Bills promise Jackson will be extended before camp

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The Bills are opening their starting running back job to competition in 2012, but Fred Jackson will be a big part of the backfield regardless. And the Bills want Jackson to be with them for the long haul.

In a recent Sirius XM Radio appearance, transcribed by, G.M. Buddy Nix expressed the utmost confidence that the club will finalize an extension with Jackson before training camp opens.

“Fred and I have visited a couple of times,” said Nix. “Fred has been vocal some about wanting a new deal and that kind of thing, so finally I called him in and we talked twice.

“I told him we’re going to offer you an extension. We had priorities with guys that were unrestricted, that we didn’t want to lose. I told him when we get through it, we’ll at least do it before training camp. That way, there’s no chance of him getting hurt. He’ll be healthy and he’ll have an extension before he goes to camp.”

The tricky part with Jackson is the structure of an extension. While Jackson has relatively low mileage after a slow start to his NFL career, he turned 31 last month and his best years will be behind him sooner rather than later.

The Bills have now said repeatedly this offseason that they want to extend Jackson’s deal, which has only one year remaining. Jackson’s scheduled 2012 base salary is $1.955 million.

37 responses to “Bills promise Jackson will be extended before camp

  1. they been sayin that since last season hopefully they get it done. underratted running back

  2. They should offer him a deal. Sucks for forte bears aren’t doing jack for him and never will either.

  3. The truth is that these backs Fred Jackson, McCoy (2 mil) and Forte (3 mil) haven’t made any real money. That’s over 4 years. Take out taxes, agent fees it’s less than a mil.

    Every non 1st round rookie STAR really has no choice other than to holdout/cause problems the last year of his contract. Especially if your a RB with a shorter career than other positions. Look what the Bears are doing to Forte and he was 46% of the bears offense. 600K last year and he almost had a career ending injury.

  4. I like JAckson, but he is on the wrong side of 30, and coming off a major injury. I would give him 2 years max. Spiller is the RB of the future in Buffalo. Reward Fred for the past, he deserves it, but don’t expect him to reproduce last year.

  5. I love Jackson, but honestly how much do they pay him and for how many years? yea he has “low mileage” but the reality is that he is 31 and he can’t play forever. hopefully a
    5 year deal with optional years, something.the Bills can get out of is he gets hurt and/or Spiller continues to progress.

  6. It makes it even more of a crime that Chris Johnson got paid so much – He should give some of that money to the Fortes and Jacksons of the world.

  7. Offering and getting a signed contract are 2 different things. I hope the Billes club does the right thing and makes Fred and offer that he can’t refuse.

  8. I saw Fred Jackson in Storm Lake, Iowa with his kids last weekend. He’s healthy.

    Jackson should get a 2-3 year deal with someone whomever it is. If BJGE can get 3 years for $9 million, Jackson is certainly worth a $5-6 million contract.

  9. Bills keep this good offseason going.

    Here should be your priorities.
    1. Extend Andy Levitre
    2. Extend Jairus Byrd
    3. Here you could do something with Freddie. He should be your 3rd priority.

  10. anyone who doesn’t like this move clearly doesn’t know the bills enough to like the move. getting young talented players is something that we do consistently but we lose them constantly. we’re finally holding on to our guys, while also making splashes to bolster our holes. freddy j has stuck with us through some truly miserable and some unbearable times, while not only giving 110%, but being a perfect example of a class act as a teammate, leader, and member of the buffalo community. so even at 31 i have little problems with paying the man to rep the red, white, and blue all the way to the playoffs next year.

  11. Jackson ended after 9 and a half games with about fifty rushing yards shy of 1000, dudes in the pro bowl had less than a few hundred yards than him all year. His legs I’d bet have less wear even including his indoor league and euro nfl than mjd. Fred has never been hurt til this past season, sproles is what spiller should develop into, I expect him and Jackson on the field at the same time a lot this year.

  12. Pay him. He had one major injury and that was a broken leg. They usually heal stronger than prior to the break. His break was a clean fracture; nothing compound like what happened to Leon Washington. You can make the claim that his age is getting up there but in reality, he truly does have low mileage on his body. I think he’s still got @ least 3 good yrs left in the tank barring a serious injury. Splitting carries with Lynch and now, with Spiller, will extend his long-term value. He’s a veteran and a leader–pay the man. He deserves it.

  13. gotta take care of our own thats what buddy been saying .. he seems to be a man of his word .. any doubt in freds value watch the raiders and first pats games .. lets see him retire as a bill.. not a thurman thomas in a (dolphins jersey )

  14. jnichols1210 says:
    Mar 27, 2012 2:38 PM
    Why? so he can get hurt again? the bills need to stay with spiller and get younger!!

    Spiller is a very good RB, but he can’t hold Freddy Jackson’s jockstrap. Jackson>Spiller
    Let Jackson give the Bills what they need, a 1500 yard rusher with 10+ TD’s. Whenever Buffalo needed a play last year, they got it from Fred. He practically carried the team on his back for the first 9 games of the season. Had he not gotten hurt, he very well could of walked away with MVP and ProBowl honors. He has another 3-5 years left in him, give him the damn ball, he’s earned it. Go #22! Go Bills! #BillsMafia #BillsNation

  15. Seeing what the market is for free agent RB’s, 2 mil a year isn’t bad for a man his age regardless of production. I love his play, and his age doesn’t scare me. I think he has at least 2-3 good years left, if not more. Spiller taking the load off will extend his career, not end it, but the reality is what it is. i hope he gets paid, but he shouldn’t expect to go over 3 mil. Thats about the going rate, like it or not.

  16. Jackson is truly a muli-faceted player who does everything well. Highly underrated. Any Bills fan who thinks an extension is a mistake should be forced to watch Redskins game film from last year. Then you may just appreciate him that much more.

  17. Give him 3 years guaranteed with a fourth year option. I love Freddie and he definitely has low mileage and some good years left but the age factor can’t be ignored. Plus you need two running backs to be successful in this league and if signed this will be a dangerous 1-2 punch for some years to come. Even if Freddie gets most of the carries Spiller will be getting catches and touches all over the field which makes the Bills very dangerous. Gotta love it Go BILLS NATION!

  18. Timing seems to be everything when it comes to getting paid as an RB. I hope it works out and he gets some good bread, because he generally seems like the kind of guy you like to see succeed and get his due.

  19. Give him a nice signing bonus. That way he gets the money he has deserved but after a couple of seasons if he’s not effective you don’t have a messy cap situation

  20. Fred Jackson is the biggest fan favorite since Doug Flutie. Buddy Nix isn’t stupid. It may not make the most football sense to extend a 31 year old running back, but from a PR perspective, there’s no other choice. If you don’t like the story of Fred Jackson, there’s something wrong with you as a human being. This guy’s story makes Rudy look like a trust fund baby. Pay the man!!

  21. As a fan of the NFC East ( Eagles ) , I can’t help but be impressed with what the Bills have done this off -season . The AFC East is going to start being an extremely contested division ( though im still not sold on Fitzpatrick , buy that front seven will be dangerous)

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