Would Jets, Sanchez sign extension now?


After the Jets passed on Peyton Manning, they worked out a contract extension with Mark Sanchez.  Less than two weeks later, the Jets traded for Tim Tebow.

So here’s a question that it only took me five days to think of:  Would the Jets or Sanchez sign the same deal today?

I’m guessing that Sanchez wouldn’t do it, and that the Jets would.

Sanchez did it assuming that it meant the team was committing to him as the unquestioned starting quarterback for the next two years.  The acquisition of Tebow says otherwise.

The Jets would do it because they did it knowing full well they may make a run at Tebow.  This isn’t something that happened overnight.  As we reported way back on Christmas Day, the Jets were beginning to realize that Sanchez may not be the answer at the position, and the Jets intended to explore their options.

The Jets explored Manning and, once Manning chose the Broncos, the Jets opted to land Tebow.

Though more than $20 million guaranteed over the next two years could end up being a lot to pay to a part-time quarterback, the Jets likely viewed it as a financial pre-apology.  With so much money destined to flow into Sanchez’s pockets, how much can he really complain about being lifted from time to time in favor of Tebow?

Still, for Sanchez, the question remains:  Seventeen days later, would he have signed his new contract all over again?

33 responses to “Would Jets, Sanchez sign extension now?

  1. Silly question. He’s a “starter” in the NFL and in New York. What other team is going to give him a shot after his body of work? Sign on the dotted line regardless.

    Matt Lienart

  2. Sanchez career passer rating is lower than Tebow’s, and he can’t run with the ball. Where is he going to have better chance? Tebow and his advisors considered him a softer target than Blaine Gabbert in Jacksonville.

  3. I would sign it if i was sanchez. That means that he is the unquestioned starter now that he has a permenant backup. No way Tebow can be a starter in Rex’s offence.

  4. Hard to say…I would have to know first if he would still be getting the same ringing endorsement from Tannenbaum and Rex. he strikes me as someone who will go along with just about anything if it’s said with care & hugs.

  5. before the racist comments start coming in sanchez had his best season SO FAR statistically and will probably have a good season this year as i look forward to my titans playing him this year cause we shut down tebow last year to =p


    rumor has it the jets have asked sir elton john for the rights to remix “benny & the jets” to ” timmy & the jets” with yours truly rex ryan playing the piano & mark sanchez doing the screaming in the background of “timmy”!!!!

  7. Here’s a crazy idea… If you want to be the starter… play good!!!

    Don’t suck in critical games! I hear this crap when people say “Mark Sanchez took them to 2 AFC Championship Games!”…. UH…. NOPE!!!

    The Jets had a great TEAM… and the Jets took Mark Sanchez to 2 AFC Championship games… not the other way around.

    Last year the team wasn’t that good, and Sanchez actually did have the opportunity to “take” the Jets into the playoffs and into another AFC Championship game and he failed miserably. He’s a mediocore QB that will only excel if he’s got an elite defense and running game. Once he gets mediocore talent around him, his average QB play isn’t enough to lift his team like Brees, Brady, Rodgers, P. Manning, E. Manning etc…

    Don’t blame the Jets for attempting to look for a QB that can pull his own weight and lift up the team and not just be along for the ride if and when all the pieces are in place.

  8. this is to oilers101….i live 5 miles from LP field and am a Titans fan…your memory is flawed. Tebow did not play a single down in that game. “Coach Mike” was surprised since the team expected it and practiced for him to be used. So from one Titan fan to another….whatever game you were watching was not the one the rest of us watched. Before you blast me….better check real close…Tebow was on the sidelines the ENTIRE game. I know because my son and I were there expectinghim to come in…and niehter he or anyone else there saw…TEBOW come in the game. In fact in his post game comments “Coach Mike” was asked about it from Mike Kieth.

  9. If Sanchez gets beaten out by Tebow then the Jets suck way more than I thought. No way Matt Moore let’s that guy take his job.

  10. Who cares they both suck!!!!
    Sounds like a bitter busted washed up former pitcher that can’t get it up anymore!

  11. “Seventeen days later, would he have signed his new contract all over again?”

    Twenty million dollars for 24 months? Knowing no other team would be stupid enough to give him that? I’ll go out on a limb here and say yes he would have.

