whatever but he listened to me and talked to me and I told him I would love to be a Jet.”

Tebow had nothing but positive things to say about the Broncos, mentioning them from the outset of his press conference.

“It’s such an honor for me to be here and I’m so excited about being a Jet,” Tebow said. “First and foremost I just want to thank the Broncos for my time in Denver. It was an amazing time.”

Tebow joins the Jets as the backup to Mark Sanchez, and that means Sanchez will be under increased scrutiny. But Tebow said he and Sanchez will get along just fine.

“Me and Mark have a great relationship,” he said. “We’ve been friends, we text back and forth, we’ve talked already, and we’re going to have a great relationship, a great working relationship and a lot of fun together.”

Some have wondered why a backup quarterback is getting an introductory press conference at all. Tebow said the Jets wanted him to do it.

“I have bosses, too,” Tebow said. “I can blame it on them because they made me do it.”

70 responses to “Tim Tebow: I told the Broncos I would love to be a Jet

  1. Right … the Devil made him do it. Tim, you work for a guy named Woody Johnson. Does that sound like a real name to you? Course not.

  2. It will be interesting to see how Tebow reacts to the media attention he is going to get in New York. His whole “Christian” act is actually a negative in a “liberal” city like NYC and I think going there is going to turn out to be the worst decision of his life. Nobody in NYC cares how much he loves Jesus or about his college career in the SEC. If he doesn’t perform, he will be booed out of the Meddowlands AND be mocked for his religous nonsense. I expect this will be a one year experiment that costs Ryan and the GM their jobs.

  3. Tim Tebow-“I would love to help the Jets continue to have a below-average offense.”

  4. “Me and Mark have a great relationship,”

    Yeah, Mark holds the clipboard and fetches me fresh Gatorade during the games, and I convinced him quit the statutory rape thingy he does.
    It’s all good!

  5. so he lied about his choice and he’s already blaming others for his decisions. Jets rubbing off on him already

  6. Me and Mark have a great relationship,” yea they’re BFFs until sanchez has another one of his melt-downs….

    this is a trainwreck waiting to happen. 😉

  7. Good luck Tim.
    Won’t root for the Jets but you’re a class act. The fact that the dirt bag American media finds you so “polarizing” speaks more about them and state of our society than anything else.

  8. If Tebow was such a great “team guy” and “leader” why didn’t one of his teammates in Denver make a comment about being sad to see him go such as we saw with Ryans when he was traded from the Texans? Why was Denver’s management so eager to get rid of him? With Manning still not 100% healthy, wouldn’t it have been a good idea to keep a solid back up QB? Maybe Elway and the Broncos realize Tebow is NOT a solid QB and when they broke down the film of all of his “comebacks” (they mainly had to come back because Tebow played so poorly for the first 50 minutes of the game) they saw more luck than skill.

    Rex Ryan will lose his job behind this. The Jets go 6-10 next season and get swept by the Bills (no I am not a Bills fan). Bank on it….

  9. I can’t wait to see this unfold. No surprise Tebow wanted to join the Jets. He has an enormous stage to market himself and his religous beliefs. He knows Sanchez is on thin ice even if he got an extension. He’s obviously is a competitor. What better place than the Jets, to stick it to everyone who has doubted him as a starting Quarterback. He has strategically lined himself up to be the starting quarterback. I am not a huge Tebow fan but I think he will unseat Sanchez and do everything in his power to basically give everyone the bird. He may not be a great quarterback but there is no doubt this kid is a flat out winner and he’s out to prove it once again. Tebow knows it, Rex Ryan knows it and I’d bet money Sanchez knows it deep down.

  10. Tebow went where he could be the starter. Sanchez is far less of an obstacle than Gabbert would have been. Plus Gabbert is a couple of years younger than Tebow and has more upside.

  11. It is both sad and amusing to see those who think somehow NY will eat Tebow and spit him out, or that negative fans or press will crush him under pressure.

