Woody Johnson: Sanchez is “very good,” Tebow “adds flexibility”

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When Jets owner Woody Johnson claimed that his team “passed on” Peyton Manning, it was an attempt to portray the franchise as completely committed to Mark Sanchez, even though it was actually Manning who passed on the Jets. So now that the Jets have re-committed to Sanchez but also traded for Tim Tebow, it’s not surprising that Johnson is doing his best to portray the Tebow trade as a move that merely enhances the roster around Sanchez.

Johnson backed Sanchez when asked about whether he’s good enough at handling pressure, although in the process he also offered a criticism.

Pressure is something that Mark has no problem with,” Johnson said, via the New York Daily News. “Neither does Tim Tebow from what I gather. I don’t know him very well. Mark is very, very good. We’ve all seen him in the fourth quarter. Wish he would get better in the first quarter perhaps.”

Johnson said the purpose of adding Tebow is simple: He can add to what the Jets do on offense.

“I think Tim Tebow will be a good addition to the team,” Johnson said. “From a football standpoint, he adds flexibility, versatility, he’s a great athlete, he’s a big athlete. He can do a lot of things besides being quarterback, besides being the backup quarterback. I think all those things are going to make us a better and stronger team going forward. I’m excited to have him on board.”

Tebow, of course, does a lot more than just add flexibility to the offense. He also adds a whole lot of attention to the franchise. But Johnson denied that the Tebow acquisition was about selling tickets, jerseys or personal seat licenses, and he denied that the Jets are trying to take some of the attention in New York away from the Giants.

“My highest compliment to the Giants. They pulled it off. I’m proud to share a building with them,” Johnson said. “They did what we wanted to do too and that is peak at the right time. They were horrible at the beginning of the year, but then they put pedal to the metal at the end, extremely successful, no flaws. . . . This is what we are all searching for.”

And if the Jets are going to follow the Giants in winning the Super Bowl, according to Johnson, they’re going to do it with Sanchez as the starter and Tebow adding some flexibility to their offense.

22 responses to “Woody Johnson: Sanchez is “very good,” Tebow “adds flexibility”

  1. Very good at what, at throwing 5 yard outs?

    I don’t understand what the Jets see in Sanchez.

  2. Lets face it Sanchez has been a major disappointment. No more smary comments from Sanchez in meetings with assistant coaches, no more loafing during practices, no more sleeping during film. Tebow has something Sanchez dosent have. The DRIVE to WIN. That something special that Sanchez never had.
    Tebow will be the starter by the 7th game.

  3. I would like to thank the jets for imploding their locker room before the draft and the season starts

  4. My prediction for next season. Sanchez will pull a page out of the playbook of fellow USC alum, Carson Palmer. He’ll pitch a spoiled pretty boy hissy fit and simply refuse to show up til he’s traded.

  5. Why do the Jets have to keep explaining why they made the decision to sign Tebow? We all seen both these QB’s in action none of then are very impressive. What the Jets have right now is TWO awful QB’s..

  6. Does anybody here remember that Tebow sucks as a QB?
    Sanchez is no gem, but I’d take him as my QB over Tebow. That’s an easy one.
    Tebow’s one dimension will be easily stuffed this year. He will be out of the NFL in two years.
    Seems like a nice enough guy, but that just doesn’t change the fact that he can’t throw.

  7. I hope the D is solid because the jets are stuck with not one, but two very average QB’s…

  8. YO woody you have no clue of about the huge problem that will soon rise up and cause more distraction and noise than you ever dreamed of and at the end of the day your team will still suck.

  9. “He can do a lot of things besides being quarterback.” No further comment necessary.

  10. Al Lives on(R.I.P.) now he gonna go around and get you some o funks that didnt come to payout respects,,,noe he got afew scores to settle,,,,,,lookf out EVERYONE IN EVER BRACKET exccept th afc wesr THTHHTHTEEEEEEEE RAYYYYYYYYYDUHHHHHSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!backs bitch!just win BABY!!!

  11. Why not be transparent and call the Tebow move what it is. a Hail Mary (Tebow would probably like the biblical reference) because their other QB isn’t developing?

  12. Kinda tired of the harping on the “we passed on (Peyton)”, because they did. Yes, it was clear he wasn’t that interested, but they certainly could have embarrassed themselves for a meeting like Miami did or tried everything possible to get one like Seattle. When Peyton wasn’t pursuing the Jets, the Jets decided they wouldn’t pursue him.

    The Jets were smart enough to realize that Peyton wouldn’t wind up with a team that he didn’t start the process distinctly interested in. That’s enough to give them credit for passing on it, even if Peyton’s interest level was the true deciding factor.

  13. worldwidebleater says:Mar 26, 2012 7:04 AM

    “And by flexibility, I mean attention to our mediocre franchise” – Woody Johnson

    28 reg season wins and 4 playoff wins on the road in the last 3 years is mediocre? I know 26 other teams that can’t match that record. The Jets are no longer a mediocre franchise. They are one of the better teams in the league and are not afraid to make unconventional moves to better the team. So all you Nostradamus’s out there, predict all you want. I’ll stick with the proven winners and see what happens in the upcoming season.
    Typical Jet’s haters please back up the garbage you spew on this site with numbers and facts. Rex is fat and Sanchez likes hot dogs is not relevent to the Jets performance under Rex and Sanchez.

  14. bonniebengal says:
    Mar 26, 2012 7:22 AM
    My prediction for next season. Sanchez will pull a page out of the playbook of fellow USC alum, Carson Palmer. He’ll pitch a spoiled pretty boy hissy fit and simply refuse to show up til he’s traded.
    With the difference being that the Jets don’t have the cheapest owner in all of sports and they also don’t have a team full of convicts.

    Mike Brown loves those convicts because they play for less.

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