Bills urge change to replay rule for faster reviews

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Of the proposed rules changes for 2012 that NFL owners will vote on Wednesday, the first on the list is to change replay reviews so that the official in the booth — not the referee on the field — will make the call.

That proposal was requested by the Bills, and Buffalo coach Chan Gailey argued in today’s league meeting that it’s a proposal that will make replay reviews faster.

“We proposed that we take the replay review system and take it upstairs to a replay review official that has quicker and easier access up there,” Gailey said in the rules meeting, as shown on NFL Network. “It should reduce the time.”

For fans, both at home and in the stands, it can be frustrating to be caught up in a game only to have it brought to a screeching halt by a lengthy replay review. Gailey argued that the upstairs official can get it done more quickly, to the point where it can be done during a standard commercial break.

“When they go to commercial it’ll be done,” Gailey said.

Florio examined the proposed rules changes on PFT Live:

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31 responses to “Bills urge change to replay rule for faster reviews

  1. Great Idea…..with a time limit that the upstairs booth has to be held to or the play stands.

  2. Really hope this passes, not only does it take longer for review on field, it’s also like giving an appeal to the same judge who already ruled on the outcome the 1st time.

  3. Great Idea…..with a time limit that the upstairs booth has to be held to or the play stands.


    I disagree with setting a time limit. I hate waiting as much as anyone, but Id hate it more if they timed out and didnt get the call correct.

  4. This is such a good idea no way it passes. I’m all for it however I do use the long replay breaks to spend time with my kid, repaint my deck and read short stories.

  5. I understand your point downslide33. However, without time constraints on the booth review, I don’t feel there would be much continuity gained as the booth refs will take much longer to make sure they “get it right” in fear of overruling the on field Ref.

    I quess I am not sure why not have a time limit when currently it is 90 seconds for video reviews?

  6. Only will pass if you are allowed to appeal the replay official’s decision to Goodell on-the-spot for another commercial break. 😉

  7. From Section 9 of the 2011 Official Playing Rules and Casebook of the National Football League:

    “Time Limit: Each review will be a maximum of 60 seconds in length, timed from when the Referee begins his review of the replay at the field-level monitor.”

    So, you see, there is already a rule governing how long a replay review is allowed to take.

    So, in typical byzantine NFL fashion, the league is looking to make a new rule to solve a problem caused by their own refusal to follow a rule they ALREADY HAVE ON THE BOOKS.

    What a Gong Show this league is.

  8. like someone else said the bills are gold this off season! with all this watch blackmon fall to us at 10!!!

    Lets hope for the best!! Miracles do happen sometimes!!! GO BILLS!!

  9. Can the ref under the hood actually control the shot, speed it up, slow it down, etc?? I thought the video operator in the replay booth upstairs still controlled all the shots and speed of what the replay assistant is sending down to the ref on the field.

  10. I agree with the Buffalo proposal. It makes sense to let the the folks upstairs review the plays.

    Personally I’d make NFL vice president of officiating Carl Johnson sit in the war room every night a game is happening and let him review them. Maybe having the big guy looking over the zebra’s shoulder would improve things a bit. I guess the Buffalo proposal would be a decent compromise though.

  11. This is a no brainer. They should do away with bogus challenge flags and adopt college rule. How is it fair that the visiting head coach doesn’t get to see the same replays as the home coach? That’s egregious!

  12. I like it for timing. However.. it allows a swing.. a bias without a face (on field refs have to hear it from the home crowd) which could lead to calls like the NHL and NBA to keep a game/series close. Luckily this is just on replays though.

  13. Heck, why bother with refs making calls at all then? Why not just have a three person committee upstairs looking at multiple views of the same play every down, and call down whenever they see a penalty? The refs on the field can just keep the game moving and manage the clock, only throwing a flag when they’re signaled from upstairs that a penalty has occurred.

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