Bengals working toward deal with Terence Newman

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The Bengals have signed Jason Allen and brought back Pacman Jones, but it doesn’t seem they are done at cornerback yet.

Speaking at the owners meetings, Bengals coach Marvin Lewis said that the team is working toward signing Terence Newman. Newman was released by the Cowboys earlier this offseason after a mediocre 2011 season, but Lewis and the Bengals think a reunion with defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer might get him back on track.

“We would love to still add Terence to our football team,” Lewis said, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “As he said his best years of his career was when he was playing for Mike Zimmer. So he is excited about that opportunity too. Hopefully we will get something concluded here fairly quickly.”

Newman’s ability to bounce back likely isn’t the only thing driving the Bengals’ interest. Leon Hall’s status for 2012 is still up in the air thanks to a ruptured Achilles tendon, leaving the team in need of another option opposite Nate Clements. Neither Newman nor Allen nor Jones gives them the same kind of play that they would get from Hall, but they would at least give the team some options if Hall isn’t able to answer the bell.

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  1. I like it. I was hoping they would go after him. Zims old players seem to do well when they come back and play for him. Roy Williams did well when healthy, crocker, tank, so I am hopeful. Sounds like a nice group of corners. Hope Hall gets healthy too. Need him.

  2. And I thought they might want want to improve, not significantly weaken the team. Even Colt McCoy is salivating.

  3. I cant believe I am saying this, but something has lit a fire under Mike Brown… 9 new contracts and 2 scouts added in 2 weeks plus he is still looking to add Newman and another Defensive End. I renewed my season tickets after Mike Brown responded to a letter I wrote him and said they will correct a lot of these issues. I have to tip my cap, he seems to be doing it.

    1. Marvin acts as GM
    2. Cut season ticket prices
    3. hires 2 new scouts
    4. signing a lot of free agents to fill holes rather than drafting for need in the draft
    5. swindled the raiders for picks
    6. working on indoor facility (dont full believe this yet)
    7. Free Agents actually have an interest in Cincinnati
    8. and most important, has a pretty good young team

    I have to say, things appear to be changing in Cincinnati. I tip my cap to Mikey this time. You get my season ticket money in 2012-13. Keep it going

  4. Nobody likes to try and squeeze the juice out of a discarded lemon rind quite like Mike Brown.

  5. I love Newman! He adds depth, veteran experience, and with Zimmer anything is possible. C’mon people ease up on the guy, he played in Big D where players get rediculed for non stop if they dont win everygame. Newman > Kelly Jennings, Brandon Ghee worst case scenario. But hey for all my madden players out there..he is an 87 in madden so thats always a plus too if you play with the bengals like me. WHO DEY!

  6. I cringe at the thought of him trying to cover Mike Walllace and Torrey Smith. I hope the Bengals pass rush will get to the QB a bit sooner now if they sign Newman.

    Bombs away.

  7. As a Cowboy’s fan, I think Newman is a bust. He was drafted 5th overall and only appeared in 2 Pro Bowls. When your drafted that high, you are expected to make at least one All-Pro team. Newman’s range has gradually declined and late last season you can tell that Father Time had a hold on Newman’s legs.

  8. “1. Marvin acts as GM”

    Dude Marvin isn’t the GM, some of you guys really need to get over that little fantasy.

    Anyways T. Newman? Cool deal for depth I guess.

  9. It is possible added depth, bring him to camp, see if Zimmer can do anything to help him be a benefit to the team. If he has nothing left – cut him. At least the Bengala are trying. Probably one or two more signings and then it is – focus on the draft!!

  10. Newman, pacman, r Williams, tank, and I am sure a couple more of our retreads. Hell take Bradie James and Keith brooking too…we’ll throw in Alan Ball for free.

  11. I hate to say this to you Bengals fans but Newman was never a “good technique” guy, but he had good speed and would make up for it with that. He was never good at getting a jam at the line of scrimmage and had a tendency to duck his head when tackling. Add to the fact that he is now much older ( he came in the league at 27) and what you have is a slow (for a DB) guy that doesnt tackle well that has to play ten yards or more off of the ball and therefore unable to cover a slant, and gets beaten regularly by the deep ball. The worst thing in this league besides a 30 year old running back is a DB who used to have speed but doesnt any longer. The heart is willing but the body says no.

  12. These guys are competing for depth spots not starting spots. If Hall can’t go Brandon Ghee gets first crack at starting. Ghee is a terrific athlete who has bee injured basically his entire short career but is finally healthy. He was a 3 rd round pick just 3 years ago.

    If Hall is ready some of these guys are not making the team. They will keep maybe 6 with 4 safeties for a total of 10

    DB locks: Clements, Hall, Ghee, Nelson, Crocker, Mays, Sands, Allen.

    Jones, Newman and draft picks will compete for the last spot.

    Same goes for the DL. They keep 8. They have 9 signed and are talking to Okoye. Do the math. (see ya Gaethers).

    The Bengals really don’t have as many needs as people think. They will take a WR in round 1 along with a CB or DL.

  13. They are called the Bungals for a reason!

    All kidding aside. As much as I respect T. Newman for his time in Dallas, he has lost a step, and it was time for him to move on and be replaced with a younger, superior player in Carr. The Cowboys secondary is much improved already with Carr and Pool, and will improve that much more with the draft. Rob Ryan and a full off-season? The sky is the limit for the Cowboys D.

  14. Wow, Pacman, Nate Clements, and Newman in the same secondary? Colt McCoy’s gonna look like Otto Graham against Cincy this year.

  15. “If you’re over 30, and have ever played for the Dallas Cowboys, you automatically qualify for a spot on the Cinncinati Bengals roster the year before you retire”. That’s printed in the NFLPA handbook. Right after the section that states “making a pro bowl at least once in your career automatically qualifies said player for a contract twice the amount he is worth, with the Washington Redskins”.

  16. For a back up roll not a bad move two first round picks to play with money browns fans shut your pie hole and find a qb oh and did you guys over pay for a Bengals cast off not pointing fingers just saying

  17. All you jokers out there dissin’ the Bengals are probably the same group of idiots that said we would be taking Andrew Luck in a months time.

    And the same bunch of idiots that thought the Cowboys would be in the play-offs……..

    Oh dear……

  18. crooker ghee locks??? someone does not watch Bengals games, Chris had the worst game I ever seen by a db in the playoff game, and ghee could not get on the field last year, at a postion that was killed be injuries/and f.a. depatures

  19. “londonbengal says:
    Mar 27, 2012 2:31 PM
    All you jokers out there dissin’ the Bengals are probably the same group of idiots that said we would be taking Andrew Luck in a months time.

    And the same bunch of idiots that thought the Cowboys would be in the play-offs……..

    Oh dear……”

    spot on my friend. Adding a player like Newman would definitely be an upgrade to our CB’s from last season. I can’t see how taking a former starter and turning him into a backup is a bad idea. Even if Leon hall is out, Nate Clements will start, Jason Allen as the 2nd, Pacman as the third, and if we get newman, he’d be the 4th…For being something out of the island of misfit toys, it looks pretty solid to me.

  20. Yes Crocker is a lock. He’s going to start. Ghee is a lock. Barring injuries. And I haven’t missed a game since 1980. Next….

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