    He genuinely doesn’t care what you think, what the negative fan, and press thinks, and if they are not reasonable and willing to discuss it with him, he doesn’t care what negative team-mates think. There is not pressure other than his performance as he measures it against his own expectations – not yours.

    He is actually happy to be in the NFL, and has his eyes on a greater prize that trumps anything that happens on this big blue marble. While he is here he will use his talents to their fullest. It is really that simple, he doesn’t care what you think.

  12. @richardhurtz

    Maybe because they got Peyton Manning? It probably went down like this…

    Denver FO to Players – Guys we go Petyon Manning! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    Players to Tebow – Sorry dude we’ll miss ya an all but WE GOT PEYTON MANNING WE GOT PEYTON MANNING!!!!..

  13. To all you idiots saying Ryan is about to lose his job.

    You realize he’s 8-8, 11-5 and 8-8 in his three years in New York with two AFC Conference Championship appearances right?

  14. @Richardhurtz: The Texans lost a real leader when they lost Ryans , im not sure what Tebow can become but when your team doesn’t believe in you it’s players will never accept you as it’s leader . But seriously , wtf were the Texans thinking by getting rid of Demeco Ryans for mid level picks ?

  15. richardhurtz

    You are walking down a country road when you notice a house on fire. You look through the window and there is women below the window lying on the floor with flames headed towards her. You bust the window and yell to her “get out there is a fire coming”. She says “I dont believe there is a fire coming” Richardhurtz? What do you do? Do you let her burn or do you pull her out the window by her hair and save her? What does love do?

    Tebow doesnt care if people come against him. He is driven by love.

  16. @richardhurtz:

    I’m pretty sure that B-Dawk tweeted that he was sad to see Tim go and thanked him for what he did for the Broncos.

  17. Tebow said that he “didn’t have any [say]” in his destination, and that the Broncos had “all that power.”


    “They said ‘We have a few teams that are interested, similar deals,’ and he was very gracious to ask me what I thought,” Tebow said

    One of those statements has to break a commandment. Looks like someone has 5 hail marys in their future.

  18. trueski21 – “There’s no way a human can be that nice. He’s gotta be in some secret cult of warlocks plotting the apocalypse or something.”

    When he was a kid, he helped put the tree together in The Wicker Man.

  19. @richardhurtz It’s not a mystery to anyone why they got rid of Tebow. No one said Tebow is a great QB. He does obviously have great intangibles that if you deny you’re clueless. Watching a QB that looks like he’s never thrown a football before drive 95 yards to beat anyone is fascinating.

  20. Note to New Jersey Jets: enjoy the mess you just traded for-you deserve all the “stuff” that comes along with this one trick pony for your dog and pony show.

  21. Perfect fit for Tebow. Jets offense is bad enough that it can afford to run something different once in a while. Jets want to pound the ball and not commit turnovers, which is one thing Tebow seems quite good at.

  22. Four years ago the giant won the SB and the Jets ran and got mr diva himself, Brette Farve but at least he could throw. Four years later, the Giants won the SB and the Jets ran out and hot a Diva disguised as a saint who cannot throw a ball to save his life.

  23. Two things.
    Tim Tebow (and Robert Griffin3) have more class in their little fingers than most of the NFL players do in their entire bodies.
    ESPNs Mark Schlereth is a jealous old man.

  24. Timmy had his choice and he chose to takeover a new market instead of going to a market he already owns.

  25. I watched the whole press conference and am confused where MDS determined that Tebow preferred NY of JAX.

    What he actually said was that he would love to be a Jet while also saying that he would love to be a Jaguar, and that he would do whatever was best for the team (Broncos). He also did admit that he had more familiarity with the Jets coaching staff, but again, he never said in the press conference that he wanted to go to NY over JAX.

  26. babyhorsemorgan says: “Tebow went where he could be the starter. Sanchez is far less of an obstacle than Gabbert would have been.”