  12. I’ d give Sanchez a break. His former offensive coordinator (Shottenheimer) sucked. Run on first- run on second- screen pass on third- punt. If not for his daddy’s coaching resume, ol’ Brian would have been running the drive thru at a Wendy’s in Cleveland (like Braylon Edwards apparently does now).

  13. No excuses for Sanchez. If you cannot outplay Tebow who people in the league don’t consider a starting QB then he deserves it.

    Plus anyone offering you two years of work and twenty million dollars with his stats he would be a fool not to sign, but it was just a raise it’s not like he was a free agent. The thing that I don’t get is they say Rex and Mr. T planned on going after Tebow if Peyton went to Denver then why the hell sign Drew Stanton.

    Personally what they did to Drew Stanton. Guys a free agent and chooses NY then you stab him in the back. I know this is a business but c’mon. That’s a classy way to win over future free agents. I’m confused why they did not have a press conference for him.

    I am just enjoying this being a happy Giants fan laughing at how the Jets handle there business. Make sure you guys tune into the David Carr press conference tomorrow.

  14. They should have never given Sanchez a extension in the first place. You extend players when you don’t want to take a chance of losing them down the road, with Sanchez they should have paid someone to take him off their hands.

  15. I just had a great theory!

    What if Stanton really was supposed to be the number two, After they got Tebow? Go with me on this one for a minute, what if the wrong quarterback got mad and left after signing? What if they really wanted Sanchez to leave, Tebow to lead, and Stanton to backup? It sorta makes sense in a Jets history kind of way, and then there is the icing on the cake possibility which makes the glass slipper fit a bit more, in that Rex Ryan basically promised to take care of Mark Sanchez with that ‘as long as im head coach’ thing and this was his way of getting Sanchez a little something on his way out, via the guaranteed portion of the contract extension he signed?


  16. Sanchez would have been an idiot not to sign the extension. He got next years and this years salary guaranteed and an extra 2.5 million next year. The Jets got 6.4 million salary relief this year.

    If Sanchez balked the Jets just have easily could have traded or cut Sanchez and got 9 million in salary relief this year and 11 or 12 million next year and signed Orton Or Henne for a much smaller contract. In doing so the Jets would have upgraded and got a better QB at a much cheaper price plus the possibility of a draft pick. The Jets really look like idiots extending Sanchez and overpaying him so much when there are much better and cheaper alternatives. The problem is they feel the need to justify their decision to trade up for Sanchez rather than admitting the mistake and moving on.

  17. “The Jets took Mark Sanchez to two AFC Championship Games” and “Mark Sanchez took the Jets to two AFC Championship Games” are equally inaccurate statements.

    The Jets and Mark Sanchez went to two AFC Championship Games together.

  18. truthfactory says:
    Mar 26, 2012 9:44 PM
    It was the team that let Mark down in Pitt. D couldn’t stop the run but mark did his best in the 2nd half.
    It was the D again in Indy, couldn’t stop the pass.
    Nowthere’s some truth(factory).

  19. Some bad “reporting” here. The Jets signed Sanchez “knowing full well they may make a run at Tebow”? Sure…and they gave Stanton a $500k signing bonus knowing full well he might not play for them at all this year.

    Maybe you’re right, but wasting $500k (in real money and cap space) on someone who won’t play a down for you doesn’t seem like the act of an organization that knows “full well” that they’re going to make a hard push for Tebow.

    Assert it as a possibility? Sure. Assert it as a theory? Sure. Assert it as a fact? GTFO.

    By the way, can you really know “full well” a maybe?

  20. Truth factory says Sanchez sucks in critical games??
    Well he’s better than the following QB’s in post season games. They are critical aren’t they?
    Brady, both Mannings, Favre, Aikman, Roethlisberger, Rivers, and the list goes on and on. In fact he is #6 all time in post season play in the history of the NFL and # 3 amongst active QB’s. Only Brees and Rodgers have been better in the post season. ( based on a minimum of 150 pass attempts)
    Now considering all his playoff games were on the road and he was in his first 2 seasons, I would say that is elite QB status.
    No guarantees he’ll get a ring but he is money in the post seasom


  21. Braylon Edwards running a Wendy’s drive-thru?

    Can someone explain this to me? This guy holds most of the Michigan receiving records, was drafted 3rd overall in ’05, went to the pro bowl in ’07, was still making spectacular catches as a Jet two years ago, is 6’2″ 210, and is under 30 years old. What happened to this player?

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