    Dude, are you serious? Seen Gabbert play since coming to the NFL? His pathetic decision making aside, his defining trait is cowardice … being hit and bailing on plays to early is his M.O. I’m SO thankful the Titans didn’t draft him and went for a kid, Jake Locker, whose toughness rivals Steve McNair’s and, yes, Tebow’s.

  27. @ realnflmaster, actually the Jets are 8-8, 11-5, and 9-7 for the last three regular seasons. Add 4-2 in the playoffs and they are 32-22 under Ryan.
    Amazing how many people rip him for a .593 winning percentage. That’s a pretty good record in the NFL.

    Hopefully, he will talk less and win more next year.

  28. What do people expect Tebow to say when he is in N.Y., a member of the Jets, and facing all the local media?

    “Actually, I really wanted to go to Jacksonville, but I guess I’m stuck here now.”.

    Broncos handed him a flaming bag of excrement, showed him the door, and said “Good luck”.

  29. @ shotgungrampa

    I think he is driven by the love of being in a locker room full of naked men. Seriously- the dude’s gay and as soon as he comes to grips with it, I think more people will become accepting of him…well, except for the religious nuts he hangs with that will pray for him to burn in hell.

  30. Why the hate for a guy who plays hard, works hard, does what he’s told, by all accounts is a great teammate and wins?

    Hate because of his religious convictions?

    Grow up.

    Would you rather he dated porn stars, drank like a fish and spent all his time in strip clubs?

    If so, then once again, grow up.

  31. These blind Tebow supporters are too funny! I’m guessing they also are supporting Rick Santorum as well. It makes sense since both are over hyped dopes that base their lives on fairy tales and invisible men and have NO CHANCE of every winning.

    Thanks for the laughs guys….

  32. Let’s be real here. Tebow WANTED to go to New York because of the marketing opportunities. He could have played it safe by going “home” to Jacksonville where the media and fans would welcome him with open arms just like Palin did when she went to Fox News (no more criticism and tough questions). Now it comes out that he was offered more money and a better draft pick to the Broncos, but Timmy wanted the glitz of New York. Good luck with the New York media when the honeymoon wears off.

  33. theytukrjobs said “…Jets want to pound the ball and not commit turnovers, which is one thing Tebow seems quite good at”.

    Except when he’s not. Did you watch the Pats playoff game? Seemed like he was quite good at turning the ball over to a subpar defense. He is more lucky than good and luck doesn’t hold up in the long run. These Jets fans that are hailing getting Tebow now will be screaming for his head by week 6 in the fall. Tebow should have went to Jacksonville where his born again Christian nonsense and college career would have carried him through bad play. New York is going to eat this kid alive.

    No point agruing it any further. I’ll comment on it again in late October when the Jets are 1-3.

  34. Tebow is a Boss… No reason for anyone to ever hate on this man.. Just a good ol white boy playing his heart and a** out every single day.

  35. I don’t care for Tebow as a quarterback – That said, he always says the right thing, is an incredible competitor, and is one hell of a football player.

  36. bangitfootball says:Mar 26, 2012 12:49 PM

    Two things.
    Tim Tebow (and Robert Griffin3) have more class in their little fingers than most of the NFL players do in their entire bodies.
    ESPNs Mark Schlereth is a jealous old man.

    This is why many hate Tebowites (and by extension dislike Tebow)…because of venomous comments about anyone who has a negative critique of Timmy. If so they’re bitter.

    Mark Schlereth had a very successful NFL career and won THREE SBs. He has since gone on to craft a successful post NFL career, including a line of chili and a nationally syndicated radio show. His wife and two daughters are ridiculously gorgeous, one daughter is an actress/model and his son is a relief pitcher on the defending Central Division Detroit Tigers.

    So, I ask you…what does this guy have to be jealous about?

  37. realnflmaster says:
    Mar 26, 2012 12:42 PM
    To all you idiots saying Ryan is about to lose his job.

    You realize he’s 8-8, 11-5 and 8-8 in his three years in New York with two AFC Conference Championship appearances right?

    I think he is 32-22 overall, If i added right. Big thing though, winning during the regular season is great, but if you can’t win in the playoffs and get to that SB, well then its meaningless. Ryan has shown that he can take his team to the playoffs, but thats as far as he gets. It also might not look so bad if he wasn’t running his mouth about guarantees and giving fans the birdie… Those three things will be the end all for Rex, No SB rings or appearances, trash talking and ignorant things like flipping people off, not his record throughout his Jets career.

  38. realnflmaster says:
    Mar 26, 2012 12:42 PM
    To all you idiots saying Ryan is about to lose his job.

    You realize he’s 8-8, 11-5 and 8-8 in his three years in New York with two AFC Conference Championship appearances right?

    That’s pretty impressive if he coached in Jacksonville . But the Jets play for the NY market a market where the job security of a SB winning coach is constantly threatened. A Non Playoff season could mean he’s gone.

  39. people are gonna chastise me for this but if tebow is suck a good guy and soo religious how come when his overzealous fan base strong armed/bullied (whichever term you prefer) the broncos into letting him start…bypassing the 2nd guy on the depth chart ( a spot in which brady earned just as everyone else has to) he never once asked his fans to cool it…to respect the way the game is played and to respect that he has to ear his spot like everybody else….im sorry i cant get passed that….he cost a guy his job…i mean i dont like brady quinn but he was clearly 2nd on the depth chart for a reason…..i think that sends a terrible message…even if you suck at your position if you get a mob to behave in an unchristian manner and put the screws to your employer you can start too….sorrry but i think the guy is more self serving than people want to believe..

  40. I can’t believe this terrible qb has fans becAuse he believes in Jesus . It’s soooo retarded.

    Oh and for the guy wondering if tebow was in a cult trying to bring about the end of the world ….. He is, it’s called Christianity.

    Oh and by the by if tebow was really as pious as he would like us to believe he would quit football and give away all his money. Something about a rich man and a camel and the eye of needle …

  41. “joetoronto says:
    Mar 26, 2012 12:28 PM
    There it is, hometown hero turns down the Jags.”


    It took him a while, but at least he walked back the lie he told about the Broncos. While he made gracious comments about the organization, he stopped short of apologizing for trying to make them look bad.

    Vaya con dios, Timoteo.

  42. I really can’t wait to see how Tim T. reacts to one of Rex’s profanity-laced sermons during training camp.

  43. It’s unfortunate that Tim Tebow doesn’t have a good relationship with grammar!

  44. I would have to agree. He needs to learn how to put comma’s into his speaking.
    He speaks in a running sentence most of the time. Thats probably why he sounds out of breath when he talks.
    I would hope that he gets mentored by a speaking coach down the line so that gets cleaned up.

  45. The New York Broadway show of the year Tim “Jesus” Tebow vs. Mark ” El Diablo” Sanchez. This comedy will be playing from Sep. till Dec. ONLY and it is a one year show exclusive folks. Gets your tickets and “popcorn” now.

  46. Every religious person loves to state that haters show exactly the “sad state of our society”.


    The sad thing is that it’s 2012 and they still cling to Bronze Age religious doctrine. They find it satisfactory that people like Tebow constantly remind that we’re inferior for not wanting to hear about his imaginary god every time he speaks.

    That’s the sad thing.

  47. I believe that GOD needs a grammer lesson. It is “Mark and I have a great relationship.” not ” Me and Mark……”

  48. “Me and Mark have a great relationship.” REALLY? Did Tebow graduate – or was his football more important than speaking correct English?

  49. Tebow,
    Watch out for that Sanchez character. When you aren’t looking, he will wipe one of his buggers on you. Better pray on it.

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